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The End (((Part One)))
Posted By: Alpha Halo Writer<wsandlin@yahoo.com>
Date: 13 May 2006, 10:22 pm

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Chapter One -- Master Cheif

All he knew was that his name was John. His designation: 117. His faction: the ODST. His home: Reach. It was being taken over by the Covenant Fleet. He knew that he was the last of his kind. The Last Spartan.

John walked through the solitary desert of Africa. He didn't know how he got there. He knew he was on Earth. And he knew that something had happened, but that he wasn't aware of it.

John, with an Assault Rifle over his clad armor, walked along the sand. A message was presented on his view screen. It was jumbled. A blue figure appeared, and said:

I-I-I-I deeefiy g-gods and-d d-d-demonss.

He was confused. He pursued the dry sand. Another message appeared on his view screen. From the same person - or thing. It was said:

I am your sheild. I am your source.

He noticed that at the end of that message, the word source was voiced by a deeper tone. He shivered under his armor. Another message, from the same person:

I know you. Your past. Your future.

He emerged from the rubble. Ships flew above him, toward, what he just noticed, a dome-shaped structure in the ground. It was about three miles in length. He had noticed something else; ships. Everywhere. Big, small, large, tiny, long, short. Just, everywhere. He now recognized them. The Covenant. What where they doing here? How had they gotten thorugh to Earth? The dome let some wind out, and knocked the cliff into pieces. He ran and stood on the edge. He brought his rifle from it's perch, and laid his hand on the arm-rest. Twelve towers stretched out form the dome. The middle revealed. It was some kind of…weapon. A sharp blade of white was emerging out of it. A last message was received:

This is the way the world ends.

The weapon shot in full, and the whole world was emerged in white.

Chapter Two -- The Arbiter

The rain was icy cold. Isna 'Nosolee couldn't stand it. He was up on top of the scarab. It walked it's way through the cauldron of battle. They were on Delta Halo Installation 05. A Covenant ship lingered above the continuing battle. The humans had come to their aid. Sargent Reekil'ees (Johnson in the Covenant language) and Commandr Farane'ki (Keyes in the Covenant tongue) had been captured by the high brute Rekkeus Tartarus. Isna 'Nosolee had killed him.

Isna touched his mark of shame. He then realized that he was no longer Isna 'Nosolee, but the Arbiter. He had forgotten that along his journey. A message scrambled in his tele-reciever:

I-I-I-I h-have defied-d-d go-o-ods and d-demonzz…

Arbiter was puzzled. He knew he had heard this voice from somewhere…but where? Another message was heard in his reciever:

I am your sheild. I am your source.

It was clearer, however. But, a different voice appeared when the word source was said. A deeper, and darker voice. Arbiter recognized it: Gravemind. The soul of the Flood. The one who had sent him on this mission. Another message was jumbled in his reciever:

I know y-you. Y-your past. Your-r fut-tur-re.

Who was this? Arbiter was more confused than ever. Arbiter heard a loud roar and looked behind him. The tower - the place in which he had murdered Rekkeus - was firing. By the rings! Arbiter thought. He was Isna 'Nosolee again, the looked-after Commander of the Longsword Veangence. He was. A last message was received:

This is the way the world ends.

The plasma beam gathered collectively and fired. Soon, the Arbiter was covered in white darkness.

Chapter Three -- Lord Hood

The vastness of space was pictured almost perfectly in the wide window. The battle, it was pictured perfectly in the window. Lord Grant C. Hood stood in the Cairo Station's control room. Just an hour ago, he had received a message from John 117, the last Spartan. John was part of the ONI Project, which was failed when the Covenant attacked Reach, and eventually took it over. Hood had been on the Cairo at that time. And he was still here. Anyways, the ship John was traveling in crashed. It somehow just…blew up. Some internal system gone wrong, he supposed. He was worried about what had happened to John. But, this was his story of The End.

The battle was widened across the Earth's suface. She had taken all she could receive. But, the Covenant Fleet was attacking.

A message flooded the screen:

I-I-I-I-I h-h-hav-ve deeeefyyyyeeed-d gggodz anz deeeeemon-n-nz-z-z.

It was scrambled, but the blue on the screen reminded him of something.

"Cortana!" he gasped.

The ship shook violently, and the power went off. The Cairo was out of orbit.

The only light left was the plasma and rockets and explosions lighting the big room.

The screen lightened again, and the room turned blue. The blue said:

I-I am-m-m-m-m your sheeld. I aaam yooooor s-s-sorrrdd.

He was stunned. Why wouldn't he be?

"This doesn't make sense," Hood said, "Where is Cortana? What is she dealing with?"

Another message, the blue saying:

I know you. Y-your past-t. Yooor futer-r-r.

Hood couldn't figure it out. Who was this for? Why? When? How?

A particular spot on the Earth caught his gaze. It looked like it was near the Kilimanjaro, near New Mombasa. A bright light. It grew more and more. Suddenly, a beam rose from it. One last message:

This is the way the world ends.