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The Sky's Moon. Part 1
Posted By: Alex Ross<ross_399@ hotmail.com>
Date: 21 November 2006, 1:33 am

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Please note that yes, the main character is based around me. The Sky's Moon is the name of the ship similar to The Pillar of Autumn. And I am really only 13. This is completly fictional and has no tie ins to the main Halo story(except Master Chief is in it)

A Tanned Spartan ran through the hallway of the Sky's Moon leading to Master Chief's Chambers.
"Sir we have to get going." Alex said. "The covenant are boarding as we speak."
Master Chief hesitated. The new rookie Spartans were fresh from training and always followed procedure. "I'm not leaving, take the marines and get out of here!"
"But sir, S-113 already escorted them out and are waiting for us on the long swords!"
Master Chief hated the numbers. By the records he was known as S-117 of the Spartan 2 project. Alex Ross not more than 13 years old and top of his class was S-102.
He was lower rank than him. But he knew how to take out a squad quick and effectively.
"Alex, this is war ship it has records of everything. If they get their hands on it the war is lost. We have to blow it up.
"So we blow it up using the Long Sword's missiles."
"We blow it up outside, the debris would be enough to take out the moon. We have to blow it up from the inside." Master Chief paused. "We have to plant a bomb in the ship's core."
Alex looked as though he was about to cry. He was so young. But he knew that risking his life is more important, than the alternative. He nodded a yes and reloaded his gun without speaking. He knew what must be done.
Alex gave the signal to evacuate the marines and to leave one a pelican. They were both quiet as they ran threw the hallway. A squad of grunts and one elite came from around the corner. Alex threw a grenade, killing the elite and wounding the grunts. They began to retreat as he and master chief open fired. They boarded the elevator shaft and were greeted by a two hunters. Master Chief jumped one and shot a few clips into one of the hunters back. The other one however began to swing his shield at Alex. Alex dodged it quickly and planted a grenade behind it blowing it up. The door opened as they ran threw it. They arrived at The Sky's Moon core. The most explosive part of the whole entire air craft. Alex took out a detonator bomb and began to climb to the engines. He was greeted at the top by a angry elite.
Master Chief began to scan the room. It was a huge room with glowing engines. Alex had climbed to a ledge out of his sight.
Alex checked his ammo. Empty. Alex knew what to do. He threw his gun hard at the elites head and dove at him. The elite got two punches into Alex's forehead. Alex was beat. The elite held him by the neck over the ledge and laughed. Than it went black.
Master Chief heard the noise and decided to join them. Master Chief took out his armor piercing pistol and got a head shot. Alex fell and was hanging on to the ledge. Master Chief quickly pulled him up. Alex planted the bomb set it to fifteen minutes till it blew. They would take five.
They quickly got to the docking bay as two banshees were finishing off their Pelican. They began to charge at them. Both Spartans. Jumped and flung themselves at the pilots. As the pilots fell to their death.
The two Banshees flew out of the docking bay. As the debris soared past the two warriors. A huge sonic boom emitted from the explosion as the two ships began to be dragged in the nuclear winds. The pressure was getting tense on the ship. Booth the wings looked ready to fall off. And one of Alex's did.
It began to soar across the blackness of space to a near by planet. Master Chief was unaware of this and continued as Alex began to fade into the background of the universe.
Alex was scared he was nervous. He was crying. He wished he knew his parents. He wasn't ready for death. He was young. He had a little amount of friends. He was feeling the same feeling he feels when he kills another human being. He was sorry. He killed because he had to. He was designed to be a tool of war. But he wasn't like the others. He hated killing, no matter what the life form. At that moment Alex realized that he was going to die alone, sad and terrified. Was this the works of god punishing him for his sins? Or maybe he was going to live.