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Alien Brethren: Chapter 11: Family Get Together
Posted By: Alex L (Greek Elite)<yoshi64y@aol.com>
Date: 27 November 2005, 9:43 pm

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Chapter 11: Family Get Together

AN: I hope you Alien Brethren fans got done reading Chapter 10 thuroly because Chapter 11 is a shocker to the ending of Chapter 10! If you didn't read Chapter 10 yet (I don't know why you wouldn't allready) then immiedietly press Back on your toolbar and get reading! Well you already know that a charecter has returned from Alei's past and this next chapter is all about a time of uniting between the Elite brethren (i'm sure you allready gathered that much by looking at the title though). Suprisingly I started and finished typing Chapter 11 right after I was done submitting Chapter 10, and tpying this chapter didn't take that long (like my other chapters that take 2-7 days). Also, if you liked Chapter 6 then you shouldn't be too disappointed with this chapter. Watch out for Chapter 12, for it shall be the conclusion to Alien Brethren's following plot on Halo 2, and I guarentee it will be glorious (I hope). Before I let you read I HAVE TO say thank you to John G (Fleet Admiral Banks) for helping out with this chapter. He really contributed nicely to this piece of Alien Brethren. And with that I give you Chapter 11: Family Get Together

Alei 'Limoto landed his banshee in a desolate marshy area where his brother's Phantom had halted in mid-air. The crimson Elite deactivated and exited his vehicles and waited for his brother to come down the lift. He watched his magnificent, green armored brethren descended from his personal drop ship. The two of them embraced, in a brotherly way and Alei spoke first, "It's been a while."

"But here we are. Brothers united," Ebak said, forming his mandibles into a smile.

There was a moment of silence, a shortage of words between the Elite brethren. Time and memories separated the two of them for what felt like an eternity for both of them.

"Odd," Ebak said.


"How we haven't seen each other for so long and now neither of us knows where to start."

Alei frowned and looked down at the grainy ground that he could barely stand on. His knees were weak from everything. Betrayal, new allies, fighting the Flood, and finding his lost brother. "I suppose we should start where we left off," Alei said, starting to regret what he had just said.

The last thing Alei wanted to discuss was the mission that scarred Alei's thoughts; however his curiosity once again controlled his thoughts. "The mission," Ebak said thoughtfully, closing his eyes and recalling the mission that split the two brothers apart, "Our separation."

"How…how did you survive?" Alei asked.

"Well as you recall the whole room was a hellfire, everything doused in chaos and peril. The Flood used their most common strategy, overwhelming. I had grouped with our brothers, Palo and Nifa, whom weren't far from father. I thought Palo was guarding my right flank but he was already attacked by an infection form. One leapt onto my shoulder," Ebak said, pointing to his scarred shoulder, "I slowly grew deaf and my senses were slowly numbing. It felt like I was fighting to stay conscience for an eternity and when I finally managed to slam shoulder against a nearby wall I regained control of my nerves and senses. While I crushed the infection form that was digging into me, I also shattered many bones in my shoulder; however I was rid of the filthy parasite. I searched the room for you, you were gone. Our brothers were already transforming into monsters but father…"

Alei waited patiently for Ebak to continue with the story. Ebak grinned victoriously and continued on, "Father was fighting. He seemed to still be all right however the infection form dug itself into him. So I decided to leave, leave with father. I managed to heave him out of the room and got to the bridge of the ship. I couldn't bear the thought, leaving our brothers there to suffer by the Flood's slavery. I initiated the self destruct sequence of the ship and quickly got me and father into that same Phantom." Ebak nodded over to the Phantom in which he used as his means of transportation.

Alei's heart raced as he began to gather what Ebak's story. Was it possible that his father was still alive? Was he inside the Phantom? "And then what?" Alei asked hesitantly.

"Then I returned to High Charity," Ebak said in a grim tone.

Alei could sense hatred and vengeance pour into his brother's body, recalling some sort of memory that Alei needed to know. "What happened at High Charity?" Alei asked.

Ebak took a deep breath in and exhaled, "I returned to High Charity, to inform the Prophets on what had happened. I hoped they'd show mercy on me and father. I sought the holy ones and found Truth, but stumbled in on a conversation with Tartarus and Truth…a conversation about betrayal…"

"The betrayal has already occurred," Alei growled, remembering how Betronus had backstabbed him, "I watched Tartarus finish off the Arbiter…and Betronus…the backstabbing brute…"

"I vaguely remember Betronus," Ebak said trying to recall the Brute's name, "Anyways the Brutes, Jackals, and Prophets are no longer to be trusted Alei. We only have each other…and a few others that I have gathered on my journey."

"I too have gathered troops on my journeys. Perhaps we should join up," Alei said, feeling excitement in this soon merge of forces.

"Which leads me to my question, Alei," Ebak said in dismal, "Why were you with that human?"


"Don't be foolish, Alei, the human! You were with a human at the containment zone. I saw you fight the Flood with him inside of my base and then you put your sword to his throat and let him leave while you faced off the Flood by yourself."

"His name is Woodword. He's a friend. And what do you mean your base?"

"No human is a friend Alei!" Growled Ebak.

"Those humans were," Alei said defensively.

"THOSE!" Roared Ebak. Alei turned, not being able to look into his brother's furious eyes any longer. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THOSE HUMANS ALEI?" Ebak demanded.

"STOP SHOUTING!" Alei demanded, turning towards his brother once again, glaring into his eyes. He cleared his throat and began to explain, "I was recently sent to be dispatched into the Human's planet, Earth. I was sent down in a pod at a place known as Zahnzeebah. I was dispatched on one of their beaches. I killed a few humans on the beach and found one of their weapons, a Rocket Launcher. I used it to take down one of their aircrafts and that's when I met one of my 'human friends'. His name is Sergeant John Baxter and he spared my life on that beach and saved me from his fellow, crazed humans from killing me. Not only that but he taught me the truth of Halo."

"And what truth might that be, brother?" Growled Ebak.

"There is no Great Journey."

"What?" Snarled Ebak in disbelief.

"The so called Great Journey is a suicidal event that destroys everything for rendering the Flood powerless. The Forerunners all died because of the cursed rings."

"Who taught you these lies?"

"The Oracle."

"There are things about Halo that even the Sacred Oracles don't even understand. Now will you stop this nonsense and…" Ebak was cut off as Alei put his hand over Ebak's mouth for silence.

"You still haven't answered my question, brother."

Alei took his hand away from his brother's mandibles and his brother spoke, "And what was your question?"

"You referred to the one base at Containment your base," Alei said.

Ebak smirked and said, "I never finished the rest of my story did I?" Alei waited for his brother to continue, knowing the rest of his story wouldn't be something he'd want to hear. "Once I had learned that the Prophets and Brutes were planning on betraying us Elites I felt lost. I returned to the Phantom and plotted a new life, a new cause. I did not want to go join the Heretics since they imperiled the Great Journey so I needed to start my own resistance. I would need to gather stray, trustworthy Elites, Grunts, and Hunters. With my new makeshift army we would seek vengeance onto the Covenant and find salvation through the Sacred Rings, and leave the Covenant behind. If you have gathered now, this plan isn't exactly foolproof or well thought out. The Covenant have large numbers and vast power, we would need the same. So as I thought of this perfect plan, in the Phantom, I looked forward to find the solution."

Alei cocked his head in confusion, "What solution?"

Ebak formed, what looked like, a rather sinister smile and replied simply, "Let me show you."

He turned towards the Phantom and ascended up the gravity lift. Alei waited in the marshy area, his head spinning on what Ebak's solution could be. After a few moments of waiting he heard Ebak coming down the lift and his head jerked towards the Phantom.

Alei felt a sickening pain impale his heart and his knees almost gave in. He felt his eyes water and he turned away, for the sight was too hideous, too painful, too unimaginable. "No," Alei said in disbelief.

"What's wrong Alei? Can't you at least say hello to father?" Ebak said, smirking.

"You're…You're sick…You're the one who is corrupt!" Alei growled in disgust.

"Greet him…Greet your noble father," Ebak ordered.

"He is no longer noble in that state. He is…disgraced," Alei said, as a tear rolled from his shut eyes.

"Turn, Alei," Ebak demanded.

"No," wept Alei.

Then there was a violent grasp on Alei's shoulder and he felt his brother turn him around to face his father, "I SAID TURN TO SEE YOUR FATHER!"

Alei made the mistake of opening his eyes. His eyes poured with tears as he saw the horrific sight. It was indeed his father, but he was not as Alei remembered, he was a monster.

His father's appearance was transformed into a moldy, decomposed exterior covered in a soggy, grotesque substance that came in a puke-like yellow-green color. His once strong, pure hands were now demented looking, as his left hand came in the form of long, whip like tentacles. The Sensory Stalk (located in the chest cavity) felt around the damp air freely. The only distinct look Alei's flood father had from any other Covenant Flood was his head. His father's head was not bent back like the typical combat form; however it dangled freely and occasionally bobbed. His father's demented, sorrowful eyes were too painful to look into.

Alei dropped to his knees and wept, seeing his father in this state. "Stop your crying, Alei," demanded his brother, whom looked down at his brother pathetically, "You should be thankful our father is still alive! I saved him!"

"You're torturing him!" Sobbed Alei.

"Would you rather I left him alone, with our brothers whom were already infected?" Ebak asked.

"I'd rather he found peace and not be disgraced by remaining in this form," Alei said, contemplating whether he should ignite his Sword and bring his father peace. Ebak continued to watch his brother sob before their infected father. After a moment of crying Alei managed to speak again, "Why hasn't he attacked us? I thought the parasites manipulate their hosts."

"Restraints," Ebak said, pointing out two glowing, cyan colored bands on his father's arms. The two bands locked his father's tentacle arm and other arm in place.

"And why isn't his head bent backwards like all the other Flood Elites," Alei questioned.

"A rare case in which the host is able to resist some of the infection form's mutations," Ebak answered.

"And this is your solution to the Covenant?"

"If you mean Father, no. He is merely an emblem, a mascot if you will of my new army. Father shows the pain that my new army has to endure, and shows the mutation that betrayal has on our race. He also shows that we can stay strong and overcome the parasites. I want to study and learn the ways of the Flood so that I may use them against my foes. To get back to your question, when I indicated the base on Containment was my base, it was because I was studying the Flood at that base. I released the Flood in Containment. I was studying them, trying to figure out how I can I find their weakness, how I can have immunity to them, how can I control them. So now brother, I ask, on my knees," Ebak said, now level with Alei whom was already on his knees, "Will you join me? Will you join my cause?"

Alei glared into his brother's selfish eyes and gave his answer, "No."

Ebak frowned, got to his feet, and turned, "Then you are not my brother. You have no brother, you have no family, you have nothing, you fool."

Before Ebak and his infected father went up the Phantom Alei spoke, "I have a brother." Ebak and his father stopped in their tracks, confused by what Alei meant. "His name is John Baxter."

Ebak chuckled at what he thought was Alei's deluded logic, "Whatever you say, Alei 'Limoto." Before Ebak took his final step into the gravity lift he left Alei with one last word, "We do share a common enemy however, Alei. Do us both a favor and stop the Covenant and Tartarus from activating this ring. I wish to acquire the glory of igniting Halo's pure flame and you have business to take care of with your Brute friends. You'll find them in the Control Room."

"Thank you, Ebak," Alei said, as his final words to his ex-brother.

Ebak merely snorted and replied, "My army does not know me as Ebak. My new name is Champion." It was then Alei noticed the gold star upon 'Champion's' green armor, the emblem of his new army.