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Alien Brethren: Chapter 10: Reunited
Posted By: Alex L (Greek Elite)<yoshi64y@aol.com>
Date: 26 November 2005, 8:49 pm

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Alien Brethren: Chapter 10

Sorry for taking a while with Chapter 10 guys but I've been kind of busy with a mixture of stuff over the past few days/weeks. I'm sure you're all really excited about Chapter 10 after reading Chapter 9's exciting end. Before I say anymore for any of you new to this series don't feel intimidated or scared just because I'm at Chapter: 10. I STRONGLY recommend any new readers to this series to start from Chapter 1 and read up to Chapter 10. Don't feel like you've got to be a stranger or that you're too late to start reading this series. Please, read Chapter 1 and see how you like it. And please don't start out this series by reading Chapter 10 or you'll most likely feel lost throughout the story. Just wanted to say that much so new readers are welcome to become fans of Alien Brethren. Also if you have any questions about the series just comment on any of them or personal message me at Greek Elite. Also, there should be two chapters after this where the plotline of Alien Brethren will stray from Halo 2's plotline and I'm going to have to improvise the rest. Fun! That's all I guess. And with that I give you the next installment of Alien Brethren: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Reunited

"When do we rest, Alei?" Whined the endearing Grunt that clung to Baxter's back, "Me Tired!"

"You're tired? I've been giving you a piggy back the whole time!" Baxter replied, finding Kaskut's whining laughable yet agitating.

"You want Kaskut to walk then?" Kaskut asked in an apologetic tone.

Baxter sighed, "No that's alright you can stay on my back." Kaskut's weight was unnoticeable to Sergeant Baxter so he really didn't mind the Grunt clinging to his back. The truth was Baxter enjoyed Kaskut's company. His squeaky voice, laughable bravery, and miniature size made him a likeable, alien friend. However his trust was 100% towards Alei. Ever since Baxter had rescued Alei from a near death on Zanzibar from his drunk comrades, he could tell Alei had potential and knew this Elite was more then a valuable ally, but a true friend. However Alei hadn't spoken much ever since the betrayal. He wondered if Alei was still shocked at what the lousy Brute had done.

Baxter began to ponder on what Betronus had said. His family, dieing by the Flood. That was the most probable reason why Alei had become dead silent when he mentioned loosing someone to the Flood. He lost one soldier, but Alei lost more then one soldier, he lost his family. The crimson Elite stopped in his tracks and stared into the enormous, snowy canyon before them.

The canyon was a bit brighter and less snowier then the quarantine zone. It was, however, very similar to the quarantine zone as it had battle scarred relics and forerunner structures. It was quiet and docile, for the moment.

"Oracle, where are we?" Questioned Alei.

"We are at one of the prime strongholds of this installation which was built to contain the Flood. It is known as Containment. By protocol, the Flood are to be contained in a dormant state in this area, however, it appears the Containment has been breached by an outer force," Remorseful Incentive rambled.

"Is that why we have already encountered the Flood in the Quarantine Zone?" Alei questioned.

"A logical hypothesis would conclude that this Containment facility was opened later then the Flood's escape. There are many Containment facilities on this installation. Whatever it was that breached the Containment of the Flood in this facility, by my hypothesis, is not responsible by the original Flood outbreak. My natural instinct is that your careless race has released the parasite on this installation through another Containment facility, but I have reason to believe something else was the cause of the Flood outbreak in this facility. It is a mystery why anyone would want to release such a tedious foe," the monitor explained. Then there was a familiar, hideous howl that echoed through the chasms and canyons of the Containment facility. "Oh dear, it seems the parasite is now aware of our presence," Remorseful Incentive said.

Alei readied his sword and barked to his squad, "Everyone, prepare for combat!" As Sergeant John Baxter went to put away Sniper Rifle and reach for his SMG he was blind sighted from a Flood Combat form that leapt out of no where on top of him. Baxter toppled over on the frigid ground while Kaskut was knocked off the Marine's back and sought protection behind Ralna.

Alei immediately turned and targeted his foe that was mauling his human ally. He lunged forward at the parasite and split the beast in half with one precise swing of his Energy Sword. The Flood sensed Baxter's weakness and were on him like vultures on carrion. Infection forms and Combat Forms lunged themselves forward at Baxter, whom was immobilized on the ground.

Alei's persistence warded off the parasites efficiently but he could tell the Flood were multiplying and growing more persistent as well. He could hear and feel the Hunters' giant shields make a great impact on the ground, as they smashed dozens of infection forms into oblivion. He saw occasional purple needles swarm groups of Floods, tearing away their diseased, rotting flesh. The Flood were swarming him. It began too much to handle.

Alei's head spun, he was dazed and confused by Flood from every direction. Their stench made him lightheaded. He grew weary, hurt, and his vision was blurred. He continued to try and fight, still grasping onto his Energy Sword for his life. The last thing the crimson Elite heard, before blacking out, was a large explosion and a combat form's tentacle lashing across the back of his head.

Baxter's vision slowly returned and everything was dizzy, confusing, and disorientated. His vision slowly cleared and he saw the silhouette of a face. A familiar face. The face grew clearer and clearer until he could make it out.

"Samantha," Baxter said in a puzzled manner.

She smiled sweetly at him and stroked his head with her gentle hand, "Miss me Sergeant?"

"Where? What? Ugh, I feel like I've got a hangover!"

"It's all right, just rest," Corporal Whelski reassured. Then the last of Baxter's memory poured in. Alei shouted out something about combat and then he put away his Sniper Rifle, and got mauled by a repulsive combat form. That was all he remembered. He snapped directly up in a sitting position in horror, "Where's Alei? Where's Kaskut? What happened to my squad?"

"Me still here!" Squeaked a familiar and pleasant voice. Baxter looked to see Kaskut sitting right by his feet, staring at him happily.

"Kaskut! Where's Alei? What happened?" Baxter asked worriedly.

"You got knocked out! Alei got knocked out! Me and Hunters only ones who stand!" Kaskut chimed proudly.

"Don't worry about it," Whelski reassured, ignoring the Grunt as best as she could, "You need to rest and clear your mind John."

Baxter felt his back, the place where the combat form had lashed at and mauled him. It was patched up in a very professional manner. "You patched me up?" Baxter asked the female Marine. She nodded proudly. He smirked, "A medic, a pilot. What can't you do Corporal?"

"I can do anything you want me to do Sergeant," she said in a sweet tone, and she began running her fingers through his hair. He gently grabbed her hand and brought it away from him. He gave her a displeasing look. She frowned, "Your still obedient to Hailey, huh?"

"Can't you respect that?" Baxter asked.

"I respect Hailey and I respect you too Sergeant, but it's been how long since you've seen her? How long has it been since you saw another woman? Don't you get lonely out here in the heart of war and wish you could feel a woman's touch again?"

"It's not lonely out here when you've got friends," Baxter replied simply.

"Baxter, ever since you left Zanzibar you worried me. I thought you'd die when you left with that Elite on that Phantom. Please don't tell me you're committing yourself to a couple of Covenant."

"I'm not committing to them. In a way, Alei is committing to me. He and I trust each other with our lives. Alei, Kaskut, the Tebo Hunter brothers, all of them are against the Covenant now and we're all working as one now." There was a moment of silence. Whelski didn't know what to say or how to compel Baxter. Baxter was beginning to see the truth now. "It's not me your worried about is it?" Baxter asked. Whelski looked at him with sorrowful eyes. "You're the one who's lonely. Aren't you Samantha?"

Samantha chocked hearing these words and fought back her tears. "Parker just wants to be friends, Harley is married, Muller died, Foster I never see anymore and now you…you're still attached to Hailey."

"And I always will be," Baxter replied softly, "Because I know she'll always be with me no matter how many millions of miles apart we are."

Whelski said nothing. Kaskut watched both of them in an interested way, amused by the conversation. John knew that in times of war, soldiers could go mentally crazy and broken by many factors. In this case, it was loneliness.

"So can we please move on and stay friends?" Baxter asked. Whelski discarded her forlorn emotions and nodded sheepishly. Baxter gave her a comforting hug, as a way of saying everything was all right. Kaskut joined in the hug, also trying to ease the conflict and be part of their friendship.

Alei 'Limoto felt an aching pain in the back of his head and his back grew sore as he found himself lying against something hard and uncomfortable. He shook off his pain and realized he was lying against a cold wall and was inside a large base. It was then he also noticed that there was a shotgun, readied at him. He looked up to see who the owner of the shotgun was. It was a large, muscular human.

"Greetings human," Alei said simply, feeling that this was truly and awkward greetings.

"I don't know who you are or what you were doing with that Marine but the only thing keeping me from pulling this trigger is the fact that you nearly died over the Marine," the human said in a plain and simple fashion.

"Then perhaps I should explain myself. I am Alei 'Limoto. And the other Marine you speak of is…"

"Sergeant Baxter," the other human said before Alei could finish.

"Yes, Sergeant Baxter. As I was saying…"

"Just tell me why the hell you were protecting him and why he isn't dead yet around you Covenant," the human snapped.

"I am not part of the Covenant any longer," growled Alei.

"WHY were you protecting him?" Demanded the human.

Alei's patience was winding down, but his life was in jeopardy so he decided to play cool. "Because I'm in debt to him."

"In debt to him?"

"Yes. We now fight along side each other," Alei said calmly. The human just stared at him. Alei then began asking a few question of his own, "Now where am I? Who in my squad survived? And what happened?"

"Your in red base of a Containment zone. Everyone that was with you survived, even the Hunters as you can see," the human explained and Alei peered over the humans shoulder. Sure enough, the Tebo brothers, Ralna Tebo Laku and Kalno Tebo Jamu, were some feet away looking as alive as ever. They both waved their giant shields at Alei and Alei raised his hand up in acknowledgment. "As far as what happened, you and Baxter were knocked out by the Flood, which I'm sure you gathered by now. Me and my men fortunately heard the attack from the beginning and fortunately you and your squad weren't far from the base. We hurried over as fast as we could. We eliminated the Flood, with the help of your friends, and returned to base. Now you're all here, everyone's safe."

"Including your beloved monitor," chimed 16807.

"And he's starting to get on our nerves," growled the human, "Does he have an off button?"

"Turning him off by any means is out of the question, but yes I agree he is a bit frustrating at times. Nevertheless, he is an asset to our team," Alei replied.

"Alei! YOU SAFE! YOU SAFE!" Squeaked a familiar voice. Kaskut, ran over excitedly towards Alei and hugged him, feeling joyful for his safety.

"It is good to see you too Kaskut," Alei said, patting his trustworthy Grunt on the head.

"Don't forget about me," said another familiar voice. Alei looked up and saw Baxter, also in good condition. He helped Alei up on his feet and managed a smile, "Thanks for saving me back there buddy."

"You did the same for me. Think nothing of it," Alei replied.

"Good to see you Sergeant Baxter," the other human said finally cracking a smile. Baxter's face lit up seeing the other human and snapped into a salute.

"Lieutenant Woodword," Baxter acknowledged.

"At ease Baxter. No formality required when you're an ace marksmen," Woodword replied.

Baxter looked from the Lieutenant to his alien friends and began to introduce them, "Lieutenant, these are my teammates. The two Hunters are Ralna and Kalno, or just Tebo brothers for short. The Grunt's name is Kaskut, one hell of a mechanic and sidekick. And the Elite…my most trusted ally, is Alei 'Limoto."

Woodword gave a curt nod to Baxter's new allies and a group of Marines approached the Lieutenant in an urgent manner. Two of the Marines were Private Parker and Staff Sergeant Jayber. Parker gave a brief nod to Baxter as a quick hello while Jayber spoke, "Sir, the Flood are increasing in numbers and are growing more persistent."

"We're afraid they'll soon learn how to open red base's gates," Parker added.

"Then right now is as good a time to blow up those zombie bastards as ever. And now that we've got Baxter…and a few of his other friends, we should be able to do this with no problem."

"Mind filling us in then?" Baxter asked, interested in their next operation.

"Gladly," said Woodword with a smile on his face, "This Containment zone is outfitted with two bases. This is the designated red base and on the other side of the canyon is known as blue base. The original plan was to control the whole canyon for ammunition, a means of a camping zone, and so that the Covenant couldn't get their grubby little hands on this land. The Covenant had already begun establishing blue base but for some reason their establishment was unfortunately cut short when the Flood were released in this area. Just as they began to attack they begun taking over blue base and managed to claim it fairly quickly. As you may know already, the Flood are more bothersome and peskier then the Covenant so taking over that base isn't an option as of now; so we decided why not send them all to hell instead? Jayber has informed me that we are outfitted with a very powerful bomb, capable of sending a big enough shockwave and impact to annihilate all Flood inside the base. Once they're all wiped out, we can start getting organized."

"How many men do we have?" Baxter asked.

"I've counted a total of 46," Parker answered.

"You mean 42," Jayber corrected.

"You forgot to count the aliens," Parker said, defending his new allies.

"They're not men, they're aliens. They don't count. Besides, who says they'll be part of this mission? How can we trust them?"

"I would have been dead if it weren't for them," Baxter said.

"If I remember correctly, it was the Lieutenant Woodword, me, and our Marines that ensured your safety," Jayber argued.

"I trust Alei with my life. I'd sooner face the Flood by myself then choose your protection over Alei's," Baxter shouted back in Staff Sergeant Jayber's face.

"Watch who you're yelling at Baxter. You're a Sergeant, I'm a Staff Sergeant."

"And I'm a Lieutenant!" interjected Woodword, now having both Marine's attention, "And I say the aliens tag along. We'll need some experienced fighters on this mission. Now let's get organized. We have two Warthogs and a Tank that are operational. Baxter, Whelski, and Parker; you three are going to take one Hog. Jayber; find two other Marines that'll take ride the second Hog with you. Corporal Kane; you're driving the Scorpion and I'll be monitoring our platoon on top of the tank so avoid inclines. Then I want eight other volunteer Marines whom will follow the assault on foot. Elite…" Alei's head perked up to see what Woodword wanted with him. "Do you know how to fly a Banshee?"

Alei nodded. "Good, because we found one not that far outside the base. We'll also need you to open the gate so that our vehicles can move out. There's a button near the outside of the base."

"Sir, who will be the designated bomb carrier?" Parker questioned.

"Kaskut can help!" Chimed the willing Grunt as he waved his arm to volunteer.

"Then it's settled, the Grunt's going to carry the bomb. Baxter, find room for Kaskut in your Warthog. Anyone who isn't volunteering to go on foot or who I haven't assigned a role is on duty to guard this base. Everyone clear on their duties?"

The group nodded and everyone headed to their stations. Baxter, Whelski, Parker, and Kaskut all headed over to one Warthog. While the corporal started up the hog's engine, Baxter lifted Kaskut into the passenger seat with him, where he sat comfortably on his lap. Kaskut held onto the bomb for dear life, making sure not to drop it. Whelski waited for Jayber and his Marines to get situated at their hog and for Kane and Woodword to assume their position at the Scorpion. As the Scorpion and other Warthog revved up their engines, the eight other Marines and Hunter Tebo brothers, gathered by the fleet of human vehicles.

Alei quickly sprinted through a passage leading outside the base and ran immediately towards the button for the gate. He pressed the palm of his hand against the hologram and there was an eerie alarm that went off. He turned to see the gate slowly lower and immediately went to search for the Banshee.

Just as Woodword said, the Banshee wasn't far from the base, though it did not appear to be in the best condition. The vehicle was flipped over and had a number of dents and bullet holes in it and was covered in ash and snow. It sparked occasionally but Alei decided it was still well enough to drive. The crimson Elite managed to flip the vehicle over properly.

"All right Marines, the bridges down. Now let's move out!" Barked Woodword, standing in a noble leading position on top of the goliath, human tank.

The Warthogs lead the way while the Tank and Marines on foot covered the rear. Baxter looked around the giant canyon to see the formidable fleet that he was apart of now but knew that there would be bloodshed once they encountered the Flood and trampling over the parasites wouldn't be easy. He found the slightly bumpy yet exhilarating ride in the Warthog enjoyable while Kaskut remained curled up in his lap, cowering with his bomb.

The Warthog turned to circle around the Scorpion, so that they ensured no Flood were around and to keep their pace even with the tanks. Baxter got a better view of the canyon and saw a slightly damaged Banshee take flight into the air. The banshee circled above the ground squad defensively as the ground forces proceeded onward.

They had come to a bridge where there was again the unmistakable and very familiar howl of the parasites. Baxter raised his Sniper in search of targets. Battle rifles fired into the air and the Banshee did a barrel roll. Baxter knew instantly that the Flood were engaging now and found a squad of the parasites head towards the human platoon.

The bumpy ride of the Warthog made Sniping a bit more challenging however Baxter managed to get in his head shots. He swore as he unloaded four shots on two combat forms in the head. Their heads were more crooked and disorientated now however their persistence did not dwindle.

Whelski swerved past the two Combat forms and did a power slide on the other side of the bridge. The two combat forms sprinted towards them, Parker suppressing fire on one of the two. Baxter reloaded and saw three more combat forms come off to their right. He slapped in another clip and raised the rifle. He took two head shots at each Flood and swore as he found both shots were useless.

"FIRE AT THEIR CHEST CAVITIES!" Whelski hollered over the gunfire and chaos. Baxter decided to test the Corporal's suggestion and targeted their chests. POW! POW!

The innards of two of the combat forms spurted from their chests in a sickening way and the two zombie creatures fell over motionless. Baxter smirked knowing now that his trusty sniper was indeed useful against the Flood. He tossed a grenade at the remaining Flood and reloaded as the Warthog took off again.

The tank's treads were the most lethal weapon against most of the pathetic infection forms as they were crushed into oblivion. Woodword had taken the opportunity to crush any lucky infection forms that boarded the tank with his large combat boots. The tank had gotten surprisingly far in good time. They already reached the bridge that indicated the midpoint of the canyon and he could barely make out the misty silhouette of the other base.

Over the tank's gunfire, Kyle Woodword could hear the very faint sound of Marine shouting. He turned to see a group of four Marines back peddle as a large pack of Flood came swarming towards them. Woodword raised his rocket and fired. The missile hit the center of the pack and all different species of Flood were either blown to pieces, thrown across the canyon or annihilated by the Lieutenant's mighty rocket.

He then noticed, in due time, a smaller pack of Flood flank the tank from the left side. He shot off his second rocket, killing off the majority of the parasites. One combat form managed to board the tank and lashed it's tentacles at the Lieutenant. He grabbed a hold of the tentacles that had been lashed at him and ripped them off the combat form's body, though the parasite was still hungry for his fresh, human flesh. The monster threw its entire body at Woodword, knocking him onto the cold, dirt ground. The combat form constantly bashed at Woodword's skull with its able arm.

Woodword found it extremely difficult to lift the monster off his body but was inspired to do so as he saw a pack of hungry infection forms scurry towards him. The Lieutenant managed to throw the Flood off his body and immediately got to his feet. Quickly he reached for his shotgun and blasted large holes into the ground where the infection forms had scurried. With the smaller threats taken care of he was able to respond to the ever so persistent combat form.

As it charged at the Lieutenant he kicked the parasite in the chest and followed through with three shotgun blasts into the monster's chest. Once he reloaded his shotgun he began searching around in the snow for his beloved Rocket Launcher. He found it after a moment of searching but saw that he was falling behind his squad. As he began sprinting back towards his squad and reloaded his Rocket Launcher he was cut off by a herd of Flood, blocking his path at the bridge.

"You zombie bastards," Woodword swore, under his breath. And just as he thought he wad doomed he heard a sound of relief in the form of plasma fire. The Elite had began firing upon the Flood and they went down swiftly by his Banshee's main firing mechanism. The parasites began focusing their attention on the new threat now and fired upon the Banshee but their efforts were cut short as three Fuel Rod Cannons fired off into the herd of parasites. Now covering the bridge were the two, immense Covenant knights, the hunters. The banshee flew elsewhere, figuring the Hunters could handle it from here, and Woodword was escorted back to his fleet, now feeling a bit grateful that Baxter's new friends was on his side.

"Weee! Kill them pesky parasite!" Kaskut cheered as Baxter unloaded his Rifle on four other combat forms.

"Whelski, follow Jayber's hog. I think they want us to form up," Baxter said, taking notice of Jayber's hog circling just in front of the base in the distance.

Whelski power slid the hog around and slammed her foot on the accelerator. The vehicle plunged forward. The area of the canyon that lead to the base had been clear at first until two carrier forms waddled in front of the hog's path. Before the Corporal could either brake or power slide to avoid the threat the two Flood had already began bubbling up and exploded as the Warthog reached them.

The Warthog flipped over three times before landing on its side, scattering the three Marines and Grunt. Baxter hadn't fall far from the Warthog fortunately. He got to his feet and looked around at his disorientated surroundings. The Warthog was flipped over and smoking menacingly. It was then Baxter noticed Kaskut, squirming pathetically by the vehicle.

His left foot was caught underneath the Warthog. He desperately tried to pluck his own foot from underneath the heavy vehicle but all his attempts were futile. The Sergeant hurried over to the hog and tried to lift the vehicle off Kaskut's foot, his attempts were also futile, though he didn't give up. He was sweating bullets from his attempts of lifting the Warthog and his arms grew sore. Just as he went to lift it again he felt something heavy tap him on the shoulder.

He turned to see Ralna Tebo Laku and Kalno Tebo Jamu standing behind him. Baxter stepped aside, reading their minds. They scraped their iron boots against the snowy grounds and readied their shields. Then with a thundering charge, and a mighty blow from both their shields, the Warthog went flying through the snowy canyon. The Hunters roared in victory while Baxter checked on Kaskut's leg.

"How's leg?" Kaskut whimpered in pain.

"I'm not sure, Whelski is more trained in the medical field. If anything's broken, she'll fix it for you," reassured Baxter, as he picked up the Grunt and heaved him onto his back.

"What about bomb, Baxter?" Kaskut whined.

"I'll take care of it," said the Lieutenant, whom carried the bomb in one hand, and his trusty rockets in the other, "Let's take refuge over by Jayber's squad. We need to regroup and strategize."

Alei 'Limoto began circling around the Scorpion who shot in all directions in a confused manner. The crimson Elite, piloting the Banshee, tried his best to defend the Scorpion as it began to get lost and stray from the platoon. He fired off his fuel rod cannon, blowing up a small squad of Flood that tried assaulting the goliath tank from the rear.

Alei circled again and shot a stream of plasma at oncoming Flood from the right of the Scorpion. The Banshee circled upwards and began to circle the Scorpion again. As Alei went to spiral downward to form a defensive circling maneuver around the tank he saw something bright come flying his way in a hurry. His natural reaction was to quickly swerve out of the way and then there was a loud BAM that shook the Banshee's left menacingly and took out his shields. He felt the left wing shatter from the body of the vehicle, and the Covenant air vehicle plunged downward.

Whelski had just gotten done shooting two combat forms in the chest, when she heard a loud crash come from her right. She quickly looked to see what it was and saw a Banshee plunge downward into the snow. She slowly proceed toward the crashed Banshee with a limp in her right leg.

She had taken quite a tumble from the carrier that exploded the Warthog, and now she guessed her right leg was either sprained or fractured. The Corporal abruptly stopped when she heard the grunts and moans of the Flood. She turned and saw two Combat forms, slowly creeping up behind her.

She back peddled as they approached her and she stumbled on her bad leg onto the ground. Once she was defenseless on the ground the Flood immediately charged towards her, sensing her helplessness. Just when Whelski thought it was all over a magnificent blue object soared through the air and impaled the Flood, severing his lower torso from his upper. The remaining combat form took a series of green hits in the chest. Whelski turned to see the familiar Elite, Alei 'Limoto, standing behind her, Carbine in hand.

Once the second Flood fell he picked up his Energy Sword again and knelt down by the Marine. She stared into his mysterious, alien eyes.

"Are you all right?" Alei asked.

"I don't think so. My leg, it's injured badly. Probably sprained, possibly broken," Whelski replied, recoiling in pain.

"I take it you can't walk then," Alei replied and deactivated his mighty blade, and scooped the human up within his arms. She was fairly light in his opinion. Whelski wrapped her arms around Alei's neck for support. Alei felt a bit awkward by this but began walking off before any more Flood decided to attack.

"Jayber, what's our status?" Woodword barked, Kaskut and Baxter following behind their lead commander.

"A few wounded, a few dead. I didn't get the chance to take an exact body count but we REALLY need to bomb the base before the Flood get organized again," Jayber reported.

"Then I'm going in," Woodword said looking at the large, sickening base.

"ALONE! Are you nuts?" Baxter shouted.

"You'll give me cover fire as I head in. Who's going to open the gate for me?" Woodword said, ready to get going.

"You'll be torn apart in there if you don't take someone along with you," Baxter replied.

"Then who's going to escort me?" The Lieutenant asked, growing impatient.

"I will," said a familiar voice. All turned to see the noble, crimson Elite walking towards the group of Marines, heaving a Marine over his shoulder. Alei gently put Whelski into the passenger seat of the able Warthog and stood by Woodword's side. Before Baxter or any other Marine could question what happened Alei spoke, "I found her injured, she'll need medical attention when our mission is complete. Now let's go."

"Are you sure you'll be fine? Shouldn't you guys take the Hunters?" Baxter asked.

"I appreciate your concern brother," Alei said, walking off with Woodword, "But the Hunters will need to protect your group of men. We will be fine." They continued to walk off and Baxter didn't question anymore and assumed a sniping position for cover fire.

"What was that about?" Woodword asked, heaving both the bomb and Rocket towards the main gate of the base.

"What was what about?" Alei replied, confused by what the human meant.

"Brother? Have you seen what species you are?"

"It's a long story," Alei replied, smirking.

As they grew closer to the gate, Flood began leaping from the base and engaged. A barrage of sniper shots and battle rifle rounds fired from behind them at the parasitic enemy. Alei had little work to do because the Marines were giving them such great cover fire. They nearly reached the bridge a familiar, deafening alarm sounded and the bridge slowly lowered.

"Get ready," Woodword said in a grim tone, hanging onto both explosive devices for his life. Alei grasped his sword tighter then ever, awaiting the army of parasites at the other side of the gate. It had finally lowered and they encountered the Flood. Woodword unloaded two rockets on the fleet of Flood and Alei instantaneously vanquished the stragglers.

They both proceeded quickly when they found the center of the base, the perfect spot to plant the bomb. However the Flood were stationed on the exact spot where the bomb was to be placed. Alei got to work. He started off by throwing a plasma grenade at a combat form's demented looking head. It growled in confusion and exploded, taking out a small group of infections, a few combat forms, and one carrier along with it. Alei took out the two remaining combat forms, only taking a few Carbine hits in the back, and tore open a carrier form, spilling out a dozen of infection forms.

He back peddled as they engaged and tossed a grenade into the group of them. They exploded and Woodword got to work. He dropped the bomb at the spot and reloaded his rocket, just incase. Alei circled Woodword like a vulture as he began arming it.

"Just a few more seconds…and…done! Bomb armed. We've got five minutes to evacuate."

"Good, then let's…" Alei began but was interrupted as a combat form lunged itself at Alei, knocking him over. Woodword immediately reacted and fired two shots into the combat form. Alei got to his feet and looked at the parasite's remains and gave a curt nod of thanks to Kyle.

Both Alei and Woodword began backpedaling to their escape while a team of Flood began to march towards them. Woodword fired off a rocket and blew them into oblivion. They kept heading over to the exit when they found themselves surrounded by Flood now. The circle of parasites slowly closed in on them; snarling, growling, moaning. The eerie alarm sounded again, indicating the gate was about to close.

"FIRE A ROCKET AND LEAVE! I'LL DEAL WITH THEM!" Alei roared over the alarm.

"NO, WE NEED…" Woodword began but suddenly became silent as he saw Alei glaring into his eyes, Energy Sword to his neck.

"Leave or die," Alei snarled. Woodword found the Elite's intimidating and drastic words intimidating and abnormal. He was being threatened to save his own life so that the Elite could be his decoy. Beyond the alien's eyes were the answers why he had taken such drastic actions to make Woodword obey and leave, Kyle saw through those dazzling eyes. Feeling his rank and the chain of command was being seriously violated, he unwillingly turned and fired his rocket for his escape.

The rocket took out a small portion of the blockade of parasites, which gave the Lieutenant the opportunity to sprint for the exit. The gate began sliding up but the athletic Marine managed to hurtle over the gate and sprinted for the Warthog. Woodword felt pathetic and weak, taking orders from an alien but knew that the Elite had threatened him to save his life. He felt cheated yet thankful towards Alei 'Limoto.

Alei's angry eyes scanned over the hideous, sickening, nightmarish enemy. In reality, he was fighting the slaves of his true enemy. Humans, Covenant, both were enslaved by the parasites. His remorse for them quickly turned into rage as the first enemy lunged forward at him, unloading its SMG as well.

Alei sliced through the first, shields cut down by half. Just then he felt the rest of his shields deplete and a painful blast from the backside as a carrier form detonated. He was welcomed by more pain and let out a roar of anguish as 3 battle rifle rounds tore into his left side. He turned and quickly took out the Flood with a single swipe of his sword and turned to take out two more combat forms before they could attack.

Alei stared at the remaining Flood closing in on him. A pit of demise and hopelessness formed in the bottom of his stomach. He didn't know how he could win, but he had so much to live for that he didn't want to give up now, but how would he survive? He waited for the onslaught so that he could counter strike but just before he could strike the closest combat form to him a thin blue beam of energy shot just over his shoulder and hit one combat form right in its chest cavity.

The Flood's chest exploded and it fell. Alei recognized the weapon. A Particle Beam Rifle. He only knew one person who would use such a weapon, Lib. But wouldn't Lib have shot him by now?

Before he could strike at another combat form, its chest exploded by the same sort of fire. The Flood slowly began dropping one by one and he quickly began slaughtering the straggler parasites. Once they were all finished off Alei turned towards where he believed the sniper shots had come from. Then his heart nearly stopped, his mandibles gaped open in disbelief, and he dropped his sword.

"Ebak," Alei murmured.

"Everyone ready to go?" Woodword asked as he planted himself at the turret of the Warthog.

Baxter was in charge of driving it while Whelski was seated in the passenger seat, Kaskut sitting in her lap. The remaining Marines had boarded the Tank as their means of transportation and the Hunters covered the rear.

"Why can't we wait for Alei?" Baxter asked.

"He told me to leave. I'm sure he'll be fine," Woodword replied.

"I hope he will," Whelski said softly, petting Kaskut's cold, smooth head.

"What was that?" Baxter asked, wondering what Whelski had just said.

"Nothing," she said hastily, "Let's go."

Baxter stared into Whelski's worried eyes for a few seconds and started the engine of the hog.

"A shame if he should parish by the Flood," chimed the monitor, "I was beginning to grow fond of the one called Alei."

"Shut up and keep up," snapped Baxter, and he but his foot on the accelerator and the hog plunged forward and headed for red base.

"Surprised?" Asked a familiar voice.

Alei couldn't believe his eyes or ears. Standing before him was a tall, muscular, war scarred looking Elite. It was his brother, Ebak, however he looked different. He wore a different kind of armor that was colored Green and he had a nasty looking scar on his shoulder. His armor did not protect the scar on his shoulder, probably for the sake of pride in his mark of war.

"How…" Alei muttered but Ebak had cut him off, "I can explain later. Now pick up your sword and help me control the parasite."

"There's no time," Alei growled, "A bomb has been planted in this base. We must leave immediately."

"WHAT!" Roared Ebak in anger and confusion.

"There's no time! I'll explain when we're safe."

"Then follow me. I have a Phantom and Banshee on the other side of the base," Ebak said, heading off across the base. Alei followed faithfully, still shaken from seeing his brother once again.