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Alien Brethren: Chapter 9: Split Ends: Part 3
Posted By: Alex L (Greek Elite)<yoshi64y@aol.com>
Date: 8 November 2005, 12:37 am

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Ok guys, BEAR WITH ME! This IS probobly the longest Part of Chapter 9, but hopefully you guys can stomach it. Your probobly wondering why I didn't split this up into a part 4, well primarily because I got sick of splitting up Chapter 9 and figured you guys were probobly antsy to get to the end of this grueling chapter as well. So with that I give you Chapter 9 of Alien Brethren...WITH A DRAMATIC CONCLUSION.

Chapter 9: Split Ends: Part 3

"LIB! KEEP YOUR SHIELD UP! THAT SNIPER RIFLE WONT HELP YOU AGAINST THIS VERNON!" Roared Betronus over the blizzard and over the chaos the two were enduring.

They were both doing their best to defend themselves against the flood and tried proceeding toward a nearby Phantom. "I don't have any other weapon besides this," replied the Jackal.

The large, hairy brute just got done wiping out a swarm of infections with his Brute Shot and then he reached for his Brute Plasma Rifle and handed it to the Jackal. "Use this then."

As Betronus gave away his Plasma Rifle something hit him hard in the back and he felt the muscles and nerves in his body twitch and spasm. His vision grew blurred and he fell down, his face covered in the frigid snow and memories began pouring into his mind.

Betronus sat uncomfortably against a hard wall, limbs tied together alongside his companion Lib. He vaguely remembered how he ended up locked up in this human prison but all he was concerned about was escape. He found the humans' ways confusing. They had been spared, been offered their filthy food, and were locked up in a human prison with primitive borders. It was iron bars that confined the Jackal and the Brute.

On the other side of the jail were four humans, keeping guard. Betronus would have killed to get his hands on the pathetic creatures across the bars. He grumbled to himself and shot a glance over at Lib. He was gnawing at his restraints even though his teeth were no match for the restraints.

"Do you really think that vulture can bite his way out of that?" Asked one of the humans standing guard.

"Don't be ridiculous. It's just a Jackal," said another human chuckling at the captured Covenant.

Lib hissed distastefully at the humans, and their laughter was cut short. A translucent blur dashed at the humans. No more then a few seconds were three of the humans on the floor, their necks pouring out blood. The last human, stood there bewildered at what just happened. He raised his battle rifle nervously and fired in a baffled fashion. His firing ceased as he felt painful needles stab into his back and back of his neck. They exploded in a messy fashion and the last fell to the floor, with its other dead comrades.

Betronus blinked a few times, making sure what he saw had just happened. Then, to his delight, he saw on the other side of the bars a familiar Grunt and Elite.

"Kaskut! Alei!" Betronus said both shocked and pleased to see his squad.

"Surprised?" Alei asked as he began sawing at the bars with his sparkling, Covenant Energy Sword.

"I thought the Prophets would have left us here to rot in the confines of this filthy human prison," Betronus said as he watched Alei 'Limoto saw off the bars of the cell.

"They would have," Alei said as he finished sawing off a bar, "So I decided to come and rescue you two." The final bar soon collapsed from the crimson Elite's blade and Alei began to untie his captured crew.

"Me got present for you," Kaskut said, handing over a Plasma Rifle and a Jackal Shield Wrist Band to Lib. Lib snatched the two presents and merely snarled at the Grunt in his native tongue.

"Stupid, ungrateful Jackal," Kaskut grunted to himself.

Alei helped Betronus to his feet and handed him a Brute Shot that he carried as a side weapon. The Brute made himself familiar with his favorite weapon and stared at Alei in a distrustful way, "You came and rescued us just to complete the mission we failed to carry on, didn't you?"

"Not entirely," Alei said, turning away from the Brute and heading out of the cell, "But I would like to know where the bomb is."

"The humans confiscated it. It's probably well guarded," Betronus said, also leaving the cell with Lib and Kaskut following behind.

"What are you saying?" Alei asked.

"I'm suggesting we get some extra firepower," Betronus snarled.

There was a loud set of explosions coming from outside the base that interrupted their conversation. "What was that?" Lib asked, raising his shield.

"The extra firepower," Alie said as he lead his squad outside. It was amazing to see the human camp nearly flattened when the only Covenant in the fray fighting were a set of Hunters.

The Tebo Hunter brothers, Ralna Tebo Laku and Kalno Tebo Jamu, had a squad of Marines pinned down at a small barricade, 50 yards from their position. The humans cowardly fired their primitive rifles at the Hunters, but their giant shields made the projectiles insufficient against the walking tanks. The only notable threat was a loud, stationary machine gun that was firing suppressive rounds at the Hunters.

Alei activated a plasma grenade and lobbed it at the fixed gun placement. It hissed through the air and stuck perfectly on the turret. It fizzled menacingly and exploded in a sinister blue haze. Human bodies flew in all directions that were stationed by the barricade.

"WORT WORT WORT!" Roared Alei in triumph.

More humans came pouring towards the Covenant squad and an annoying human alarm sounded. It was a loud, grueling battle that the humans could barely keep up with. The Hunters concentrated on any large threats that came along, Kaskut, Lib, and Betronus engaged on the weaker, standard humans, and Alei snuck behind the humans and slain them one by one.

The humans were persistent but weak against the Covenant squad. It was quality over quantity. As Betronus began to reload his Brute Shot something whizzed over his head causing Kaskut and Lib to cower behind Kalno and Ralna.

He looked up to see a human with a large, menacing Rocket Launcher. The human fired again, this time aiming for the Hunters. It hit Kalno's shield with a large explosion. Orange blood oozed from his weak spots and the walking tank staggered on its large feet but regained its stance. The human took a few seconds to reload and fired another. Ralna had stepped in to take the blow this time, its shield taking the most damage.

Betronus had enough with this pesky human and before he could fire another dangerous blow at his squad he dropped his weapon, got on all fours, and began charging at the human. The human watched the berserking Brute with horrified eyes and quickly dropped his Rocket Launcher, and desperately took out his pistol.

Betronus felt the small yet piercing rounds tear into his hide but didn't care for his rage overcome his pain. Then he had the pleasure of mauling the human; breaking his bones in every single furious swipe he delivered. Then there was a squeal of cowardice coming from Kaskut from behind. Betronus turned and saw the cowardly Grunt running away from a pair of humans, rifles in hand and firing at Lib and Kaskut. Lib slowly back peddled while firing at one human while the other human used sustaining bursts against the Jackal's shields.

Betronus targeted his new foes and began to charge. He ran at great speeds, leapt over the Jackal, and pounced on top of one of the humans and plowed his fist into his chest, destroying his rib cage in a brutal way. The other human began firing upon Betronus and his rage leapt once again. He brutally grabbed the human's weapon and instead of firing the human with it, he used it as a melee weapon and bashed the human's skull in over and over.

The Brute's fun was abruptly ended as something very painful pierced into his back at a high velocity. He roared in pain and turned to see a sniper aiming at him. This was it, he thought. There was no way he could reach the sniper in time before the final blow was made. As Betronus glared at the human, waiting for his demise, he felt something push him to the ground and saw Alei pounce on top of him out of the way of the next shot.

The crimson Elite then glanced at the human with fierce eyes, raised his Energy Sword into the air and threw it, as if it were a javelin. The Covenant Blade cut through the air at great speeds with a magnificent glow and decapitated the sniper, as it cut through the human's feeble neck. Alei helped Betronus to his feet and the rest of the memory was a blur as the painful feeling left his body and he regained his vision.

He was lying in the snow, surrounded by figures. A muscular, hairy arm helped him to his feet and he looked up to see who it was. "Tartarus," mumbled Betronus in a humble manner.

"You were pinned down by this parasite," Tartarus growled, showing the wriggling infection form to Betronus. He gave the Flood a squeeze and it popped easily. Also surrounding him was Lib and other lower ranked Brutes that he didn't know.

"I am sorry for not reporting back to you Chieftain after my flight at the Zanzibar base," Betronus apologized, now kneeling before the Brute leader.

"Your failure to report back is not important right now," Tartarus replied, turning to the gravity lift of the Phantom, "What is important is the betrayal."

"Flood coming from the starboard side of the gondola!" Warned Sergeant Johnson.

Alei and Baxter both turned immediately and instinctively threw a grenade at the oncoming, zombie like opponents. The bodies and limbs of various different combat forms flew astray.

"Johnson! Mackenzie! Baxter! Concentrate fire on the flood! Everyone else concentrate on the Sentinels!" Ordered Miranda over the chaos.

"You heard the lady guys. Let's give them hell," Baxter said to Kaskut and Alei.

While the Hunters, Miranda, and the other concentrated on the less terrifying Sentinels, everyone else kept the infesting monsters busy.

Alei and Baxter, side by side, bravely engaged the flood in close combat while the Marines watched their backs at a distance. Baxter and Kaskut concentrated on two engaging combat forms that charged towards them. Baxter's SMG proved to be mildly proficient against the Flood as he took down one by unloading his entire SMG on it. Kaskut's plasma pistol however was useless against them and seemed to only make the Flood more agitated and even more persistent to kill them. The second one engaged swiftly with a Needler in hand.

While Baxter was reloading he felt a stinging pain lash across his chest and a few Needlers brush over his shoulder. As the Combat form went to lash at him again with its whip like tentacles a red blur came into view and obliterated the infested zombie with a glorious cyan, shimmering blade. Baxter gave his Alien friend a brisk nod of thanks. Alei continued to his Flood slaying while Baxter confiscated Kaskut's pathetic plasma pistol.

"What you doing Baxter?" The Grunt whined in his ear.

The Sergeant picked up the discarded Needler that the Flood had dropped and gave it to his back buddy. "Me be grateful," Kaskut squeaked, feeling more powerful with his new weapon.

The two of them sent out a barrage of different projectiles. Both weapons tore into the Flood with ease and dismembered their fragile limbs. The Grunt and Sergeant began tearing through opposing Flood easily as Alei 'Limoto killed a few other savage Flood as well with his mighty blade. The irritating buzzing and humming of Sentinels swarming sounded in Baxter's ears. Before he could take offensive maneuvers, the sound of exploding machinery from a mighty Fuel Rod Cannon sounded and he continued with his slaying.

Just as Kaskut and Baxter both tore apart a pack of infection forms and a squad of combat forms, two carriers fell out of nowhere. One carrier headed over Alei, whom was preoccupied with a swarm of hungry Infection forms, the other one waddled over to Baxter and Kaskut.

Kaskut desperately shot off his Needler at the giant Flood glob while Baxter began reloading his SMG. The large, grotesque Carrier merely staggered for a few seconds and stood stationary. Baxter reloaded and waited to see what it would do next. The carrier stood still for a few more seconds and then tumbled towards the duo and began to inflate. It grew more bloated and grew larger in a constipated way and finally burst, knocking Baxter off his feat.

He felt lightheaded from the sudden burst and quickly shook off his pain and confusion as Infection forms began scurry over to the human and Grunt. John quickly began shooting sustaining fire at the parasites but they were coming from all angles and from all directions. Then the sudden cry of his Grunt buddy noted that one of the parasites flanked them. He grabbed for the Grunt's methane container on his back and tossed the Grunt off his back, in front of him. He pinned Kaskut down with one hand to keep the struggling Grunt from moving while he searched the alien's body with his SMG.

"GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!" Cried Kaskut in pain.

"HOLD STILL!" Baxter hollered, over the commotion. He flipped Kaskut over on his backside to see the infection form was tearing into his arm, searching for his chest. He aimed at the disgusting parasite and used a small, sustained burst to pop the parasite.

"YOWEE!" Howled Kaskut, as he began flapping his bloody arm about in pain.

"Don't worry, you'll survive buddy," Baxter reassured.

As Baxter tried getting the Grunt back on his feet, a Covenant Combat Form leapt through the air towards the duo. Reacting quickly, Baxter discarded his SMG, pulled out his Sniper, jabbed it into the Flood's chest and fired off four rounds. The chest cavity of the Combat Form shattered and a white like foam liquid spurted out of its chest after each shot.

John turned to hear Alei roar his battle cry and saw a sudden blue flash. The Carrier that had been waddling toward Alei now had a plasma grenade stuck on its tentacle. It waved its tentacle franticly, trying to discard the stuck plasma grenade, but it was too late. The Carrier exploded in such an extraordinary explosion that it sent the Flood off the gondola, to fall forever.

Baxter smirked at Alei's magnificent kill and helped Kaskut on his back again. As he picked up his discarded SMG he heard the annoying humming of the monitor as it hovered by his shoulder. "Excuse my Reclaimer, I have been ordered to notify you that the ones called 'Johnson' and 'Keyes' are inside the Library, searching for the Index."

Baxter hadn't even noticed they had arrived at the Library. He saw that indeed the Gondola had come to a stop. "Who else did they take?" Asked the Sergeant.

"Two other Reclaimers. I believe their names were Rafton and LaDash," the monitor replied.

"What about Mackenzie and Parez?" Questioned Baxter.

"We're right here sir," the other two Marines replied, approaching the Sergeant.

"Let us not interfere with their work then," Alei said, "Let us repel the Flood from reaching the one you call Keyes and Johnson instead."

"All Marines on board, prepare for landing and establishment of base!" Ordered Corporal Samantha Whelski.

Woodword did his final analysis on his Rocket Launcher, and then pulled out his Shotgun. He watched the Pelican slowly descend and got out until it had properly landed. All the other Marines inside poured out quickly and found their way to the center of the base where the other Marines were already located. Most of the Marines at the base carried Battle Rifles and occasional SMGs.

"Who's in charge here?" Woodword asked the already stationed Marines.

"I am," said a blood stained Marine.

"And who are you?"

"Staff Sergeant Jayber," said the other Marine with a hint of pride.

"Lieutenant K Woodword," Woodword said with a hint of dominance in his voice. Jayber immediately snapped to attention and saluted.

"At ease soldier," Woodword said carelessly inspecting the base, Jayber following behind, "What's your status?"

"We lost a few men when we attacked the other base. I decided to have everyone at a defensive position since my men could use some rest and reinforcements."

Woodword was now inspecting the top level of the base where Marines were scoping out the perimeter of the base with Battle Rifles. "So you're only supplied with Battle Rifles?" Woodword questioned.

"That, some SMGs, and a few Frags," Jayber replied in a disappointed manner.

"No Snipers…Snipers would be more helpful and essential to both offensive and defensive needs," Woodword said thoughtfully.

"Unfortunately we don't have any nor do we know where to get any," Jayber said.

"I gathered that much Sergeant," Woodword snapped, feeling a bit agitated at the moment. He looked out at the frigid canyon in deep thought.

"What was your original solution to the enemy base?" Woodword questioned.

"Our first plan was to overthrow and capture it from Covenant forces but the Flood infested it before we could do anything and now it's impossible to get rid of those zombie bastards with our own weapons, so we had another plan in mind."

"And what would that be Staff Sergeant?"

"Planting a bomb in the base. We figured that should be enough to wipe them out from the base and gain control of this canyon and any weapons in the other base."

"And I'm guessing you failed?"

"No sir, we haven't tried it yet. The Flood are very defensive and hostile on the mid point of the canyon. Those who made it to the other base never came back. Like I said, my men need rest and reinforcements," Jayber explained.

"My men might be up to it, but it's risky without some extra arms on the team. Like I said, a Sniper would be nice." Woodword began devising a plan and began praying for a miracle to come along the team. A miracle Sniper. One he worked with before, Sergeant John Baxter.

POW! POW! POW! Baxter panted heavily as he stared down at the Combat Form that shred one of his fellow Marines apart, Mackenzie. In Anger he unloaded his last bullet on the immobile Flood's chest and reloaded.

"He has been avenged," Alei said reassuringly, and put his hand on Baxter's shoulder.

"Have you ever lost someone to the Flood before?" Baxter asked. As Baxter turned for Alei's response, he saw the crimson Elite walk in another direction, Energy Sword hanging loosely in his hands.

"Touchy topic I guess…" Baxter said, following the Elite.

The Sergeant, Elite, Grunt, and Two Hunters circled the inside of the Library, making sure there was no Flood to interfere with Johnson and Miranda. There was an eerie silence among the Library. The squad proceeded with caution and as quietly as possible. Their footsteps echoed through the large Forerunner building. The silence was interrupted by the sound of echoing dual-wielded SMG's firing off.

"Sounds like Miranda's in trouble," Baxter said, as he lead the way to the source of the commotion. They all began to sprint around the large Forerunner building as fast as they could, turning around series of corners to reach their destination. As they got nearer Alei heard an unmistakable set of voices.

"Arbiter. Tartarus," Alei 'Limoto said in a shocked tone and he began sprinting faster then everyone in his squad.

"Slow down Alei!" Panted Baxter, trying to keep up with the crimson Elite.

"If we do not hurry, both of them could slaughter your friends!" Alei replied, keeping his speedy pace. He reached a passageway that lead into the room where the voices came from. Inside the large room he saw the Arbiter, Tartarus, and a gang of his Brutes along with him. Tartarus and his Brutes were nearing in on the Aribter, as if they were cornering him. Alei was confused and appalled at the same time and he heard his friends finally catch up to him. Before Baxter or anyone else could utter a word, Alei raised his hand in the air for silence and stealth. He and his squad began to listen to what was going on.

"A bloody fate awaits you and the rest of your incompetent race, and I Tartarus, Chieftan of the Brutes will send it to you!" Tartarus said.

Alei's heart stopped for a moment from hearing these words coming from the Chieftan's mouth. He clenched his Energy Sword tightly in anger. Then he saw a familiar Brute, Betronus, drag Johnson off towards the side. What was going on? What were those backstabbing apes doing?

"When the Prophets learn of this, they will have your head!" The Arbiter snarled.

The Brutes chuckled to themselves, hearing the Arbiter's words and Tartarus spoke again, "Fool, they ordered me to do it."

A great heave of anger and confusion filled Alei and watched the Arbiter's terrifying demise as Tartarus raised his war hammer and discharged it. The impact sent the heroic yet shamed Arbiter into void of nothingness.

The betrayal impaled Alei's heart like a pristine Energy Sword. Anger rushed through his limbs, primarily his finger tips which held his magnificent weapon. He, and he alone entered the room, exposing himself to the backstabbing Brutes. His eyes bore into not Tartarus' but Betronus'.

"What? Another Elite! Do you wish to die like your pathetic Arbiter?" Tartarus asked, raising his war hammer.

"Betronus…" Alei muttered.

Before Tartarus could discharge his hammer Betronus stepped in front of Tartarus, as a way of saying it was his conflict, his fight. They both stared into each other's eyes.

"Why?" Asked the crimson Elite.

"Why does it matter? The fact is that you and your fame-whoring-race get what they deserve! You are pathetic and it is high time the Prophets put us in charge!" Betronus barked back.

"Fame-whoring? Never have I fought for attention or for the Prophet's recognition!" Alei bellowed back.

"Always you sought to exceed my abilities! On every mission, you treated me as your chauffer, your sidekick, your slave!"

"YOU ARE BLIND BETRONUS! I ALWAYS TREATED YOU AS A BROTHER!" Alei's echoing words slowly faded and the room was dead silent.

"Your Brother?" Snarled Betronus in confusion.

"YES! I NEVER SOUGHT TO BECOME BETTER THAN YOU OR FOR YOU TO RESPECT ME HIGHLY! YOU WERE PART OF MY TEAM, PART OF MY SQUAD, AND ONE OF MY MOST TRUSTED COMPANIONS! I LOOKED OUT FOR YOU AS A BROTHER!" Alei began to pant in exhaustion from his yelling and then spoke once again, "Do you not remember that one mission? The mission that you had failed but I redeemed you, I rescued you! I did not return to find you so that I may finish your mission and hog the glory so the Prophets would award me. I sought to find and rescue you because I trusted you and could not bear the idea of me letting a brother die in a human cell! I returned, against all my orders, I returned to save you and Lib so that we could become one squad again." There was another dead silence. Betronus merely stared into Alei's raging eyes, not knowing what to say. "And now you want to kill me, betray me, Betronus."

Alei waited for Betronus' reply in the dead silence. Betronus stepped forward, raised his Brute Shot, and swallowed any emotions he had and reminded himself of his duty, his pride, and his greed. "Yes Alei. That is what I want to do," Betronus said simply, "You had brothers at once, and they all pathetically died, by the Flood. An Elite, and Brute, brothers? Hah, you sicken me with your emotions. I am not your brother Alei, you are too weak to be my brother. You are without any brothers, and you will die."

As Betronus readied his finger on the trigger of his weapon something knocked the Brute Shot at a high velocity, out of the Brute's hands.

"Wrong fuzzball," said Baxter, whom had a Sniper Rifle in hand, standing a few feet behind Alei now, "He's still got one brother, and that's me!"

Filled with anger and impatience, Tartarus swept Betronus out of the way and gave his Brute's the order to attack. A barrage of Brute Shot Grenades and Red Plasma came sweeping in Alei and Baxter's direction. Baxter tugged Alei on his shoulder, as a way of saying to retreat while the Tebo Hunter brothers gave cover fire for the two Alien Brethren to escape. Once Sergeant Baxter and Alei 'Limoto retreated successfully, Kaskut, the Tebo Brothers, and 16807 Remorseful Incentive followed them behind and found an escape route leading outside the Library.