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Alien Brethren: Chapter 9: Split Ends: Part 1
Posted By: Alex L (Greek Elite)<yoshi64y@aol.com>
Date: 3 November 2005, 3:53 am

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I feel like i'm feeding a pack of hungry dogs spoiled meat! MWAHAHAHA! Only one part to the EXCRUTIATING Chapter 9: Split Ends! Don't worry, Part 2 and Part 3 are finished, so you'll just have to wait for the editing in those two chapters and for me to finish up in Part 4 (or maybe i'll just combine Part 4 with part 3...You'll find out when i'm done). Anyways, Sorry it took so long you fans of Alien Brethren but I have been quite buisy! Long list of crap keeping me from typing but I'm getting it done slowly but surely. Just be patient for the upcoming chapters and enjoy this, look for the next parts of Chapter 9 that are coming up. Also, if you are DYING to hear more about Alei and Baxter, start reading some of "Arbiter's" Heretic series, he's featuring some of my charecters from Alien Brethren and it sounds like it'll be a VERY interesting series. With that i give you Chapter 9: Part1...

Chapter 9: Split Ends: Part 1

The squad had taken a hard beating and lost lots of men, but the Scorpion and those whom followed it made it out of the gruesome tunnel. Their squad was cut in half by Flood victims and from a group of Marines whom retreated from the tunnel to seek cover back in the Sentinel like fort. The Marines and Miranda however didn't see any problem with part of their fleet retreating; it'd slow down their opposition significantly.

They had easily proceeded through the next area; an elevated complex swarming with Sentinels. The only losses they had were loosing two Warthogs and a Marine carrying a large supply of ammunition (including a jackhammer). The Scorpion was now coming out from another tunnel, not as infested with Flood. The path the Scorpion had to take was a straight path that later on turned into a spiraling helix downward.

Two giant beams of plasma shot out at opening shudders in the wall that confined them. Immediately one Sentinel Enforcer went down without a problem and more individual Sentinels began pouring out. Alei jumped and swung his blade at one of the floating machines. It exploded with a large bang that took down his shields and he quickly activated his active camouflage to make sure no other Sentinels could take advantage of his vulnerability.

Baxter and Lib were doing exceptionally well with sniping the Sentinels and were the ones whom gathered the largest kill count. The area was secure for the moment and the large squad continued on hastily. They passed through another small tunnel and came to a magnificent snowy canyon. Baxter felt Kaskut, on his back, begin to shiver from the blizzard like situations.

Beyond the canyon were three Phantoms heading into the area, shooting their plasma turrets at opposing Flood and Sentinels. The Phantoms carried three large Wraiths. "Two enemies, each fighting each other?" The monitor stated and began to ponder, "May I suggest that a forceful action not to be taken? Perhaps our enemies will be preoccupied with each other, therefore letting us easily proceed onward."

Miranda seemed interested in what 16807 had suggested, "Do you have a plan then?"

"Well, from my readings ahead of this quarantine zone is a wall that has no activity going on at the moment. The area around the wall is very vacant and spacious. I suggest we slip our troops by in limited numbers to that particular point as a rendezvous. The aircrafts you used previous seem acceptable to land, and pick us up and lift us directly to a gondola leading to the Library."

"You know exactly where the Library is?" Miranda asked, shocked by the machine's intelligence.

"Of course, I am a genius!"

"Then why didn't you tell us that in first place!" Barked a dark skinned Sergeant named Johnson.

"I was never questioned by you reclaimers to inform you its location," the monitor simply replied.

"Then that's what we'll do. Johnson, Baxter, gather a squad and lets get to this rendezvous point. Stackers, your in command of this fleet. Do your best to take out as many of the enemy you can and keep them from proceeding. While we head out forward I want you to notify the Pelicans that we need an extract up ahead," Keyes ordered.

Johnson assembled 4 of his Marines to come with while Baxter choose Alei, Kaskut, Ralna and Kalno to come along. Betronus and Lib watched the seven humans, four Covenant, and the monitor head on forward, doing their best to slip by the enemy forces. Betronus gave a growl of disgust as he watched them trail off and he glared at the other Marines old converse with one another on what they should do. Betronus began to walk off and said, "Come Lib, we shall have no part in this, we have a job to do."

"Enemy engaging our position. All troops ready for evacuation!" Shouted a voice over the PA of a human ship just above Halo. Private J. Parker and Corporal S. Whelski both hurried through the ship to the hangar. In the hangar they found a Pelican that was partially filled with Marines, ready to evacuate.

"Do you guys have a pilot?" Whelski asked.

"No but we could use one," replied an onboard Marine. Private Parker looked over at Whelski with hopeful eyes.

Whelski looked at Parker and shook her head, "No way Jack, I've been revoked from flying any more birds."

"Samantha this ship's going down who knows when! We need a pilot, now! Damn anyone who says you can't fly this thing, we need you!" Parker replied.

Whelski recalled the situation before she arrived at Zanzibar that caused her to be revoked. It was a stupid mistake; she should have pulled up earlier.

"Well…" Parker said impatiently. Whelski took in a deep breath and entered the Pelican and sat herself in a seat in the cockpit. She made herself familiar with the controls again and Parker took a seat.

"You weren't waiting for anyone else to get on board right?" Parker asked another Marine next to him.

"Actually they were," said a voice heading towards the Pelican. It was a tall Marine whom had short, light hair, a rugged beard, and a scar on his left arm. The man carried loads of ammunition in both hands and in his utility pack. There was a sense of power about him. He heaved the ammunition and weaponry inside the Pelican for the Marines to scavenge and use while he made himself familiar with a Shotgun and Rocket Launcher.

The tail of the Pelican closed behind him as he entered and he went immediately to the cockpit. "Who was that guy?" Whispered Parker to the Marine next to him.

"Lieutenant K. Woodword, a real bad ass," the other Marine replied.

"I heard he strangled two Brutes to death with both his arms at the same time," another Marine said.

"I heard he ripped out the guts of a Hunter," another marine rumored.

"I heard he snapped off an Elite's head with one jab of his shotgun," said another.

"I heard he corpse humps dead Grunts and Jackels just for fun," another Marine said. Everyone looked at the Marine awkwardly from what he had just said. There was an uncomfortable silence followed by a female marine who commented, "That's hot."