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Alien Brethren: Chapter 5: Rallying up the gang
Posted By: Alex L (Greek Elite)<yoshi64y@aol.com>
Date: 6 October 2005, 8:57 pm

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Here's the newest Chapter of Alien Brethren. I appreciate your input, comments, and encouragement. Just glad that I can entertain you with my writing and i'd like to make a random shout out to Amy A once again just because she could have made today a lot better then what it was. Thanks and ENJOY!

Chapter 5: Rallying up the gang

Once the Phantom had docked inside of the Covenant ship, containing the Prophet of Regret, they waited out ride through slip space. Alei, Betronus, and Sergeant Baxter were still on board the Phantom figuring out their next plan of action.
"You found the Oracle, yet it is broken," growled Betronus whom looked at the motionless monitor that lay on the Phantom's deck.
"John says they found him that way. Supposedly his fellow 'marines' found it on Threshold," Alei explained.
"No doubt they found it on Threshold from the Heretics," snarled the Brute.
"There are Heretics on Threshold?" Alei asked finding this a bit shocking.
"Yes. There is a small camp there known as Burial Mounds. It was reported they had an oracle so we sent a team to go in, wipe out the camp, and steal the oracle," Betronus said.
"Whoa back up," Baxter said confused, "What are Heretics?"
"Those who oppose the Great Journey and the Prophets," Alei explained.
"And we may soon be classified as one too since you say that our mission may be against the Covenant," Betronus added.
"I must know the truth. I owe Baxter my life for saving me from his savage race and he asks that I see the truth; the oracle is the only way," Alei said.
"And what truth do you expect to find in something that's broken?" Questioned Betronus.
"Kaskut, he knows how to fix things," Alei suggested.
"Kaskut? That pipsqueak? Bah! He was part of the troop that went to Burial Mounds. They never made it back but I assume the Heretics are taking him and any other coward like Covenant hostage," Betronus said.
"Then we'll have to confirm he's alive and have him fix the Oracle for us," Alei said.
"Why don't we just have someone more convenient fix it instead of going to Threshold and have some sort of conflict with these heretics," Baxter suggested.
"No other Covenant with mechanical skills can be trusted but Kaskut. Besides he's an essential Grunt and I don't want him to be left behind with a bunch of Heretics," Alei replied, "Was there anyone else on the mission that I know of?"
"Lib the Jackal, no one else you know," the Brute replied.
"Where do you suppose Ralna Tebo and Kalno Tebo are?" Alei asked.
"The Hunters? Guarding Regret I assume," Betronus said.
"Can I trust you to safely take Baxter to Threshold and bring him back to me in one piece?" Alei questioned.
"WHAT!" Baxter cried out as if Alei was nuts.
"Take the human to Threshold? He could be torn apart by the Heretics," Betronus snorted.
"By himself maybe, that's why I want you to help him. Together you both stand a great chance of surviving and infiltrating the Heretic camp on Threshold," Alei replied.
"Why can't you come along?" Sergeant Baxter asked.
"I have obligations with two other friends of mine," Alei said.
"The Hunters aren't worth your time Alei! What would you need them for anyway?" The Brute asked.
"Extra firepower. If what Baxter says is true then we'll have two Hunters on our team, a very nice advantage. Once you complete your mission on Threshold meet me near the Prophet of Regret so that we may form up," Alei said and with the understanding of the full mission now he went down the gravity lift of the Phantom leaving Betronus and Baxter in the Phantom.
"Looks like we have to work together now," Betronus snorted as he went back to the cockpit.
"Fun," Baxter replied sarcastically.

Alei walked through the large Covenant ship wondering where Regret was so that he may find his Hunter friends. He came across a gold Elite as he ventured through the ship. "Do you know where the Prophet of Regret is?" Alei asked.
"He and his guards are near the ship's main gravity lift. They're landing on another Halo so that he may present his sermon," said the gold Elite. Once Alei heard this his determination to find the Hunters grew and he started sprinting towards the gravity lift.
After passing through many rooms and sections through the ship he finally came to the Gravity lift where countless numbers of Covenant glided downward to a structure surrounded by water. He caught a glimpse of a Hunter's head as it went down the gravity lift. He guessed it was Ralna's or Kalno's.
He approached the gravity lift after a platoon of Grunts and Jackals had went down the lift. He descended downward to the structure and saw the Covenant that descended split up. The higher ranked Covenant went inside the structure while the lower ranked, less important Covenant went over the waters by means of a Forerunner tram.
He noticed Phantoms taking off from the ship as well as a faster way of sending lower ranked Covenant over the waters. He ignored those going over water and entered the structure hoping to find his large Covenant friends.

"Sergeant Bastard we are cl…"
"MY NAME IS BAXTER!" Hollered Sergeant John Baxter as he entered the cockpit of the Phantom.
"As I was saying," Betronus snarled, "We are closing in on the Heretic camp. Prepare for drop."
A few minutes passed by when the Phantom came to a halt. Baxter guessed they were at the destination. Betronus came out from the cockpit, "We're at a safe location, southwest of the Heretic command base. I have the Phantom on auto-hover right now so we'll both go."
Baxter nodded and watched the Brute grab for his plasma rifle and different weapon Baxter never saw before. The other weapon looked as if it were a heavy cannon and melee tool in one. It was too awkward looking to be a rifle of any sort and it had a strange muzzle eliminating the possibilities of a plasma weapon.
Baxter also noticed the plasma rifle was red instead of the usual blue ones that he saw. "What are you staring at?" Betronus growled.
Baxter shook his head, "Nothing."
"Then let's get going," the Brute barked, "You're keeping us up!" Baxter gave the Brute a quick glare as he went down the gravity lift, Betronus following behind.
Baxter looked around his horizons, it was a very apocalyptic looking place and he could hardly believe anyone would be located on such a deserted looking area. Sand and debris filled the area and the only sound to be heard was the eerie whispers of the wind.
"Since I don't know much about who these damn Heretics are or what this place is we're going to be doing things as quietly and cautiously as possible," Baxter said.
"Bah! I'll do things how I want to," Betronus argued. The Brute headed down a canyon like slope while Baxter shrugged at Betronus' ignorance and went up a slope to his left.
Beyond the slope he could see a pile of wreckage that looked like a tunnel or giant rib cage. Inside this 'giant rib cage' was a series of elites on patrol but they wore armor that Baxter had never seen before. The armor was orange and red and had many other differences between the regular Covenant armor. He assumed this is what Heretic's looked like and took action against his discovered foes. He leveled his sniper rifle, scoped in on one and pulled the trigger.

Alei entered the structure where he saw many blue elites gathered and chattering amongst each other while Grunts and Jackals bickered and playfully fought each other. Ahead was a large door leading to the room where Regret was going to make his sermon no doubt.
He approached the doors when a blue elite behind him called out, "Where do you think you're going?"
Alei turned to look at the elite and simply said, "Inside."
"Red elite no able to go through doors," a Grunt squealed.
"Who's going to stop me?"
"The honor guards you fool!" Another blue elite shouted.
"I must go inside," Alei replied and he approached the doors. They opened before him and inside he found two honor guards standing by the doorway.
"HALT! You are not worthy enough to enter the holy one's altar," a honor guard growled.
"I'm only here to find two Hunters. I must speak with them," Alei replied calmly.
"Ralko Tebo Laku and Kalno Tebo Jamu are currently on duty to guard the holy one. You are not authorized to enter. Leave before we must take actions," the other honor guard replied. Both took out their energy swords ready for the lower ranked Elite.
Alei took out his Carbine said, "I will kill you two if you do not let me through peacefully."
"We shall see who will die," the honor guard replied as they both engaged on Alei.
As they both approached him, Alei activated his active camo, disappearing from the two Elites' sights. The pair of honor guards looked around cautiously for the Elite. "Where'd he go?" Questioned one honor guard and just as he finished speaking he felt something blunt hit him in the back of the head.
Alei reappeared behind the one Elite with his Carbine. The other honor guard immediately swung at Alei whom had just ducked in time. Alei pulled out his own Energy Sword and the two began to spar with their glowing blades.
After a moment's of sparring Alei decided to end the battle quickly by throwing a plasma grenade on the honor guard's sword. The honor guard threw his energy sword away just before it blew up.
Alei now had his sword against the honor guard's throat and asked, "Do I have clearance now?" The honor guard looked into Alei's persistent eyes in fear. A red Elite, defeating a honor guard, how? The honor guard was confused from by his defeat and wondered who this Elite really was.
He ignored all the questions in his mind and recalled his duty, to keep guard. What would the Prophet of Regret do if this Red Elite had gotten by? He couldn't let him pass, but his own life was at risk. The honor guard came to a conclusion to let Elite pass as he nodded. He proceeded through the large room.
"How could we just let him pass?" Snarled the other Elite whom was rubbing the back of his head in pain. "He won't be ignored for long. We shall see to his death in due time," the other honor guard said picking up his Energy Sword again and standing guard.

SHOOMF SHOOMF SHOOMF SHOOMF! POW POW POW POW! Baxter cringed as he heard the sounds of grenades being lobbed out of Betronus' grenade launcher and making contact with the enemy.
Betronus had gathered a hefty body count with his grenade launcher weapon but Baxter thought it was inefficient and very noisy. While he was bent on pegging off the Heretics quietly, Betronus was making a ruckus somewhere off to his right in the canyon like path. BAM! BAM! BAM!
The sound of his own Sniper Rifle going off was relaxing to him. The sudden familiar kick back of the rifle hitting his shoulder and blood spurting from his enemies' head felt strangely pleasing to him. He admitted that Betronus did gather a bigger body count then him but Baxter felt his style of being more silent and taking out higher priorities with his scoped weapon was more efficient.
He realized however the enemy was catching on to his position. He had moved behind one of the 'ribs' of the large rib cage that he had picked as his sniping spot. A squad of Heretics (in front were Grunts while Elites covered their backs) came rushing towards his position. He finished off the last round inside his rifle, knocking off an Elite.
He switched weapons quickly to his SMG sidearm not wanting to take any risks of being caught off guard while reloading. Before firing off his small yet efficient gun he lobbed a grenade in the center of the squad. Some Elite and Grunts jumped aside in hindsight of the grenade, while the others were sent to their demise by the shrapnel.
With a fraction of the squad dead, he took out those whom got out of the way with a stream of fire from his SMG. He had taken a few Needles from a grunt in his leg but shook it off and proceeded on.
Defensive troops were sent to guard the perimeter of the base where turrets were already planted and Heretics ready for the enemy. He quickly picked up a nearby Needler from a dead Grunt nearby and started reducing the Heretic reinforcements. Grunts squealed and Elites cried out as they felt the bombarding of bullets from his SMG and the immense, irritating pain of his dual wielded Needler.
Now with a body count of about five or so he began taking heavy fire from a Grunt whom had a stationed Plasma Cannon in a window by the base. Baxter took evasive maneuvers and ran towards a large pillar like object. He hid behind the pillar and discarded the Needler.
As he went to reach for his Sniper Rifle he heard the battle cry of a nearby Elite whom was firing at him from his left. Before Baxter could respond to the fire and use his trusty Sniper Rifle the Elite was suddenly mauled by a brown, hairy blur.
"I could have handled him by myself," Baxter said confidently to Betronus.
"Don't get cocky human," Betronus said taking out a Red Plasma Rifle. The Brute joined Baxter against the pillar as they heard the irritating sound of a plasma cannon firing. Baxter loaded his Sniper Rifle and the Brute spoke, "Do you think you can take care of the turret by yourself?"
Baxter glimpsed around the pillar at the turret, raised his rifle, set the sights on the Grunt's head and said, "Oh yea. I got it."

Alei 'Limoto quietly walked through the 'altar' near the right wall on the second floor. He watched the level below him, looking for his large blue friends. He saw occasional high ranked Grunts, Honor Guards, the holy Prophet of Regret and his heart rose as he saw his Hunter friends.
Ralna Tebo Laku and Kalno Tebo Jamu. Alei could somehow always tell the two of them apart from the other hunters. There was something about the two of them that made them different. Perhaps it was their sluggish like stance or childish like actions. Ralna and Kalno were more pleasant Hunters to be around since they were always playfully fighting with each other and obeyed orders without hesitating. As of now they both looked very bored standing guard for Regret.
Alei jumped down to the ground floor and hid near a corner so that the Prophet would not see him. Ironically it was the Prophet that Alei feared more then the honor guards and the Hunters. When Alei thought about it all the Covenant races were pawns of the Prophets' galactic game of chess. If Regret spotted him, intruding on his sermon, he feared what consequences there would be.
He made sure he hid himself from the Prophet's sight by barely visible to the Hunters. "Psssst! PSSSST!" Alei tried desperately to get the Hunters' attention but they apparently were zoning out and unable to hear Alei. Alei sighed and desperately thought of different ways how he'd get their attention.

POW! POW! Baxter had just shot off two more rounds of his Sniper Rifle eliminating one Grunt with a Fuel Rod Cannon and an Elite. Baxter and Betronus were vigorously at work trying to reduce the Heretic reinforcements and their success was showing.
Fewer Heretics came out from the base they were surrounding and their opposition was growing weaker.
Baxter put away his Sniper again and equipped himself with his sidearm. "Time to ambush while they're weak!" Baxter said and the two of them went charging at the base firing off their weapons.
The two had worked well together and developed a nice strategy. Betronus fired sustained bursts at Elites' shields while Baxter finished them off with his SMG and occasionally tore through the small amounts of Grunt's that hopelessly attacked them. This strategy proved to be very effective as they were able to proceed further and their enemies fell faster.
They had reached an entrance to the base and neither of them had taken too many hits. Two ramps led to the main part of the base but Heretic opposition heavily guarded both entrances. Both of them tossed a grenade at the barricade of Heretics wiping them out swiftly. The two of them tore through the rest of the Heretics easily and proceeded up the ramps. Once they were up the ramp and in the main area of the base they were surprised to see all the remaining Heretics surrender and drop their weapons.
"BAH! Such an easy opponent! Let us show no mercy!" Betronus said pulling out his grenade launcher and got ready to use the blade part of it against the surrendering Heretics.
"WAIT!" Baxter exclaimed, "They're useful to us right now and there's no need for killing them."
"The only good Heretic is a dead one!" Betronus argued.
"They're staying alive," Baxter said, his Sniper Rifle out and pointed at Betronus, "And that's final." Betronus snarled and cursed under his breath. "Where are your prisoners?" Baxter asked the unarmed Heretics.
"Follow," a Heretic Elite said as he lead Betronus and Baxter to a tunnel connected to the base. Sure enough inside the tunnel were two unarmed, normal looking Covenant. One was a short, orange Grunt that Baxter immediately took a liking too as he found it's cute figure and innocent cowering very likeable. The other was an astute, shady looking Jackal whom Betronus seemed to know already.
"You're hear! It's about time," the Jackal hissed to the Brute.
"We be rescued?" Squeaked the Grunt in a confused by the situation.
"Are you Kaskut?" Baxter asked the petite Grunt.
"The one and only," the Grunt named Kaskut said happily.
"Good, you're needed."
"Heretics are setting us free? What's the catch?"
"A friend of yours, Alei 'Limoto, needs your help fixing something," Baxter replied.
"Alei, sent a human to rescue me. What joy!" Kuskut squealed.
"What about me?" Snarled the Jackal.
"What's your name?" Baxter asked.
"His name's lib," Betronus said.
"You know him?"
"Of course. Lib and Alei always rode in my Phantoms and occasionally I fought with them. Lib's one of the cleverest Jackals I ever met. He's essential and Alei would want him as well as Kaskut."
Baxter took a moment to examine the Jackal and stared into its large keen pink eyes sensing lots of talent but also some distrust in the creature. Lib may indeed be very essential to the team but Baxter couldn't shake this hunch that the Jackal may be more twisted and sinister then he appeared.
Baxter reminded himself that Betronus did say Alei would appreciate Lib on the team so he shrugged and the four of them headed back to the Phantom, eager to meet Alei and whoever he was trying to gather.

Some hours later
"I shall light this holy ring, release it's cleansing flame, and burn a path into the divine beyond!" Exclaimed Regret.
Alei noticed the Prophet was really getting into his sermon and was acting very dramatic. Perhaps this could give Alei a chance to sneak by the Prophet and give himself the chance to talk to his Hunter friends.
Alei crouched and quickly ran up to the giant like Hunters, using as much stealth as possible. Kalno cocked his head at Alei and made a weird noise of confusion.
"Silence Kalno," Alei whispered, "It's me, Alei, Alei 'Limoto!"
Kalno gave a quiet chuckle of joy as if he was glad to see the crimson Elite. Ralna cocked his head finally realizing who Kalno was talking to and let out a cry of excitement. Kalno quickly prodded his bond brother with his giant shield as if telling him to be quiet.
Both attentively waited for Alei to speak. "I require both of your assistance," Alei said.
Kalno let out a soft protesting gurgle and motioned to the Prophet of Regret who was very overzealous as he continued with his sermon.
"I know you are serving the holy Prophet but you must hear me out my friends, this conflict may be more important then the Prophets," Alei replied. Ralna gave an odd noise resembling a sort of gasp. "I know what I say may seem odd at first but you must trust me. I'm in debt to another and we have found the oracle! The one I'm in debt to says the oracle has truths about Halo that the Prophets do not know. I'm asking you to accompany me because you are two of my most trusted friends besides Kaskut. We have all been through equal hardships together for better and for worse so I ask that you accompany me on my journeys."
Alei hoped desperately that his words went to heart for the two Hunters. The response took a while for the Hunters to think about but in the end both nodded. "Thank you my friends. Now, we must leave," Alei said.
The Hunters left as quickly and quietly as possible and Alei made sure to keep himself in front of one of the Hunters behind him so that the Prophet of Regret wouldn't spot him. They left the altar without the Prophet noticing their departure and boarded a familiar Phantom that waited for them outside, however, the Phantom that contained the three Covenant wouldn't be getting off so easily.