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Alein Brethren: Chapter 4: Assault on Zanzibar
Posted By: Alex L (Greek Elite)<yoshi64y@aol.com>
Date: 1 October 2005, 12:29 am

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Sorry for taking so long to post this chapter guys. School work tends to preoccupy my writing and Alien Brethren isn't the only thing that i'm typing. With that i hope you enjoy this next chapter of Alien Brethren. PS: KEEP THOSE COMMENTS COMING! THEY'RE USEFUL! (:

Chapter 4: Assault on Zanzibar

Baxter had gone left through the facility gate and up a ramp to a sniping position where he found more rounds for his beloved sniper rifle. He scoped in on the opening of the coastline wall and watched for Covenant troops to come.

He heard Elites barking orders in the distance and then POW! Baxter's trigger finger pulled the trigger as if it were primal instance once he saw sights on a grunt coming through the opening. If there were any remorse he felt for killing one type of Covenant species, it'd be grunts. He knew they had potential of being dangerous but at the same time he thought they were cute in a weird sort of way. He made sure his thoughts didn't distract him from his sniping as Elites, Jackals, and Grunts came pouring out of the opening and he shot down one running Jackal with a marvelous headshot.

This attracted attention by one Elite in particular as the rest of the Covenant began opening fire on other Marines they spotted. The elite that spotted him had blue armor and a Covenant Carbine. It used the scope on the gun and began suppressing fire against John. He took one hit in the shoulder as the rest missed. He quickly backed behind cover and lay low avoiding any more shots of fire and reloaded his sniper rifle.

Alei came out from one entrance to the facility and saw two marines boarding a parked warthog, which had a different gun on the back. It looked more powerful yet slower then the other chain gun he saw on the other warthog. The warthog had already contained a driver and a passenger but no other marine was willing or able to take the gunner position for they were taking fire and engaging against the Covenant that proceeded through the windmill or the other route which lead towards the facility.

The driver honked the Warthog's annoying horn many times, trying to get any marine's attention so that they might take the gunner position, however none assumed the position. Alei approached the vehicle and the humans inside gave him a weird look.

"Do you need a backseat driver human?" Alei asked. The passenger looked shocked at what the elite was suggesting but the driver didn't care who it was that entered and said, "Sure, hop in the back."

Alei lifted himself onto the back of the jeep and grabbed hold of the large mounted gun.

"Do you know how to use it?" Asked the driver.

Alei swerved the turret off to his left where he saw Jackals pelting a small group of marines whom were trapped near the windmill. He felt around for something that made the gun work and found a set of buttons on it and pressed them. The gun shook with immense force as it let off a loud BANG! The gun was so powerful it obliterated the Jackals' shields and splattered their blood everywhere.

"Oh yea he's a natural," commented the passenger. The warthog sped off, around a corner, and met the enemy head on where the jeep bounced as it crunched and splattered many Covenant. Alei 'Limoto began firing heavily against his own kind keeping his mind on the human he owed, Baxter, rather disappointing the prophets by using friendly fire against his own.

After a body count of about a dozen or so more Covenant came pouring out and to Alei's surprise a Wraith appeared from the opening in the wall. Many marines fell to suppressive of needlers, plasma rifles, and carbines as the new fleet arrived and large groups of marines were scattered about to the bluish blob of plasma that the Wraith hurled into the air.

Alei immediately began firing at the large alien tank and unfortunately, this got its attention. "INCOMING!" Hollered the passenger as he jumped out of the warthog seeing a large bluish blob of energy come hurtling towards the jeep.

The driver and Alei however weren't so lucky. The warthog did multiple flips through the air and landed on its side with both Alei and the other marine on their backs.

Alei's energy shield was now down and his body ached. He managed to get to his feet and watched as the driver collected a nearby Carbine and hide behind the totaled Warthog. Alei peeked out from the Warthog and saw the Wraith positioning it's large cannon correctly and Alei knew it's intent on making sure no one survived. Alei grabbed the human by the shoulder and ran, dragging the marine as he did, and five seconds after he began sprinting with the human the Warthog did another set of flips and was scattered into pieces from the second mortar fire.

Alei threw the human behind some cover at the corner, which separated the battle from the facility. The passenger that had exited already was now back peddling and firing to their position. Alei 'Limoto examined the human to see if it was all right.

This human was different from the passenger and from Baxter. Its chest armor seemed to be padded more and its eyes were different somehow. Another difference was that the lips of this human were different from the passenger and Baxter. Was there a some sort of sub species in the human race, Alei 'Limoto wondered.

He kept this in the back of his mind and asked, "Are you alright human?"

"My leg is pretty banged up but otherwise I'm still alive. Thanks for saving me. Is there any way of repaying you?" The marine replied.

Alei immediately thought of a way for the human to repay its debts to him and said, "The carbine."

The human willingly handed over the Covenant Carbine to Alei. The Carbine was a favorite of his as a primary weapon when he wasn't using his standard Needler and Plasma Rifle combo. Alei headed off around the corner for a better vantage point on the situation.

Baxter just knocked off three Jackals and an Elite with his sniper rifle when he noticed Alei 'Limoto run off with a Carbine that he took from a marine below his position. His attention immediately shifted over to the Wraith as he heard a frightful sound of mortar firing off.

Knowing some how that it was coming in his direction he jumped off the sniping platform and thankfully for his instinct he had jus avoided being obliterated by the giant plasma mortar. He landed next to two Marines, one being the one that gave Alei the Carbine, Corporal Samantha Whelski.

"Nice of you to drop in Sergeant," said the other Marine.

The other Marine was Private Jack Parker. He held firmly in his hands a battle rifle.

"Likewise Parker," Baxter said giving a brief nod to the Private and turned to the Corporal, "Without a weapon, and a injured leg you're in no condition to fight Corporal."

"I would be in worse condition if it weren't for that red elite. What kind of army is this anyway? I thought we were made up of humans only," Whelski replied.

"Yea well, times change and I figure if we have an ally who was once our enemy it could give us a number of possibilities and advantages. Now enough talking. Parker, get Whelski to the facility and tend to her wound, I've got to find another sniping position."

Alei shot off his Carbine with precision and power as he gathered a body count of one elite, four grunts, and seven Jackals. He sidestepped to his left as he shot it off, hardly taking any response fire since the Covenant seemed to be more interested in Marine's that were on higher ground near the Windmill and those trying to sneak their way past the corner.

Alei found a ramp leading up to a post and decided it'd be a good place to hang out for a while. Once Alei arrived at the post he watched the battle go on as numbers of Covenant fell to the Marine's heavy fire yet Marines took casualties as well from the mighty Wraith or impressive Covenant firepower.

A group of four Marines swarmed near the windmill where they gave a huddle of Jackals amazing suppressive fire but their shots were futile because of the Jackals' shields. Alei decided to help out as he tossed a plasma grenade down at the flock of Jackals. It landed on one's head and it scurried around in a panicky way. Once it detonated it killed off most of the other Jackals near by it, injuring the rest, which gave the Marines the opportunity to finish off the rest of them.

Alei then raised his Carbine and scoped the battlefield for only easy targets, which it only took one shot to finish them so that his position wouldn't be jeopardized. His plan succeeded for some time until he heard Covenant forces succeeding near his position off to his left. He activated his active camo and waited silently and he saw one white elite, two Red elites, three blue elites, and a vast number of Grunts proceed to his post. He flattened himself against a wall so he wouldn't be noticed and noticed one grunt, a green one, carry a large, spherical object. From Alei's judgment it was a bomb.

He let the forces pass barely until he threw a grenade and opened fire, giving away his position. The grenade landed on the white elite and it hollered in anguish as it exploded along with the others. Alei made it out in time before the grenade consumed the whole post in a blue blast of energy.

POW! POW! Baxter had made haste to get on top of the Windmill where he was sniping ground forces on a bridge that connected the windmill to another post. He had taken out an Elite and a Jackal with his sniper rifle and he reloaded. He had heard the sound of a grenade exploding below.

After reloading he looked downward to see what it was and saw Alei standing on a ledge that connected to the coastline wall.

"ALEI!" Baxter hollered as the crimson Elite looked upward to find his sniping friend, "What's all the commotion down there?" Baxter asked.

"I vanquished a squad that came by my position. A Grunt was holding something resembling a bomb," Alei reported.

"A bomb?" Baxter asked surprised.

A mortar flew several meters over John's head and he took cover and threw a Frag down at the Wraith hoping it'd keep it off his back for the moment.

"More forces are coming John," Alei hollered to him, "Let me take care of the Wraith, you make sure the bomb doesn't exceed any further."

"ALRIGHT!" Baxter hollered as he glimpsed to see if the Wraith had lost interest of him yet. It was now concentrating on Marines that attempted to ambush the Wraith around the corner and its front turrets went to work to take out the small threats.

Alei was correct about more troops coming as they walked up a ruble like staircase. Baxter took care to sniping off as many as he could until he realized, he was out of Sniper Rifle rounds. The Covenant group proceeded to where the bomb left off and John wouldn't dare let them precede with it any further. He pulled out his SMG and jumped down to the Covenant's position near the post. He lobbed a Frag grenade at the enemy taking out half of the troops and fired off his SMG.

This took the aliens by surprise and made them run rather then fight as if they had more important things to do then waste their time with one human. John proceeded cautiously and saw two Elites covering three Grunts' back and two Jackals and one Elite covering the Grunts' fronts. They were all headed toward the facility and were making good time as they did so. John picked up a plasma pistol near a dead grunt and wielded it in his left hand.

Something fell on the back of an Elite's ghost that had just emerged from the opening in the wall. The Elite riding the speedy vehicle turned his head to see what it was and saw a angry, crimson Elite clung to the back of the vehicle.

The Elite sped forward desperately as if a final attempt to get Alei 'Limoto off but this failed as the crimson Elite kicked the other Elite out of the vehicle. The Elite that was driving the ghost immediately grabbed his Plasma Rifle and roared in anger at Alei as it shot furiously at him.

The plasma managed to take out half of Alei's shield but at that point Alei had already whipped out his energy sword and slain the other Elite. Alei made haste to quickly commandeer the abandoned Ghost and spun it around now facing the goliath, Covenant tank.

The Wraith fired a blue mortar into the air at Alei as Alei sped straight for the Wraith. The mortar hit the ground with a loud WHAM missing the Ghost completely thanks to the Ghost's boosting system. Alei continued his daring boost straight toward the Wraith till the two vehicles were a matter of feet away from each other. Alei leaned back causing the Ghost to do what looked like a wheelie and it skimmed over the Wraith. He jumped off the Ghost as it skimmed over and managed to get a grasp on the tank.

He found the opening to the Wraith and used his bare hands to beat off the top that protected the driver. Once it shattered by the crimson Elite's might he chucked one of his plasma grenades into the driver seat and jumped off the Wraith just as it detonated.

Alei proceeded forward through the opening of the coastline wall. There he saw two Phantom hovering above the tide, one sending down more troops. Alei Limoto had a plan now to deceive the others into thinking it was a human that had caused so many kills and destroyed the Wraith. Alei faked a concern look on his face as he met a White Elite, the leader of the new crew coming down.

"What's the status?" The leader asked Alei.

"They've been slaughtered by the humans, even the Wraith. My group managed to make it past the windmill and plant the bomb. They told me to go back and tell you that they may not come back alive once they planted the bomb," Alei lied, the best to his abilities.

"And the Oracle that was seek? Did they find it?" Asked the leader.

"I did see it but the Oracle was already destroyed by the vile humans," Alei lied again this time emphasizing much disgust in his voice.

"The Oracle was a main priority," the leader snarled.

"Not all is a loss," Alei reassured, "The troops inside the human base are planting the bomb as we speak. I suggest leave, but leave me a Phantom, I must speak with the pilot."

The leader Elite decided to place his trust in all of what Alei said and obeyed his request. The rest of the troops went back to their phantom while Alei went up another Phantom's lift. He felt himself being lifted off the sandy ground and being thrown upward into the Phantom by its gravity lift. Alei whipped out his sword silently hoping to take the pilot by surprise if needed so that he may steal the Phantom. He planned on taking control of the Phantom for Baxter and his own purpose.

Once he reached the cockpit of the Phantom he saw a large, hairy Brute at the controls. The Brute turned to see who was behind him and Alei paused shocked to see whom it was.

"Betronus," Alei muttered.

"LOOK! ENEMY HERE!" Squealed a grunt.

The leader of the troop, a red elite, saw in a corner were two humans, both unarmed.

"Hands up humans!" The red elite demanded as he and his two other brethren, blue Elites raised their weapons at the humans. The humans obeyed not wanting to be killed and raised their hands above their hands.

The red Elite nodded towards the Grunt with the bomb that it was time to set up the bomb. It scurried to the center of the facility and placed the bomb in a set position and began arming it. The Jackals and Elites scavenged around the facility while the Grunt was arming the bomb when a grunt said, "Me find oracle!"

The red Elite immediately turned to the grunt who spoke and saw the Grunt attempt to carry the monitor yet it was too big for him but the red Elite lifted it with his four fingers and examined it with no problem.

"The Holy Oracle that the vile humans stole from us," muttered the red Elite.

The Jackals lowered and cocked their heads at the Oracle. "Leader the Oracle does not speak nor does it light up. Perhaps it is broken," growled a blue Elite.

"It appears so but still," the red Elite said admiring the spherical, 'holy' object, "Once it is repaired it will guarantee me a reward from the Prophets."

Then his admiring came to an abrupt end as he felt something burning splash against his back, which took out his energy shield and was followed by a series of bullets puncturing his skin until he fell to his demise.

"HE GOT ELITE!" A grunt squealed as the grunts ran around cowardly except for the one arming the bomb.

Sergeant Baxter discarded the plasma pistol and threw his last two Frag grenades. One landed right behind the Grunt arming the bomb, the other landed near a patch of Jackals and Elites. Both exploded causing leaving only one elite and one grunt standing. He bashed the Elite's skull with a great force, using his SMG, and took out the Grunt by knocking him bluntly in the back, with his SMG as well.

He walked over to see if Parker and Whelski were all right, both were unharmed. Everything was quiet until the sound of a Phantom closed in and Baxter immediately got ready. He placed the bomb on the table full of ammunition and other junk, retrieved some rounds for his Sniper Rifle and went outside, Sniper Rifle fully loaded, for his enemies.

Surprisingly only a familiar, crimson Elite came down the gravity lift to greet him. "Mind pointing that somewhere else Sergeant?" Alei asked.

Baxter pointed his gun elsewhere and greeted Alei with a smile. "I'm assuming you took care of the situation then?" Baxter asked.

"I cleared out the rest of the troops," Alei said proudly, "How about the bomb?"

"Why don't you see for yourself?" Baxter suggested nodding over to the table that held the bomb and the other junk. "Good, then we'll be on our way then," Alei said.

Baxter nodded and said, "Wait up I need to get something."

Alei waited in the Phantom while Baxter retrieved the monitor. "You think you guys can mange the place from here?" Baxter asked the Corporal and the Private. "We can manage. What should we tell everyone else when we find them?" Parker asked.

"Tell them highest in command is in charge because I'm gone," Baxter said with a smile as he went up the gravity lift wondering if he'd ever see Zanzibar or Earth again. Once inside the Phantom he felt weird standing in such an awkward alien drop ship.

"I see you've brought the Oracle," Alei said.

"Wouldn't leave without it. It's the only thing that'll convince you to join us humans," Baxter said.

"What? I hear a vile creature on my vessel!" Roared someone, or something in the cockpit of the Phantom. Out came a large, hairy Brute from the cockpit, it's eyes glaring at the human.

"You let this sack of scum on my ship!" The brute roared at Alei.

"Easy Betronus he's a friend as are you," Alei said stepping in between Baxter and the Brute named Betronus so no blood was shed, "I told you that what we would be doing may be against the Covenant."

"You never said anything about a filthy, smelly human," growled Betronus. "You're not so fresh smelling yourself you big ape," Baxter countered.

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING AN APE!" Roared Betronus. Alei now pulled out his sword incase anything drastic was done.

"ENOUGH!" He roared, "You both will tolerate each other and will work together as a team." Betronus gave a displeasing grunt as he headed back to the cockpit.

"Ignore Betronus' occasional rudeness. At times he may be discourteous but he is a good fighter and pilot nonetheless," Alei said.

"Whatever," Baxter said examining his Sniper Rifle.