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Alien Brethren: Chapter 16: Call of Hope
Posted By: Alex L (Greek Elite)<yoshi64y@aol.com>
Date: 30 May 2006, 1:05 am

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That's right, I'm back again. I hope many of you are glad to see the return of this thought to be dead series. I know many of you may be disapointed in me turning the series over to another author (Chapter 15) but that author had to resign from the series as well so I'm back to finish Alien Brethren. Now, I know this chapter appears to be fairly short but remember I'm getting back into the series so it'll be a somewhat slow return and I want to get you all hungry for this series all over again so please enjoy despite the length.

For those of you whom can't seem to remember what happened last I recomend you skim over the last couple of chapters. For the other batch of you just being introduced to the series I recomend you start with Chapter 1. I know it's a lot of chapters but hopefully the reading will be worth it.

One last thing:
-There's been a change from Chapter 15 to 16. If you notice in Chapter 15 Champion (Ebak) calls upon a race known as Disciples in the Call of Hope. Now that I'm back I can't continue with that idea of new species since I'm not their creator and cannot see a definate fit with them into Champion's army so please excuse that minor detail and please enjoy this chapter...

Chapter 16:


The echoing pacing of the Sergeant's feet made all the cell mates tense and dreary. Baxter did not stop for a moment in his pacing. He was not hungry. He was not tired. He was not in pain. He was worried. He glanced over at his crimson brother to see his body rattle in unhealthy, deep sighs while the Corporal, Samantha, tended to the Elite.

He continued in his unnerving pacing thinking much about his brother, his woman, his coming child. He was mad, confused, depressed, alone, troubled, and stressed. Nothing could put these emotions or thoughts at rest. Nothing could put his aching mind to sleep. He had smelled too much blood, endured too much war, and seen too less of his wife.

"Have a seat, Sergeant," Woodword said, breaking the ominous silent. Baxter shot a glare over to his Lieutenant; his eyes tearing into the hefty soldier's. "We're all tired, and you could use some rest."

His thoughts of rage and pain immediately sighted on the Lieutenant as he recalled why they were here in the first place. He was merciless in his speech, "What a fucking great idea it was too vacation here. Dragging our sorry asses down to that miserable fucking rock that YOU call home! We should have stayed on that other damned ring where we would NOT HAVE THIS SHIT!"

Then Kaskut spoke, "B-but, then you no see girlfriend, then."

"SHUT THE HELL UP YOU WORTHLESS, PATHETIC ALIEN SCUM!" Baxter bellowed at the innocent Grunt.

Kaskut curled up his body in fear of the enraged Sergeant, whimpering and weeping to himself quietly.

"HEY!" Whelski blurted, now stepping up to the monster's wrath, "Leave the poor guy alone! He's just…"

There was a blunt slap that marked the side of the Corporal's face as the Sergeant's wrath smote its feeble obstacle. The Corporal fell uneasy to the ground, being weak-kneed and full of terror and sorrow. "GO BACK TO YOUR LOVER AND DON'T SPEAK!" Baxter hollered.

But she didn't. She remained on all floors, on the ground, her body trembling.

Whispered tears and faint sobs quietly echoed through the cell. Baxter continued to watch the pain stricken Corporal, his rage seeking no end. The Corporal finally collapsed, buried her head in her arms and let out her drowning cries.

John took in shallow breaths of absolute loathing. His anger still had not subsided as his guilt now added to his frenzy for what he had done. Instantly, he turned, dashed, and slammed his fist into the nearest metallic wall, hollering at the top of his lungs.

He retreated his fist finding it now bruised and bleeding, yet had left a dent in the bulkhead. His shallow breaths of anger slowly turned to pathetic tears as he too collapsed in exhaustion.

"What a sight…"

The Emerald Champion trailed off as he gazed out at the divine ring from his personal quarters.

"Isn't it absolutely beautiful?" Champion asked his handmaiden.

"It truly is, Ebak," Kami cooed as she looked out upon the glorious ring next to her leader.

"But like most beautiful things it is what the shell holds within that gives it true meaning, true holiness, true magnificence, true beauty," Ebak ranted as he continued to gaze out at Installation 03, "The Flood…what a magnificent force they are. A truly unique species and advisory. I salute their power, hoping one day I may unlock their secrets…just as the Forerunners had tried to do."

He turned back to his Handmaiden. "Do you dream about the Forerunners, Kami?" He asked, running a finger across her cheek.

"I dream about many of the universe's secrets," Kami whispered, closing her eyes as Ebak's smooth finger ran across her cold skin.

Ebak continued to run a finger across her neck, just near her mandibles. He admired her elegant body and feminine attraction. She was divine to him. "Is it possible that you may be one of the universe's secrets, Kami Bezammee?"

Before she could speak the door to Ebak's quarters opened, and there standing was an Officer Elite of the Derelict.

"On what purpose do you rudely come barging into my quarters, major?" Barked Champion.

"I apologize, sir," the Elite said bowing to his leader, "But I was told to inform you that our troops have successfully been deployed to the Ring. They've released the Flood."

"Very good, major," Champion complimented, his aggression for the interruption subsiding, "Order the pilots to break atmosphere with the ring. I wish to deploy at most half our infantry to begin the search of the Control Room."

"Yes, my Champion," The officer said as he bowed and departed.

Baxter remained in a heap on the floor, panting heavily. His cries had stopped however the sound of Whelski's chokes and sobs still lingered in his mind. His anger still had not subsided yet things had remained peacefully quite for some time.

The silence was broken as the humming of doors echoed through the Covenant prison. Baxter turned to the prison shield.

There standing were two Brutes, armed with Brute shots, escorting an Elite in a ragged, beaten cloak.

The Elite looked oddly different from every other Elite John had seen, yet looked so familiar at the same time. By guess from the Elite's different, slender shape, it was a female Elite. The female had been carrying something as well. A tray of repulsive looking organic material that Baxter had unfortunately guessed was their meal, along with a blue phial.

"Hurry your work, heathen. Do not keep the Prophets waiting," growled a Brute, as one pushed the Elite forward to the energy prison.

The Elite gave a depressing glance back at the Brutes, hung her head low, and activated a control from the outside which deactivated the shield.

The Brutes raised their weapons as she entered the cell. The Elite walked with humility and shame. Baxter watched her carefully as she knelt down by his alien brethren and set down the tray politely.

She rolled Alei over, onto his back, exposing his lax mandibles and closed eyes. The female Elite took a long moment to gaze at the crimson warrior. Her long stare resulted in a Brute growling impatiently, cueing her to hurry up.

Quickly she grabbed the blue phial and uncorked it.

"What are you doing?" Baxter asked as she drew the phial close to the Elite's mouth.

She did not seem to notice nor care about the Sergeant as she began dripping the phial to his mouth.

"I SAID, WHAT THE HELL ARE…" Baxter repeated, roaring in anger but was trusted violently against the bulkhead of the prison by Kyle Woodword.

His lieutenant gave him a sickening glare and spat, "Don't push me Sergeant. I'm just one step away from breaking your neck."

Baxter's eyes of rage bore into Woodword's tired, infuriated ones. Baxter was seething while Woodword had enough of the monster the Sergeant had become.

Ignoring his restraints, John looked over Woodword's shoulder to see what the Elite was doing.

The female continued to empty the phial into Alei's mouth until it was completely dry. She then corked the bottle and set it on the tray of food.

"He's ready," the female called to the other two Brutes, outside the cell.

The energy cell opened and both Brutes entered, their weapons raised. One brute heaved the Elite over his shoulder violently.

"What about the other?" Grunted the second Brute.

The Brute whom carried Alei turned to his comrade, "The human girl?"

The Brute nodded.

"Take her as well. She should be kept with the other female."

The second Brute yanked Samantha by the arm and immediately the Corporal responded to the violent tug.

"LET ME GO!" The Corporal cried, wriggling and fighting her way from the Brute's grasp.

Baxter gritted his teeth and urged in pursuit of the Brutes as he hollered, "LET HER GO!"

He felt Woodword's force again, restraining him.

"Shut the hell up," Woodword whispered angrily into the Sergeant's ear, "Make a move, and we both die."

The Brute holding Samantha threw her forward and was the last to exit the cell. He activated the force field again and placed the nozzle of his Brute Shot against her back.

"No more struggling, human. Or things will get messy."

Samantha gave the Brute a quick glare before complying and followed the Female Elite and Brute out of the cell room.

Baxter crashed to the ground, having been slugged by his Lieutenant.

"What the hell was that for," the Sergeant snarled, rubbing his aching jaw as he got back to his feet.

"Pay back," Woodword replied, "For Whelski."

Baxter glanced at Kaskut, whom was still quivering on the ground then back at Woodword whom gave him a long stare of disappointment.

"What the hell has gotten into you Sergeant?" His Lieutenant asked.

"I don't know sir…I just know I'm sick of all this shit. I want Alei, I want Hailey, I want to get the hell out of here."

"Likewise," Woodword agreed, taking a seat on one of the prison benches.

Baxter paced for a brief moment and finally broke from the habit, not wanting to repeat previous actions. He had a seat next to his fellow brother in arms feeling his anger slowly die.

"So how do we get out of here?" John asked.

"How did we get ourselves out of the predicament back at the Scarab and Control Room?"

There was a pause until Baxter had the answer.

"We didn't."