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Alien Brethren: Chapter 14: Back to the Bloodshed
Posted By: Alex L (Greek Elite)<yoshi64y@aol.com>
Date: 20 January 2006, 6:47 pm

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AN: WOW! Typing this chapter was...excrutiating yet I hope writing this chapter was worth it to my readers. I know it's been a while since my last submit, and I apologize. Things have been slow for me ever since I joined Drama Club (at School) and inherited the understudy of Arbiter (not the one we all know and love) in the play.
But I digress...
Just a few things. One, don't expect my submits for Alien Brethren to come out sooner then you expect. My writing has been going slowly and I'm considering of doing other personal creative writings soon. So if you're a die hard Alien Brethren fan you'll have to give me your patience and I'll try to get you another exciting Chapter of this series ASAP. Also, in this Chapter I find that for some reason my graphical violence has been...more intense and graphical (in my opinion I guess). I had to say that because in one scene this may be true so you've been warned...And just one last thing: Please stop with the Alei & Whelski gossip! I'm sure the topic will end after you've read this Chapter. And without further adu...

Chapter 14: Back to the Bloodshed

A crack of light shone through the window and beamed onto the Corporal's face. She sighed heavily, and felt her warm hand glide across something cool and leathery. She opened her sleepy eyes and saw her alien love, sound asleep next to her. Then a sudden knock on the door abruptly woke the two up to their full senses and the door opened.

Woodword peaked in, "Hey, Hailey made breakfast. You'd better get downsta…" He stopped in the middle of his sentence as he noticed that there wasn't just one body in the bed, but two: Alei 'Limoto and Samantha Whelski.

Woodword felt awkward for barging in with the two in bed. "Err…I'll leave you two alone then," he said, departing with much haste.

The couple looked at each other for a moment. "You don't think, he thought that we…" Whelski began as Alei merely cocked his head at her in confusion. "I mean…we didn't do…anything last night…right?"

"We hugged, we kissed, we slept…that is all I can remember. Why?"

"Well I thought that…you know somehow we…you know," Whelski said, hesitating to say it.

"You mean mating?" Alei asked as if she was crazy.

"Sort of…" Whelski said, sounding foolish for asking.

"Of course not!" Alei said, hardly believing what Whelski was suggesting, "I know nothing on how your species multiplies. You're a human, and I am an Elite. How could we have?"

"I don't know," Whelski said blushing, "Stupid question I suppose."

"Amusing though," Alei said getting out of bed and suiting up in his armor once again, "We should gather downstairs for the morning feast."

Whelski got out of bed as well and planted another kiss on her alien love and they both hurried to suit up and eat.

A series of plates were set neatly in the dining room where the hypnotizing smell of pancakes, eggs, and bacon lured the occupants of the house downstairs. They all took their seats and indulged.

It was mostly quiet throughout breakfast until Baxter brought up something, "So…I heard you and Alei slept with each other last night."

"It's not like that," Whelski said, half defensively.

Kaskut nearly choked on the dog food he was pleasantly eating hearing this, "Alei? Sleep with human?"

"We just slept Kaskut," Alei said reassuringly, "It is impossible for a Human and Elite to partake in any sort of sexual mating. We just…love."

"Quite intriguing actually," piped Remorseful Incentive, "An Elite and Reclaimer having feelings for one another. I had no idea each of your species could develop a sort of relationship."

"Well I think it's sweet," Hailey commented, as she seized Alei and Baxter's empty plates away from them and taking them to the kitchen sink.

"Alei can I see you in the other room for a second?" Baxter requested.

Alei got from his seat and followed the Sergeant into the decorated living room. "Yes, Baxter?"

The Sergeant reached for a box wrapped in colorful and decorative green and red wrapping paper underneath the Christmas Tree and held it out in front of the crimson Elite. "This is from me. Think of it as a thank you gift for staying loyal and fighting by my side."

Alei looked at Baxter for a second in confusion.

"Go on, take it," Baxter said shoving it into the Elite's arms.

Alei looked down at the box and felt around for an edge of the wrapping paper to tear it off. Once he had removed the paper he was able to open the box and inside he saw a very familiar device.

"Lib's Energy Shield," Alei said in amazement.

"Do you like it? I ripped the thing off the Jackals arm after I pegged him in the head. I thought you'd like some sort of trophy to remind you of the little backstabber."

Alei put it on his arm and activated it. A large orange shield appeared out in front of him. He smiled impressively and said, "My shielding technology has been getting rather faulty. I thank you Baxter. How can I repay you?"

"You've done enough for me, buddy. It's my turn to repay you for watching my back and joining me," Baxter replied.

Then the peaceful, silent morning that all enjoyed abruptly was ruined by the horrid sound of war and havoc; the Covenant had return to Earth.

"Major," barked a voice as the jade colored Champion entered a room where a group of high ranked Elites were discussing, planning, and coordinating attacks and such.

"Mighty Champion," replied the addressed Elite, bowing his head humbly as his fellow Elites did the same in respect.

"At ease warriors," Champion replied, "Major I'd like a status report on what you've gathered so far and how our fleets are doing."

"Our Fleets are doing exceptionally well, sir. I've heard reports of our fleets finding a Covenant ship known as the Call of Hope. They're trailing the ship, undetected and have reports from our spies that there are the two newly elected Prophets onboard."

"The Prophet of Trust and the Prophet of Patience, correct?"

"Yes sir, how'd you know?"

"I foresighted their promotion should anything happen to the original Prophets. What other good news do you have for me?"

"Well sir, another group of our fleets have stumbled across a miracle of the Forerunners."

"Another sacred ring?" Champion said excited to hear this.

"Indeed, sir. Our fleets are inspecting the ring and setting up camps on the installation as we speak."

The Champion grinned, "Very good. I wish to depart and join my fleets on this new Halo. What installation did you say it was?"

"Installation 03, sir. Before I forget sir, what did you want our fleets to do about the Flood? Should they be released immediately?"

"I would prefer they waited until I ordered my plague released."

"Yes, sir," the major said with a salute.

"Your new orders, major, are to ready all troops still located in this facility to move out to Installation 03. I too need an escort to this new Halo. Locate my father on the same ship as me with the usual security and restraints."

"Yes Champion!"

"What the hell was that?" Cried Whelski whom rushed into the living room, followed by the rest.

"The Covenant," Alei 'Limoto replied, cracking the hilt of his Energy Sword and igniting it brightly.

"Then let's give 'em hell!" Woodword roared, readying his Rocket Launcher. Alei lead the team outward where Baxter went to bring up the rear of the squad when something pulled him back, ceasing him to advance. He turned to see his divine Hailey, giving him a worried look.

"I have to go Hailey," Baxter said, feeling pain from her sad eyes, "I have to fight. It's my duty."

"What about me? What about us?" Hailey asked.

"I…I…" Baxter said, not really sure how to answer the question.

"BAXTER!" Barked Woodword whom was standing in the open doorway, behind him a battle raging. "ARE YOU COMING OR NOT?"

Baxter sighed and turned to his love. He gave her a kiss goodbye, "Wait here…be safe."

The Sergeant and Lieutenant joined the others in combat as the Covenant began dispatching from their Phantoms, and Marines began flooding out of alleys, buildings, and Pelicans. The once desolate city of Chicago was now a giant complex of war, gunfire, and blood.

Baxter was quickly taken back to reality of the Covenant war as the images before him reminded him of Zanzibar. He examined the local area, there were kids on the streets along with his team. Their eyes were doused in fear and confusion as the Covenant invaded through all parts of the city. They sought cover behind the goliath Hunters who made it their sole purpose to protect the innocent children. Baxter assumed a defensive position next to his most trusted, Alei 'Limoto.

"They're coming," Alei murmured, taking in the unmistakable hums of Phantoms flooding into the city. The humming became more deafening when one soared overhead and circled at the far side of the street. It's direction shifted towards the team and slowly approached, engaging and dropping off troops as it went.

Plasma splashed at the squad. Everyone scattered but the Hunter Tebo Brothers, whom stood their ground, their fuel rod cannons glowing sinisterly. The plasma pounded against their large shields, non-stop. The whimpering and cries of the children behind them was motivation to stand their ground, and targeted the airborne Covenant craft. It neared dropping off troops until the Hunters released all their power onto the Phantom, enraged.

The Phantom staggered menacingly and thrust forward, down the street, quickly loosing altitude. As it dove down the street, Covenant dispatched from the gravity lift; desperate to get off the doomed craft. The Phantom's nose hit ground with immense impact, flipping the Phantom a number of times as it rolled uncontrollably until it exploded in a purple frenzy. With the Phantom no longer a problem, Baxter immediately got to work.

He raised his rifle and found a duo of Brutes with their custom plasma rifles, and pegging them both in the skull. Their craniums exploded in a fountain of gushing, purple blood. The sound of gunfire engulfed the street in chaos as everyone began engaging.

Alei had been concentrating on a pack of Jackals, shields raised. His carbine was very effective against their shields and a plasma grenade managed to break up the group and scatter the pack in various directions. Baxter searched for a contact and a shiver went down his spine as the irritating hum of Buggers sounded.

They flocked towards Woodword whom was taking out squads of Brutes and Jackals. Baxter raised his rifle and pegged off two in mid air. They dropped dead beside Woodword and he caught on to the Buggers' attack. The Lieutenant grabbed for his Shotgun and quickly backpedaled as the enemy began clawing and firing plasma at him.

Five shots went off and five fell. One swooped over head and hit him twice in the shoulder with its plasma pistol. He strafed avoiding two others. They circled at him and the first one that charged straight for him had its wing crunched in the immense hands of Lieutenant Woodword. Woodword slammed the insect to the ground, shattering the frail bones in its body and two Sniper shots finished off the others.

"KILL THE SNIPER!" Roared a gruff voice.

Baxter turned to see five Brutes, two of them engaging on him. He was met by red plasma and brute shot grenades which he easily dodged. He returned the favor with two Sniper Shots at the Brute with the Brute Shot. The remaining Brute tossed an ignited grenade in his direction. He dove, inches away from being doomed by the sticky orb.

When he got up he was met by something he never encountered before. One of the Brutes in the enemy squad carried no weapons in hand, but held something else in each hand…chains. Baxter then looked to see what was at the end of each chain and eyes widened seeing the new predator of the Covenant.

Its scaly skin was covered in untamed brown and black fur that covered its dog sized body. Its eyes were narrow and full of hunger. Its jaws resembled those of a crocodilian, and the shape of its head was a mix between a K-9 and reptile. It stood as a quadruped, its legs those of an agile animal's. They snapped fiercely in the direction of the Sergeant, trying to break free from their restraints. The Brute holding the two beasts gave them their wish and released them.

They charged with the agility of a cheetah. Their lower torso did not agree with its upper as they ran, more so speedily waddling towards their enemy, indicating an alien backbone structure. They snapped the air in front of them, ready to tear the Marine to shreds. Before Baxter could decide whether to attempt to reload his rifle or pull out his SMG one of the monsters had lunged into the air and taken down the Sergeant. Its claws ripped at Baxter's limbs while its jaws attempted to snap his neck but Baxter had grabbed a hold of the monster's skull and managed to restrain any lethal strikes of its gator like jaws.

While he managed with the one beast, the second one dug its jaws into Baxter's foot and began thrashing and whipping it around like a rag doll. John yelped in pain as the second beast's jaws began crushing his foot with unmerciful force. Just before the monster's jaws could shatter the bones in the Sergeant's foot something tackled the creature with a reckoning force.

Baxter sighed in relief, thankful his foot was free from the unbearable clamp, however the other beast was still trying its best to strike the Sergeant. Baxter did not give up nor thought of the idea of loosing grip of the monster's skull. He did his best to keep the creatures jaws away from his head and found relief when a glowing, cyan figure moved in around the beast's neck and tore it open. Blood oozed onto the Marine's chest and its skull was no longer persistent. The corpse of the monster was flung off John by his crimson friend.

"Nice job with those two…whatever they were," Baxter commented, getting back to his feet. "There were two Doberman Gators?" Alei asked, cocking his head.

"What? If you didn't get the other one, then who…" Baxter's words were drained to nothing as he saw the other 'Doberman Gator' wrestling a blood stained Jasper.

"JASPER!" Baxter hollared, franticly trying to reload his sniper rifle. Just as he found and slapped in a new clip it was too late. Baxter had to watch the beast tear a chunk of his furry friend and finish off the helpless pup by taking its skull in its immense jaws and obliterating it in one forceful crunch.

"NOOOOO!" He cried in anguish, scarred by the vision of Jasper's head cracked into peaces and watching the monster feast on his cranium and blood drip from its disgusting mouth. The beast stared at Baxter with vicious eyes, not being able to understand the pure hate within Baxter's pupils. Baxter slowly, raised his rifle and scoped for the ugly cur's skull.

"Die you ugly son of a bitch," Baxter said in a grim tone as he pulled the trigger with utmost satisfaction. It dropped dead, blood seeping from its gaped mouth. Baxter approached the hideous animal and looked down at it in rage. He raised his rifle to the cur and unloaded three more shots into it, avenging Jasper. The Sergeant continued to look down at the dead, ugly, beast. His hunger for revenge was satiated but he still felt the pit of his stomach churn in disgust knowing his dog was mutilated.

Baxter felt something touch his shoulder in comfort and heard Alei's voice following the motion in a sympathetic tone, "I know what you feel Baxter, and I send my condolences. However we must carry on our task, we must continue to fight."

Baxter took a few seconds to take in his alien brethren's words in as he looked down at his massacred dog. He turned and slapped in a fresh new clip for his Sniper, "Let's kill 'em." Alei raised his Carbine and the two went back to fighting.

The entire ship shook, nearly knocking Ebak off his feet as they completed their journey through slip space. Flasks, test tubes, and other scientific utensils nearly crashed off the lab table from the sudden whiplash of the ship. Champion cursed in his native toungue and resumed with his experiments.

There was another abrupt interruption that nearly made Champion jump, nearly jeopardizing his experiment once again. "Can I not have peace and tranquility for…!" Champion began roaring until he turned to see who it was. In front of him was a female Elite, wearing the traditional Derelict handmaiden robes. She was carrying a load of things in her fragile arms.

She seemed frightened by Champion's sudden outburst and quickly turned to exit until Champion barked, "Halt handmaiden!"

The handmaiden stopped, her knees shaking. She slowly turned, her eyes failing to meet her, assumed to be, enraged leader. "State your name," Champion ordered in a more calm voice, examining the Elite.

"Kami, Kami 'Bezammee," she said, hiding her fear with the pride of her own name.

"Well, Kami, I apologize for my harsh welcoming. I was just in the middle of a critical experiment, but I can make time for whatever it is your here for," Champion said, showing as much courtesy as possible to the handmaiden.

"I am here, mighty Champion…" She began but was cut off by her leader.

"Please, call me Ebak."

"Ebak?" She asked, confused by her leader dropping formality.

"Yes, my name is Ebak. Champion is merely a title."

"Yes Cham…Ebak. I came to bring you these," Kami said, lowering her head respectively and holding it out to her leader.

Ebak examined what she held out for him. A black, velvet cape was draped over some sort of glass container. He admired the cape for a moment and set it on the lab table and examined the other item.

"Very good timing. I was worried it wouldn't be delivered soon enough," Champion said taking the glass container from the handmaiden and admiring the contents.

A Flood infection form was scurrying around the container franticly, trying to feel for an escape, trying to find life to breed in. Kami watched the Champion's amused gaze at the parasite. "Isn't it a fine specimen?" Champion asked dreamily.

"Uh…yes, yes it is sir," Kami agreed, not wanting to upset her leader.

"This…this is the key to the Derelict's cause…the Flood," Champion said, placing the container on the lab table, "The Forerunners were thought to have feared these creatures…but I disagree. The Forerunners feared nothing, not even the Flood. Rather they built special containment measurements to confine them from attacking and to study them. There are so many research facilities on the sacred rings, what else could they have been doing with them? They wanted to use the Flood, they wanted to learn about their power…and I…I want to continue their research and fulfill their fantasies."

Ebak looked over at Kami with hazy eyes. "Kami," Champion said, taking a step close to her, kneeling, and holding out his hand to her, "Will you help me fulfill my dreams? Will you become my personal handmaiden?"

Kami didn't know what to say. Personal handmaiden, for her Champion? She knew that her duty as his personal Handmaiden wouldn't mean just standing by his side and taking his personal, most trusted orders, but swear her life to him. She was flattered, and couldn't resist his offer. "I will, my Champion," she replied kneeling to him now with most highest respect.

Champion smiled and got back to his feet, looking down at his personal handmaiden. He grabbed his velvet cape and draped it around him. His jade armor and black cape added to his look of sinister power.

"Now my handmaiden," Champion said, beckoning his personal assistant, "Arise and assist me in my experiment that shall breathe immortality into the Derelict."

"BWARRRRR!" Roared a group of Brutes in demise as a Rocket scattered them across the streets.

Two Sniper Shots whizzed by Woodword's shoulder as he began reloading his Rocket Launcher. Two of the hairy, K-9, reptilians fell by Baxter's weapon of choice. As the Sergeant began to reload, a barrage of Plasma soared toward his back. Rather it searing his back the plasma was dismissed as it hit a radiant orange shield.

Alei had activated his gift and it gave off a bright orange glow as the plasma splashed across it. Before the shield could be overpowered by the Jackals' plasma rifles, Alei searched for a grenade, activated it and tossed it into the group of them. Before they could react and scatter they were blown apart by the explosion.

"WORT! WORT! WORT!" Alei cried in victory.

"GRAAW!" Replied a raging war cry of a Brute. Alei turned and quickly backpedaled as he saw a berserking Brute, trampling his way. The Brute leapt into the air, and came down with his rock hard fists. Quickly Alei reacted and brought up his Orange Energy Shield. The blow made the shield flash violently and Alei could feel it slowly loose power.

Before it went out, Alei impaled the Brute's vulnerable stomach, spilling his intestines before him. The Brute collapsed and Alei was blind sighted as something struck his left. He was tackled to the ground and witnessed a harsh beating from another raging Brute.

His shield was down, his sword had fell from his hands, he was defenseless and bleeding. The abuse of the Brute's constant bashing against Alei's chest was getting too much and didn't know how much he'd take. Finally he felt relief as he heard the glorious echo of a Sniper Rifle. The Brute coughed blood onto the blood drenched Elite and fell over.

Alei got to his feet and saw the muzzle of Baxter's sniper smoking. Alei grabbed his Sword and regrouped with the Sergeant. The two watched as Whelski and Kaskut took out a squad of Buggers with ease.

The street was quiet until the roaring of Warthog engines sounded around the corner, flying down the street. They stopped in front of the squad. The two drivers of each hog looked at the entire street, the mess of Covenant carcasses.

"Wow. You guys did all this?" Asked the one driver.

"All dead, by our hands," Alei said, gripping his sword in glory.

In the midst of the city, chaos and battle could be heard. "The Covenant are really giving this place hell," said the other driver in dismay.

"I don't know…some of these attacks can't just be blamed on the Covenant. I think there's something else fighting. Anyways, we could use your help," the other driver said.

"We'd gladly accept a ride. Everyone pick a seat in a hog and let's get moving!" Lieutenant Woodword ordered. Everyone hopped on a Hog. Baxter and Kaskut shared the passenger seat on one while Whelski managed the turret. Woodword took shotgun on the other hog with Alei manning the turret. Alei looked over at the Hunters and oracle, vigilantly watching over the scared children.

"Hold your ground here, Ralna and Kalno. We'll return for you later. The same goes for you, oracle," Alei 'Limoto ordered.

"I anticipate your arrival," chimed Remorseful Incentive.

The engines roared and the vehicles took off. The ride for the two hogs was surprisingly smooth and easy. The patch of the city they were driving in was untouched for the moment. Up ahead they could hear the Covenant waging war against what little resilience the humans had. Everyone knew that a victory here was highly unlikely, but they had a duty to defend humanity. The two hogs turned onto another street where the sound of war was more deafening.

As the continued to drive there was a thundering beat that slowly grew louder and louder. Alei could feel the ground tremble beneath the hog as the thundering grew louder. Then out of nowhere a house shattered up ahead, scattering bricks and other debris onto the road. In place of the house stepped a gargantuan golem, that bellowed an ear shattering roar.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Woodword shouted, bewildered.

"THE DRINOL!" Alei cried out in awe.

The rock like beast stood to be as tall as a two story house, and its body size was immense. The beast's arms were oddly shaped but looked as though they were used primarily for smashing.

Both Whelski and Alei fired upon the golem with suppressing turret fire. It had small effects that mainly added to the monster's frenzying rage. It bellowed again and headed for the hogs. Baxter's hog had fortunately sped past it in time, however the second hog wasn't as lucky. It stepped out in front of the hog's path and reared back its one arm, readying to total the machine.

Woodword foresighted its next move and quickly lunged himself out of the passenger seat as the Drinol's fist devastated the Warthog. The beast roared in triumph and began searching for more things to crush. It choose its next target, the Lieutenant.

It slowly approached the Marine as Kyle Woodword franticly began readying his Rocket Launcher. It lifted its foot, ready to crush him into oblivion. Woodword clutched his rocket tightly, aimed, and then felt relief as the familiar sound of a Warthog engine roared by followed by its chain gun. The Drinol seized its attack and turned to meet its pesky foe.

Baxter's hog sped off, continuing to shoot at the monster; the monster followed the bait. Woodword sighed and then heard a faint moaning off to his left. He saw Alei 'Limoto, alive yet ravaged. Woodword got to his feet and went to check up on his alien ally.

"Alei…Alei, are you all right?"

"Arg…I can't feel my legs…or arms…" Alei replied weakly.

"Are you going to make it?"

"I…I think so."

"Good," Woodword said, now examining his surroundings. Next to the totaled Warthog was an imploded Marine carcass. Woodword winced at the horrible sight of what the golem's true nature could do.

"Poor son of a bitch. You were a good kid," Woodword said under his breath and he turned to his critical ally, "Let's get the hell out of here."

"KEEP FIRING AT IT WHELSKI!" Baxter hollered, over the strident chain gun.

"I THINK IT'S GETTING REALLY PISSED OFF!" Samantha replied, starting to get worried to see the golem now go into a thundering stride.

"ME BE SCARED BAXTER! MAKE BIG SCARY THING GO AWAY!" Whined the terrified Kaskut whom was shaking violently. Baxter didn't know what would stop it. If a chain gun couldn't stop the thing, what could?

Then there was a loud, menacing roar that soared overhead. He watched two magnificent low-flying Longsword Fighters swoop over head. That was it, he thought.

"Driver, can you access other UNSC troops with your communications?" Baxter asked.

"Yes, sir," replied the Marine.

"Good. I need you to call in for an assault by means of two Longswords," Baxter ordered, "And while you're doing that, keep this hog at a slower pace yet fast enough so it can't catch up to us. For the time being I want it to think it'll catch us."

"Got it, Sergeant," the driver said as he began ordering in the assault. Baxter turned. The Golem was slowly catching up on them with its persistent strides. Each stride powered by every ounce of rage in its body. Baxter's heart was pounding and pounding in fear of this colossus beast.

Finally the driver got a reply to the requested assault, "Roger that. Longsword's inbound."

Baxter looked out ahead of them in the distance to see two faint objects slowly gaining speed in their direction.

"Good, now punch it!" Baxter ordered as the Warthog jerked forward quickly.

The Drinol hadn't expected the sudden acceleration in its enemy's speed and was no longer concerned with catching it as an eerie roar slowly approached. It looked up into the sky to see the two Longswords, closing in fast and all it could do was let out a roar of total anger. Baxter watched the glorious scene of each bomb taking immense chunks out of the creature until it was nothing more than a giant junkyard of flesh, blood, and bones. Baxter cheered as well as Whelski.

However their cheers were cut short by a the driver's terrified voice, "OH SHIT!"

Baxter turned to see what was going on and saw some alien creature's skull come out of nowhere and take a chunk out of the Warthog's armor with its immense jaws.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!" Whelski asked, shaken from whatever had happened. Baxter turned to see what had attacked them.

It was a bipedal creature resembling somewhat to a prehistoric reptile. Its head was bulky and eyeless however the main attraction was its immense jaws. Its two bottoms canines were bigger then Baxter's head and overlapped its top jaws. Its powerful, limber legs made up for its lack of forearms and its balance was evened out by a powerful tail that swung gently as it stood.

Baxter noticed something else unusual about the alien beast, something was mounted atop it. By guess it was an Elite but Baxter had never seen an Elite in green, foreign looking armor. The Elite gave the beast a kick with its hooves and readied his Carbine. Another beast appeared, commanded by another Elite in similar armor. He too readied his Carbine and grouped with the other. They began charging.

"Go! Go! GO!" Baxter ordered as the Warthog jolted forward and swung around an intersection.

Woodword continued to heave his alien ally and his own weaponry down the desolate street. He sighed with each step, painfully continuing on.

"You know…you're kind of heavy…for an alien," Woodword admitted.

"I could possibly manage to continue on my own," Alei said faintly.

Woodword didn't answer as he saw something heading down the street in the distance. He squinted and made out what was heading their way.

"What is it Woodword?" Alei asked in a heavy voice.

"Looks like…a Warthog…and I think Baxter's in it…and something's following them…I haven't seen anything like it…"

"Set me down," Alei ordered as he was gently put onto the street. He managed himself on his weak knees and looked outward.

"Blind Wolves? Impossible?" Alei spoke.

"Blind what?"

"They are a species that roams the sacred rings freely. It is assumed the Forerunners placed them there so they may make the Halos as a sanctuary for them. But the Covenant was always stingy on taming them."

Woodword squinted again as they came even closer. "It doesn't look the Covenant's been taming them. Looks like Elites mounted on those sons of bitches."

"Elites?" Alei said in shock. He began to think for a moment and came up with the answer, "Ebak…Champion…his army!"

"What the hell are you talking about? Don't you come with subtitles?" Woodword asked frustrated.

"There's no time," Alei said trying to get up but it only took more energy out of him.

"No, you're not fighting this one 'Braveheart', you're out of shape," Woodword said, forcing the Elite down and reading his Rocket Launcher, "You stay there while Woodword takes care of all of this."

Alei sighed and began feeling dizzy as he rested his head against the hard pavement of the street.

Woodword grasped his favored weapon tightly, scoping one of the 'blind wolves'. The Warthog was closing in fast, with the two creatures following in hot pursuit, right behind. Then once Woodword was confident enough he fired. The rocket hit the creature's chest with a satisfying explosion, scattering the commanding Elite elsewhere.

The Warthog swerved right past Woodword and the Lieutenant began staggering from a series of Carbine shots. He saw the second beast rushing him quickly, opening its immense jaws. Woodword quickly discarded his Rocket, and whipped out his sidearm.

He leveled his Shotgun in a hurry and blasted the Blind Wolf dead center in the chest. Its graceful sprinting was converted into a stagger that followed into it tripping over its feet, skidding across the street. The Elite riding it too skid across the Street, merely wounded.

The persistent warrior jumped to his feet and discarded his Carbine and ignited his Sword. Woodword cursed under his breath seeing the majestic sword. He had never faced off against an Energy Sword, and he had known only a few that saw it in battles. Those few that he knew however were minus an arm or a leg.

Woodword tried his best to anticipate the strike but his worrying had come to an end as a relieving Sniper Shot echoed through the street. The Elite's legs buckled and it fell dead. Baxter, Whelski, Kaskut, and the other Marine gathered around the Lieutenant.

"You all right?" Baxter asked.

"I'm fine…I don't know about Alei though," Woodword replied. Baxter looked down at his labored, beaten Alien Brethren.

"We need to get out of here before..." Baxter said and was cut short as he turned and was face to face with a Brute Plasma Rifle.

"You're not going anywhere pesky human," the Brute said.

Woodword raised his shotgun but felt uneasy to his actions as he heard several other Brutes raise there's as well. He examined the Covenant numbers surrounding them and said, "Awe shit."

"I will only say this once...surrender or die."

"Surrender?" Alei moaned, confused.

"I thought the Covenant never take prisoners," Baxter said suspiciously.

"As much as I want to spill all of your blood now I have my orders to keep you all alive. You have significant use to the higher authority. But I will not hesitate to order your blood spilled right now if you do anything stupid."

Baxter didn't know what to do. Surrendering to the Covenant meant being vulnerable to all sorts of torture and putting up with them as prisoners. He clutched his Sniper Rifle tightly, not wanting to go down without a fight. The Brute sensed Baxter's persistence and resolve and motioned to another Brute to bring something out. Another Brute approached with a human in his possession...but it wasn't just any human.

"HAILEY!" Baxter cried out in anger.

The Brute pressed his plasma rifle into Hailey's neck threateningly. Baxter nearly raised his Sniper defensively but knew if he did she'd be dead and so would he. He gritted his teeth in anger.

"So what say you human...?" The Brute asked. Baxter sighed and glared into the Brute's eyes. He dropped his Sniper, discarded his SMG, and stripped himself of all his grenades. Another Brute confronted Woodword as he began giving up his possessions. The rest of the team gave up there's just as willingly to live, except for Alei whom was too weak to hand over anything. Baxter assisted his dazed, barely conscience brother to his feet and they were all escorted out by the Brutes.

"Watch for us at the Grav lift and ready for departure," Ordered the Brute over his communication device, "We have captured some humans and the one whom has caused us much trouble. Our plaguing of this city is over and we've all had enough of these pesky Derelict. Our business here is over."

On their way to their unwanted fate they had suffered, seeing the gruesome sight of the Tebo Hunter brothers trying to defend an innocent group of children whom were slowly being slaughtered by heartless, unmerciful Brutes and Jackals. Baxter felt the Hunter's mutual pain and rage. The Tebos didn't give up the fight with the surrounding Brutes, having hearts filled of rage to avenge the innocent children's blood. Baxter was prodded along as he stopped to watch the Hunters fight.

"Get moving human. I don't think you wish to watch the Keelbugs' clean up this wretched city of yours." Baxter looked around to see many insect like creatures swarm into the city, about the size of his head, collecting around bodies and puddles of blood. "It's a shame the Covenant didn't get their hands on them before the Derelict recruited them. We could use their labor," The Brute commented, prodding along the Sergeant.

Baxter and his team continued their disgraceful walk out of the city and into the enemy's abode.