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The forming of the covenant
Posted By: Alex 117
Date: 23 April 2008, 11:04 am

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The start of the covenant was taken place at the end of the war against the Sangheili and Prophets in 2100 AD. This war was caused by a prophet transport minerals ship which was found a long with a mining facility which was taking a rare mineral which belongs to the sangheili called ogah'nu a expensive rare resource only found in wet / humid places this was once a mountain which erupted and speeded into 70 small chunks which the sangheili wanted for further production of vehicles to use for trading with other citys. But the prophets wanted it to trade with other alien races for wealth they were known as the most powerful planet in this galaxy.

The war didn't begin till 2 months later when the prophets came across the sangheili and stole a facility full of barrels of ogah'nu .The chieftain was furious "I WIL NOT STAND FOR THIS THEFT NONE OF THE SANGHEILI COUNCIL WILL" said the chieftain . The next day each race sent out a negotiator to speak about agreements of a trade plan unfortunately the prophets lied and sent out their finest men to capture this alien.

The sangheili were enraged so the war began. the species got ready armored up and marched to the meeting point and then the war began they were jumping kicking stabbing throwing each other across the field in the end to stood the chief of the sangheili named gohui'juku and a prophet named mercieky they stab each other and fell like to sticks down a hill 11,000 sangheili dead .13,000 prophets dead. Survivors of both race 0.0

1 and a half years later they could see that the prophets were spreading on the sangheili home planet so the sangheili had to come to an alliance if they wanted their rare resource for further survival. The prophets said "you join us and trade your resource and serve us we can take you to your god gohi'juke" (halo) "how?" said the sangheili emperor " our ships can land on your god and you will touch glory " said the prophet ............"fine we will join you" said the " sangheili emperor" excellent "

You will be called the elites. "We are the elites and will live up to our name". Excellent "said the prophet you will help us against the uggoy" who are they ? "they are weak aliens who are a rich type of alien planet in their own way but they are running low on rich sources of og'ut and on'muh and they have destroyed 2 of our trade vessel for their resources needs in the last guag's (month) so we need you to show them that we will not stand for this ."Said a leader prophet we will need weapons and new amour" said a leader sangheili "HA HA HA HA " said a prophet "what?" "you expect weapons from us" said the prophet "yes?" then five elites came running in with scars bites and sharp pink needles in them and said" small hunched backed things are attacking our base we need help!"

"where's your weapons" "to the left inside the dark room" " go now to the armory get ready for war " "prophets what should we do with them if they surrender ?." "make an alliance with them for their men to be in our army and we will give them their so called og'ut and on'muh resource and a place to live on this planet" "but sir this is our planet and you own half" yes we know they can own some on our half" "yes sir" "alright brothers get ready to fight armed with your plasma swords and your plasma bows and plasma grenades and our pilots will take to the skies in the ohku'klu type 54 stinger fighter and ground drivers will use Hukur soldier crawler with type 34 plasma cannon to war !" as they rawded you coulded here the echoe's down the hall .2 hours later on the felid of war uggoy jumped on elites the cannon fires pink sharp needles were injuring most elites before the got off the crawlers blood burns every where .Then 5 fighters come into a bombing run " get clear all troops form the Uggoy base" them a howling sound in the skies it went silent then BANG BANG BOOOOOOM all of the Uggoy artillery blows up

in front of their tanks and lieutenant deck so now the Uggoy stopped shooting and "bowed down to the elites as they stand their bravely "please don't hurt our civilization"
join us and we will keep your life" "yes okay" said the Uggoy "come with us to the prophets they will name you" "yes okay we will follow you to the base " as they moved on they found a trail of sickish like substance with elite blood leading all the way to a big old ship with blast marks through . 1000,000 people could be on the ship at once it was 2342 tulu victory carrier voyage craft ship which is over 50 km and over 70 km tall