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Posted By: Aleks G.<haloaleks1992@hotmail.com>
Date: 17 April 2007, 12:37 am

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      "Capture The Flag!"

      The Deep voice boomed over his speaker, Alan was glad to be back in combat, even if it was just practice. He ran from the start point, straight for the Mongoose ATV, he beat another teammate to the driver seat, and punched it before the other could grab him. The little speed machine whined as it came over a rise in the box canyon dubbed "Valhalla" by the UNSC Brass. It turned out to be a well balanced practice area for new forces training with the improved SPARTAN IV program armor. Just because it was practice, didn't mean they didn't use live rounds though, if you were bad enough to get shot, you didn't belong in the program.

      In less than twelve seconds Alan had reached the middle of the map and retrieved the sniper from its resting place between two hills. He heard a hollow echoing moan, and instinctively aimed at the sky, someone had used the "Man-Cannon" and while an effective transport method, it had a weakness. He sighted in at the nearly defenseless player and squeezed the trigger, the blue Spartan slapped the ground hard, he was still alive, but his armor had disabled to imitate a "kill." Alan had always been an above par Sniper, he never wanted to lay in the dirt for six days waiting for a shot, but if the opportunity came around to snipe, he would take it. Overall he was a well rounded soldier, his only weakness was melee combat, he wasn't particularly strong, despite his armor's enhancements. When it came down to hand to hand, he was screwed.

      Alan glanced around, and then checked his motion tracker; it was all clear, so he reloaded the SRSCC S2AM-X rifle. The newest version of the sniper was also being tested on the field today, it was just as accurate as the old one, and the bullet was just as big, so Alan had trouble figuring out what was different. He looked through the scope, and suddenly thought that Thermal-Imaging cameras would be a cool idea. Suddenly, the rifle almost seemed to read his mind as the regular screen turned dark purple and blots of heat provided the only color. He looked into the scope and was amazed at the smart-link tech the UNSC techs had shoe-horned into the new scope, finally, something that gave snipers a tiny advantage over the enemy. During his amazement an enemy had snuck up behind him and smacked him in the back, Alan stumbled forward, his shields at half charge, and he spun and brought the rifle to bear. At point blank range the rifle blew the other Spartan off of his feet and threw him to the ground, blood trickling from the hole in his chest plate.

      There was no time to remember the fallen soldier, however, as a warthog came barreling over the hill to his right. Thinking quickly Alan threw a trip-mine to the ground and ran directly away from the Warthog, hoping to lure the driver over the bomb. Alan heard the piercing explosion, but didn't stop to look, the real danger was the shrapnel, and the hog's wrecked body itself. He heard metal crunch as the body of the hog slammed the ground, and finally turned to look. The warthog lay on it back crumpled like a green tin can, it oozed smoke from its engine.

      "Triple Kill" Boomed over his speakers, and he smiled in the glory the medals like this one possessed. The brass always loved to give cheap little medals for achievements you get in practice trials, and after this game, Alan really expected to have a whole truckload of medals adorning his chest. Suddenly he realized that this practice trial was CTF, not slayer, he was not used to the new objective games yet, he really didn't see the significance of a steel pipe with a piece of cloth nailed to it. He swapped to his MA5C and ran towards the enemy base, ready to kill anyone that got in his way. A mortar bomb struck the ground behind him; he flew forward and rolled on his hands. His shields dropped to zero and a shrill warning made sure he knew he was about to die. His eyes scanned the area, and he finally spotted the Wraith mortar tank, it had just realized he was alive, and fired another burst of blue fire. Alan ran toward the tank, making it just under the smaller blue sun that threatened to burn him to a crisp. He hopped on the tanks nose, and punched the hatch. A few hits broke the lock, and he pried the sealed door open. He looked at the driver, and laughed hysterically before tossing a grenade into the hatch and jumping off.

      The Spartan Piloting the wraith managed an "Oh shit!" before the wraith's cockpit blew apart and his armor deactivated. Alan Snapped the Assault Rifle back up to his shoulder, and searched for more targets. The outside was empty, which brought up an excellent question, where the hell were the rest of them? a sniper round answered his question, it just grazed his arm but still dropped his shields to half, he ran for the relative cover of the enemy base, and fell right into their trap. At least a half dozen Spartans poured from every crevice in the building. Alan tossed a portable shield generator on the ground, and ducked. Before the shooting started the shield popped up and protected him from the assault. An enemy advanced on his bubble, knowing that he could pass through the shield easily and kick Alan's ass. He was almost touching it when a bullet caught his head and threw him to the ground. This bullet was followed by a laser that washed over the enemy team. The Spartan Laser was a cool weapon, but it had been turned down to just an infrared beam that disabled armor on contact, it didn't tear them apart like it should have. The laser stopped just prior to the shield generator failing, and Alan walked over to the closest Spartan and talked right to its faceplate
      "Thought you could nail me didn't you?" Alan laughed and used a single finger to shove the Spartan to the ground. "Well, it looks like you got a little arrogant, asshole."

      Alan looked over his shoulder at his team, Ryan, Shaun, Richard, Zach, and "Missy" all of which waved back at him, probably smiling through their visors. Everyone looked down on missy, her armor had hearts and pink designs all over it but still no one could help but not kill her in combat, she was too cutesy, and it was impossible to shoot straight when you're laughing at her inability to use rifles. She was amazingly strong for a fairly small girl though, she could beat the hell out of a grown man with her bare hands, so she often opted for the sword instead of a gun of any kind. Zach was the pyromaniac of the team; he put the original "Blue Team" Grace to shame with his skills regarding explosives. If you've ever seen talent with explosives, and it wasn't his, they probably copied him, after all he wrote the book on explosives wiring and bombs. Ryan was the strong fat-ass, he could lift a truck if he didn't have to lift his ass as well, but he was a useful human shield, and he could wield the Spartan Laser like a pro. Shaun was the official leader of the team, but everyone told him to go to hell so much he just stopped trying; he was a fair soldier, but nothing like Alan. Then there was Richard, the most suicidal psychopath you would ever meet, he had actually made Zach wire him with explosives and ran into the enemy base, needless to say he almost died, but they did win that match. Partly because of the expert placement of the explosives to damage him minimally, and the fact that every single enemy crowded around him like a flock of really stupid seagulls, it ended quickly after that.

      Shaun, despite being a mediocre warrior was the fastest runner, he beat Alan to the flag, and he hopped on the back of the Mongoose.
      "Come on!" Shaun called, "I don't have all day, let's move!"
      "Yah, yah, shut up, I'm comin'" Alan Groaned, making his way to the enemy's Mongoose. He hopped in the driver's seat, and floored the gas. The little craft leapt into motion with startling speed, and it almost hurled Shaun off the back, he cried out in surprise as the handhold bent under his grip. The ATV crossed the span, which was slightly larger than the other box canyon practice field "Coagulation", in under 20 seconds; Alan slammed the brake on the Mongoose to full, and slid the back end around to the front of the base. Shaun hopped off and ran for the flag capture point, narrowly missing the Banshee lying on its landing pad behind it.

      "Game Over"