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Blood Canyon Part 3- Last woman Standing
Posted By: Aleks G.<haloaleks1992@hotmail.com>
Date: 16 April 2007, 4:09 am

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      The grenade fell short, and blew the file of Jackals apart at the middle. Plasma fire scored the rock next to her, and Kate ducked back behind the canyons turnout. The Specter that was supposed to be covering them was nowhere to be found, a sharp explosion, followed by a throaty roar of defiance signaled its demise. The hunters near the Specter had met a similar fate. Kate stepped around the corner and fired, her rounds bounced harmlessly off of the jackals shields as they advanced toward her and the surviving crew. The captain paused to scoop up a Covenant Particle Beam Rifle and snapped the barrel around the turnout. A brute appeared in his scope; he waited for the sight to flicker red, and squeezed the trigger. The rifle uttered a piercing squeal as twin magnets concentrated a ball of energy into a beam of purple light. The beam sliced the brute's head open and allowed its brain to spill out onto the dirt. He squeezed the trigger a second time and the gun shuddered; he lifted it up and squeezed the trigger again. Nothing happened, the damned rifle was empty. He drew his pistol, and for a split second, he prayed that his gun was loaded. His M6E scanned the area, mostly Jackals and Grunts, but he wanted a brute, a chieftain. He finally found it, standing on a rock near the back of the formation, shouting orders to disoriented aliens. He aimed slowly, and squeezed the trigger. The first bullet did very little but bounce off of its helmet, but the other eleven served to damage the brute's brain and spine quite heavily, the captain didn't stop firing, even after his magazine was empty. The captain came back to reality and snapped back to his cover, he looked around and saw Lieutenant Lesyk putting grenades and other explosives all over himself, stuffing his pockets and lining his light jacket.

      "Um… what are you doing lieutenant?" he asked inquisitively.
      "I always wanted to die using my expertise" Zach answered, still packing grenades and C-4 into his belt.
"Pardon me?" the captain didn't quite understand what he was talking about.
"I'm going to die in a big explosion that I made, I will kill them all!" Zach's eyes flashed, and he laughed like a maniac.
"Zach, you can't… I forbid you to…" The captain paused, realized that it was the only way out and stepped back, "give the bastards a show!"
Lieutenant Lesyk saluted one last time, and whirled around the corner. Plasma fire couldn't touch his speed as he ran straight into the middle of their formation; a brute grabbed him by the neck and lifted him from the ground. It growled and stared at him debating whether or not to kill him now.

      Lieutenant Lesyk was still alive, and he stared into the cold eyes of the big hairy warrior that could kill him any second.
"You have 5 seconds to put me down you piece of shit!" He spoke with a tight voice; the brute's mighty hands were crushing his throat. "Five….four….three….two…." the brute crushed his throat and he couldn't speak, but he still managed to mouth the word "one." A blast echoed through the canyon and fire roared through the ranks of Covenant, the remaining crew moved around the corner, and mopped up the survivors. The wall to the base the elites had found earlier was closed, but a quick touch of a panel activated the mechanism. The door was a lot bigger than they expected, and it opened with slow deliberation. Light speared through the opening and shone on all of them from inside the structure, suddenly Warrant Officer Morse was struck down by a brighter beam of light and the captain yelled "Sniper!"

      The crew dove for the ground and Kate squeezed the trigger on her MA5C. The gun roared loudly and tore the Jackal to pieces, the shallow magazine was a decent trade off for the increased power, but right now, Kate wished she had a two thousand round magazine to destroy anything else that killed her friends. Lieutenant Frost, Captain Gingras, and Corporal Stol were the only ones left. The captain couldn't believe it, his whole crew reduced to him, his second lieutenant, and a young woman he hadn't met until this day. The small crew moved into this base, and learned it was more of a complex maze, and a massive, seemingly pointless facility. For some reason, other than the Jackal that killed Warrant Officer Morse the place was empty. The walls were all plain metal, and there were no arrows or colors indicating where the hell they were. Finally, they found a deep shaft with a plate sitting over it, an elevator. The three people stepped on, and stared at the control panel; it flashed hundreds of colors and re-formed constantly.

      "So corporal… any idea how to get us to go down on this thing?"
"I could push this…" she said as she pushed a glowing blue icon, the elevator jerked and floated downward, completely silent despite being large and heavy.
Lieutenant Frost snickered,
      "You do realize you just asked a girl if she could make us go down on this thing, don't you?"
Aleks blushed and looked up the slowly stretching shaft, hoping that going down was a good idea he laughed to himself again. Captain Gingras was a little immature, but Dave could catch onto any joke, you could say anything around him, and he would make it dirty. Kate looked at Dave, and his silly laugh ceased like someone had flipped a switch, he looked at the ground and Kate spoke through gritted teeth.

      "I could punch you in the stomach, and you'd go down on this elevator, but that wouldn't be very becoming of a young lady like me, would it?"
"I wouldn't know, you've never acted like one before" he quipped, and a long mechanical tentacle grabbed his head from above. The machine didn't quite have the power to tow Dave up though, and after Kate was done with it, the bullet holes didn't help either. Dave lied on the ground panting, dark red lubricant soaked his naval suit, and he had almost died. Kate picked him up and brushed the metal fragments off his arm, "I just saved your ass, so I suggest you treat me well, or I'll change my mind next time"

      Dave smiled and nodded, "no question ma'am"
She let go of his arms, and he coughed up a little bit of oil onto the metallic floor. He looked at the robot that tried to grab him, the beast was fairly small, about the size of a lawnmower, and had eight foot long tentacles attached to its cylindrical core. It's "wings" were long and angled, and they were turned to conceal the red eye at the front of the cylinder from the attack. Dave shot it several times and stepped on its wing, it made a satisfying cracking noise, so he left it there to rust. Minutes later, they arrived at a door. It was locked, unlike most of the ones that they had passed through many times before, and it was also stained with blood. Dave touched this red blood smeared on the wall, and made a discovery.
"This shit ain't blood, its oil, just like the kind on that son-of-a-bitch that tried to ice me!"

      The captain looked at it, and then at the ground below, tiny bits of metal littered the doorway, and a large chunk was under a small candle pond across the hall from the door.
That's when he realized that bullet holes and plasma burns were everywhere, from top to bottom all across the opposite hall. He thought about what could have caused this, and before he could stop Dave from opening the door with his B.I.P.A.S. code breaker, hundreds of rounds squeezed through the half open door and tore his body apart. Aleks looked around the corner, only two brutes with an M247 Light Turret and plasma cannons caused that much damage. The captain coughed and pulled his pistol from his holster, he spun and fired on the brutes, his gun kicking violently with each shot. The first brute went down quickly but the other didn't want to die, and he opened fire on the captains exposed arm. The M247 tore through the captain's flesh and rattled his bones; he pulled back and sprayed the wall behind him with blood. Kate had just seen all of her partners die, and her last companion get severely injured, when she finally snapped, and spun around the corner firing. The brute too all thirty two rounds to the head and chest, Kate reloaded and fired again, making sure the bastard was dead. She turned and tended to the captain, who was lying next to the doorsill bleeding. She held his good hand, and tried to stand him up.

      "No," he said, "I'll just slow you down"
"You listen to me," she cried, "You're coming with me, or I'll kill you"
Okay, okay, okay" he struggled to stand, "I'll go"
A brute appeared at the opposite end of the hallway they had entered, and roared a warning to his comrades.
"Go, I'll be right behind you" the captain said.
Corporal Stol stepped through the door, she spun just in time to see the door close and lock behind her, the captain still outside.
"No!" She screamed and ran back, looking at him through the slender window, "You bastard, leaving me here all alone to die"
"Leave!" he shouted, "Leave now, they'll get through eventually!"

      Kate held back tears, and ran for the door across the room. Brute corpses surrounded her as she made her way deeper into the structure, nothing could slow her down, but she paused when she saw a monitor with the captain on it. A brute held him by the neck and he said something to the alien, there was no sound, so Kate had to interpret what he said by reading his lips, "I'm sorry… Kate" She saw it as that, and that's what she truly believed he said. He actually said something else, but on her mind, that's all he could have said, and she took comfort in his apology. The brute shoved a blade through his torso and blood sprayed the screen, Kate looked away and stepped through another door. A golden yellow light provided the only lighting for this pitch black room, and it seemed as if it was moving toward her. The light paused and floated directly in front of her for a second it then spoke with a light British accent, and it almost sounded like it was talking through a pipe,
      "Hello, I am one-seventeen six forty-nine, Precocious Icon, I am the monitor of installation zero, please come with me."
Icon turned and hovered away slowly; Kate watched it leave and shrugged.

"Why not?"

(Not part of the story, just a comment to be included)

In light of MC's Cousin's advice, I avoided abbreviating ranks, made it a little more real sounding, made some of the lines more human, and described a little more. I hate code, it can go die, I firmly believe that, so I am a little bad with it, but at least it's not as bad a some of the crap stories I've read, not gonna mention any names. I tried my best and ended the series here, apologies who want to know what happened after this, but I really have no idea what happens until H3 is released. So maybe one day, I'll finish it for good. I also capitlaized covenant, and all of their names, but he'll find something to bust me on, I know it
Till then, I have many other stories, just don't read the "Ark of the Covenant" It sucks, and I wrote it, so I should know.