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Complete HAVOK: One Soldiers Escape Part 4
Posted By: Aleks G.<haloaleks1992@hotmail.com>
Date: 27 February 2007, 1:00 am

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The warthog jumped as it flew off a small sand dune, the desert was mostly flat, but there were some awful rough spots, and James did his best to avoid them. Anthony shook in the passenger seat, the seat belt was broken on his side, and he gripped the dashboard, and the roll bar for dear life. Alexei gripped the gun's handles, his knuckles turning white, but otherwise never flinching when the warthog caught air. The GPS indicated that they were only a mile away, with both a series of beeps, and an inhuman female voice stating "destination is one mile ahead". James sat up and looked over the windshield, at a distance, he could see a shallow crater with a tall purple spire that stretched from the centre and pointed up at the sky. He knew that was the covenant military base, it had to be…

The Warthog's Light Anti-Aircraft Gun rattled over James' head, Alexei had spotted a banshee and opened fire, 7.62mm rounds peppered the banshee's nose and tore the twin plasma guns to pieces. In the time James had taken to look, then sit back down and try to calm Anthony's nerves, the had come within a quarter of a mile of the covenant stronghold, and air patrol was getting a little more determined. The banshee that Alexei had fired at crumpled to the ground billowing blue-white smoke, most of its hull completely see-through. Another Mauler ghost appeared on the edge of the crater, it raced for them, the menacingly sharp pikes glistening in the light, ready to turn them into shish-kebabs. Anthony had no intention of becoming ghost food; he snapped up, sat on the roll bar, and fired his MA5C. The newest Assault rifle had much less recoil, due to use of a new barrel-spring system, which allowed the long barrel to slide back and forth inside several brass loops within the weapon, the "C" class would actually recoil more than the MA5B had the new system not been implemented with the higher velocity magnum rounds.

The gun roared in fully automatic fashion, which while inaccurate and wasteful, often got the job done, which in this situation, just happened to be true. Several rounds scored hits on the armored gas tank, and while thick, the armor piercing rounds could cut through it like single-ply toilet paper. A sharp explosion screamed through the valley, and pieces of Mauler littered the dirt near its final resting place, rolled over and burning just 70 feet from the warthog. Covenant defenses really perked up after the mauler was destroyed, and a pack of jackals moved forward to make an overlapping phalanx with their shields, to try and discourage the warthog. James saw them, put his foot to the floor, and crushed a dozen jackals under the warthog's heavy bumper. A brute leapt from hiding and grabbed the warthogs tusk-like tow hooks, from which it got its namesake, and pushed up. Metal groaned as the warthog tipped backward, James snapped the shifter into reverse and floored it, the brute lost grip, and the hog's front end hit the ground. Alexei fired the LAAG and the tri-barreled weapon cut the brute into tiny pieces. Brass casings littered the ground, and more covenant guns fired. James put the hog back into drive and hit the gas; they were only 30 feet from the crater. The Hog leaped over the lip on the edge of the crater and flew through the air; James looked down to see one of the largest strongholds he had ever seen, his shock willed him to press the brakes, and he did, but only for a second, he put the accelerator to the floor and drove right for the complex, which had seemed a lot smaller from any distance away. Plasma Cannons opened fire and scored black lines along the dirt behind the warthog, James felt this kind of fear before, a fear, not of dying, but of dying painfully, or just suffering.

He shuddered and focused on getting to the complex. The crater had also seemed a lot smaller, they had another 100 meters to go before they could get close enough to be safe. James Jerked the wheel left, several shell casings bounced off his helmet, he was thankful none went down his shirt. A small metallic moan, followed by a large explosion cooked off to his left, Alexei was doing his job, and a brute screamed as a full clip of MA5C rounds tore through his chest, and so was Anthony, now all he had to do, was get them there alive. A large silhouette stepped from the main building at the "front" of the complex, it stood about 8 feet tall on four legs, and its head was long, black and shiny. Its eyes burned like the fires of hell, and it wailed a bone-chilling battle-cry as it charged the warthog. As it stepped into the light James saw the horror for what it was, a large pike-legged creature with a razor tongue and 3 inch long teeth dripping with saliva. Its body shone an opalescent gray with what looked like natural body armor. Out of Panic James mashed the accelerator harder and plowed right into the beast, is wailed and rolled over the light reconnaissance vehicle, and landed on its feet. It wailed again, and James spun the LRV around, the tires crunched on gravel as it slid to a stop 10 feet from the facility. James turned to Anthony,

"Run, if there has ever been a time you have needed to give it everything you have, let this be the time"
Anthony leapt from the seat, the HAVOK under his left arm, MA5C under the right, he ran into the building, and heard something shout from outside,
"The Humans shall not defeat the Sharquoi, they are our ultimate weapon"
Anthony grinned and said to himself, "You'd be surprised."
The warthog flipped as the Sharquoi impaled the front tires with its sharp knife-like front legs, James hit the ground rolled and brought his SPAM'R to bear, the weapon squealed and fired a micro rocket, the thumb-sized projectile, impacted, exploded, and faded, leaving the animal more angry, but unscathed.

"Oh shit… now he's pissed" James slid backwards on his ass, took cover behind the warthog, and fired the SPAM'R again. The rocket hit the creatures head this time, but still had no effect, other than to infuriate it further. The Sharquoi climbed over the warthog, and jabbed one of its legs through his chest, James felt searing pain, to say the least, and he grabbed the alien by its ankle, and held on tight, Alexei had just warmed up the Spartan Laser and a red beam sliced through the creature, the warthog, and through James' last second of consciousness. Alexei dropped the gun and ran toward the facility, a flurry of plasma bolts caught his back, and he dropped to the ground panting, he looked up and as his vision slowly faded, he rolled to his back to see a brute standing over him.

Alexei spat in the dirt, do all you want to me you son of a bitch, because I'm the last human you'll ever see. The brute glared at him, their eyes locked for a moment, and then he raised his spike rifle and put a glowing shard into Alexei's brain. Anthony had made it to the power generation plant, hidden near the core of the complex, he had encountered a little resistance, but most of the defense was busy with James and Alexei. He sat next to the main fusion coil and set the HAVOK Tactical Nuke right underneath it. A brute captain was walking past and noticed the panting human by the coil, it roared at him and came closer, its Brute Shot grenade launcher held at the ready. Anthony had already timed the Nuke to go off in twenty seconds, just in case he died, but decided to have fun with the brute anyway.

"You know," Anthony said to the brute, "I have an easier path to enlightenment"
The brute paused, intrigued by Anthony's words.
"Well, you see, the human religion Catholicism is devoted to rewarding good deeds, and punishing evil doers, God decides who is good or evil, and respectively sends them to either heaven or hell, now to get to heaven, one must never kill, lie, steal, or sin in any way, to get to hell, you can make the mistake of doing even one of those things," Anthony pulled a cross from his necklace and showed it to the brute. "So my friend, I guess I'll see you in hell."
The countdown reached zero, and a nuclear fireball detonated from within the crater.