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Complete HAVOK: One Soldiers Escape Part 2
Posted By: Aleks G.
Date: 1 February 2007, 3:50 am

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He looked over at the glint over the coughing marine's shoulder; a half-open duffel bag lay under the gun, exposing the shiny HAVOK Nuclear warhead stuffed inside it. Good, he thought, our mission isn't entirely over. The other marine leaned back and coughed again, James looked at his nametag and grinned [A. Pignataro S.N.: A2683-P873-4752] His old friend Anthony had survived the crash. Anthony looked up and opened up a big smile that covered how much he wanted to cough.
"I brought you something" he jerked his thumb toward the back of the warthog.
"Yes" James replied with a soothing voice, "I saw the HAVOK"
"No, it's a SPAM'R, first one issued to combat personnel" Anthony reeled over and coughed deeply, again.
James glanced over the seat, a small, matte black box sat under the roll bar fastened to a tiny steel clasp. He jerked it free and set it on his lap, the snap-tie used to hold it shut was worn, so he broke it free by hand, the box opened with a spring mechanism and revealed the weapon inside. A small inscription on the inside of the box read M-473-A Self Propelled Autonomous Micro Rocket Pistol and a long winded description of what the weapon was capable of. He pulled the weapon free of the foam casing it was secured in. It was black, long, and bulky, like an M6D if someone had spray painted it a bluish-black and added a longer barrel. He pulled one of the five magazines out of the box and pushed it into the bottom of the weapons' grip. It made a satisfying click as the magazine locked, and the bolt popped forward. He aimed at the water a few hundred feet away, and sighted through the "red-dot" scope attached to the top. There was a loud whistle and a thunderous bang as the missile escaped the barrel. It flew straight and true, right for where he had aimed, the explosion, which put a temporary crater in the water, blew steam and water droplets all the way back to the warthog. The hog tilted as the radial waves hit it and James nearly ended up in the water, he was amazed at the power of such a weapon, it must have had a C-12 core. Anthony was gawking at the area where the explosion took place, his mouth open, and eyes wide.
"That was pretty big" James said.
"Hell, Yeah!" Anthony cheered, "Damn Covies won't know what hit 'em"
The warthog's engine groaned as it forced the hydrogen to ignite in the chambers; a loud growl erupted from the exhaust pipe and the 'hog warmed to life, James hit a switch before Anthony could get to it, and a whining hydraulic engine lowered a turbo-prop into the water. James searched for his Assault rifle, the MA5C had a compass on it, and out in the ocean, it would be nice to have. He found the bent rifle under the seat, luckily the console still worked and the compass pointed to his right, meaning they were facing east, good, Mt. Kilimanjaro military base was just on the coast nearby. The engine roared as Anthony put his foot to the floor and the 'hog-boat jumped out of the water as the turbo-prop engaged. Only a minute passed before they could see the coast line on the horizon, a tall trail of smoke led upward from the ground, orange and red colored the black smoke as it poured off the ground, but what was on fire was yet to be seen. James and Anthony sat in the front seats mouths agape as they watched the military base burn. The Hog had come up on shore just a kilometer from the smoke tail, and a quick rock-climbing trip with the warthog brought them to the valley behind the base. Plasma burns scored the ground with a range from small black dots to Scorpion-sized craters. Fire and smoke licked at the edges of the buildings as they escaped upward through the melted holes in the complex's fortification. A shadow emerged from the building, but it was much bigger than any marine that either of them had ever seen, but it wasn't an elite. The roar of defiance tipped them off, it was a brute, and he had armor, gold armor. The alien leveled his long, square barreled pistol at them and fired a five round burst. The long steel spikes impaled the windshield and cracks spider-webbed across it. James drew his SPAM'R and took aim, "smile you son-of-a-bitch!" The weapon squealed and a rocket took flight. It impacted with a thump, with a loud explosion to finish it off, the dead dismembered brute toppled over, bleeding heavily.
"Let's finish that mission" he hit a button activating the Warthog's GPS Nav system, typed in some co-ordinates and pressed "enter". A small red blip appeared on the right of the screen,
"That's where the covenant stronghold is" James said, confident of his own typing skills.
The ground rumbled as something came nearer, and the low rumbling hum of a ghost complimented it.
"Ah shit, we got trouble"