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p2. williams
Posted By: Agnischief@<mjblatter@verision.net>
Date: 30 October 2005, 2:50 pm

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The Malta, 0654 hrs.

As I walked down the hallway towards the D77-TC or "Pelican" bay I started to sweat. I knew I would die if not on earth on another planet. I am PVT.williams all the marines call me "Iron Ass" because of the fact I got shot in the ass with a plasma rifle!! As I arrived the pelicans were all loaded I jumped in one. "Hell Iron Ass!!" sergeant Johnson remarked, "I am surprised you're sitting down!!" Every ODST, and marine laughed. We were headed for the Third Halo or something like that. We entered space. Then a COM freq blurted out," this is Amber Clad!! Were in need of immediate evac!!!" Then a burp of static.
"This is Wardog in Echo 413 what are your Coordinates?" the pilot demanded. "Oh my god!! Blood everywhere! Were on a collision course to Ha- ARGH!!!" Static filled the radio channels. "Damn it!!" the pilot yelled. I knew it was on Halo. A covenant capital ship flew over head. Shortly after a smoldering longsword passed right in front of us. After a long time we were on halos surface. I reviewed the mission objective:
1. Get your asses on the planet.
2. Find the Amber Clad.
3. Get to the library.
4. Destroy the Index.
5. Destroy halo!
6. Get off alive. (In exception of iron ass!!)
OH, well. Commander Miranda Keyes came along, (thank the lord!) and so did the chief. He is so awesome, he kicks covenant ass! "Ok, you five are my red team." The sarg. Said. "Then the rest of you are my blue team. Let's move!" The chief said Wow! The chief chose me! Cool! No. not cool. I tried to go back to the pelican but it already left. "NOOOO!!" I screamed. Too late. I'm a goner. I remember I read a paragraph, in MC's log. About the flood, and all the unsanitary things, specifically in the library!!

Phantom 7.21 0751 hrs.

This particular phantom was headed for the planet earth. The invasion was in place. I saw the Arbiter, talking to himself, I started to sweat. Now's my chance!! I walked over towards him.

He seemed to be weeping. A single tear slid down one of his mandibles. I began to tap his shoulder, and in one single movement, he had drawn his energy blade, and activated it. "Do not touch me, impudent fool!" he roared. Then gracefully deactivated it, and threw it down.

The arbiter was clearly not in the mood to talk. "The armor suits you well." I said trying to calm down, "But it won't hide the mark." "Nothing will." replied the arbiter spitefully. "I will see you on Earth Arbiter."
I answered. As I walked away, an elite smaller than the others swaggered towards him.

"Hello Arbiter." He said hid voice was soft for a male elite unless… can it be? A female in the covenant? The conversation continued. "I think you need companionship." The Arbiters expression changed from mirth to embarrassment. A message scrolled down the pilots view screen, it read 'The human filth has attacked the holly ring! Change course and cleanse the filth before it spreads!' I felt a sinking feeling. I contacted the fleet. "Plot a course for the holy ring! The humans have attacked!!"

Silent cartographer chamber, time unknown

"The last grunt was shot, and the last bullet fired, the last chamber cleansed." I said. "What the hell are you saying ironass?" sarge remarked. "Sir a proverb I heard." "Well, we don't need any fuckin' proverbs!" "Yes sir." I mumbled. Well at least we didn't lose a man yet but that was alota grunts. We'd gotten the map and loaded it in our GPS's. We were on the right track.And we would be screwed soon enough.

Phantom 7.21, over Halo, 0900 hrs.

That impudent female must be destroyed. And I know just the way to do that. "You there,"I said. The female turned, "yes Excellency?" she was strongly attractive but I needed to resist. "What is your name?" "Indaga 'Eroldmee, Excellency." she replied.

I began to sweat uncontrollably, I can't resist now….no ill be disgraced for life. This was an extreme sexual feeling I have not felt since I left my home planet, Endarous. "I am going to send you with first squad, the front lines." I said with a visible forced nature.

His, I mean her eyes widened with surprise "why field master," she said in her whispery voice , "What if I was to get hurt then you would have no," she made what elites consider a sexual hand gesture, " Companionship." "That is enough! Get ready for the front lines!!" I roared angrily. "Yes Excellency." She whimpered. "Sir we are ready to send the solders on the surface." said a voice. I turned around and saw 'Ontomee, the spec ops elite. "Excellent, prepare for war!!!