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Halo: The Last Spartans Chapter One 'Updating'
Posted By: Adam McCormick<mccormickadamr@yahoo.com>
Date: 20 January 2007, 4:20 am

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Chapter One 'Updating'

1842 Hours, February 18, 2553 (Military Calendar)/
UNSC Cruiser Remulot, location old debris field

The Master Chief SPARTAN-117 finally made it aboard the Remulot Cruiser later that day. The SPARTAN was massive as all of the warriors were. Many of the ODST Soldiers awed at the sight of him. Many had never seen a SPARTAN because they were all 'extinct' as some of the men put it. Before too long he was up on the bridge where his SPARTAN brother now stood with the Sergeant.

"Seargeant." he said snapping off a crisp salute.

"At ease." replied the man. "As you see we have found one of your SPARTAN bretheren, which is great news to everyone, but there is some bad news." he spoke in a deep voice.

"What's that Sir?" asked the Master Chief.

"This particular SPARTAN was put in a cryotube over a year ago. He didn't even know we had lost Reach. So now your mission is to update this soldier and then put him into use wherever you need him."

"Understood sir!" he answered. "Now I would like to go ahead and take him with me back to the Echoeing Silence. Is that okay sir?" asked the Master Chief.

"Yes it is. Take him with you. You're the only one who he will really talk to. He hasn't talked to us much at all."

The Master Chief gave a nod, and both soldiers exited the bridge and made their way to the Pelican Dropship he had used to reach the Remulot. Once safely inside the back of the ship they began to talk.

"First I would like to know a few things about you. Would you mind answering my questions?" asked the Chief.

"No sir." replied SPARTAN-013.

"What's your rank soldier?"

"Sergeant First Class." he answered.

"I see you are one of the SPARTANS from the Army program. You all were the first created. Also I would like your name."

"Zack Tatome sir."

"Good now what's your area of expertise?" he asked.

SPARTAN-013 smiled behind his visor before answereing. "Hand-to-hand combat, and mastery of Covenant weapons sir."

"That will be very useful to use. Now one last thing. You're hiding something you know. What is that. Some kind of human or covenant weapon technology. Or something else." he questioned.

How did he know? He thought to himself. Perhaps he was briefed before the freezing. Or maybe it was just obvious.

"Sir! I was left with information that we never hoped would need to be used. But seeing that you and I are the last SPARTANS in the universe it seems like what I have to say will be appreciated." stated SPARTAN-013. "Now before I was frozen I was told the location of two other SPARTANS who would be recieving the same fate. I was told that in time there wouldn't be anymore of our kind, and so far that's true." he continued.

"Where are they located 013?" he asked quickly.

"Sir. They aren't even in this system. The closest to our current position is in a now Covenant controlled system. I searched the area on the NAV computers in the bridge." he quickly said so the Chief didn't have to ask. "The system is the Zenarian, dominarian system." he finished.

"That is a very difficult place for our Cruisers to reach without being detected. And if detected everyone is dead. Im sure you already figured that out in the bridge." he said standing and pacing slowly now.

"And the other is located where?" he asked.

"A planet that still hasn't been glassed....Earth." he replied.

"Earth seems like an easier area to reach, but it would be easier for us to reach the cryotube with the help of another. I'll consult with Cortana. Im not the smartest so she does most of the thinking on our missions. It'll be very difficult for us to reach that area, but with her help im sure we can make it somehow." finished the Master Chief.

"Yessir." said 013.

They rode the rest of their flight in silence. Both deep in thought trying to figure out some way to get inside of the Covenant system without being detected, but everything that came to mind just seemed like suicide. This Master Chief thought would probably be one of the most difficult missions he'd ever have to do with the help of only one other SPARTAN. This would also be one of the most memorable and indeed could somehow turn the tide of this war. Maybe with the assistance of these other warriors. 'Cortana will know what to do' he thought. She always did. And now the Master Chief would need her more than ever before. More beyond the capabilities of himself.