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Halo: The Last Spartans Prologue
Posted By: Adam McCormick<Mccormickadamr@yahoo.com>
Date: 18 January 2007, 4:25 am

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0256 Hours, February 18, 2553 (Military Calendar)/
UNSC Cruiser Remulot, location old debris fields.

"It looks barren sir. Just like all of the other debris fields we've checked." commented Private 1st Class Sean Erdman.
"Keep scanning there must be something out there we can use." replied Sergeant Morison. "I have a feeling somethings out here." Sergeant Morison was one the older commanding pilots of the UNSC. He had survived two boardings of the covenant who they succesfully repelled from their ship. He was proud to be in charge of this vessel and would never let anything keep him from his duty.
"Sir! We have something!" came Erdman quickly interrupting his concentration.
"What do you have?" he asked quickly leaning forward to see the screen.
"It's a cryotube sir." said the private slowly.
"Well get it on board. Could be a soldier out there."

Before long the cryotube was in their docking bay out in the open. The glass was covered in frost and there was nothing visable on the other side.
"Make sure you get that thing defrosted. We need every man we can get. Understood?"
"Yes Segreant." replied the soldier.

A few hours passed as the Sergeant waited in his quarters. Pondering on what the cryotube must contain. He stared out of the window into space. Many stars lay beyond his gaze. One of those stars was the milkyway galaxy were his home lay. The home he thought he may or may not ever see again. The home that he had vowed to protect with his life. If he ever got back he wouldn't know, but he would damnsure try to.
"Sir we have the cryotube thawed." came a voice over the mic in his wall.
"Ill be there shortly." he answered making way to his door. Before leaving he took one last look at the star. Then turned and left. As he made his way down the long corridor he wondered what the small tube had carried. What kind of soldier had been frozen in such a hurry. He made it through the door and saw the men standing around.
"Sir you need to look at this."
He made his way through the men and looked inside of the tube. What he saw amazed him. It seemed impossible. The soldier that lay before him was no ordinary soldier, but one of the SPARTAN's. Master Chief was suppose to be the last, but fortunately they had found another. This was a blessing to the men.
"Get that SPARTAN out and revived. We need him opperational as soon as possible. Specialist Mitchell contact Master Chief SPARTAN 117 as soon as possible. We need to get this man up and going. We now may be able to win this war with knowledge he may have."
Never had Sergeant Morison been more excited. If they had overlooked one SPARTAN couldn't they have overlooked more. Hell if they found only one other it would be a miracle. All of the SPARTAN's were believed to be dead, or MIA as they were all listed on the rosters. Morison never believed that they should have been listed as MIA, but it kept the hope and spirits of the people of Earth alive. Though all of the soldiers knew otherwise. Even though SPARTAN's were stronger, faster, and smarter they still weren't invincible.

"This is SPARTAN 117 Master Chief. Do you read Sergeant?" came John's voice over the com before his picture appeared on the large screen in the main deck.
"Master Chief I have some very good news for you. We have retrieved one of your SPARTAN bretheren. The soldier is undergoeing tests right now, but he is completely normal. We thought you might like to see him." said the Sergeant with a smile.
"Indeed sir. I will take one of the Pelican Cruisers to your ship. It will be 16 hours before arrival." finished Master Chief before disconnecting the transmission.

The Master Chief showed no emotion. Typical for a SPARTAN he thought to himself. Deep down he knew that the man was happy though.
"Sir the SPARTAN is up and ready to see you." came one of the soldiers voice.
"Understood. Ill be down as soon as possible." replied the Sergeant.

Once down in the bay the SPARTAN warrior came to attention as Firs Sergeant Morison entered the room.
"At ease soldier." The warrior did so. "My name is First Sergeant James Morison. What's yours?" asked the man.
"My name is Seargent First Class Zack Tatome SPARTAN 013." he replied.
"One of the first. It's a miracle you're still alive."
"Permission to speak freely sir?"
"What do you exactly mean by it's a miracle im still alive?" he asked concernedly.
"Soldier you're only the second SPARTAN still alive. All the others have died. How long have you been in that cryotube?" asked the Sergeant.
"What's the date?" he asked.
"February 18, 2553." he answered.
The soldier thought for a moment before answering. "We need to get to Reach immediately sir."
"Soldier. Reach was glassed by the covenant a year ago. Do you mean to tell me you were frozen before the Fall of Reach?" he asked.
"Yessir." he answered slowly.
"We need to update you on what's happened then." replied the Sergeant.