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Death before dishonor
Posted By: Aaron Rayburn<www.sparta24945@aol.com>
Date: 8 August 2007, 6:29 am

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"Sir! Sensors picking up thermal trails in sector bravo niner!" Shouted a marine aboard Hermes II cruiser class. "Alright announce general quarters, all units prepare for engagement. ready on board mac guns, allow power flow to main and secondary thrusters to two hundred percent." the marine grabed the intercome on his assigned area and commanded all personel to follow general quaters protocal.

"leutenit, i want a situation report A.S.A.P." A captain who obviously just been woken by the general quaters command was standing in the arch way. " Sir we have three brute cruisers starboard side in grid bavo niner. Classes suggest two cruisers and a carrier." the captain paused for a second. "get command on the horn, radio for the nearest UNSC fleet command to get us some reinforcments."

the captain knew what he was dealing with it was the same battle cluster sighted after two UNSC cruisers were destroyed. The captain walked to starboard side window to see the three slick hulls of the brute ships off in the distance. "The mac guns are online and ready to engage sir!" shouted one of the marines at his battle station. "Get in range of the first cruiser, get the longsword fighters on stand by." the marine nodded and issued all pilots report to fighter bay two, six, nine, and eleven.

As the Hermes II powered thru the cold dark space to engage three enemy targets, but unaware in the far far distance a greater power lurked. A capitol ship of the same class that destroyed planet Reach..."Harrrr.. human cruiser sighted two hundred fifty kilometors and closeing," A Brute pilot said to the cheiften standing next to him glarring at the human cruiser statistics. "hm, a waste of resorces these humans are a neusence. Alarm the others and engage battlestations. This fight isnt even worth our time." The brute cheiften turned around and walked over to a near by control panel and targeting data appeared. The three brute ships slowed to a halt for preporation of engagement. Thin blue bands of plasma gathered on the side of the hull as the energy shields slowley charged. "Captain they've stopped! and im reading imense energy readings of the brute ships."

The captain peered at his instrument panel and watched the numbers slowely rise. "When is the reinforcements comeing?" the captain asked, the marine responded "theire dispathching a battle cluster E.T.A. two minutes." the captain looked at the control panel and noticed the shields excedeing three hundred percent. "Alright open fire with the mac cannons first and follow up with the mk III anti matter torpedos, give them everything we've got!" The Hermes II sprung into action fireing round after round of the mac cannon and hundreds of torpedos streamed from the launch tubes on the starboard hull. As the captain watched, clearly all have hit the first brute cruiser and he could see the shield being knocked off line and as the last three torpedos clearly made way and hit the hull just infront of the gravity lift.

"RRRRAAAAA!!!! Pathetic humans!" Roared the brute cheiften as he held on the rail surrounding the elevated platform in the bridge. the brute barked at the gunner to power up the primary weapon. As the brute gunner pressed a few buttons the light in the bridge dimmed slightly as a light blue plama orb developed on the bowe of the hull. "captain their preparing to fire their main weapon, requesting to take evasive manuevers!" Shouted one of the two pilots. The captain looked out of the window and seen a large blue plasma orb generating infront of the brute cruiser.

"negative wait until the last second, then open up the second berrage". the pilot looked back at the captain with a puzzled look. "Aye sir, waiting for further orders". The Hermes II continued to power her way thru space ever closer to the brute ships. "Fire the pulse laser! Barked the brute cheiften". The blue orb quickly darted forward tward the Hermes II with insane speed and just barely in the nick of time the human ship avoided it, but not entirely, as the plasma beamed past the hull of the Hermes II the round was so close it left a jet black streak down the hull from the intense heat.

"BLASTED HUMANS!!! You will die a slow painfull death for that you dreaded pest!" The brute cheiften was furious, he grabbed the gunner and ripped him from the seat and threw him off the elevated platform onto the floor below. The brute cheiften pointed tward two jackels on the floor below and the jackels sprung tward the motionless brute on the floor, and the jackels carried the corpse away. "You get on the gun!" commanded the brute pointing to a honor guard standing next to the door. "captain ready to fire mac guns!" The captain looked at the gunner and nodded. and the second berrage opened up, this time the mac guns ripped thru the hull of the brute cruiser causing emense damage.

"Ha! Ha! We got em sir the brute cruiser is taking severe damage!" as the captain looked out the window he saw the offline brute cruiser, and he almost wanted to celebrate untill the second brute cruiser cleared the first cruisers debrigh to block the first cruiser. "Sir im reading thousands of signatures on the thermal imager!" the captain could only think of on thing. the carrier launched a full attack force of banshees and phantoms. "Launch the longsword fighters!" the leutinet grabed the intercome and commanded all the longsword fighters to launch and engage the banshee's and phantoms.... TO BE CONTINUED.....