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Fall of Harvest (the story of Cpt. Johnstone.)
Posted By: Aaron<www.sparta24945@aol.com>
Date: 22 October 2007, 11:00 pm

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"Sarge! I'm picking up thermal readings in sector thirteen bravo."

A seasoned man turned from a large control board with his name tag listing his name "Cpt. johnstone" glared in the overhead lighting. He glanced at the young cadet in front of a small computer monitor with a large red slender bloob in the middle of a black and blue background.

"profile suggess a covenant cruiser sir," a look of despair came across the captains' face.

"Radio U.N.S.C. head quarters, and raise the ship to combat stations alpha to sierra. All men on deck!" with out hesitation the cadet grabbed the intercom and shouted out commands as well as pressing a few buttons to raise alarms and warning lights.

"Sir we hace H.Q. on line sir."

The captain took the radio from another one of the cadet's hands and a loude squawking sound came from it following a voice.

"Captain hold your fire, intel reports the ship is one of the cocenant's scouts. Fall back to planet Harvest and join up with battle cluster omega two ninner."

Just as the captain was going to respond a vary bright light and a tremendous heat absorbed the bridge, the ships floor was shaking violently and the captain, blinded and disorientated, fell to the floor and just as fast as the light came it disappeared leaving a dark resiue on the bridge's windows and hull of the ship.

"sir the enemy ship is charging their main weapn again! permission to engage!"

The captain finally braced his hand on the floor and pulled himself up with his other hand, back on his feet he ordered the cadet to open slip-space and put co-ordinance for planet Harvest in the outer rings system. Without question or hesitation the cadet did what he was told, and as the countdown started the ship shaked violently, and a large image of the ships hul and rooms listed that has been damaged by enemy fire, they were hit. The lights dimmed and the only light visible were rotating warning lights and a couple of lights from switches on the conrol boards and monitors. The captain franticly pressed a button on the control board to close all air locks to stablize the ship.

Amazingly enough the coutdown wasn't effected and it finally ended, distant stars seemed to whiz past the ships windows almost like a twilight zone manner, and before they knew it the ship slowed just outside of the planet Harvest boundries, their were thousands of ships around the planet. Large quantities of them were U.N.S.C. ships and a few civilian freighters. Destroyers, Cruisers, as well as three capital ships, it was the largest collection of U.N.S.C. ships since the rebellion in the near astroid belt, with the rebels. As Captain Johnstone ordered the ship to dock, a thick dark smoke plume trailed behind the damaged vessal, all the way to the docking bay. Now the captain had some time to think and understand the situation, he asked one of the cadets on the bridge for a damge analysis. The cadet scurried off to a monitor showing the damged sextion of the hull.

"Section 134D to 147D are severely damaged, as for section 132A and 148A are none responsive, the ships strage bay and life pod area are stable on the staboard side."

"Are the core reactors stable?" The captain worried if the reactors had a crack or are unbalanced in any way, it will cause a catastophic meltdown producing an energy spike that rivals a black hole.

"The reactors are stable and are efficient."

As the ship slowely lumbered on to the repair dock several aid ships flew beside the damaged part of the hull, and began to immediately sealing any cracks or holes around the blast doors and inner rooms of the ship, to reduce the chance of destabilization in the ship.

"Sir, Sky Marshal Chavez Curios is on the line."

The captain moved to the monitor.

"Captain I understand that you have ran into a covenant scout? In that case i have a vary important oppisition for you. I have been givin orders to send you and several other ships back out their and engage the enemy. Anything must be done to keep the covenant from finding earth, lead them away from Harvest untill more back-up arrives, we are still awaiting some 34 ships."

The captain nodded,

"Sir what about my ship? its been dissabeld."

The sky marshal nodded and took his white cap off.

"We have one ship, it isnt as good as some of these other ships, but it will pack a punch, see dock master Dakota snipes, he will ready the ship, Is that understood?"

The captain nodded, "yes sir!"

The ships around Harvest began to mobilize, soon...the epic battle between U.N.S.C and the covenant armada will clash. For the fait of all human kind...this battle meant everything.