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Transparent Shadow: Episode II
Posted By: Aaron<alpha@black-opsehc.com>
Date: 14 September 2005, 4:28 am

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Continuation of Transparent Shadow Episode II

Time: 1415 hrs ./ September 23 2552
Location: Wraith:/lava flows

Zang-Zay centered his sight upon the warrior's face plate and slowly
depressed the firing stud…..he couldn't miss.

"Chief…" Cortana's voice sounded anxious inside Master Chief's head.
"I know, I feel it to….something is wrong."
Master Chief had spotted the hog five minutes before and focused on the
dead bodies. At first glance, it seemed like the hog had crashed. But a
double take quickly revealed the signs of a fight. The bodies lay close
to the vehicle. One of the two bodies was more mangled then what otherwise would be expected with a simple accident. After seeing this, everything seemed not right. The
situation reeked of a trap.
The hole in the lava flow saved Master Chief's life. His foot broke through the thin layer of cooled lava and fell just as a lance of super heated energy burned past his head.
The energy passed so close to his helmet that it left a dark burn mark
along the side.

Zang-Zay cursed. The warrior had survived by pure luck. He brought his
rifle back into line with the position (it had jumped with the recoil)
of the warrior and stared in dumb amazement…the warrior was gone.
Zang-Zay scanned the surrounding region….nothing. The warrior could not
have taken any cover, there was none! Zang-Zay cursed again and
continued to sweep frantically with his scope in search of his prey.

As soon as he hit the ground Master Chief burrowed into the rock. His armor's
weight and his muscle served to crush the fragile lava rock into black dust which
he rolled in. He was soon covered from head to toe in the dust. The coating
of dust served as excellent camouflage.
"The shot seems to have come from 300 yards south west."
Master Chief scanned the location Cortana had given him…nothing.
"Either they are doing what I am doing, or more likely, they have
stealth generators."
He slowly reached behind him, slipped the ri.fle off his shoulder, and
brought the scope to his eye. He went to 2X and panned his view over the
landscape. THERE! A slight shimmer in the air about seven feet off the
"I seeee you." Master Chief muttered as he slowly squeezed on the

Yun-to's head exploded like an over-ripe fruit as the high velocity round sheared through his armored face-plate and erupted out the back of his skull. He never knew what hit him. Zang-Zay roared in surprise and anguish at seeing his blood-brother's lifeless corpse matieralize out of the air as his stealth generator self destructed. The body slowly toppled back and lay on the ground amidst the remnants of its brain. The warrior would pay for the death of his bl.ood-brother, no quick de.ath for him now. Zang-Zay ground his teeth together in helpless rage until bl.ood oosed out of his mouth and smeared on his chin. Zang-Zay returned the scope to his eye intent on making the warrior suffer.

Xra-la had watched the whole scene in shock and horror. He all of a sudden felt afraid for the first time in his life. Never had any of his squad been hurt by their prey let alone killed. And here inside of a few seconds he had watched his brother get butchered. He lowered his ri.fle and stepped back a few paces in shock. He kept on walking back till he turned around to run......right into the muzzle of a g.un. He screamed in horror until a single round ended his horror forever.

Zang-Zay watched his other bl.ood-brother get cut down by the warrior who seemed to have risen up from the ground as if he were a spirit of the under world. Zang-Zay roared, threw his carbine in the dust, deactivated his stealth generator, drew two plasma ri.fles from their storage case on the ground, and charged.

"Chief, a third one!!!!" Cortana shouted a warning. Master Chief dove out the line of fire just as the alien released a barrage of plasma fire from dual plasma ri.fles. The blue blobs of heat rushed past Master Chiefs head, close enough to cause his shields to flare, as he brought his weapon into line with the alien's face. Stealth generators require too much power to be in addition to a shield generator......One shot was all it took.

The alien stumbled stood a while and then slowly fell into a cloud of dust. "Chief, we better be going, you can use the hog over there to drive us back to base."

His armor shimmering and giving him a god like corona from the reflected sun, Master Chief rose and walked in the direction of the hog for the long drive back to base.