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You Can't have order Without Chaos
Posted By: AI Construct<Death_Of_A_God@hotmail.com>
Date: 16 October 2005, 5:32 am

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Somtimes, it is hard for the next generation to follow inthe footsteps of their forefathers. For each one, there is a tale of survival, of happiness, but also despair. Each generation had its hardships, I don't know how it will be for those after me, but all I know, is that no story from my father can compare, to when the Covenant was destroyed

High Charity
Covenant Oath Chamber
Ninth Age of Reclamation

      "Do you, Oama, swear to uphold the Covenant." said the Lower Prophet of Oath, it wasn't a question, it was a command.

      "By the will of the Prophets." I answered, and he continued on, "You have sworn to uphold to Covenant, by the blood of your forefathers, and your unborn children, if you break the Covenant, the wrath of the forerunner will be brought down upon you, and disgrace will haunt you and your family for all eternity, until one who is worthy will redeem your name. Do you accept these terms.", how dare this filthy little beast, I thought to myself, but I held my tounge, and replied with the ceremonial answer, "By the will of the Prophets."

      The flying rodent of a being smiled, enthralled with its power to give and take.
"Then you," he paused and looked at me a moment, thinking, "Then you take on the name of your father, and your father's father," he paused again, probably to add drama to his decision, "You take on the name, Oama 'Ormasle."

      I looked up at thr Prophet, into those small beady eyes, and answered, "By the will of the Prophets, By the will of the Forerunner, I, Oama 'Ormasle, swear to uphold the Covenant, by the blood of my unborn sons, by the blood of my forefathers."

      I stood up, as I did, the door behind me opened, and heavy foot steps proceeded in, my senses telling me brutes from the loud thumps.

      More than two, less than for, I thought to myself. I did an about-face and saluted the giant gorrilas, they were ugly, fur covering most of their bodies, the leader, recognizable by the flag on his right shoulder, had scars covering most of his face, and fur was missing on his right thigh, from what I could tell with his arm covering it, was that he had been near a gernade when it exploded, the skin was burnt. This one smelt of blood. The other two were newer, with few scars other than those they were given in childhood, they had probably been serving the Prophets for only a few months, but they were still dangerous.

      The leader of the Brutes signaled to the younger one on his left, the Brute came forward, "By order of the Prophets," he began.The one speaking, and the other younger one on the right, began reaching for their plasma rifles, my hand was going towards where my pistol holster was, but I wasn't going for the pistol, "All Sangheili are to be exterminated.", they leveled their weapons at my chest.

      A click, and then a light shown behind my back. My hand came around me swiftly, as it did so, I rolled to my right. I threw the plasma grenade with my left hand, straight at the leader, he roared in suprise.

      At that moment, two things happened, the plasma grenade succesfully attached itself to the disfigured face of the Brute leader, and the two smaller Brutes fired at where my chest had been, only to find that they were killing a Prophet.

      The grenade exploded, the other two Brutes were flung off their feet, and I was thrown a few feet away, my sheild generator dropped critically low. Luckily, we, the Sangheili, are alot faster than those clumsy Brutes, and at this point in time, I was grateful for that. As I sprung to my feet, my hand went straight to my pistol holder, as a low ranking officer, I was not allowed to carry a rifle.

      I aimed my pistol at the first Brute to stand, my finger let go of the trigger, and the large glob of super-heated plasma left the small pistol. I don't know if the Brute saw his life flash before his eyes, or if he also watched as if time itself had slowed almost to a stop, but in my eyes, I saw it all, as if I had become an omnipresent being. The ball of glowing plasma shot forward, the young Brute only stared at it, his eyes wide open. I saw the ball hit, and his face absorb it, and then the face melt away and smoke up.

      Then time came back, and before I knew it, the other Brute was up and staring at his fallen comrades. I could see monsters face squinch up, and I knew all to well what was happening, it was rampaging.

      It let out a loud roar, dropped onto its alrge knuckles, and ran straight at me, but I had no where to go. I had little time to make my decision, and then I had none. The Brute made a running tackle, and I dropped on my back, and put my legs in the air, succesfully throwing the brute farther than it intended, and straight out of the platform that made up the the area behind where the Prophet once sat, I heard it roar as it fell, I heard it roar until I had to strain to hear it, only then did I get up.