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Boomsticks and Picnics
Posted By: AI Construct<Death_Of_A_God@hotmail.com>
Date: 10 October 2005, 10:06 pm

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0830 Hours:

      It didn't take long for us to peice our camp back together.

I had dropped Anthony off at the make-shift medics tent, he told me to go and check how the situation
was at the CP.

"come in" said the familiar voice of LCorp. Mary, who was now in charge.
I gave her a quick salute, and she gave me one back.

"So ma'am, whats the situation?" I asked, she sighed and shook her head, "Not good, First Lieutenant Ericson."
I was about to correct her, when I realized, that all of the people in the room were the same rank as I wused to be.

"ma'am.." I asked, "where are all the senior personel?" she sighed once again,and looked at me, "the flood hit here
first, john, they knew this was the CP"

I stood, shocked, but I got a hold on myself, "so, what are we going to do now?".
She stared at me a moment, clearly thinking, "we are to study our enemy for now."

I looked at her, and had an idea, "ma'am, I have one in mind, can we use that as a specimen?"

Her eyes lit up with curiosity, "you may"

I went off to get anthony.

1000 Hours:

      "Are you shure thats it?" I asked him,"yes sir" said anthony, jokingly.

"Ok," I signiled to the research team behind me,"get it to the tent"

three men, all in white suits, stepped forward, and set down a body bag, then turned their attention to carefully lifting
the disturbing specimen into it.

1100 Hours:

      The smells was horrible, but I was no longer afraid of them.

"would you like to do the honors sir?" asked the head of the Research team, he handed me the small plasma knife,I took it.

"make an incision along this line" he pointed to a black line over the heart, I took the small knife, and made the cut.

"what.... what is that" said a young nurse standing next to me.

"it looks like.." I began, but it started moving, and jumped out at my face, "woah!" I yelled.

In one swift motion, I took out my magnum, pointed and shot, the tiny thing popped, "get me the video out of the camera"
I ordered.

"sir, come take a look at this" said the surgen, I walked over to him, and he showed me a name tag, I read it aloud,
"Mendoza.." I thought about it a minute, "doesn't ring any bells, go to Col. Perez and ask her if we still
have records of all our troops, on the double!"

then it happened again, the high-pitched squeal inside my head, and then a flash back of sorts:

"143291", said a mechanical yet authoritave voice said,"please come forward." I floated foreward, and faced a small cube
of frozen gas, inside, was a perfectly preserved floodling, I floated forward more, it started to defrtost, I moved
backwards out of the containment area, and then a platform, with a small creature with a strange apparatus on its back
was set down, it moved around frightend, it tried to break the glass, but to no avail.

The floodling was finnaly defrosted, the first thing it did was start moving toward the only living thing,a
methane breathing species known as Unggoy, the small creature turned around just in time to see the small bubble-like
figure warp around its head and remove its mask, suffocating the creature.

The Unggoy fell dead, the floodling then ripped its way through the methane tank on the creatures back, and wormed its way
into its skin, and ....

and the noise stopped.

the research team surrounded me, I heard somewhere near-bye someone calling for a medic, I didn't black out this time,
the only thing keeping me from it, was a small, mechanical drone, that would have normally just sounded like a bunch
of sounds, but to me, it was a voice, and it told me things, about the flood, about itself, about the ringworld.

1800 Hours:

      "The covenant want this area, we received word from Sgt. Switoski that there was a large force of covenant coming this way."
said Col. Perez, she took off her cap and scratched her head, "so, what do you guys think?" she asked.

I stepped forward, "ma'am, we should set up some trenches first, and use a quarter of our M19 SSMs, and put some S2 AMs on
the ridge up there", I said, thinking back a few months to my training. "Its a bit basic" she stopped, and throught a moment,
"but it just might work. Sergeant," she said, directing her order at switoski,"get your men ready and working",
"yes ma'am", he said, he saluted and left the tent to prepare.

"john", she said,"I want you to help me plan our defense", she smiled,"yes ma'am" I said, giving her a smile,
she went to the back of her tent, and pulled out a really good sketching of the surrounding terrain, "so," she asked,
"lets get started."

1900 Hours:

      "OK MEN," I yelled to my squad of launcher, "We camped in the same area the covenant wanted, with all the fresh air, green
grass, and tea cakes you can eat! So they want to get hostile, you men are the first line of defense!" I stopped pacing in
front of them, and faced then, "all we have, to support us, are those woosey pea shooters on the ridge, are we going to let
them out kill us!" in unison, they all yelled 'NO!', and I pulled up my weapon,"These, these are our BOOMSTICK, when we shoot
they go bang, and then we can all eat our crumpets and sip our tea! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!!" a loud and satisfying 'YES!'met
my ears, and I smiled, and got into position.

"that was a mighty good speech there john" said switoski, who loaded the first two rockets into the barrels, then he handed
me the launcher and helped me secure it to my shoulder, "you shure about this?" I asked him, "if we don't win this", he said,
"then I have to give the colnel my soda pop cap collection." he said, laughing, I gave him a quick smile, and turned and
opened the rockets scope.