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Oh where, oh where did this M6D come from
Posted By: AI Construct<Death_Of_A_God@hotmail.com>
Date: 8 October 2005, 5:34 pm

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1300 Hours:

I awoke with a splitting head-ache, I wasn't in the medic tent anymore, I was in a bunk, and I wasn't alone.
the man said smugly,"good afternoon sleeping beauty, you been out for a few hours."

I recognized the man's face instantly, Cpt. Anothony M. Wilkonson. He was a tall man, in his mid 20's,
with a face for smiling, bright green eyes, and some stubble on his chin that made him look like he had
forgotten to shave his 5 o'clock shadow.

"so, how you feelin'?" He asked, I gave a weak smile, and a nod, he continued smiling.

"so, do you have any idea whats going on?", I only shook my head.

"ok, i'll give you whats goin on so far, you put a sentinal chip into your neural implants, its screwed with your brain."

he continued to explain, how the sentinal chip put all the commands and the containment protocol the master cheif
had told command about when he returned to earth.

"So," he asked, "you hungry?"

2000 Hours:

After a good cold shower, and a hot meal, I felt alot better.

Everyone else in camp was supposed to be asleep, but tension was rising.

A message had been received a few hours earlier,a distress signal, a lone marine had been able to warn us about a force of
flood coming.

Everyone was worried.

I stared at my hands, wondering if I would be able to fight, the incident ealier, combined with the recent death of my two
friends, had my nerves shot.

"You awake john?" said anthony quietly,

"ya, just thinkin'" I replied.

"same here, what do you think is going to happen?"

I shook my head to myself, "I really know, I really dont."

0600 Hours:

I woke up, and shot straight up in my bed, I guess I had a nightmare.

I brought my hand up to my face, and rubbed my eyes, and when I brought my eyes down, I saw my hands were a sickly green,
and tenticles were sprouting out, I let out a screm.

"jonathon, JONATHON, WAKE UP!"

I sat straight up, anthony was next to me, he handed me an assualt rifle, I was still disoriented, but I recognized
things instantly.

Gunfire, yelling of commands, gernades.

I jumped out of bed, anthony on my right.

"Whats going on!?" I yelled over the gunfire of a passing squad,

"The flood are faster than the commanding officer thought, they got here hours before anyone predicted" yelled anthony

"GERNADE!!" a man yelled, I saw him grab his gernade, I saw him pull the pin, I saw the flood jump on him, and I ducked behind a

A blast sounded, I looked back around the tent, the flood, and the most of the group was gone, I saw a man, he was looking at
me, he called for help, I started forward, but the little floodling got to him first.

I ran as fast as I could, past firing squads, through tents, I stopped near the back of the camp, and got into firing
position with some 9 odd men, I fired, and fired.

For what seemed like a millenia, we fired at the flood, we fired at the flood when they went down, only when I ran out of ammo,
did I stop.

0730 Hours:

I sat there, catching my breath, only then did I take stock of what we had, four BRs, one AR, and 3 frags.
Only five out of the ten lived through the battle.

"Ok men," LCorp. Mary Perez said,"We are out numbered, outgunned, and maybe the only ones left alive! BUT! We will not
go down, and if we do, we will go down with our fingers on the trigger, and a smile on or faces, am I right marines!"

We all yelled a YES MA'AM in unison, and picked up our weapons, and headed out.

It took us a good 20 minutes, but we found more men, and to my relief, one of them was anthony.

"How you doin' kid?" he asked with a weak smile on his face, only then did I notice he was limping.

I ran over to him and supported him, "I'm doing just fine sir, although you look a bit ragged"

He gave a laugh, " ya well, I wasn't expecting flood to carry around an M6D Pistol."

I stopped, dead in my tracks.

"sir... those havn't been issued on our ship in eight months" I said shakily

We looked at each other, and then we moved faster.