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The Machine inside
Posted By: AI Construct<Death_Of_A_God@hotmail.com>
Date: 7 October 2005, 1:55 am

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AUTHORS NOTE: This is my first fan fiction, and also the first story ive written, please bare with me, I have not had much experience writing.


1300 hours:

Pvt. jonathan M. ericson had been in the service for only a few months, he wasn't a strong willed person, but he wasn't a
push over.

He, pvt. mitchels, and captain (he wasn't really a captain, but he had a big ego, he never took offence, he knew he had one)
were sent to investigate a strange electrical sound eminating a few miles out.

it was a pretty terrain, the ring , at least for now, when the ship he served on, the 'In Amber Clad' had done a slip-space
jump with the covenant ship, and he had been sent down on a third wave, he had wanted to be sent down on the first wave
with the legandary Master Cheif. AS they drove by, I noticed somthing.

"Hey cap'n, take a look at the cliff face!"

Captain turned his head fast, but the thing was gone,

"what john, I don't see anything"

I shook my head, and set my rifle on my lap, "I could have swore i saw somthin', but maybe its just my eyes playin' tricks
on me".

Captain laughed and told me to get my head checked when we got back.

1320 Hours:

captain was hiding behind a rock about 10 feet away,and mitchels was behind a tree a few feet behind.
Captain signeled for us the move slowly, he then pulled out a frag, as did mitchels, I pulled out my sniper,
we were facing sentinals, about a good dozen of them in-fact.

Mitchels moved up the side of the cliff face, captain went down near the water, I took the enhancment chip for my sniper,
and plugged it in (the chip made the images of what I was aiming at appear in my head, giving me an advantage as a newer
recruit) About 14 feet away from the sentinal camp, mitchels and captain threw their frags repeatedly, one, two, one, two,
while I fired away.

The sentinals were slow on the uptake, about 4 of them had been detroyed, but when they did, they went after mitchels,
I took out two, but their beams of fire melted him as he screamed in pain.

Captain let out a roar of anger, and started firing with his assualt rifle, they moved faster now, and surronded him,
they melted his gun, then they started on him, and before I knew what had happened, two of my comrades, my friends,
had been melted, but captain hadn't died in vain.

"stupid sentinals!" I shouted, because when they had killed captain, they didn't realize what happens to a heated gernade.
a large explosion sounded, and when it cleared, I saw a sentinal rushing me, but it didn't have its fire beam, I threw a
frag and it exploded behind it, and then I realized my mistake.

And then I went down.

1400 hours:

I awoke with a head ache, it took me a moment to realize what had happened, andI sat there and stared.

About 15 minutes later, I came out of my daze, and realized that my enhancer chip had fallen out, and I saw it lying near me,
soI picked it up and put it in.

My head was on fire!
electricity shot through my head, it was like someone had taken a bomb and blown it up inside my skull!

Then, everything went dark, and I forgot who I was.

0900 hours:

I woke up in the make-shift infirmary, I sat up fast, and my head started hurting, and I realized it was bandaged.

"Good to see you up soldier" said a voice from the corner, I couldn't yet make out who it was.

The person then stood up, and the face of sargeant Adam T. Switoski shown in the dim lights of the tent, I tried to salute,
but I found my arm had been numbed and stitched up.

"its ok soldier, you were pretty banged up when we found you, what happened?" he asked "or are you still a little woozy
from the morphine."
I told him I was fine, and I told him what had happened in the last 20 hours.

when I finished the story, he frowned a bit, and nodded solemnly,

"they were good men, and damn fine marines, its a shame, but at least we didn't lose all three of you" he grined,
a sad grin, but it gave me hope.

A siren in my head started ringing and instantly, my numb hands went straight to it, large portions of information
started giong through my mind, containment protocol, enviroment variable, and alot of other things.
The sargeant stood up quickly, called for help and came over to me.

When I had stabalized, the sargeant chuckled,

"you gave me quite a scare there john."

I smiled,and then I started wondering,"sir," I asked, "whats happening to me?"

The sarge's face suddenly got serious, and he looked down at the ground,

"well, john, its hard to say, but I have to ask, did you put anything in your nearul implants?"

I closed my eyes, thinking hard,

"yes sir, my sniper enhancing chip"

he looked up, and then shook his head,

"john... that wasn't your sniper chip, it was a sentinal programming chip, we found them in the other sentinals around the

I stared, and had a sudden sinking feeling, I started unwrapping my bandages,

"I don't think you want to...", he started saying, but it was too late, I touched where the nearul implants were, and tears
welled up in my eyes"

"Its true," said the sarge, "the chip has fused into your brain"

I fainted.