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Two Step
Posted By: AI Construct<Death_Of_A_God@hotmail.com>
Date: 3 February 2006, 6:12 am

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1000 Hours

      It had been two days since the attack. The feeling of glory and carelessness had passed, and the reality of their situation had moved back in.

      "So, Switoski, how is the 'injury'", I asked jokingly.
      "Haha, very funny, if I could get up, I would put my boot so far up your ass....",
a groan cut through as Switoski saw one of the MPs come up, holding a needle.
      "You can take friendly fire in the ass, but not a needle? You wuss.", I said to him, the MP stared at me a moment, and asked me if I would like a shot, a quick no and I left.

A man came up to me as I was walking towards my bunk,
      "Sir, Col. Perez wants you at the main tent, please follow me", I was confused, because I knew where the CP was.
      "Whats going on?", I asked the man, slightly confused.
      "I can't tell you here, just follow me, and try to stay out of sight.", the man said, and began to walk faster.

1030 Hours

      "Ericson!" yelled Col. Perez, "What the hell took you so long?",
I began to give an excuse, but she waved it off.
      "Nevermind, Just get in here, we have some new information on that specimen you brought in."
She noticed that I was looking around at the area, obviously confused why they had moved the CP.
      "It has to do with the information that we found, please, follow me.", she began walking towards a small cave entrance I hadn't noticed before, I stopped and looked around once again.
The CP was set up right underneath an outcrop of rock, and a few interlinking caves pockmarked the bottom of the plateau, the scorch marks from the wraith's blast still lingered at the top, a grim reminder of how powerful the covenant actually was.
      "Ericsom!",she yelled again, "hurry up, we don't have alot of time."

1045 Hours

A holo-image appeared in the middle of the small, circular table, the image was that of the human/flood-specimen, or, it was dubbed HF-1.
A man in a white coat appeared in front of the table, pushing a button, HF-1 appeared full size on the table, and the man proceeded to tell his disturbing new information.
      "I'de like to begin by welcoming you all here...", "Stow it, Stockheed, you said you had important information, so spit it out." said Perez.
The man, Stockheed, gave her a sharp glance, and got straight to the point.
      "Well, as I was saying, the reason I asked you all here, is because of the information we have found on HF-1."
He tapped a series of buttons, and the holo-image of HF-1 dissolved, and a picture of HF-1's open cranium appear, a few people turned away.
      "The specimen's skull remained mostly the same, except the brain had been taken over, but that's not why I brought you here.." he touched another button,
and a screen poped up, and a video started playing:

HF-1 came up behind an unsuspecting marine scout, and hit him on th back of the head, instanly killing the poor marine.
A group of the smaller, orbed flood, surrounded the body, managing to flip it over, one of them proceeded to bury itself into the marines chest, they all watced in gorey detail as it took over, slowly.

After the transformation was complete, the newly made flood stood tall, and everyone held their breath as the newer flood led a few others through the human camp, avoiding everything, until they reached the origional CP. Stockheed turned off the feed right before the Senior officers were attacked.

      "It seems," Stockheed said quietly, "That the flood can steal the host's memories."
The room became quiet, and I realized how cold it was in these caves.
Somewhere, I heard water dripping, and in the back of my mind, I heard the buzzing again, that high pitched squeal , and I knew the sentinal was listening intently, it sounded as if... as if it was laughing.

The water dripped again.
I looked up, Perez and Stockheed were arguing, butI couldn't hear a thing they were saying, only the dripping sound of water.

The water stopped.

All I could hear now, was somthing moving.

      "Everyone out!", I yelled. Everyone looked up in suprise I yelled out again, and they started running.

Just as everyone had left, HF-1, now with a new little flood inside, came out from one of the side tunnels.
As it appeared, I pulled out a frag gernade, pulled the pin and dropped it.

Everyone had made it out just in time, the frag when off, and the honey-combed caves collapsed in on themselves, sucsessfully destroying HF-1 and any way the flood had gotten in.

Stockheed looked Horrified.

      "What the hell do you think your doing?!" he yelled.
      "Stockheed, QUIET!" yelled Col. Perez, she dusted herself off.

The sentinal only laughed.

      "Ok, Ericson, get into camp, and tell your men to pack it up, this area might be comprimised."

And that was the second step on our journey.