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Part One: Introductions
Posted By: 7he grunt w/a plasma pistol<Sk8terWildT@msn.com>
Date: 27 June 2005, 2:12 am

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When our battle group arrived in orbit around the human planet, I had no idea what to expect. Although it was the home world of the enemy, it was a beautiful planet. It had large blue oceans covering most of the surface while the rest of the planet was land. This planet had one moon compared to other planets in this system.

"Earth" the humans called it. It shall fall before the might of the Sangheili, and the religious truth of the Prophets. We will collect what we came here for, and burn the planet like the so many other worlds before it.

I immediately had doubts about the Prophet of Regret's battle fleet when I saw the orbital guns surrounding the planet. Arranged into clusters of three, they could easily rip our ships to pieces. I have seen it happen. At the last human world we destroyed, they had many of these guns and almost annihilated all of our ships. I was lucky enough to be on a surviving ship when the world fell. This planet had hundreds more of the guns then the last world did. I did not voice these doubts though, as anyone who would think otherwise of the Prophets would be charged with heresy.

My thoughts were interrupted when the shipmaster's voice came over the loudspeaker. "Soldiers! We have to clear a path to the planet for the Prophet of Regret. There are three Phantoms on board with an anti-matter bomb on each. Deliver one bomb to each of the three orbital guns in the closest cluster. Arm them, and get out of there. Do what you have to so the station is destroyed… even if it means staying to guard the bomb." I turned to my troops. "You heard him. To your Phantoms!"

As we boarded our Phantoms, I heard a soldier call my name. "Ulki 'Opadee. Wait." I saw that it was my second in command, Eyni 'Binudee.

Eyni 'Binudee is my oldest friend. We have known each other since we were young. As my second-in-command, he is a worthy ally. When wielding a Carbine, 'Binudee is an almost unstoppable force.

I motioned for my men to get aboard the Phantom and turned to Eyni. "What is it 'Binudee? Make it quick. We've got a job to do."

"You know just as well as I do, 'Opaudee. It's about 'Sejumee," He threw me a serious look. I'm not sure sending her to do this is a good idea. If anything were to happen to her, 'Motadee would be mad enough to rip a Lekgolo apart with his bare claws. You better know what you're doing. I hear the Demon is on one of those stations."

Cawa 'Sejumee is a fairly new recruit to my squadron. She's also one of the first female Shangheili to fight as soldiers in the Covenant. 'Sejumee is an expert in stealth and the only Sangheili in my squadron to be armed with active camouflage.

Asbe 'Motadee is my heavy weapons specialist. He's a respected warrior for many reasons. One is that he survived the outbreak of the parasite on Halo. He cares deeply for 'Sejumee and would have the head of anyone who causes her harm.

"I understand your doubts," I said, turning to face Eyni. "But keep quiet. You don't want to be branded a Heretic." I quickly looked around to see if anyone had heard him. Luckily, everyone was onboard the Phantom and hadn't overheard. "As for the Demon, we'll just have to be careful."

"Wisely said my friend. Come on; let's go clear the way for the Prophet." He climbed aboard the Phantom and I followed.

On board, we met up with 'Sejumee and 'Motadee. They were discussing battle tactics with a couple Unggoy. 'Binudee and I came over to see what tactics they were planning to use to board the stations. "We shouldn't be careless when we assault those stations. The Demon's on one of them." One of the Unggoy jumped at the mention of the Demon.

"Well then, we'll finish the job quickly." 'Sejumee replied. She surprised me by the fact that she was willing to do this mission. I looked at her and smiled.

We went to the view port to watch as we started to take off. We slowly rose and floated out of the cruiser. Several human cruisers had started to advance on our battle group. 'Motadee took 'Sejumee's hand in his.

I turned to 'Motadee once we were in space. "Distribute the weapons. We need to be ready."

"Yes sir," 'Motadee replied. He released 'Sejumee's hand and went to the weapons locker. After opening it he took a Fuel Rod Cannon with extra fuel rods and plasma grenades. He then started passing weapons around.

Eyni took a Carbine, Plasma Rifle and plasma grenades from 'Motadee. He tossed me a rifle, ("Catch,") and handed Needlers and Plasma Pistols to the Unggoy. He test fired the Carbine into my shields to see that it was working and then reloaded it.

'Sejumee took her weapons and tested her camo to make sure it was working. She deactivated her camo and turned to me. "Sir, are you sure the Demon is on one of those stations?"

"Fairly sure. Eyni informed me of it and I had over heard some Kig-yar discussing it on my way to the Phantom. They seemed pretty nervous about it." I took some grenades and an Energy Sword. After a couple of test swings I put the sword away.

'Binudee armed his Carbine and turned to the Covenant warriors aboard the Phantom. "Get ready. We'll be at the station soon. Be advised, though: the Demon is onboard on of those stations." The Sangheili bristled with anger. "He has killed hundreds of Sangheili and Unggoy warriors." The Unggoy looked at each other nervously.

I looked out the view port to see the cruisers launch boarding craft and the tear-shaped Seraph fighters. I radioed the shipmaster. "Sir, if you can spare the fighters, we could use a couple guards. I don't want to get shot down before we finish our mission."

The shipmaster radioed back. "We can't spare any fighters but we can give you some limited covering fire. I advise you to power you plasma turrets and watch your back."

"I understand sir," I said, turning to the pilot. "Charge the plasma turrets and enter the hanger bay."