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Multiplayer Heaven
Posted By: 343winks<trunks@cfl.rr.com>
Date: 10 June 2004, 12:37 AM

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            Destructible vehicles rock
             Jacking is also fun.
             The new covenant carbine has a new stock.
             Blowing brains out with this gun

             The grunts are playing
             The jackals are serious
             The elites are annoying
             The brutes are mysterious

             With a punch and a kick
             I jack your ride
             Doesn't matter how much you flick
             You cannot hide

             Dual wield is cool
             It gives me great joy
             To blow your brain pool
             with my new toy

             You kick and you curse
             You are a bad itch
             Here is your purse
             Cause your such a little B***

             I laugh at your sorrow
             But there is much more to tell
             Cause when my bullet burrows
             You are going to hell

             I will shoot you till you are dead
             No, you can't deny it
             When a bullet goes through your head
             you hear the words "Running riot"

             Yes, it may be cruel
             And maybe a little demented
             But living is my number one rule
             You know I never meant it

              I know I am excited
              And I am sure you are too
              We will be elated
              Of the coming of Halo 2