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Prophet of Love Part II
Posted By: 343winks<trunks@cfl.rr.com>
Date: 26 April 2004, 6:44 AM

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Prophet of Love Part II

0645 hours, January 15, 2553 (Military Calendar)
Planet Earth, Unknown location West of New Mombasa; Covenant bunker.

      John, Fred, and the rest of the Spartans sneaked their way into the heavily guarded Covenant bunker. Sometimes they had to stop incase they would be spotted or John would have a funny feeling about an unguarded hallway. When he came to a hallway he didn't like he had Fred go ahead and scope it out. Pretty soon they came to empty locker room that looked like it hadn't been used in ages. "Cortana, where do we go from here?" said John speaking into his own helmet. "Hold on, let me pull up the schematics," replied Cortana ", There, that should lead you to an empty office where you can easily enter the armory" replied Cortana. A little marker point showed up on John's HUD. "Excellent work, Cortana, thank you." said John. He sent this data to Fred, Will, and Linda. John was just about to move when he saw two Brutes walking down the hallway grunting to each other. 'If they catch us,' John thought ', this mission will be for nothing' and he ordered to stop. One of the Brutes looked in their direction, John's heart sped up and he began to sweat. Suddenly, they walked away. "Phew, that was close" said John quietly. When they made it to the office John snaked his optical cord under the door, "Nothing. Let's go." "Cortana, are there any Covenant in the armory" John asked "Scanning.....no covenant detected, it's almost too easy" "That's what's scaring me"
      As they moved into the armory the kept a close eye on their motion trackers just in case, no movement detected. "Fred, set up those nukes. Will, cover him. Linda watch the door. We will be getting out of here shortly" ordered John. Three lights lit up in his HUD. John looked around, at his motion tracker, then looked at his team's bio-signs. Suddenly, three glowing swords showed up at the far end of the room. John couldn't see the wielders but he heard one of them shout "Stop the infidels.""Spartans we have company" John shouted. Soon battle rifle rounds were aimed at the three levitating swords. As the Elites took the rounds their camouflage generators failed and they began to charge at the Spartans. "Get them before they call in back up" shouted John. One of the Elites took a swing at Fred, but missed him by a hair. Will smacked one in the back of its head and the Elite screamed as his neck snapped in two. The third Elite charged after John, but Linda put a round through its temple. "Cortana, how come you didn't detect them?" asked John "I don't know Chief," replied Cortana "; they must have disguised their movements." Suddenly, one Elite showed up behind Linda. "Linda behind y..." John shouted, but it was too late the Elite shoved his sword into her midsection. The Elite laughed as Linda's limp body fell to the ground. John angrily lunged at the enormous creature shoving both SMGs into his midsection. "Go to Hell" the Elite said smirking "You first" replied John as he sent 40 rounds of SMG fire into its midsection killing it instantly.
      John sat next to Linda taking of her helmet and laid it next to her, then his own. "I....just wanted...to...ugh...tell you something, John" Linda said as she coughed up blood. John clamped her hand, sticky with her own blood. "What is it" John said. "I love you..." Linda replied in a low voice. John saw her bio-signs flatten and she was dead. "I love you too." John said in a low voice only he could hear. "Chief the countdown has started; we need to move right now!" Cortana said interrupting. John folded Linda's hands over her chest, put his helmet back on and stood up. "Spartans, time to leave" said John. He hated leaving Linda's body but he knew he couldn't save her a second time. 00:50. They ran though the hallways killing everything that got in their way. 00:35. They made it to the big hanger. John pinned three grenades and threw them at the doors blowing them. 00:20. They made it outside and ran as far as they could. 00:05. They ducted behind a giant sheet of Titanium-A metal sticking out of the ground.00:00. The bunker lit up the morning sky like a roman candle. John and the other Spartans stood up and looked at the twisted burning wreckage. "Are you okay" asked Fred. "Yeah," replied John. ", come on we still have a job to do."

The End.