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Halo: Prophet of Love
Posted By: 343winks<Trunks@cfl.rr.com>
Date: 26 April 2004, 1:13 AM

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HALO: The Prophet of Love. Part I

1825 hours, January 14, 2553 (Military Calendar)
Planet Earth, New Mombasa

      "Keep firing!" screamed Sgt. Helving "We mustn't let those covie bastereds past the barrier." The covenant kept charging towards the barrier in hoping to tear it down. The base behind the barrier is what they were after; if the covenant got that then earth was doomed. "I need backup" said Sgt. Helving through his radio. "Negative Sir, we don't have back up to send right now" explained Pvt. Isley. "Damn it all." cursed Helving. The rifle fire rang through Pvt.Wallace's hears as the covenant came ever closer. "We failed," he said "it's over." "Not yet you didn't" boomed a mysterious voice, surprisingly it was strangely calming. "'Bout damn time they came" said Sgt.Helving. "What, who is coming?" asked Pvt.Wallace. "Them" said Helving as he saw the pelican in the distance.
      "Not yet you didn't, hold on we are on our way" said John into his radio. As the pelican came roaring to the ground the cockpit began to shudder. "We will be touching down in five minutes" said the pilot. "Good" replied John "Spartans, suit up in five." "Roger" replied everyone. Almost all of the Spartans died on Planet Reach when it fell. John, Linda, Fred, Kelly, and Will were all that are left of their dying breed. John still regrets not helping his Spartans out back at Reach, but all that is in the past and there is still a future to write. Suddenly, the pelican came to a screeching halt and the cargo bay door opened, "Spartans go, go, go" ordered John.
      "Fred take the right post, Will take the left and Linda you come with me" said John. "Roger" replied Fred, "Yes sir" replied Will, "Got ya' back" replied Linda. "Glad you came to help," said Helving "we sure could use it, sir" "Glad to help Sergeant." replied John. "I'll keep watching the covenant battle net, so we don't get surprised" said Cortana. "Anything coming our way, Cortana?" asked John. "Not yet...wait...two banshees coming from our left." "Fred, take those out" said John over his com channel. Fred's acknowledging light lit up in John's HUD. Fred hefted the Jackhammer rocket launcher and fired two rounds. Two Banshees fell to the ground smoldered from the rocket rounds.
      As the fighting waged on thousands of shell casings littered the ground. Grunt, Jackal, Elite, and human bodies lay across the battle field, ground as red as the evening sun. After night rose, the covenant began to retreat from the battle. "Phew, glad that is over" Helving said relieved. "Yes, for now, but they will be back," replied John "Fred" "Yes sir?" replied Fred. "Take Will and Linda and scan the area for wounded and any ammo you can find." John ordered. "Yes sir" replied Fred. "Chief," said Helving interrupting ", we have some intelligence of a covenant strong hold just 100,000 meters west from this position." "Sergeant, tell me in explicit detail of this strong hold," said John ", we maybe able to find a weakness with in it." "I've seen the strong hold, sir" said Pvt. Wallace "but it is nearly impossible to break into; you couldn't get within 100 feet without being detected" "We shall see, Private you will take us to this base" replied John "But..........yes sir" Wallace said depressingly. "That's weird," said Cortana puzzled ", that building was old Longsword bunker that was decommissioned in 2521. I wonder why the covenant are there." "Then we better find out." replied John.
      "Here is what we do we will enter the base from here and slowly make our way to here, the armory, that is where we set up two havoc nukes. After that we only have a minute before the nukes detonate and we have to be long gone before then. Got it?" explained John. "Yes sir" replied everyone "When we get to the base, Wallace, I want you to keep an eye on the radio incase we need back up" John added "Of course sir" "Alright everybody we move out at dawn."

0600 hours, January 15, 2553 (Military Calendar)
Planet Earth, Unknown location West of New Mombasa

      "When we get in, Privet, get back to the camp and rally the men." said John. "Yes sir" replied Wallace. "Let's move, hand signals from here on out." ordered John; he saw 3 acknowledge lights light up on his HUD. Good, at least they were ready. The strong hold Wallace was talking about was heavily guarded. Elite snipers watched from the towers as Jackals patrolled the main gate. The grunts just sat around sniffing the air, acting like they didn't have a care in the world. 'Perfect' thought John 'they are not expecting us.' He rose up two fingers and pointed to the Elites in the tower. Linda went ahead while the others stayed back; John knew she could get the job done with her silenced SRS99C-S2 AM. Linda was the sniper of the operation; she could hit the head of a bumblebee 100 miles away without flinching. The next thing John heard was two silenced gun shots and the Elite snipers fell three stories to the ground dead. "Alright Spartans," said John over his masked COM channel ", ready up; we're moving out"