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Zanzibar-Chapter 6
Posted By: 343 Salty Beans<hockyfreak5@yahoo.com>
Date: 13 June 2004, 1:28 AM

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Author's Note: Yes, I know this section has less quality than the others. It was late, I was tired, and my balls REALLY itched. So stop bitching.

      Fred knew he was in trouble. The thing that had tackled him was now gripping his midsection and chewing through his armor with ferocity by the time he had hit the back wall of the shaft. He grabbed the SMG out of it's holster and fired at full auto-not an easy thing to do while tumbling down an elevator shaft with the wind knocked out of you. The Brute howled and loosened it's grip, and Fred grabbed the elevator cable and held on for his life.
      The Brute slowly slipped down his torso to his thighs, then knees, and finally his ankle. Fred directed his fire at the beast's enormous head. Bullets whined through it's skull, and it slid limply off his boots and into the darkness below. The Spartan holstered his SMG and gripped the cable with both gauntlets and was narrowly missed by a second falling Brute. His hands burned as the rope dug into the gloves.
      He slowly came to a halt and breathed a sigh of relief...until the steel rope he clung to started moving down. He looked under him and saw the elevator racing upwards, ready to crush him.
      Fred reacted quicker than he thought he would. He switched to the second cable, the one going up, just as his boots were brushing the top of the car. He landed on top, crouched over the emergency exit on the ceiling, and pried it open. Three Elites and a few Jackals had their plasma weapons at the ready, probably heading towards the battle he had just left (albeit by force). He wasn't going to let them do it.
      He primed a frag grenade, counted to three, and let it drop through the escape hatch. An Elite looked up, wondering what had hit him in the head, and was about to fire at the Spartan when the explosive blew him to bloody ribbons.
      Fred breathed a sigh of relief and dropped into the car. Purple blood, Covenant armor, and a few bits of flesh were squashed under his boots as the sounds of battle echoed down the shaft. He readied his battle rifle and stood near the door, aching to be back with his teammates. They needed him right now.

      Linda grunted in pain as a Brute dealt her a powerful blow with the sharp, menacing blade on it's weapon. Her shields held though, and she struggled to level her long-barreled S2 AM sniper's rifle, which wasn't exactly suited for close-range combat. The razor-sharp blade flashed again, and her weapon was knocked aside. The beast leveled it's own weapon while backpedaling and pulled the trigger.
      Time blurred as she threw herself to the side. The projectile missed by mere centimeters and detonated on the far wall. Chunks of concrete rained down and further cluttered the already messy battle. Linda's teeth shook.
      By now she had completed her roll, and had landed on one knee, her sight squarely on the massive alien's chest. The Brute's body armor pockmarked with four inch-wide holes, and blood splattered onto the deck. It dropped like a sack of bricks.       Linda ditched her sniping weapon and unslung the battle rifle. A Brute had Will pinned to the ground and was busy trying to punch his visor in. Fortunately, the Spartan had squirmed away from a great deal of the blows, and the beast had put holes in the concrete that could have been mistaken for mortar shell craters. A half-clip was sufficient to pulverize anything resembling a head.

      John backed off from the beast that had been harassing Kelly and used his greater mobility to begin circling the alien. Kelly did likewise, and the Brute gave a frustrated roar as rounds pinged off its body armor. It bellowed as a bullet sliced a semicircle of flesh out of it's thigh and flung its arm the Chief.
      John hit the concrete behind him, pulverizing some of it into dust. His shield bar blinked red and a warning flashed across his HUD. He rolled to the left and ducked behind an instacrete pillar. An explosion echoed through the chamber, and bits of rock and dust clogged the air. Another one shook the pillar he was taking cover behind; it crumbled and cracked.
      A third knocked the pillar away, and sent the Spartan a full five meters down the corridor. He ducked under a concrete slab and activated his commandeered energy blade.
The Brute roared and sent another projectile down the hallway. Kelly cried out over the COM, then went silent.
      John jumped out from his cover and raced towards the alien. It stood over a Spartan's limp form in triumph and gave a bellow of triumph and raised its weapon, blade-down.