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Brief Forerunner History
Posted By: 121 Guilty-Weezel
Date: 8 December 2004, 4:28 PM

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In the beginning.....
64.975 Million Years: Height of Forerunner society, exploration and colonization of thousands of worlds. Forerunners are the dominant life in the galaxy, no world that is visited by them contains any significant intelligent life. Looking inward the design of sentient machines occurs, Forerunners have made a companion in the universe and for a time they are satisfied analyzing, observing other planets. Soon however the need for a more free willed and independent being emerges.

64.979 Million Years: Forerunners encounter the first of a primitive space society, soon others emerge, the Forerunners greet them with open arms sharing knowledge and skills having watched most of them develop the Forerunners take a position of father and of lonely stranger. Knowledge is exchanged freely, genetics, ships, medicine, all the knowledge the Forerunners have. Soon however, the Forerunners learn the lesson on good intentions.

64.98 Million Years: War, the word had never been udder before. The Forerunners did not know what was happening; several of the younger races began fighting among each other. Weapons were built, the knowledge gained from the Forerunners was perverted, genetic maps used to show evolutionary chains were used to create devastating diseases, whole societies crumbled, species wiped out. The Forerunners put forth their best efforts into stopping these wars. However years of fighting continued and worlds began to burn. Within all the chaos came the goal unifying the galaxy, the Forerunners who felt the full weight of responsibility began working towards that with all of their efforts. Genetics proved the answer, building upon the years of study of the primitive worlds, the Forerunners formulated a plan to set right the galaxy, unity of all being, the suffering of none.

64.984 Million Years: Gravemind, it wasn't called that in the beginning but it is what it became known as. It's purpose was to unify the younger races by genetically sharing the knowledge and differences in all of them. At first the plan began to bear fruit, the younger race began to accept each other, the plagues that were released slowly dropped off into oblivion, some reports of thought to be dead relatives began surface. The Forerunners knowledge had brought the galaxy to war, now it had brought them to peace.

64.985 Million Years: It is not sure how it came about but perhaps the pulsating knowledge of spilt blood, hatred, mutation, or perhaps it simply waited for it's time, the Gravemind struck. It began to spread, hitting all the locations where it was released simultaneously. Worlds began to be consumed; anything with sufficient biomass was absorbed. The Forerunners and the younger races that were not infected began to attempt to contain them; the fight slow began to overwhelm them.

64.99 Million Years: The Forerunners nearly exhausted from the fight with what had now been named "The Flood" began to think of final options. The Flood had consumed nearly 80% of the Forerunner and younger races, the armies of both where nearly destroyed. The Forerunners formulated a final plan, due to their arrogants and ignorant the galaxy was going to be destroyed and they must insure that this would not happen. Using the last of the resources at their disposal they ordered robot workers to create 7 outposts, the specifications were of enormous size and mass. Entire worlds were stripped for the material to manufacture these outposts and in the time it had taken to build these structures the Flood had consumed nearly all of the Forerunner known galaxy.

64.999 Million Years: The Forerunners were now ready, the habitat of the outposts provided the only place where Forerunners could find shelter from the Flood, but however the Gravemind knew this as well. The Flood began attacking the outposts, in the last minute before the oblivion, the outposts were activated.

65 Million Years: Mass extinction on Earth, and elsewhere in the galaxy, the Flood had been eliminated, as well as any sufficient bio-mass to reproduce them. The outposts were silent. However the Flood did remain, remnants of the attackers on the rings still existed. There was much debate of what to do with them, it was decided that it should never have come to this ultimate choice, that if we study the Flood there might be a better solution. The Forerunners, their glorious history in ruins began to try to correct their foolish mistake.

65 Million Years: The Forerunners were alone; the silence which they knew from the beginning was now theirs again. Against this darkness came hope, the Forerunners who knowledge has destroyed all they know would now do one last deed. The genetic records that were meticulously collected for thousands of years were scoured. The last of the great ships was built to house what the Forerunners felt was their atonement. Worlds were visited; worlds who's populations were wiped out. These worlds were seeded and in time would produce a sentient being.

65.1 Million Years: Dwindling in numbers the Forerunners sowed one last planet, a small blue orb around a yellow star, Earth. The Forerunner decided that they would place on this planet the undiluted genetic code of themselves. The hope would be that they would surpass where they failed and in time would not repeat the mistakes that they made.