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Tip of the Spear Part I
Posted By: Wesmed91
Date: 19 September 2007, 11:37 pm

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This is my first fanfic so bear with me, please. Also tell me what you think of the story. My email address is Wesmed91@yahoo.com

Tip of the Spear Part I


Somewhere in the rolling hills of a planet called Juno IV.
January 9,2544 0939 hours

This was Corporal Luke Van Dyke's first mission against the Covenant slime. His SR992-AM sniper rifle, and M7 SMG were two of 3 things he carried with him, apart from ammo, water, and MREs (Meals ready to eat). The other thing was a small metal cross dangling from his neck on a chain. His spotter was a small Anglo-Chinese man Lance Corporal Rick Lee, who carried a BR55 Battle Rifle, and his spotter scope. The two were both fresh out of the Sniper School located at New Washington City, on Mars, they had graduated at the top of their class, and had earned this special assignment.
The Covenant had assaulted the Juno system 9 months before, and Juno IV was the last not glassed planet in the system. The UNSC had sent a fleet of 400 ships to attack the 150 covenant ships in orbit around the planet, they had arrived on January 3 and the Covenant ships had all been destroyed, but at the cost of 200 UNSC ships. The Covenant ground forces had been cut off from retreat by the last of the human air defenses.
The aliens had a massive ground force on the planet, 300,000 grunts, 200,000 Jackals, 500 hunters, and 50,000 Elites. That was over half a million Covenant infantrymen, supported by 600 Wraiths, 500 banshees, 200 Shadows and 2500 Ghosts, all manned by an 3900 elites. The Covenant had enough ammo to last their army 3 years if need be.
That's where Luke and Rick came in. The aliens controlled all but 1000 square kilometers, the UNSC controlled the capital, Rochester, and the surrounding towns, and villages. The covenant were launching an offensive to take the road into the city. Twenty ODSTs, 16 Navy SpecOps soldiers(Not SPARTANS), and 100 Marines lay in camouflaged fox holes along the road, only 10 miles from enemy lines.
Intel said that the initial force of Covenant was 700 Elites on foot, 2000 Jackals, 40 Hunters, and 3600 Grunts supported by 14 wraiths, 90 Ghosts, 9 banshees, and 88 shadows carrying supplies.
The thunder of the Covenant army marching, and driving got closer, and Luke could see the dust from their infanrymen's marching feet through his sniper scope. Luke's job was to slow the convoy down, so the city's defenders could mobilize in time. The first wraith tank hit a Lotus anti tank mine, making it explode and spout blue flame, that looked oddly beautiful, sort of looked like a fountain featuring a statue of a naked women, that he'd seen in a museum on Mars during a weekend of R&R. The convoy kept moving. They were 100 meters from the ambush point when a wing of banshees came and sprayed the road with plasma fire pulverizing the Lotus mines the Marines had placed on the road. In response, almost on cue, a wing of Longsword fighters came to the scene and fired their missiles at the banshees killing all of them, and then dropped bombs on the convoy, killing 5 of the shadows, all of the wraiths, and a large sum of Grunts, along with 19 of the Ghosts.
Luke aimed his rifle at a golden colored elite, a zealot, the commander of the Covenant's vanguard to the city, most likely, who had jumped out of a flaming shadow's cockpit.
"Oh Merciful God, the Almighty, guide my aim fair and true, and so that I may send this son of a bitch back to you,"he prayed quietly in a sing song voice, he was 100 percent serious, and applied the 4 pounds of pressure required to pull the trigger, with his right index finger. The crack of the rifle surprised him, as he was supposed to let it come as a surprise, so his marksmanship instructors had told him. The zealot dropped, his energy shields failed on the impact of the 14.5mm bullet, and sprayed a blue elite behind him with gore, as soon as the zealot was down Luke fired another shot, killing the blue elite.
The ODSTs and Navy guys popped out of their foxholes with rocket launchers, and murdured 72 shadows. The Marines then popped up with rocket launchers as well, and killed the rest of the Shadows, and all of the Hunters. The Remaining 71 ghosts were downed with a second salvo from the ODSTs and Navy SpecOps soldiers. Luke continued sniping the remaining elites until his ammo ran out- he killed 120 of them, then he took Lee's BR55 and attached a 5x scope to it and commenced sniping again with the gun's 3 round burst function. In 90 minutes the battle was over.

Chapter One coming probably on Sunday. Peace OUT.