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The Rise of the Imperium: Part 3
Posted By: Imperorator_Jon
Date: 20 May 2006, 4:08 am

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Joseph Brandenburg looked out of the limosine window and saw the downtown slums of the city. The sights were bleak, sick people who couldn't afford medicine, war veterans turned beggar. Joseph turned his sight from the slum inhabitants and heard the faint beeping of a cell phone call. He pulled out the cell phone and said in his usual calm tone, "Yes?" "There is a snitch that is going to tell the police about our deal!"

      On the rare occasion, Joseph's eyes took a dark glint. "Who is it?" "It's Leon himself! He's really burnt, but the cops have him in local prison, at least until the official trial." Joseph responded in his serious tone, the tone he always used when he made a decision "Then we kill him, in front of the cameras, in front of everybody. This is where we will take our stand. This is where we show the goverment it is us, not the goverment, who are charge!" Joseph hung the phone up and said to the limosine driver "Take us to the local Covenant boarding house. I have some calls to make."

      When the limosine stopped in front of a large apartment, a first glance would have thought it was a building set for demolishment. That was the standard of living for Covenant workers, however. Joseph walked to the front door and didn't even have to knock, the door was wide open and covered in mold. Inside of the halls, two Sanghelli were being beaten by three human police. The first cop made a rude hand gesture to a Sanghelli that appeared to have a dark right eye. The guard then spoke to the same Sanghelli in a snide manner "See what you get for being in human territory?! This is what you get for attacking humanity!" he kicked the Sanghelli once more and it coughed up blood. Joseph cleared his throat and the same guard was flanked by the two other guards, clearly lackies.

      "Who the hell are you? Another weirdo who wants to 'help the poor creatures?" the guard used a snide and insulting tone for his quote. Joseph had enough of that man, he was going to be calm however. "Leave the Sanghelli alone." "Says who?!" "I say so, and it would be best if you just leave these people alone." the guard gave a disgusted look at the word "people". "What makes you think these things are people?" Joseph then gave a smile "Well you shure as hell aren't." The guard gave a deep look of hatred. "Why you son of a bitch! Hey guys, I think this guy counts on the act of conspiring to assault and officer of the law. Let's teach him who's boss!"

      The two flunkies ran forward and pulled Bowie knives, clearly non-standard issue. The first went high with his knife to John, while the other tried to go for Kyle's legs. John pulled out his Guardian pole, which was a modified stun staff modified to give a paralyzing shock at each end. John jammed it into the crooked cop's face and the thug went down as the sharp end piercing into the skull and fried the thug's brains.

      Kyle jumped up and ran up the man's shirt. Kyle's left leg swung across the man's face and destroyed the man's jaw. The man flipped to the side and slammed into the wall, his skull spreading a clear downward streak of blood. The leader cop stared as both of his thugs were clearly killed.

      As the leader thug began to run, he ran into the Sanghelli who was in a torn white workshirt and a pair of floppy green jeans. The Sanghelli snorted in the officer's face and said "Remember how you said I was a worthless and unwelcome piece of shit? How I didn't matter? Guess what, you're the worthless one now!" with that the Sanghelli punched the officer in the jaw and as the officer stumbled back, he bumped into the second Sanghelli. The second snorted and grabbed the officer by the neck, "Squirm you piece of trash! Squirm! Feel the air leaving your lungs!" Joseph had seen enough, "Drop him. I know we can use him to destroy the real problem in this city!"

      The Sanghelli stared at Joseph and said to him into a dark tone, "Why should I listen to a nameless human?" Joseph used his talents and gave the Sanghelli a sense of trust to Joseph. "How 'bout we start this off on a friendly note?" the Sanghelli gave a small smile and released the gasping officer, who fell to the floor unconcious. "Sure. How about names? I am known as Nosa Fira'Mar. You may call me Norse." Joseph smiled "I am Joseph Brandenburg, you can call me Joseph."

      Joseph then looked at the officer, he walked over to the body and checked the badge. He saw on the badge that he was a cheif of police for the city. Joseph asked the second Sanghelli, "What is your name?" the second Sanghelli had a tougher tone, "I am known as Pola I'anara. You may call me Polsh."

      Joseph smiled, "Norse, could you please take the officer to an empty room? Before you do that, could you tell me why the cheif of police would want to go to here specifically?" Norse seemed to be hesitant, "Well, the humans found out that us Seperatists were planning to attack the local prison and free our imprisoned brothers. We have stockpiled hundreds of weapons in the basement." Joseph felt a strange twinge as his objectives were almost the exact same, "I also have to attack the local prison, mabye we could both work together to accomplish our goals?"

      Polsh smiled at Joseph, "You and the commander, I mean Norse, can attack the station with the others, I will guard the prisoner." Polsh motioned to the Cheif of Police's unconcious body. The Sanghelli opened a door and two Kig-yar ran out to carry the body into a locked room. The Sanghelli closed the door and Norse motioned for Joseph to follow him into the basement.

      The inside of the basement had dozens of crates that were marked "Foodstuffs". Joseph saw an opened case that, upon closer inspection, carried the shield-generating wristbands, Plasma Rifles, Plasma Pistols, BR55s, M19 SSM Rocket Launchers, M90 Shotguns, a dozen MA5Bs, and even a pair of S2 AM Sniper Rifles. Joseph saw a crate marked "Car Parts". Joseph pried open the box and found a M41 LAAG inside of it. He searched through the cavern and found a subway tunnel. He remember that there was an abandoned tunnel network that led underneath the city, the police station must have also been connected.

      Joseph heard a honk and saw a M12 LRV converted to an APC. The back was an armored box that had Norse waiting outside of. Norse and Joseph quickly ran inside of the small APC and Joseph saw six Sanghelli in immaculate white armor along with three fellow humans, beside his Royal Guardsmen, that also were in white armor. Apparently other humans were against the corrupt goverment.

      Norse pulled out a small round object as the small caravan of Warthogs advanced through the tunnel network. Norse threw the object on the ground of the APC and a holographic image showed the police station from the tunnel up. The first stage of the plan was underway by a subway train smashin through the wooden barricade at full speed. The train would crash into the station and the squad would enter into the wake of the crash. The small team of Warthogs was a team of four, the first three were APC warthogs, the fourth was a supply warthog that carried enough explosives and ammunition that were meant for the final phase of the attack. The explosives would be placed in the prison section of the complex and when the police station was captured, the old UNSC flag would be raised and explosives would be set up around the pure-gold statue of the governer. The charges would destroy the symbol of Coalition power and be a true sign that the ideals of the UNSC lived on!