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That Old Feeling Ch:4 The Next Generation
Posted By: !viva!<vivabrad@hotmail.com>
Date: 9 December 2005, 4:42 pm

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That Old Feeling Ch: 4 The Next Generation.

Sorry people but it might be awhile before i submit the next chapter due to personal issues....sorry again.. please feel free to give my your opinion to help improve my story. Anyway here's chapter 4 enjoy...viva

June 18 2560
Sol system.
Nearing the Bridge of the Flood-held carrier in Geo-synch orbit over Denver.

A torrent of bullets fly though the open door shredding flood where they stand in a matter of seconds. Tendrils of smoke trails slowly form the massive Spartan. Standing around 8 feet tall with the muscles and firepower to match, Brad-202 is by far one of the most intimidating Spartan that ever graduated form the program.
A low whistle emits form his more normal size companion, ODST Private First Class Simmons.
"Wow where can I get me one of those babies." The sandy blonde, blue green eyed Marine said.
The Spartan glanced at his right arm. From the elbow down was a massive 8 barrel mini-gun.
"What this thing?" Brad couldn't keep the amusement out of his voice.
Jets of pressurized gas hissed form just below Brad's right elbow and the mini-gun dropped to the floor.

The marine's eyes widen and he swallowed slowly.
"I-I thought that was your arm..." Simmons stammered.
The Spartan stopped flexing his right hand and tilted his head to the side. His V-shaped black visor hiding his face. "Well it's yours if you can pick it up."
Simmons's swallowed again and glanced at the weapon. It had to be twice as long as a Jackhammer and twice as heavy too.
"Umm....that-that-s okay. I'll umm stick with my rifle."

Brad stopped flexing his hand and let it drop to his side. "It was empty anyway. Delta Five to Delta Leader."
A pause.
Sam's voice crackled over the com "Delta Leader here, what have you got?"
"Beside's some Ex-Flood? Nothing much. This way's clear."
"Copy that. Sit tight for minute. Delta Two and Delta Three are still clearing the port side entrance." The com clicked off.

Simmons glanced around nervously. "So umm now what?"
His eyes darting form shadow to shadow afraid of the flood lurking in every corner. The giant spartan walked up and placed a hand on the marines shoulder trying to calm him. It didn't help that his hand was large enough to wrap around over half of the marine's head. "We wait." the Spartan spoke in a impassive voice.

The Carrier form exploded along with the 10 other glowing needles embedded in it tossing infection forms though the air. They never made it to the deck as 5 mm rounds tore though them form the Spartan's SMG. The spartan then snapped it's leg out to the left.
"Heads up!" Becca-211 called out as her foot made contact with the leaping combat form in midair sending it flying backwards to her other Spartan III companion.
Angie-204 spun around slashing her scythe and gutting the combat form in the process.

"Really...I don't see why your so insistent on not carrying a melee weapon." Angie spoke while empting the rest of the clip in her battle fire into a swarm of Infection forms.
"Simple. Why should I carry the extra weight when I have my teammates to cover my back."
Angie laughed as Becca took out the last infection form. It was no secret that Becca was close to Angie's older brother , Brad.
""Delta Three to Leader, area clear. "
"Copy. Hold your fire. We are approaching from your six."

The door to the bridged opened. Will raised his MA5B and panned over the Control Center. All he saw were dead flood. Some were riddled with bullets, while other's had been cut up, but there were a handful that looked as if there were ripped limb form limb. His eyes finally rested on Brad and Simmons.
"Its all clear." Will spoke to the group behind him and moved in with everyone else on the human team.
Sam walked right up to the big spartan and looked up into Brad's visor.
"I gave you a order to wait. Your com system better be malfunctioning solider." Sam's voice carried strong sense of authority over the younger Spartan.
Brad straightened and stared dead ahead.
"Sir! My Com system if running fine sir! You told me to wait for a sixty seconds and I did, Sir! The Spartan said briskly.
Sam suddenly laughed. It wasn't the first time the Spartan deliberately gotten into trouble. The huge Spartan seemed to like the phyiscal punishment given out to minor infractions, and Sam did tell him to wait a minute, if not in the context that Brad took it.

A few min's later the doors opened again and the Arbiter, The Elite pilot and the Magi brothers stumbled into the bridge. Only them.
John walked up and looked around. "Where's the rest of your team?"
The Arbiter looked weary but spoke anyway. "Dead. I lost the last of the Unggoy 3 units ago." The Arbiter sat down against the wall and tried to catch his breath. "Did your team find anything human?" The Arbiter asked.
John opened his mouth to answer when at that moment the ship rumbled and dots of green light surrounded the view screens as the Carrier leapt into Slipspace.