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That Old Feeling Chapter 2: Reunion, Part 3
Posted By: !viva!<vivabrad@hotmail.com>
Date: 1 December 2005, 8:50 pm

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That Old Feeling Chapter 2: Reunion , Part 3

June 18 2560
Earth 8 miles South-southwest of Denver

"FIRE AT WILL!" Spartan-117 barked in the com.
The air filled with flying lead chopping down human combat forms before they could get a quarter of the way up the hill. A flash of light and a dull rumble echoed form the other side of the clearing.
'GET DOW-". The rocket slammed into the hill blowing the marine 30 feet backwards and landing with a sick crunch.

Fred slammed a new clip into his MA5B and immediately blew out the chest of a combat form that got close. The problem was, the Flood were getting to close. His motion tracker flashed contacts to his left. Fred rolled to his right and fired both his Assault rifle and SMG into the infections forms that were advancing form the side. Shards of wet skin popped up into the air as the bullets rip right though their frail bodies. With that taken care of he turned his attention back to the slope below him. A carrier form rushed headlong to meet him.
Fred raised his weapons to fire when the carrier form was suddenly struck by a flurry of glowing purple needles. The Spartan ducked his head down as a familiar whine echoed form his left. The needler round exploded followed a half second later by another explosion form a fuel rod cannon vaporizing the Infection forms inside.

The Flood stopped in their charge and turned to their right flank confused. Flood forms then started to drop all over the clearing. Combat forms dropping in mid stride as single carbine rounds tore though their chest cavities. Swarms of infection forms popped off like firecrackers as rounds of needlers set off chain reactions.

The Arbiter roared "Leave none standing!" while he sent a carbine round though a carrier form , setting it off and in turn setting off the plasma grenade stuck to it too.
A combat form leaped high in the air intent on striking down the one of the Magi brother's. It's efforts were foiled when it was smacked out of midair by the Hunter's shield and crushed underfoot.

Eventually the tide of Flood slowly stemmed and finally when the last infection form was crushed under the chiefs's green boot, a eerie silence fell over the clearing.
A ODST looked around quickly "I-i-is it over?"
"It looks like it.." responded one of the three surviving elites.
"Linda can you spot anymore flood in the area?" John called cautiously.

Linda swung her rifle around slowly trying to spot any hostiles. She couldn't find anything, yet something was wrong. "No Master Chiefs. All hostiles seem to have been neutralized." She hesitated a heartbeat before adding. "But Sir, be advised that unidentified forces seem to in the area." though her powerful scope she had witnessed Combat forms sliced in two by some unseen force. Carrier forms jerk violently as hundreds of holes blasted though them with no visible source, and sounds of gunfire from up ahead.

John waved ahead, and slowly lead the assault team carefully towards the abandoned dropship. After a though inspection no flood were found hidden and it appeared to in working order. He had just got done inspecting the cockpit, when the sound of weapons bringing up to bear, and the squeal of a startled grunt echoed outside. He turned and rushed out raising his rifle too. Then he saw them.

Standing before them seemed to be five additional Spartans. They were clad in armor similar to their MJOLNIR VI. Standing in the rear was a impossibly massive Spartan. The Spartan could look a brute in the eye and looked like it could match one in strength too. In the Spartan's left hand was what looked like was a archaic metal sword stained with green blood, and it's right arm ended into what looked like some type of mini-gun.

A smaller Spartan stood to its left. This Spartan was about as tall as John. It was leaner than John though. John blinked a few times trying to figure out why this Spartan was carrying what looked like to be a scythe. But it moved with a type a of silent grace. He couldn't tell if that was's the armor's doing or the skills of the person wearing the armor.

He turned his eyes next to the other Spartan beside the brute-sized one. This Spartan carried a SMG and a Needler in both hands. It stood around 7 feet tall and was of normal size. In terms of a Spartan. Though this Spartan's armor was more dented than the others showing that either this spartan had seen more combat, or was more reckless than the others.

He finally turn his attention to the final two spartans and froze. He recognized Kelly immediately. He was about to speak when the last spartan spoke.

"Long time no see John." Sam replied.