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That Old Feeling Chapter Two Reunion Part Two
Posted By: !viva!<vivabrad@hotmail.com>
Date: 29 November 2005, 6:54 pm

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Hope you are enjoying the story so far. I know its not much nor as good as some of the others. Anyway. I kinda feel strange having to split the second chapter up into three parts, but I'm making this up as I go. Anyway just a heads up to be prepared for the main perpestive to shift. ohh and feel free to share your thoughts and comments. I'm new at this. so enough rambling here's part two of Reunion

That Old Feeling Chapter Two: Reunion part Two

June 18 2560
Sol System, onboard ONI Prowler nicknamed "Shadow III" in slingshot
orbit above Earth

"Establishing Sling-Shot orbit now." The pilot called into the intercom.

The Arbiter motioned to the the center of the cargo bay. The Hunters, Eiou Magi Naku and his bond brother Orna Magi Pauo took the far outside of the disk shaped region. Elites then formed the outside ring between the two hunters with the Spartans and Marine's next.
The Grunts due to their rather weak armor were placed in the center.

"Approaching the LZ in 10!" Medders yelled.
The Shadow III rumbled and the heat notably rose as the ship plowed though the upper atmosphere. The Elites switched to their swords and faced outward.

"Beginning drop, hold on tight!" the intercom blared. The floor suddenly glowed a light purple and motes of yellow surrounded the team. Then in a flash they were gone. Medders checked his controls and confirmed that the team at least made it surfaced side, and pulled out to the cold dark vacuum of space.

June 18
Mission Time: 1305
Earth, ten miles south-southwest of Denver.

A combat form stretched what remained of its head up at the glowing red streak across the sky. Suddenly a ring of purple light surrounded it and it was ripped apart as atoms appeared betweened its own forceing them aside.

"Bah..I think I step in something." Growled a Elite. A grunt chittered behind him laughing.
"Scout out the immediate area and secure a perimeter." Arbiter barked. Two of the Elites disappeared and stalked into the shadows of the forest in which they landed.
The Chief looked around finding it hard to believe that this use to be Earth. Everything was overgrown with sickly looking green mounds. He couldn't help but be reminded of massive tumors. A testament to the cancer the Flood really are. He checked his equipment again while they waiting for the all-clear. They didn't have to wait long.

Two screams echoed throughout the trees,
followed by a several throaty growls. A few of the grunts opened fired in random direction out of panic. Trees and plants exploded in flashes of purple and green light. "HOLD YOUR FIRE!" the Arbiter yelled over the chaos. Slowly the grunts regained their composure and their fire slacked off. "My team establish a perimeter around the Landing Zone. Get ready for the Welcoming Commitee." John
"What? No girls in grass skirts?" one ODST said to his buddy.
"This is Colorado not Hawaii dumbass." his friend responded.
"Your a dumbass!" the first marine retorted.
Johnson turned to the marines. "Your both dumbasses so shut up and watch your fields." The Spartans and Marines spread out in a loose circle slowly
sweeping their weapons from side to side. A squeal echoed though the air as grunt dropped under the weight of 5 infection forms. "Hold still!" another grunt called and tried to pry them off but it was too late. The struggling grunt pushed away his freind and detonated a plamsa gernade taking the Infections forms with him. Gunfire erupted all over the place as human combat forms streamed
into the small clearing howling for blood. Even though the Flood had the element of surprise they soon fell by the dozens to the fuel rod cannons and needlers. Then as suddenly as the attack has started it was over.
John lowered his rifle and looked over the scene of the battle. Less than 15 minutes in and they had already had lost two elites and three grunts. It was not looking good.


Flight Officer Medders powered down the systems of the Shadow and it ran dark. "I've got the easy part..unlike those poor bastards." he thought. Medders reclined in the chair closed his eyes to try and relax. Suddenly the ship lurched violently throwing him out of his
seat. "What the he-" alarms wailed throughout the small bridge declaring a hull breach. Medders regained his footing and stared at the controls trying to find out what had happened. Something had rammed him. He turned and tapped the controls to the door. He didn't even have time to open his mouth to scream before he was buried in a
tide of infection forms.

The Strike team moved silently throughout the forest slowly making there way to Denver. The Glowing purple column of the grav lift stretched high up into the sickly greenish sky. The Teams had already splited up leaving the Human's time to scout ahead. "How much longer? I want to get off this hell-hole." whined a marine who was quickly silenced by a low growl form Johnson.
Linda's voice suddenly crackled over the com."There is a dropship just behind this hill. It looks intact, hardly any
hostiles..........I think." "Understood. Hold position and pick off any targets that are at a good distance." John ordered. "Okay lets do this silent. Keep your targets in sight and fire on my command."
The humans silently crept up the hill under the protective eye of Linda.

Linda glanced at the team to make sure they were in position then turned back to her target. A human combat form mulling around by the dropship. She watched it for a few seconds before taking aim. Not at its head nor at the heart. Her aim drifted to the left side of the combat form's chest. Right on top of where a few of the creatures
feelers poked out of the molted flesh. It turned it back to her and strolled a few more steps. She tracked it slowly never leaving her sight off of the Combat form's weakness. It turned. She smiled to herself and rested her finger on the trigger. She started to squeeze it, then the combat form jerked violently and fell as the retort of
a SMG echoed throughout the valley.

"I didn't give the command!" John growled at the ODSTs seeing how his Spartans wouldn't make that mistake. The Marines glared back at him, none of them had a SMG out. He frowned and was about to say something when he motion tracker flashed red right behind him. He whirled around to fire and was rewarded by a splash of fluid green blood and a combat form sliced in two across the chest. For a
moment he thought that the rebels had caught up , then he noticed that he didn't see a energy sword. He didn't have long to thing about it though as the Flood came. "FIRE AT WILL!"