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That Old Feeling Chapter 2 Reunion Part I
Posted By: !viva!<vivabrad@hotmail.com>
Date: 23 November 2005, 5:59 pm

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That Old Feeling

Chapter 2: Reunion part I

June 14 2560
Centarui System, Second Earth

The Master Chief calmly looks over his squad. 3 Spartans, and 4 ODSTs. The ODSTs might have been a problem due to their hatred for the Spartans, they might that is if they weren't be led by Sergeant Avery Johnson. He reviewed again the ODSTs record. Apparently they all had Boren Syndrome, the only known way to resist the flood. He
cast a glance to the side looked over the second squad.

The Arbiter frowned as he looks over his soldiers. Two Hunters, 5 Elites and 12 Grunts. According to orders they were the heavy fire power in this op. He had requested that all Elites carry a Energy sword, along with Carbines. The projectile weapons work much better on the flood if you know where to fire. Six of the grunts carried fuel rod cannons while the other half sporting needlers. They weren't taking any chances. The plan was simple, land on Earth and his squad will provide a distraction to give the humans a chance to secure a dropship. They could've'e boarded the craft itself, but unless they could immediately secure the grav lift and hangar bay then they
were in for one hell of a fight. The Arbiter clicks his lower jaws once then turns to his squad to review the plan one more time.

The Chief looks over the Arbiter as the Elite address his soldiers. The plan was risky. Due to the nature of the mission His squad couldn't rely on heavy firepower and still be mobile enough to strike. After years of combat against the Flood the simple flanking tactic proved to be the most effective. The Spartans and ODSTs would engage the enemy with MA5B Assault rifles and SMGs. While in the
meantime the Rebels would come up form a angle and pound the approaching flood with heavy weapons and accurate fire.

At the set time the Strike team set out for the Landing pads. The quickly boarded a ONI Prowler. The craft lifted off and broke orbit. Once past Centarui 3's gravity well. It leapt into slipstream.

Dec 1 2525

Location: Unknown..

Sam's eyes opened slowly. And was startled to notice that he was lying in a warm bed.Something was wrong. "Shouldn't I be dead?" thought the Spartan. He closed his eyes shut for a moment then opened them slowly.

"Are you okay son?" a strangely familiar voice said for his left. Sam turned his head and gaped in disbelief. Standing in the tent's entrance was was none other than Chief Petty Officer Mendez. Mendez cracked a small grin behind his Sweet William cigar that stuck out form the right side of his mouth.

Sam immediately tried to snap to attention but the movement sent a sharp pain though his body.

"He shouldn't do that." Spoke another voice. Except this one was smoother and had a eerie undertone to it. Behind Chief Mendez stood a ten foot tall human or so he thought at first glance. As Sam looks closer he notices that the creature's veins pluses with a dull white light and its eyes seem to all knowing.

As if the creature could sense Sam's thought he spoke. "Do not fear Reclaimer. I am a Seeker of the Forerunner. You are on Veron, the last world of the forerunner. You were brought here to help raise the next generation of Reclaimer's called Spartans."Sam blinked not understanding "But how.." "Rest now Reclaimer." The
Seeker interrupted.
Sam hesitantly closed his eyes and fell asleep.

June 18 2560

Sol system, Approaching Earth.

A dark shape slides across space, a shadow upon a shadow. The Prowler emerges form the dark side of Luna and the view screens fill with a Covenant Assault Carrier. Dropships taxi back and forth form the open hangar bays and the planets surface.
Flight officer Medders leaned forward over the controls to peer closer at the view screens. "What are they doing?"
"That's what we are here to find out." said a male voice behind him.
Medders glanced over his shoulder and saw a Spartan standing over him. He suppressed a shudder. He didn't like the fact that he could never tell who was who with the Spartans.
"Right. Approaching Earth's atmosphere in 15." Medder said . The Spartan only response was a subtle nod. Medders hesitated for a moment. "Sir, This isn't a dropship, so how are your team going to get to the surface without me having to burn this ship up?" The Spartan turned his yellow visored helmet to the marine for a moment then pointed over to a newly installed covenant control panel. "This ship has a mini grav lift added on to it. That added to the experimental teleport system means that all you have to do is a fly by over the LZ and we will do the rest. The Flight officer nodded slowly. "Yes sir." There had been problems with the teleport system in the past. Men who reappeared inside out, or with body parts where they shouldn't be. Though it worked some of the time and had been a real asset in the Flood-War by not risking ships to be boarded. He felt sorry for the strike team. This was a suicide mission at best, but then again they had done the impossible before. Medders glanced back at a few of the controls.
"Establishing slingshot orbit now." Medder said.