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That Old Feeling Ch 1: Live to Fight Another Day
Posted By: !viva!<vivabrad@hotmail.com>
Date: 18 November 2005, 5:26 pm

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That Old Feeling

Chapter 1: Live to Fight Another Day

June 12 2560
Centarui System, Centarui 3 a.k.a Second Earth

John sat up quickly as the dream faded to the confines of his mind. He sat there for a remembering what had happened the last few years. The Fall of Reach, The battle onboard the Pillar. The fight against the Flood on the ring world Halo and its eventual destruction. He stand up and walks over to a nearby table where his Mark VI armor lays. It has been several years since the end of the Covenant War. With the help of the Rebel Covenant, the humans were able to defeat the forces of the Prophets. Though the Covenant still survives they no longer have the power to intrude upon the Human-Rebel held space. Everything seemed fine...untill the Flood showed up.

John started to don his armor as the memories continue to pour into his mind. No one really knows where they came from, some say maybe they were on the Forerunner ship that Truth took to Earth. But were ever the came form it made no diffence. The outcome was still the same. Earth was lost to the Flood. Despite the best efforts of the United Galactic Space Command, the new organization that replaced the human-only United Nations Space Command, most of Earth was lost before people started to evacuate. The Sangheili Section suggested that the planted be glassed to ensure the destruction of the parasite, but the humans couldn't stand to see their home world destroyed strongly opposed any such suggestion. Earth now considered a hostile battleground. Five assaults have been made upon the Flood-held planet but all were repelled with massive loses. John locks his helmet in place then heads outside of his quarters.

The remains of the Earth inhabitants fled to the Centarui System, the nearest one near Sol. Where the human tired to rebuild there lives on Second Earth.

Birds chip over head and the scent of pine trees flows though his filters, with the slight metallic taint of the suit. The bluish green sky lingers seems to touch the tall snow capped peaks of the Moue-Ran Mountains. John turns and heads down the rows upon row of small plastic quarters. Two blue clad elites stop and press their clenched fists to their chest and lower the heads in salute. The Spartan gives a quick nod and conties on to the mess. The large white tent rises in the middle of Alpha Base. Activity bustles around it in the first rays of the bright red sun.. Grunts tousle around outside barking and chittering in their strange tongue. Elites and human share combat stories and compare scars over warm breakfast, while Hunters stand in pairs like their own personal club conversing with their bond brothers. A few minutes later the chief , hears a familiar voice call out over the noise. He turns his head and lets himself a rare smile as he spots Linda and the other remaining spartans. John turns and starts to head over to their table when his memory of Sam's death flashes though his mind again. The chief stops for moment then shakes his head. Fred moves his tray over to let John sit down. John looks over his team. Fred and Linda chatting away while Will sits quietly over his food. John thinks about his friends that he has lost. His family. His Spartans. Fred looks over at John and notices his quietness.
"Hey everything okay Chief?" Fred asks
The Chief snaps out of his mental seclusion and stares at Fred.
"Yeah I'm fine."
Fred shrugs then reaches over and tires to pilfer a piece of sausage form Will.
His arm never makes. With blinding speed Will grabs his wrist and looks him in the eyes.
Fred laughs and says to Linda "Hey look i got him to speak!"
John was about to say something when he notices a red armored grunt standing beside the Spartans.
"Me sent by Admiral Hood. He want speak with Spartans." the grunt says.
The Spartans exchange looks with each other then rise and head to the HQ.

After a short walk the Spartans arrive at the large duracrete bunker that makes up the HQ
Two Hunter guards stand by the door on lookout for any danger. After the Spartans pass the security checks they are hurried into a the large briefing room. The room contains a large table placed in the middle where elite, hunter, human and grunt ambassadors sit talking while they for the briefing to begin.

Lord Hood stand and the congregation quiets down. Lord hood clears his throat then pauses as trying to decide how to start.
"As we know the Flood have taken over Earth." he begins.
"Our war with them has only been to drive them back to the dark pits form wince they came."
Then the Admirals eyes darken and he drags in a ragged breath.
"We have managed to keep a level of containment for over these past few years; but i'm afraid now that containment has finally been breached."
Mummers echo throughout the assembly.
Hood raises his hands to quieting them down.
"What makes it worse, is that the ship infected was not on any of our registers. Which mean's it Covenant."
A white armored elite stands up.
"Are you suggesting we will have to fight both the Prophets and the Flood? We don't have the resources to do that!"
"There are billions of Flood down there!" said the Sangheili.
Admiral Hood stares at the Elite. "Well the good news it that the Flood have not left out system. Though our intel tells up that the flood have been shuttling back and forth form the ship, but we have no clue what they are up to. So. The High Council has asked that a small strike force be assembled for a covert op. on Earth to learn what the Flood are up to."
"Sir! requesting permission to lead the op!" Master Chief said.
The assembly turns and regards the Spartans. Then another voice echoes throughout the room.
"I shall also do battle with the Parasite." Out of a secluded corner overlooked by most a decoratively armored Elite steps out. Immediately the Elites salute the Arbiter.
After several minutes a group is selected to stage the op.

I promise the next chapter will have some action in it..i just wanted to deliver a good background to the story

next chapter............Chapter 2: Reunion