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That Old Feeling Chapter 5: The Task at Hand
Posted By: !viva!<vivabrad@hotmail.com>
Date: 23 March 2006, 9:34 pm

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sorry it took so long in sending this story, been busy anyway heres the Task at Hand enjoy

That Old Feeling Chapter 5 : The Task At Hand

June 30 2060
On unknown Planet

"Damn it Hardly, MOVE!" Simmons yelled. "Those brutes are right behind us!"
Deep barks echo throughout the damp jungle that they somehow found their selves in after emerged out of slipspace and right into the middle of a Covenant Armada forcing them to jump ship in some of
the escape pods.

A scream echoes throughout the jungle and slowly falls silent.
"Shit. We lost Hardly. DAMN IT IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?!"
The com answers only with static while shadows leap overhead in the distance.

Simmons turns and hauls ass over the leaf strewn floor of the jungle occasionally turning to fire a burst form his smg at the shadows. Weaving between massive trees and plowing though thick bushes blindly Simmons tries desperately to escape.
Suddenly his foot slips and he slams down onto the leaf strewn ground.
Simmons rolls onto his back and crawls feebly to a tree and puts
his back to it swinging his weapon form shadows to shadow in panicked movements.

Jiroal face twists in what could be considered a smile, for a brute at least.
He and his pack had been toying with the two humans they found.There was some trouble up in orbit form what he heard. Something about the parasite. No matter though, not his concern. He was more focused on the humans who somehow landed on this outpost. How was the question. Jiroal turned his head of to his left where the first human was draped along the shoulder of a scarred brute. The scarred brute had brains but was loyal. Riokor would obey him even if he
was told to wrestle four hunters with his arms bounded. Matter of fact knowing him Riokor would find a way and win. Maybe sly instead of smart. Riokor would find away to extract the info he wanted. With luck the human might even survive; for awhile.

Jiroal finally turned his head back towards the other scrawny human shaking like a sniveling grunt with his back to that tree. "Focus on the task at hand and push everything out of mind." that was what Tartarus had once said.

Jiroal scrubbed his nose with the back of his hand something reeked. "Focus on the task at hand." He gave a short bark and three of his six brutes leapt down out of the trees and made their way slowly to the
What was that smell?
The brutes took flanking positions and got ready to move.
Something about that smell tickled a stray corner in his mind.
A slight metallic smell?
The brutes were almost in position. Then it clicked.

The brutes charged in at the lone human, except he wasn't alone. Rising form the foliage like green phantoms seven Spartans emerged with there rifles shouldered. The brutes didn't stand a chance. The jungle erupted in gun fire . Leaves and shrubs exploded as a hail of bullets rush to greet the unarmed brutes. The first brute ran head
first into the wave of brass and was stopped dead in his tracks. His body jerking violently and dark bluish blood splattering plants and brutes alike. The other two brutes turn to run. One had just taken three steps when a loud crack echoed though out the trees. Jiroal
didn't need to see the thin white trail leading form a bush to the back of the brutes head to know that Tiour wouldn't get to see his first kill. The last brute managed to do a little better. That was before another spartan rose and opened fired with a SMG and a Needler ripping apart the last brute.

From his perch Jiroal lets himself a small growl before he fades off into the shadows along with the other brutes carrying Hardly along with them.

"Where the hell were you?! THEY GOT HARDLY!" Simmons yells at the Spartans.
"We had trouble finding you. There's something screwing up with our tracking systems." Will reported. "Sir, I suggest we head for higher ground. I was able to breifly scan the area as I made my way down, this forest seems to cover most of the planet, but there is a river about 5 clicks to the east that runs up to a low mountain. We should at least be able to find some shealter and some clean water there."
John gives him a short nod. "Good job Will. Okay lets move out!"