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That Old Feeling Ch.3 Tickets Please?
Posted By: !Viva!<vivabrad@hotmail.com>
Date: 5 December 2005, 9:32 pm

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That Old Feeling Ch. 3 Tickets please?

June 18 2560
Onboard stolen dropships # 448,and # 309
Earth's upper atmosphere.

Sam-038 sighed and glanced back over the other occupants of dropship 309. He was glad to see John and the other Spartan-IIs. He had gone long without his old family. Until Dr. Halsely showed up with Kelly. Even with Kelly though he still felt out of place sometimes with his new team. They were good, very good as a matter of fact, but he didn't grow up with them. Their were not his brothers and sisters.. At time's he wondered about where Angie, Brad , and Becca came from. They were not member's of the Spartan-IIs and had kept quiet about their pasts. No matter though. He was going to where he belonged; into battle. He checked and rechecked his systems. Then finally sat back and waited.

The two dropships soared though the planets atmoshpere and rose slowly towards the Assualt Carrier in orbit unnoticed. So far, so good.

The Arbiter's voice then crackled over the team com. "All right, just as we planned. There are only Two hangar bays opened on the Carrier. It appears the parasite has infected the ship heavily. Expect to drop hot. We will take land in the starboard hanger bay and proceed to take that over, while the Human's board via the gravity lift. Once both squads are on board, we will rendezvous at the bridge. May the Forerunner's shelter us."

"Chief, were done here." Called a ODST form farther up in #309
"Understood. Return to the troop bay and prepare for zero-gee board. Everyone check your seals. This will be one hell of a drop." The Gravity lift insurgent was strange at best. Risky also.

The Chief took a deep breath. "Open the doors."
The hiss of atmosphere leaked slowly form the troop bay and the doors slid silently open revealing the the blackness vacuum of space and Earth below.
"Prepare to disengage artificial gravity on my mark." John ordered.
"Aww shit. I hate this part." Another ODST grumbled.

June 18 2560
Stolen Dropship # 448
Flood-held Assault carrier starboard hangar bay.

"We're down Arbiter." after a moment pause the red clad elite spoke again. "The parasite are numerous in this part of the ship."
The Arbiter grasped a small metallic device in his hands.
"Unggoy, Lekgolo, hang back. My brother's and I will eradicate the guards." The arbiter spoke as he faded form sight.
The door's opened slowly and a human combat form turned to the dropship. it noticed 4 glowing lights just before it exploded. The sounds of slashing swords a squirting blood was the only sound that echoed toughout the bay. Ten seconds later the Lekgolo opened fired. Lances of green fire shot up and slagged part of the Third level floor and wiping out four more combat forms. Grunts poured out fireing needlers and fuel rod cannons. The Flood were blown apart before they even had a chance.
A throaty shriek echoed throughout the com's and the Flood poured in.

The Chief floated slowly to the column of purple light before him. Followed by the rest of the his team. As he entered the the light and rose sharply up, Dropship #309 rammed into the port side hangar bay. A massive explosion shuddered though the port side as the dropship's reactor's overloaded on impact destroying the hanger bay and slagging the ship armor around it.

Sam raised his battle rifle and scanned the dark room slowly. "Chief everything's clear. All hostiles elimated."
"Roger that Delta One, you and your squad proceed as you wish. Simmons! You and Hardly scout the main corridor." John slammed a freash clip into his assualt rifle. The Flood were careless.
Sam shook his head slightly. "Chief, if I may, Delta four's suit is equipped with a improved active camo." John paused before approving. "Okay, Simmons and Hardly, cover our flanks and everybody sit tight."

Angie-204 walked up slowly to the door and then vanished altogether. The door opened slowly and she crept in. She pressed herself agaisnt a corner and glanced around slowly. Four Combat forms patrolled the hallway absentmindly ahead of the Spartan. Angie let herself a small smile and slung her rifle across her back and unslung the scythe on her back. A unusual weapon for a assassin for sure but she liked it. And for the hundredth time she entertained the thought of her as the Grim Reaper.

Like death she was silent and quick leaving four dismembered bodies lying a slick pool of greenish blood.