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That Old Feeling
Posted By: !Viva!<vivabrad@hotmail.com>
Date: 17 November 2005, 9:06 pm

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That Old Feeling Prologue

This is my first fan fic so I don't expect it to be great...I the prologue comes form the Fall of Reach, but for the sake of background purposes bear with we...so now i give you That Old Feeling.....enjoy..

Nov 27 2525
Unknown Covenant Starship in orbit over Chi Cheti 4

"I'm getting a radiaton reading this way." Kelly said. She indicated deeper into the bowels of the alien ship. She and the other two green armored clad humans started deeped down into the corridor and took a side branch. Kelly stopped for a moment and dropped a Nav. Marker. Two blue triangles flashed once on the their HUDs.

They soon came up to another door. John and Sam , the other two Spartans, flanked Kelly to cover her while she opened the door. A second later the door opened. A Jackal stood ready for them. Its energy sheild already activated and its plasma pistol pointed at the intruders. Kelly and John opened fired on the alien at once, only to have their bullets deflected by the jackals shield. Sam watched as the alien's finger squeezed on the pistol's trigger , sighting right on John. Sam lept and barrled John out of the boiling enegries path. A flare of light lit the corrider as Sam's armor took the blast. He landed clutching his side but manged to raise his assault rifle and add his own bullets to the fight. The three Spartans kept up their fire trying to overwhealm the Jackal's defense's, but to no avail. Though the Jackal didn't have that problem. It discharged round after round into what it took to be the highest threat, the biggest of the Spartans....Sam.

The fight kept up for several seconds untill John charged forward kicking the shielf aside and fed the jackal his muzzle. The vulture-esque alien fell to the floor with the back of his head splatter on the wall. John turned and Sam to his feet. "I'm okay, just a little singed." Sam said clutching his blackened armor. John look at him with concern. "You sure?" Sam waved his friend away. Together they entered what might have been the ship's reactor room and were immedatly spotted by another patrolling jackal. It screeched and dove for cover. "Trouble" John said as he watched the Jackal take off before he could fire. "I've got a idea." said Sam as he limped over to a nearby window with some strange pulseing tube running far below them . "Hand me those warhead." The other two Spartans did as he asked. "We shoot out that window, set the timers on the warhead, and toss them down there. That should start the party."
John nodded "Let's do it before they call in reinforcements.

The three spartans turned and opened fire on the window shattering it into bits.
"Toss the warheads then let's get out of here." Sam said. John set the timers. "Three minutes. That'll be enough time to get topside and get away." John looked at Sam.
"You'll have to stay and hold them off. That's a order."
Kelly, alarmed turned to John. "What are you talking about?"
John glanced back at her "Sam knows."
The big Spartan nodded. "I think I can hold them off that long." He glanced at John then Kelly and turned to show his damaged armor. In the side a hold the size of a fist was burnted though with his bare flesh underneath charred black. He tried to smile but his teeth were more gritted in pain.

"Thats's nothing." Kelly said quickly. "We'll get you fixed up in not time. Once we get back...." she froze in mid sentence as it finally dawned on her.

"Exactly." Sam said softly. "Getting back is the problem."
"The hole.." John said and reaches out and touched it. "We have nothing to seal it with."
Kelly shook her head not wanting to belive.
"If I step off of this boat I'm dead." Sam shrugged causally.
"No, everyone gets out alive. We don't leave teammates beging." Kelly growled.
"He has his orders." John said.
"You've got to leave me," Sam said softly to Kelly. "And don't tell me you'll give my your armor. It took those techs on Damascus fifteen minutes to fit us. I wouldn't even know where to unzip this thing." He tried to smile, hoping the faint humor would help them.

John turned his eyes to the deck and balled up his fist. Chief Mendez had told him he would have to send men to their deaths, but he didn't tell him it would feel like this.
"Don't waste time talking," Sam said. "Our new buddies aren't going to wait for us while we try to figure this out." He reached over and started the timers. "There. It's decided. Now-get going you two." A three minute timer appeared on their Huds. John clasped Sam's hand and squeezed it. Kelly stalled for a moment then saluted. John turned and grab Kelly by the arm. Come on, Spartan. Don't look back." The truth though that if he didn't want to look back. If so he would stop right there and wait by his friend. But he had to set a example to the other Spartans, Live to Fight Another Day......

John bolted upright out of his bed, breathing hard........

...next chapter....Live to Fight Another Day coming soon...