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invasion by paul cooper

invasion part one, episode one.= the beggining
Date: 14 December 2006, 12:48 pm

Millions of miles away from earth, a massive fleet of alien space ships sped toward a planet in the distance. The small alien ships looked vaguely like beetles and they had a pincer like front. They were nicknamed hornheads. A second ship was lumbering behind the fleet. It was a troop carrier and was shaped like a sword. They were called death ships, as when you saw them you were usually dead within the minute.

In the middle of this colossal invasion force, there was a ship that was huge. It would easily cover over 20 percent of mother earth and it was the back bone of this alien caste. It was the invasion ship. Further back was the mother ship. The strongest aliens dwelt in the hive like ship. It also had a weapon that would blow up a city if fired. These aliens were called the forerunners. Some of the long dead covenant races had fled and joined this great race. After a war bewtween the elites and the brutes, the prophets finally trusted the elites and they had conquered half the galaxy and got new races. There were 5 groups.The elites,the cobras who were pig like with frills on their heads, the nobles, who were high ranking elites, the hunters and the 5 new prophets.They were called, War, Reconcilliation , Peace, Truth and Wisdom. The forerunners believed humans were a disease. That was why as they headed to earth, they were all determined to finish what the covenant began.......

chapter 2. peace before chaos

"Hi. im called paul cooper". if youre in the mood for pure action and the story of the end of mankind, listen up. Here is the full story of my journey from the beggining to the very end of humans....

I was in a small town called Ferryhil with my best freind John Gardner. I had jet black hair and i was 5 foot 2 inches. My freind was 4 foot eight and he had brown hair. We were walking down the street. We were headed to the village and it was october the 14th, saturday, 5oclock. it was 2006. "What do we plan to do when we arrive at the village"? asked John."we should go into somerfield"! I exclaimed. We walked on and we chatted until we arrived in our village. Apart from a town hall and a few shops and a car park in the centre, it was not really intresting. We walked into the shop and as we looked out of the window, i saw a massive black shadow in the distance. Little things were flying toward our town and we both stood outside."what the hell is that"? John asked with his mouth open. As soon as they fired, plumes of smoke burst up from the ground. They sprouted a white hot material called plasma. John suddenly grimaced as we watched bigger ships land. Aliens poured out and we noticed that they varied in size. we both retreated into the shop.
chapter 3
the forerunners arrive.
We watched in shock as they ran toward us. "aliens"! a man cried as he was vaporised by a blast from a little fighter ship. We were stunned. The sky was filled with mini ships and the sky was covered by the big one. Suddenly, 2 choppers appeared and in mere seconds they fell to the ground as they were shot down. EvrYone was scurring in shops and running. I noticed aliens were running around slaughtering peaple with plasma guns and we ran inside the isle. There was a mixture of peaple as they followed us. We hid under the shelves and peered out the window. I noticed with horror, that a dropship landed right in front of us! Suddenly little dog like aliens rushed out. They had frills on their heads and had little guns in there hands. Around ten exited as a massive 10 foot high one appeared. It was covered in gold armour and it held a sword that glowed with light. The alien roared and the little one gathered behind it with squels and grunts. The alien began to cut the glass! Were gonna die! a man sobbed. The alien kicked down the window and they ran in as it shattered. The aliens looked around and a little dog one appeared near us.

I held my breath. I saw it had a sort of shimmer around it... The rest hurried away,but this began sniffing the air. "Ill have to kill it"! i whispered. John nodded. I slowly exited and whacked the alien on its skull. With a crack, the alien fell. We scooped up its 2 weapons and were about to exit when the aliens walked into us! "crap!" i cried and we fired. 2 of the little dogs ceased to have heads and the aliens returned fire. We fired and 3 went down. The leader snarled and was about to charge, when John hurled a sticky ball which stuck to the alien dogs and it exploded.There was only 3 dogs lefTt as the leader charged. We fired and ran out side.The alien flared and i ducked as it went to slash at me. John fired his weapon near it and it fell on the floor with a cry of angish. Once on the road i noticed that the fleet were destroying cars and humans. They was a fight with the cops and aliens. We watched as choppers battled dropships and tanks were deployed. "Its a war"! cried John. Gun fire and plasma was seen and heard as far as we could hear and see. A group of cops were killed by a big one with a massive mEtal shield as it blasted them with a beam. Seconds later it was killed as a tank crushed it and a plane wiped out some dogs as it crashed.

Suddenly we heard a roar of anger and turned round. There was a blue armoured alien and it was the same as the gold armoured but it held a gun. We fired and its shields overloaded and fried it. We clambered into a tank and i drove. "use the gun"! i told John. he nodded. I crushed the alien with the tank and we drove on. John blew a carrier out the sky with a shell and he whooped. We ploughed on crushing lots of aliens. Suddely one with a sword leapt on and began cutting off the turret! "bugger"! i cried. John tried to knock the alien off with the turret, but it kept leaping away. suddenly the alien was staring down the turret! we saw its eyes narrow and then john waved. it roared and lifted its sword but he fired and blew the alien to kindom come. we drove on and exited the village. "we have to get out of here"! i cried and we went into an abandoned car. we drove on as fast as the car would go. i looked behind us. ferryhill was lost and the aliens would surely move on. they had declared war on us and we were struggling to stop them.....

it gets a better story line later and it has more charecters and action.

invasion series chapters 4-24
Date: 21 December 2006, 1:35 pm

we drove on and crossed the church. the aliens were destroying it. they fired at us, but we were too fast and were soon well out of sight.

when we arrived in durham,there were cars everywhere.suddenly as we parked up, 2 little hover bike red vehicles flew up to us! "fire"! i told john and he blasted at a cobra and it fell dead. i hurled a grenade and the alien occuping i was history. we boarded the bikes and drove on.

we parked up near a row of shops. peaple were screaming and running. many were dead on the floor. "this should be safe"! i muttered with a sigh of relief. john nodded in agreement. suddenly we heard mechanical whirring and we gazed in horror as a massive beetle machine lurched toward us!

chapter 5
the scarab.

the machine had 4 long legs and troops were on its top. the control room was located at its head. "what the hell is that"! cried john. easily 40 foot high, it began to glow at the front. "run"! i cried just in time to dodge the blast. our bikes were demolished and a row of shops were history. 2 alien ships flew around. they made noises like hissing and laser wings. we opened fire and they went down from multiple hits to their fuselage. suddenly,i spotted a platoon of the big blue ones with guns charging for us! we fired at the aliens, until the machine was in the direction of ferryhill. their shields all flared. "frag out"! i cried and i hurled a grenade. the blast thinned them to 5. "charge"! john cried and we blasted and ran. an alien just missed me and i shot it. the alien warrior fell with a cry of angiush. when we had ended them, we walked on."wanna call that machine a scarab"? asked john. "seems relevent" i said and we walked. "we have to find some cover" i said. i looked behind me and noticed the scarab was heading in our direction! "what the..." john gasped. i looked on in terror as i saw a horrifing sight.

chapter 6
theres no escape!

we looked on in horror. there was a massive invasion that covered the entire of durham. as far as the eye could see was utter war. we could see fighter jets battling the alien fleet. they were drastically losing. i saw the massive i9nvasion ship. in its centre, there was troops and ships beaming down. "that thing must easily be the size of england"! john cried. "or bigger"! i said uneasily. the marines were also waging a battle with the aliens on the ground. we started firing at a group of aliens that compromised of the little dogs and the ones with swords. there was a one with red armour and a bar in its hands. they roared in defiance and opened fire. we did as well and the dog like aliens all fell by multiple blasts to the head. the lead alien made a snarl and motioned the 5 of its kin forward. we rushed into a bar and reloaded our guns.

as soon as they entered i planted a grenade in front of them. we heard a starlted cry and then a cry of pain as well as an explosion.we looked up and only the chief remained . i emptied my previous weopon into the alien and it died. "lets call them elites"! i said. the grunt john made was just understandable as a yes. i switched the lead elites weapon with my depleted one and we ventured outside. we noticed that all the marine forces were taken refuge in a big abandoned building. snipers and turrets were on the building. a marine ordered us inside and we walked up the stairs to the roof. the room was an old shop. there was still stock left in. we got to the top and met the chief. "hi" we said. he nodded. "welcome to alpha base" "thanks" me and john said at the same time. i looked at him. "scarabs back"! a marine shouted. "it doesnt look happy"! we looked in his direction. his assumption was correct-and it was heading straight for us!

chapter 7
alpha base.

"sure you wanna help us"? a marine said. "your only kids" we nodded. i looked at the scarab and we opened fire at the aliens aboard the scarab.
on board the scarab, an elite called ica canatamee returned fire at the humans. he wore gold armour and carried a special red sword. he watched in anger as his warriors were being killed as they boarded alpha base. the humans were skilled, but they were few in number on the building. he had a feeling that this was a sort of last stand for the human military units in this area. he was next to one of his closest freinds, islani mannezx. his freind leapt onto the building and charged for 2 relatively teenage humans
i saw an oncoming group of the dog ones and shot them. the remaining 2 returned fire. i ducked out the way as bolts sizzled past my head. "frag out" a marine cried and hurled a grenade. the remaining dogs and a few elites went down. suddenly an elite with silver armour appeared and with a roar of rage hurled itself towards us.
ica watched as islani charged at them. the humans fired and brought down his shields, but it was too late. islana was going to kill them as he was already unstoppable.....

will we survive the attack from islani? will alpha base hold? and ultimately will the human race escape extincion? find out in part 3 that is released bewtween the 15 and 18th of december 2006....


islani was almost on the humans.his squad that attacked the humans were all dead, save a few cobras and ica, plus 2 nobles. he was the last elite that was in the battle against the humans. he swiped at them .they had already downed his shields, but he was already far too strong for them, he thought. 5 seconds later, he fell dead.

ica roared in rage as his best freind fell in battle. the humans had shot him down, so he hid in the control room. he snarled. the battle was far from over...

"on board"! a marine cried. all of the remaining 15 troops, not including us, boarded the scarab. "what have the aliens done"? john gaped in horror. there was a guerrilla war against the aliens going on below. humans were pushed back into the buildings and killing the ferocoius aliens. they were returning the favour. as we walked into the control room, i saw one with the swords, 5 dogs and 2 elites. "this is the control room" i snarled. "lets kill off the scarab"....

chapter 8
the end of the battle for durham.

we started firing our guns. in the first blast, the dogs went down, the elite was hit and the sword wielding monstrosity charged. its sword killed a marine, but he rolled a grenade, witch killedthe 2 other elites and brought down the golden armoured aliens shields.it dropped its weapon. "you are the disease" it gurgled. "there learning our language"! i said outstanded.

suddenly it pressed a button and a voice boomed. "self destruction activated" it prepared to jump off the scarab! "we are the cure"! it snarled and leapt off the bridge. "10 seconds remaining" a voice said. we flew off the bridge and landed on the other side of alpha base with a thud. i turned round. the alien vessel shook. fire blasted from every area and its legs gave way. finally as it collapsed, its head exploded. "well" i told john. "thats one small victory for the humans"....

chapter 9
the meeting

we all entered the room. we sat down and began eating food off the shelf. "you will occupy this place until we have a big enough army to make an effective resistance"! the commando said. a quick survey off the area revealed that there was a tv, toilets and sleeping bags. i saw it was 8 oclock at night. "i will let you know the relevant infomation when you need to".he said. i looked around and saw there was 20 peaple around us. a warthog was deploying more peaple by the minute though. we put our weapons in our belts and we began eating our burgers and slurping our coke.

when we had finished, there was a full cart of 7 peaple. as it skidded to a halt they came into the building. as they entered , i noticed that we knew some. "we could kill a helluva lot of the aliens with these" i said. but we would need a lot of other peaple too. it was pitch black and it was only 8 oclock. we walked over to our freinds.

they consisted of- dane clemence. he had blonde hair and was 12. he was our best freind. the other was bobby borrodale. we didnt really like him, but he was still a pretty good mate. he was the same age as me and had black hair as well. another was a girl called rachel readshaw. she was only 11 but we still treated her like a boy. she had brown hair and was the same height as john. there was matthew, but we always called him sketty. he was the youngest, at 8 and he had blonde hair. he was only four foot. finally there was jase. he was the same age and had the same colour hair as me. he was 5 foot 11. we all sat toghether and we gathered our sleeping bags toghether.

"what have you been doing"? rachel asked us. "weve been driving back the invasion" john ansered. "you"? "weve been defending our street" sketty answered. " we finally destroyed a platoon and then we hid in johns house and a beetle machine blew it up and we were forced to retreat up to here" johns eyes widened in horror. "thats me homeless"! "thats if the human race isnt destroyed by these aliens"said bobby sadly.

a marine came round and handed us a handgun and a machine gun. we also got 5 fragmentation grenades. we were quiet as the commando spoke. "we have a message from the aliens"! he told us. we watched as a new alien appeared on the screen . it had a crown on that was glittering with glowing diamonds. its mouth was split into 4 segments like an elites. "i am the prophet of war"! it bellowed. "my race are called the prophets" "we lead the forerunners,the group of aliens that are on their war to wiping your out"!it continued. "you are an insult to the universe and we are the cure"! "thats what the golden armoured elite told us"! i said to my freinds. "we are massing our forces"! it roared. "you will not survive the month"! the transmission ended and everyone was silent. "we will have to board their main ships and blow them"! the commando said. "but first we will have to make a resistance and defeat them in a war"! he finished and went. i glanced at the clock and discovered it was 9.30. "well"! said bobby. "im watching the tv" he turned it on and we sat down, eager to find out about the latest news on our extiction.

not far away, ica canatamee had gathered an assault squadron to bring down alpha base. he laughed bitterly. his fellow forerunners on board the scarab had all been mercilselly slaughtered. he was going to attack alpha base to get revenge for his brothers. they all surrounded the base. they had active camoflage and were invisible save for a faint shimmer in the air. he nodded to his team of 15 cobras, 4 nobles, 8 elites, and one destroyer. that was the signal to start the attack. he grinned evily. the young ones were his highest priority. soon the laser bolts would fly and he would finally get his revenge.... we were watching the news. a man was talking about how the army was struggling to destroy the forerunners and that the world was doomed.we were still watching it, when an invisible knife slit the commandos throat.

ica snarled in pleasure. the leader of alpha base was just slain by his own sword.he searched for the 2 humans that had destroyed the scarab and killed his freinds.they thought he was dead, but he had evacuated with his jet pack.amidst the gun fire, he saw them killing his cobras. he roared in anger and whipped out his gun and aimed at there heads.

there were only 8 dogs left. we shot at them and 3 fell. jase caved ones skull in with his fist and i fired a salvo at 2 dogs. one caught a blast in the face and the other was killed by a whack to the face with my gun. i turned round to see the golden armoured elite that had commited suicide off the bridge. it had its gun trained on rachels head, seconds before she fired 3 handgun bullets into it.

ica snarled. he was just about to kill the girl, when she had downed his camoflage and half his shields with a handgun. he returned fire, but she ducked and a blast blew a hole in the table behind her.

i finished off the last 3 dogs and started firing at the golden elite. the rest of my freinds were busy dealing with the other elites. i turned round to finish off the alien,and saw just in time the elite smack into me.

ica was enjoying every second of the invasion. he had just cleaned out the human with the black hair from the scarab. ica walked up to him, and fired.

a blast just missed my head. i got up and fired at the elite. it roared in anger and charged again. as we passed, i stuck a grenade on its shoulder.

ica turned round to destroy the human then saw the grenade. with an earsplitting cry, he roared "brothers i am coming"!then blew apart.

i dodged the goo and wiped something i didnt want to identify from my arm. i walked up to my freinds and helped them clean up. there were 5 elites and one destroyer

"happy to see ya"! said john. i fired at the elites. 1 went down from a blast in the shoulder blades. the destroyer charged and we opened fire. it trailed blood, but continued to charge. "eat this"! a marine roared and fired at the alien. he watched in terror as the alien behemoth roared and continued to charge. he didnt have time to scream as the alien wiped him out with its arm. he was dead before he hit the ground.

i hurled a grenade and it detoned as the alien was about to bring up its shields. warm meat flew down and some thing like red carpet covered the wall. we continued firing and 2 elites cried as armour piercing rounds, tore through its body and the other wilted apart by shredder rounds. the last 2 roared and went to exit from the window. "alpha base will fall"! a one with blue armour roared. "think so"? i snarled and fired my handgun. it fell minus its head. the other attemped to flee, but roared in pain, as bullets tore through its back. the alien fell with a gooey splat. "weve saved alpha base"! john grinned. "just for now" i grimaced. "for now"......

part 3, total WAR....

chapter 10. leaving alpha base.

when we were settled down, we counted the remaining peaple. there were only 30 surving peaple. "we have to leave tommorow" i said to jase, when the others were looking round. we were usually the leaders of the gang and we made the descions. "for the war"? he asked. i nodded. "if we stay here, we will die for definete" my freinds wandered over and got in there sleeping bags."were leaving for the war tommorow" i told my freinds. "why dont we stay here"? dane yawned. "because we will die for sure if we dont fight back" said jase. "well"! i yawned. "lets get some rest" it was now 11.15. we lined up our sleeping bags and i noticed that they were going to keep the lights on. i noticed the dead bodies littering the floor. most were humans. "if the lights are on, the demons in the dark stay away" a marine grinned. i was about to answer as my head hit the pillow, but i was fast asleep.

when i woke up, it was half past nine in the morning on sunday the fourteenth of october. all of my freinds were asleep apart from jase. "did you ever think you were gonna die"? i asked him. he nodded. "when the scarabs gun heated up in our street, unless my freinds helped, i was dead." he finished. "whittle gave his life to save me" i sighed. james whittle was a good freind and he had been killed by the forerunners.

"anyway"! he said and changed the subject. he began shaking the gang awake. "time to go"! my freinds responded with varying levels of enthuisiasm. they all rose and stood up. "everyone got everything"? asked jase. they nodded. i got my weapons nd we walked up to the guard marine. "were leaving" said jase in a dont say no tone. the marine nodded and we exited the building.

i saw the warthog. i looked around. there were no forerunners in the area as we could see. we walked up to it. "can anyone drive"? i asked. jase nodded and we clambered in the back, jase driving. "weve drove them out" john smiled. i nodded. "but weve got a hell of a way to go until we destroy them"! we were going that fast, the guard never niticed! we all laughed. "this sure will get us arounf faster"! rachel laughed. we sped up toward where all the shops were and stopped. we looked further. easy to see was the fleet hading in the direction of what only could be new york. "were following them"! jase said and sped up. with a screetch of metal, we were in hot pursuit!

chapter 11
the journeybegins
we sped toward the fleet. "were gonna be there by midnight tomorrow if we drive"! said jase. "but if we catch a plane,we will be there by midnight tonight"! we flew round the corner and we were on 2 wheels for a moment."were are we gonna get a plane from, let alone drive it"? john asked. there was an annoying silence. "the airport"? i said hopefully. my freinds rose their eyes at me. "yeah"! jase nodded and we flew toward it. we went past a sign that said "airport 2 miles away"

we were doing 80. we were now entering the airport. it was deserted. "ive never been on a plane for a holiday before" said sketty exitedly. "this is no holiday" i grinned and john laughed.

when we arrived, we parked the warthog. everyone clambered out and we headed for a little jet. when we were about 100 metres away, rachel stopped. "how are we gonna get this to drive"? she said suspiciously. "autopilot" said jase simply.

when we reached the plane, we clambered up the steps. rachel and john were in, when dane roared "scarab"! i looked in his direction to find it was true. a massive scarab lurched toward us! the weapon heated up. "go,go,go"! jase roared. they all rushed in and me and jase got in last. it was just a simple airplane, with a few seats. jase manned the controls and put the autopilot on. we flew along the landing zone and as we began to rise, the scarab fired. it just missed the plane and we all cheered. "up,up and away"! we all grinned. the flight to new york had begun!

next time= we arrive in new york, the invasion ship gets some unwanted visitors theres a war and a few main charecters are killed....

chapter 12.

happy flying!

we flew up further and further and the ground looked like a carpet."its so cool"! cried sketty in delight. "it is isnt it"? grinned rachel. i sat at the back near john. "this is starting to become fun"! grinned john, but i could tell he was troubled. "youre worried about your fanily arent you" i said sadly. he looked at me then nodded. "i hope there ok" i smiled sadly. "me too" bobby was next to us. "how long will this bloody take"? he groaned."its 12 now so 12 hours".announced jase. "aw crap"! he replied. "were above the sea" sketty said exitedly. i smiled at him. if only he knew that earth had only weeks or days to live......

rachel walked over."when did we last eat"? asked rachel. "about 2 days ago" i groaned. she moaned with hunger. "i think by christmas there wont be an earth left" bobby said sadly. i nodded. "well probably all be dead after we land""the forerunners are far too strong and they have over 5 times our number in aliens. "if we make it im going back to ferryhill though"! sketty said. suddenly i heard banging and whirring. i slowly looked behind me and saw a fleet of 15 ships open fire!

chapter 13
the chase.

the ships were the alien fighters. "weve got company"! jase roared and we flew as fast as we could for ny. they opened fire and we were caught in the wing! "were going down"! he continued. the ship shook and we fell over as he did a spin.

"whoa"! i cried. "please dont do that again" i said weakly. we rose and saw the ships were shooting the back! there was a massive blast and the very back of the plane flew away! "well"! i said. "were still flying half a ship"! suddenly, jase cried"to the life boats"! and we all rushed to them. we clambered inside and jase pressed the evacuation button. there was a splash and we flew out to meet the water. as soon as we hit the water, everything went black........

chapter 14
the war begins.
far,far up on board the invasion ship, a noble named slawza mazamile was preparing his platoon for war. he was a leader of over 5000 cobras,200 elites, 500 nobles and 200 destroyers!

he was the first of 50 troops who had the same amount of forerunner forces. he had them all in front of him in a massive room."my noble warriors"! he roared. "you are going to go down there and finish off the vermin with the last attack" they all cheered. "his tone changed to sorrow. "many of you will die" he said sadly. "but you will die remembering that you were part of the begging of the great journey"!they continued to roar in approval. he was firng them up. "kill everything that isnt forerunner"....

chapter 15

the sea

when we woke,we noticed that we were in the middle of the boat in the artic ocean! we looked on."theres new york"! bobby cried. it was true. about 30 minutes away from us, was the brilliant new york!we could see the sparkling lights and forerunner ships obliteterating them. "i never thought that the war would bring us to new york"! said rachel happily, seconds before we were flung into the waters cruel and murky depths....

chapter 16
the bad side of the sea

when i awoke, we were still in the water. i checked to see if every one was ok. i swam up to the gang and noticed they were all crying."whats wrong"? i asked. "skettys gone"! sobbed jase. i was stunned. i had lost one of my best freinds. "hes been swept away"! cried rachel.it was very dark and it was 2.30 on the 15 of october, monday. it was pitch black and i could only see the outline of my freinds bodies. "is everyone else here"?asked jase. they were all there. i swam up to john. "ironic isnt it"? he grinned sadly. "huh"? i asked. "sketty has a million chances to be killed by the forerunners and he drowns" he said sadly. "he could still be alive" i said. and i started to CRY! it might sound babyish but lose a freind and thats what it feels like- forever because their dead!

we wiped away our tears and i went to dane. he snarled. "im gonna wipe out every forerunner to avenge sketty"! i looked at him. "and were gonna blow up the invasion ship too"! i snarled too. he nodded and grinned. everone laughed doubtfully."and how are we gonna do that"? jase said sadly."well! i said mischiosvlsly. "i might have a plan"!

next time... the war begins..


slawsa was ready for war. he was ready to shoot anything that was not forerunner down there. he was inches away from a massive war going on beneath him. 5 scarabs were blasting at tanks. a tank was blown up, seconds before it fired a rocket into the control room, killing all the crew instantly. shortly afterwards 2 more tanks were smoldering wrecks.

slawsa activated his sword as his dropship landed. he flew out and with a roar of rage, he charged toward the oncoming threat....

chapter 17
New York,New York!!

"its only 10 minutes away !" said dane exitedly. "this will be one not so enjoyable experience if we get caught"! i said, grimly. this was the plan- we were going to kill off lots of the aliens and in the war, we were going to hitch a lift up by a dropship, or better a fighter ship each. we were then going to go into the invasion ship, self destruct it and hopefully not get caught. we were then going to fly up to there mother ship and then locate their planet. it was a farfetched plan, but if it worked it would save the human race.

i looked at the massive city. it was already immersed in fierce combat with the forerunners. at least 10 scarabs were blasting the city and destroying its defences. millions of aliens were fighting the army. it was only a matter of time before the city was overrun...

even more reinforcements were being beamed down the grav lift and dropships were dispersing hundreds of troops all the time.

"theres no hope" said bobby sadly. "this will be the day we all die".... rachel slowly nodded. "its over""we might as well run away"

me, jase, dane and john thought differently however. "we will destroy them"! jase cried."if it means we all die in the progress, then it means we died defending our peaple"! we nodded. i looked again.

we had now docked onto a beach. "here goes"! i cried and we all leapt onto the sand. we all got our weapons out and i had my handgun and machine gun. my plasma guns were in my belt.we looked at the city. suddenly a group of 50 elites, 1000 dogs, 20 nobles and 12 destroyers charged toward us. as i began firing, i knew it was over...

chapter 18
the army

the forerunner pack was very close now.i began firing. an elite and 2 dogs fell as they were hosed with bullets. the destroyers got ready to fire there arm guns, when i chucked a plasma grenade. it stuck on one and detionated. the explosion took it out and 3 others. as we continued firing , i noticed a platoon of 50 tanks and a captured scarab as well as an army of other 500 peaple. "look"! i told my freinds in happiness. the alien turned round just in time for the first volley of rockets and a scarabs gun to hit them. only 10 elites remained. we fired and our combined efforts brought the aliens down. "we could get in the safety of the army until we locate another scarab"! i said. my freinds nodded and we climbed up to meet the army. we walked up to a man.

"whats happening"? i asked. i noticed he only had a badly torn set of clothes like us. "we have made a resistance to drive the forerunners back"! he snarled. suddenly, as i was about to answer, we saw a fleet of 20 scarabs! "theres our ride"! i said as i saw a row of 10 ships on the bridge.

we waited as the tanks blasted the scarabs. as a scarab blew up a few tanks, it finally collapsed to the floor and destroyed 3 tanks. i saw a building that was next to the scarabs and was the height of them. we could go to the top and get a ship from there.

i told my freinds the plan and we ran into the building. it was an office. "wow" i said as i saw all the computers flew on the floor and a chunk blew out the wall! suddenly the door broke and 20 elites rushed in! "this time we dont run"! i snarled and we opened fire on our assailants.

chapter 19.

opposition. plenty of it.

the first barrage of bullets tore through 4 elites. they dropped to their knees. i downed anothers shields and hurled a grenade. 5 aliens flew up alive. when they hit the ground, they were dead. we finished off the 5 wounded ones and we hid under a counter to reload. i drew my plasma gun and blasted the elites with a flurry of bullets. they flashed, then 2 were killed as the rounds penetrated their armour.

we continued blasting at the elites. there were 12 left as my freinds were killing plenty. i got out my handgun and fired an entire clip into the fray. 5 went down as the armour piercing rounds did what they say they do.

after a short firefight, the final elite fell with a moan of pain. "we actually killed 50 elites in one go"! i said outstanded. "yep"! john nodded. "shut up"! she said angrily. "stop arguing you two"! i snarled back. "we dont have time for this"! "ok"! she gulped and we all jumped onto the scarab.

slawsa was blasting away, when he heard a bang and he looked on his camera. there was the humans that had caused the humans a helluva lotta grief. "they were only kids" he thought. " but they still were going to die"! he thought as he advanced toward them.

chapter 20.
the scarab-again.

as soon as we landed, rachel and jase were argiung again. "the world could be doomed and they still find time to argue"! i complained. bobby laughed. "nobles! dane roared and we opened fire. the combined gunfire tore the aliens apart and we walked on. i looked at my freinds. bobby, dane, jase, rachel, john and me. i had a feeling they woundnt all be coming back...

slawsa charged into the humans as they didnt expect it. the girl was knocked flying and the battle was met.

we were talking, when a massive red noble charged and knocked rachel flying. she was either unconcoius or DEAD. i didnt think about the latter version. we fired at the alien and even though its shields flared it seemed to laugh at us. then he drew his own sword and leapt, ready for the kill....

slawsa was about to kill the knocked out one , when the blonde haired one walked up ,removed his helmet and placed a plasma grenade it it. before he could react, the noble was dead.

i couldnt believe my eyes. dane had just stuck a grenade on the nobles head! bits of noble fell all over and there was goo all over. "that was cool"! said bobby. dane just nodded and we walked toward the ships.

"you go"! said bobby. "ill deal with the scarab and follow you after" we nodded and jase explained the plan."weve survived stage one" i said to him."paul and dane in one and rachel and john in the other" he replied. "me and bobby will control one each"

we were going to take on the invasion ship. i thought as i clambered into the ship with dane. we were going to finish the forerunners for good!

we all clambered in the ship apart from bobby. we had just all got a walkie talkie out of the planes. "were all on channel one" dane told me. "ok" i said and i tuned it in.

we were in an alien fighter. it was easily big enough for 2. it was red inside and there were blue streaks on the walls. there was a glowing light on the top.

we sat in the 2 pilot seats at the front of the vessel. the controls were a weird combination of tentacle like switches. "change of plan"! said john on the radio. "huh"? i said. "well hitch a lift in the cruisers in the plane" he continued. "yes" everyone said. rachel didnt speak as she was still unconcious. "rachels still unconcious" i said to jase. "she may be in trouble" "i know" said jase in a worried tone.

as we were muttering, it was pretty hard to see the cruiser and 5 alien fighters that flew toward us. it was pitch black too, so it was no picnic. suddenly john cried. "alien ships ahead" he said. we need to board that cruiser"! i fired at a ship and its shields overloaded and it plummeted towards the floor, trailing smoke.

suddenly, as the alien ships flew toward us, a ship flew into them. it was bobby! "hi guys" he said over the comm. "eat this alien scum"! he cried. "bobby we have to get into the cruiser"! i said in frustration. "negative" he said. " ill have to wipe out the ships, so you can get on it"! he finished. ~"ok" said jase and bobby was making the fighters blast at him as we flew toward the alien cruiser.

we stopped near the cruiser and we ran on board. there was a platoon of 5 elites that were in big long helmets! there were like frills on the top and they had fangs were their mouth was. we opened fire and bullets pinged off their shields and eventually after 2 full clips were used, the aliens crashed to the deck.

we waited for every one to board. but there was still one left. bobby. he was battling the alien ships and there was still 2 left. "come on bobby"! jase cried. we were about to enter the invasion ship.

on board the ship, the prophet of war was ordering his elites to fire the city killer beam. it was going to be a glorious day...

suddenly the middle of the ship began to glow. it was too bright to look at. bobby hovered near it. "there gonna fire a beam into the city!" said bobby. it was about to fire as it was glowing with energy and it was sucking heat in.

"if it succeds itll wipe out new york and every thing else in a mile radius"! he said and edged closer. we all gasped in shock. jases eyes widened . "oh no you dont"! he said. "im sorry" he said sadly. "i have to" "no"! jase said. he was starting to cry. "we already lost one"! "whats he gonna do"? asked rachel and i could tell she was frightened.

"hes gonna fly into the beam"! he explained. "it will disable the beam, but hell die" he said sadly. "no"! cried rachel. "there has to be another way" we could- "theres no way" i said and felt tears run down my cheeks. "we could blast the shields down"! said dane. "there too powerful".... replied jase. "if i do that,its will blow up the weapon and it will temporaly down the shields" he continued . "in that time, it will be your job to blow the invasion and mother ships" he went ever closer. "stop"! cried dane. "well enter by a secret way"! "there isnt one"! he said. "well"! he said and drove into the beam. eat this alien scum"! we watched in awe as when bobby vanished into the beam, the ship shook. there was a loud bang and the shields flickered and slowly the shields vanished. we docked into the ship and got out. i drew my weapon. we were going to avenge sketty and bobby. this was going to end NOW!

chapter 22
the ship.
we noticed we were in a massive long corridor. there was no forerunners so far. we entered the room at the end of the corridor and we began to float!"theres no gravity"! rachel squeled. we began climbing the walls. jase flew off the wall and said"superman" we all laughed. as we entered the 3rd room, we all fell in a heap. "ow" i said and we all rose slowly. we were in a cross road. the signs were in vaguely understandable hierloghyithcs. i noticed that there was a dropship one that looked like it was leading to a planet. there was a mothership one as well. "rachel and john go and take out the forerunners planet"! said jase. then when the mission is complete, you meet in space ,fly to earth and he paused. "we finish this"! they nodded and ran off. "dane and paul" he said. "take out the mothership" he said. "you have the most important mission" he said seriously."dont fail" "we wont" i said then added suspiciously. "what about you"? he explained. "ill take out this one" i nodded and we ran. i stopped and added. "whatever you do dant get caught"! "i wont"! he grinned and we ran off. "well" i snarled. "they began it and we will finish it"!

chapter 23

we walked on and got out our weapons. it was 6.30 on the 16 of october 2006. i had a handgun, 2 plasma rifles and an smg (sub machine gun)

we continued to walk down the corridor to the sliding doors at tyhe end. the parts were they slid open were glowing with a luminescent white.

"dane, have you noticed there are no forerunners"? i asked him. i got no reply. "dane"? i asked and turned round. there was noone there...

dane was walking along the corridor,when a noble had grabbed him from behind and dragged him into a room. he was stripped of all his weapons."go ahead" dane snarled. "just kill me" the noble snarled back and rose the brunt of its sword. "with pleasure" it replied and whacked dane with it.

"Dane"! i cried. he was there a minute ago and he had vanished. "ill have to wipe the mothership out on my own then"! i muttered aloud. the door opened and i smacked head on into an elite.

i opened fire at it, but the alien did not return fire."die or fight"! i snarled. "hold your fire" it said and i didnt and it said it louder so i did." whats the matter with you"? i asked the elite. "i want to help you" it told me. "my prophets are fools and they must be assasinated"! "ok" i said. "but any funny business and ill kill you" it nodded and we walked through lots of corridors,unbenownkst that the elite was behind me....

when he woke up, dane was in a small room with no windows. there was grime littering the floor and black stuff that looked a hell of a lot like forerunner blood.

the only thing that gave light was a small floating orb in the middle of the room. it was a small red orb that pulsated and emitted waves of light. then dane realised. "so im in prison"! he said angrily. "while paul is probably killing the forerunners thinking im a girl"!he huffed in frustration and backed into a wall to revise his escape plan when the wall gave way and he was plumetting down a tunnel!

we had went round a few corners that the alien had instructed. "in here" he ordered and i went in. there were only 2 prophets sitting on hovercraft like chairs! the room was like a temple and glowed with eerie white light. i could only see the faces of the aliens and it scared the hell out of me."surrender or me and a rogue elite will slaughter you both"! i snarled. i noticed vine like things and tunnels behind them. there was also a ledge. suddenly, i felt 2 phenominally strong arms wrap round me and i felt the cool sensation of a gun being pressed to my head. "you and what army"? the prophets bellowed. i released with a sickening sensation that i had been tricked. "god"! i thought. "dane was such a girl"!

chapter 24
one rescue then one showdown.

i was led to a shiny cold table and i had my guns in my belt, but with the elite watching me, i didnt have a chance.
"sit" the lite snarled. before i could react i was pushed onto the table and my head smashed against the table. it too hurt like hell.the prophets walked away and i noticed that my vision was blurry and everything sounded echoey and deep.TOO DEEP. i sighed as the elite rose a red energy sword. dane was going to have to find me fast! i thought. or the plan would be over before it even began!

dane flew out the tube and landed on a ledge in a massive room. he saw the 2 prophets and he gasped as he saw paul! he noticed the elite then he saw the tentacles. "this could get intresting"....

i looked into the elites eyes. it was full of evil and hatred. they glowed with evilly red sheen."liar" i spat and the elite roared. "i cant kill you until your freind is found" it said. i grinned.i turned round and saw an incredible sight.

paul had just made eye contact with dane when he grabbed a vine and prayed for it to work. "well"! he said "here goes everthing"!and swung.

i watched in shock as dane swung from the vine and shot the elite at point blank range. he landed and the elite charged with its shields downed. "ill deal with the prophets" he said. i nodded and the elite charged.

i didnt have time to shoot it and the alien drew its sword and slashed out. i ducked and felt the heat of the blade rush past my neck.i punched the alien in the belly and it laughed. it swiped at me and i ducked and just in time drew my gun and as it leant over me i fired the gun into its belly. the plasma beam made a foot wide exit hole in its belly and it fell dead.

i got the sword and noticed dane was killing one prophet. i attacked the other and before its shields rose, i made the sword and its belly meet.

dane put a fragmentation grenade in the other prophets mouth! it went to muffle in anger but couldnt. "present from mankind" dane said then added."slightly spicy" we both leapt out of the room and saw the prophet explode. there were still 3 prophets left."well"! said dane. "lets go visit the mothership"!

invasion series part 2-the end of book one
Date: 10 January 2007, 1:41 pm

"this way you idiot!" rachel snarled at john. they were headed to a dropship that was heading for the forerunner planet.it was going to launch in 30 seconds.

they ran down a corridor and skidded to a halt when they saw the dropship."come on!" john said."quick" and they entered the ship. they noticed that it got a lot colder. there was just enough room for them both and they noticed the same red wallpaper in the ship. there was no seats for them to sit in and a little window and a door.

there was a very loud noise and they felt themselves flying down toward the planet. rachel looked out the window and discovered that the automatic dooropened. they were very near the planet. it was green and had lots of strange plants and rivers of black stuff. she stepped back inside."were about to"- rachel began before the ship crashed and they both saw darkness....

me and dane ran for a ship that was heading for the mothership. we knew because an elite had told some others. over 20 armoured nobles walked in. they were equipped with energy swords. when the ships door hissed it began to shut.

"we have to get in that ship!" i told dane and we both ran and jumped at the last minute and narrowly missed the door as it shut.

when we entered it, we noticed the ship was massive. it had 3 levels and we noticed there were 10 nobles in the room we had just entered. the nobles emmited startled cries and before they could alert the others we opened fire. their shields flared.

but still under this hail of bullets, before it died, one noble managed to press the alert button and say "guard the controls" before it slumped to the floor.

when we paused to reload, there were still 3 forerunner warriors left. they snarled, activated their plasma swords and charged. ones shields overloaded and fried it. there was 2 left now as they both slashed out at us. but the blades only found thin air as we both ducked. we rolled out the way and before they could turn round, we shot them where there armour didnt cover- their backs.

as the 2 aliens fell, we walked up a level. "all their forces will be in the control room" i told dane as we entered the second room. it was pitch black in this level. i was only partially right as 5 noble blades slashed the air. they were no were near us, so we switched to our plasma guns. the superheated bolts of plasma overheated their shields in no time and there was only one wounded noble that located us. "we need the lights to be on in the control room, so we can see the panel!" dane exlaimed.

i nodded and we walked up the stairs with some difficulty. when we entered the control room, i noticed that there was a dim red light on the roof. 5 nobles with guns guarded the control panel. "deal with the nobles" i told dane."ill make sure were headed for the mothership" he nodded and i rushed for the panel. one noble was guarding it and it reached for its gun.before it could react, i pushed it out the way and stuck a plasma grenade on it! with a roar of rage it leapt to get help from its comrades-and blew.

dane wasnt hurt,but every noble was killed. i checked the controls and saw the gigantic mothership loom in the view screen. "wow" i said, stunned. it was massive. it was the size of a planet and a moon toghether.

there was a pull and we were in the ship. we exited through the door and saw that their were over 50 cobras running around. i saw a sign that said the control room was 10 minutes away.

there was a room we had to go through. we opened fire at the cobras and carved a path to the room. they were that busy running that they didnt return fire. "in here!" said dane and we entered the room. we brought up our guns- the room was full of elites and we were surrounded.....

rachel and john slowly awoke. "we made it!" she said and they slowly arose. john clambered out the dropship, closely followed by rachel and they gasped.

they were in the middle of a massive tunnel. it was completely pitch black, save the hole they had made in the roof.they could see a large light up ahead and they began to walk.

"this might be their main city!" john said exitedly. "we may have a chance to wipe them out" rachel nodded as the light grew bigger."but that means theyll be determined to destroy us as well" "wonder if paul and dane have succeeded?" john said. "i hope they have because we will have to go back to earth and drive them into space then do this all over again"

she nodded. they continued talking and in a few seconds they entered the light.

it was a massive city. hundreds of forerunners were walking about and they were on speeder bikes too. the flying vechicles were there too and there was a lot of scarabs. the entrance to the control room was right next to them and they realised-they were preparing for a final war....

"why do you continue to annoy us?" the leader snarled. "your intention is to destroy all of us obviosly" it smiled evilly."and thats not going to happen"!

we opened fire immediatly. "think so?" i said and we shot at the bridge that held them all. as the restraints began to crack, we noticed a bigger machine. it looked like a big beetle and had 2 guns on its head and we clambered inside.

dane fired and we blew the bridge and killed over half of them. there were still 20 elites left as well as the leader and with a furious roar, he leapt onto the vessel. he drove the sword through and it narrowly avoided our throuts and we as he fell, we crushed him. "out" dane cried and we ran into the tunnel that led to the control room. this was about to finish....

invasion series part 2-the end of book one part 2
Date: 11 January 2007, 10:47 am

Meanwhile,Jase was in the control room. after a near fatal battle with the prophet aboard this invasion ship, it had fled from him and sent him to a place called the mausoleum.

he had battled lots of forerunners to escape the place and fought his way to his current destination.

sadly, a few hours ago he had discovered that the forerunners had used every lifepod and he was stuck on the ship. there were still millions of them on the ship though.

he had also discovered that his radio couldnt do anything as it had ran out of its batteries. "well" he thought sadly. "it was over for him" there was no chance he would escape and he would be killed by forerunner forces on his escape.

he flipped off the safety latch and saw the red button. he slowly pressed down and set the timer for 15 seconds.

he realised that he was dying and he would never again see any of his freinds. the timer read 13. he grinned. but they would be proud of him.

as the timer struck eight seconds, 2 nobles rushed into the room. "hello!" he grinned and they fired. the plasma hit him, but he fell on the floor and his last thought was that he would see his other freinds that had already died. he looked at the timer-o

flames flew from the walls and their was a massive explosion. it caught the fuel in the ship, it ignited and the ship blew from the inside.

outside, in the air, the ships shields flared like mad. they turned red and eventually collapsed. the ship was like a massive flower opening up. it turned into a momentarily 2nd sun and there was a deafening blast. the ship lurched and nose dived into the city of new york.

lots of forerunners were destroyed, and the humans fought back. but when they brought reinforcesments the forerunners were unstoppable. the humans had lost.

me and dane ran as fast as we could along the corridor. alarms were blaring and the aliens were on full alert. "attention"! an elite roared over the speakers. we skidded and ran up the last passage. "humans on board!" it roared. "assemble 5 of each race in attack teams!" "crap"! said dane. he stopped for breath. he could only run for so long and his chest hurt.

"the invasion ship and evrything on it as well as the humans on board are dead!" it roared and we stopped dead in our tracks. "Jase did it!" we hifived each other. we were both upset that he was dead, but the situation didnt really suit mourning.

"the humans on board are near the control room and will succeed if we dont kill them"! it roared in rage. we turned a corner and smacked into a group of cobras. 2 died from the impact and a hail of bullets brought the rest down.

"we have to do this!" i roared to dane and we were seconds away from the control room, when a troupe of 5 elites attacked!"deal with the aliens" dane said. "ill finish it"!

i nodded and shot at the aliens. one plasma grenade reduced their numbers to 2. i concentrated fire on the one near dane. it lunged for him, but as it was in the air, its shields overloaded and it fell, riddled with plasma burns.

the final one roared with rage and charged for dane. it pulled out its gun and prepared to fire, but dane shot it as it was right near him. the force downed his shields and the bullets left a hole so big, i saw dane press the selfdestruct button and set it for 1 hour. i waited for dane to see me and the doors all began to shut and we slid underneath them . we saw a ship and a lotta forerunners. "this isnt gonna be such a quiet escape after all!" i told dane and we charged for the ship.

chapter 27
a victory and a tragedy.

john and rachel were in the city. they saw some stone things and had to run a few seconds in the open to reach it. then they had to run a full field to reach the control centre!

"come on!" rachel whispered and they ran as fast as they could to the rocks. seconds later, an army of bikes and 20 scarabs went past. the scarabs legs barely missed them and crushed the rock.

now they had to run the short field and they ran as fast as they could. suddenly rachel heard a familar noise. she turned round and as the scarab fired, they both leapt into the control centre. "we have to finish this now!" john cried and they ran into the control room with over a million forerunners pining for their blood directly behind them......

we entered the ship and 2 elites snarled and charged for us. the ship began to fly and they were wiped out as we flew toward the exit.

"weve got 50 minutes until this blows" said dane seriously. "dont be there when it does!" "i agree" i said and we flew into a room. there was a sign that said it was the 1st of 5, then their was the evacuation tunnel.

i noticed 5 troop carriers were after us, so i began to fire. 2 exploded and one hit our wing!"cow" i cried and smashed into the 3rd. it exploded and we caught fire! the wing fell off and we noticed that a door was about to fall down and block our exit! "were not gonna make it"! i said and noticed 10 other ships after us. we just flew under it and the others exploded and we were in room 2!

but there was no time to celebrate as we were immediatly attacked by a scarab, another ship and some bikes! "run"! dane cried. "were in a ship"! i said sarcastically. "that would be a bit tricky"! i fired the torpedo at the scarabs and before it blew, it fired, hit us and we flew toward the other ship! "we have to board that"! i cried and we both climbed onto the roof.

we leapt. we landed on a wing and dane nearly fell! i pulled him up, and we opened the door. the pilot cried out as he was sucked out and sliced up in the engines.

i shut the door and we saw ours smash into the bridge and explode........

we entered the 3rd shoot and saw a group of 50 nobles. we ploughed through them and headed for the 4th chute with 10 minutes left till detonation....

john and rachel entered the control room and they smacked into a group of 2 nobles in black armour! they opened fire and john primed a fragmentation grenade. they ducked and the aliens returned fire, undetured by their assualt.

john gasped. these aliens must have been the forerunners most powerful warriors as they were not dying.

a noble called zuka zammamee grinned as the humans entered the room. there little plan was about to fail and he knocked down the girl. his shields finally overloaded, but the human didnt return fire. the humans would die and he charged to makre her the first......

rachel grinned as well. if the stupid noble thought she was out of ammo, it had another think coming. she pulled out a sniper. when it leapt, there was no time to aim and she pulled the trigger into its belly.

zuka leapt in the air and was about to pull out his plasma sword, when she pulled out a long gun and fired. he couldnt move and when the bullet and the noble made contact, he ceased to exist.

with a roar of rage, john jerked the final nobles head back. it fell limp. he set the timer for 2 hours."lets give em some fireworks!" john grinned and they exited the other way.

"weve got 10 minutes till detonation"! dane said sternly. we were in the 5th room and we sped down the tunnel. thousands of forerunner ships flew towards us. over a billion forerunner troops ran for us and hundreds of scara bs blasted. but we were far away from them.

the door began to shut and we flew out. seconds later, it smashed down and we saw the forerunner planet and sped toward it. i looked back and in a massive blast, the mothership blew. "we did it!" i told my comrade and he grimaced. "weve still got an entire army of-i stopped mid sentence. in the distance was the massive master ship! i remember that the prophet told me about this" dane said. " its called the master ship!" i nodded. "then its far from over" dane disagreed. "i think its just the beggining...

later on, we got a tramsmission from rachel. "meet us behind the city" she said. i nodded. " is john alive" "yes" she replied. "but the detonation is is 15 minutes" "yep" i said and ended the transmission.

we landed on the destination rachel had told us and they were there like they had promised. "alright"! john said. but i wasnt in a funny mood. i told them about the master ship. "thats bad" said john. we all were about to get in and evacuate when a blast of plasma caught rachel in the back.she cried out and fell down. "nooo"! cried john and smacked into the 10 nobles. he blasted until they retreated into a small cave. john and dane followed. " look after her" he said sadly and he was crying.

i knelt down. she was white and i knew she was dead. suddenly she moved and her last words were finish it.... i began to cry. i laid her down and waited till my freinds appeared. "shes dead" i said sadly. "noooooooooooooo!!!!!!""""""" cried john. "she was my best freind for all my life"!! "well" i said. " lets finish this for her" we clambered into the ship and were soon in space. we flew past the massive mastership. john wiped back his tears and roared. "THIS ENDS TONIGHT!!!!!!

to be continued.
i will submit book 2 and 3 in the upcoming months.

invasion 2=the war. part one
Date: 11 January 2007, 12:44 pm

chapter 1
the arbiter.
11.25pm.on board the master ship, the mausoluem of the arbiters.

not far away from earth, the gigantic master ship flew toward it. an elite stood in the arbiters mausoluem in front of the 3 surviving prophets.

he was called zura canatammee and the 3 prophets were called war, reconcilliation and peace. they were originally 5 prophets, but a group of human children had annhilated them.

in fact he was here because of them. they had destroyed the forerunner mothership and he was being blamed for it. he thought the prophets were going to kill him in public.

if he was spared, however, he would hunt them down-or die. "do you realise what you have done?" war bellowed. zura sighed. "i am sorry master" there were hundreds of cobras, nobles, elites,destroyers and the new race that the forerunners had introduced in the war against the humans- the shadows.

they had no appearance and were just like a shadow. they had long claws hanging from their arms and red eyes like fire.

"you will not be killed" said peace."kill him!" all of the forerunners roared.

zura was overcome with relief. "then i shall hunt the demons at once" he said and began to turn round. "but you will find the 5 icons the foreruners need for the great journey" the prophets cried.

he was silently crushed. he would have to finish the humans on his own and he would be killed if the demons stopped him from finding the icons. suddenly, he watched a tube of arbiter weaponry come down and when the catchet opened, he saw it was the silver version of an elites armour. it had the mark of the arbiter!

"you are now the arbiter" war cried. "nothing can stand in your way!" he paused and lifted up the helmet. then he faced the prophets."and when do i begin"?

chapter 2
the crash.

not far from the master ship, me and my surviving 2 freinds were in a forerunner cruiser.we had started our fight for survival with 7 of us, but they had been killed in the campaign to destroy the forerunners.

when they landed, we had been in ferryhill. wed wiped out a scarab then saw our freinds in alpha base. when we headed for new york, sketty had been killed. in the war, we had boarded the invasion ship. bobby had died then. me and dane went to the mothership, rache and john on their planet. the invasion ship was destroyed along with jase. we all succeeeded our plan and met on the planet. rachel was killed and the planet blew. john had roared"this ends tonight"! and we had arrived in our current destination.

"we finish this for rachel" john said. he was stil shocked. we all were. i looked out and gasped. there were millions of flagships, the mastership,5 invasion ships and 2 motherships!

"theres no chance for us to survive" i said sadly. one of each had nearly wiped the entire of earth out. this was their final attack.

earth loomed in the distance. it was not the beatiful planet that it used to be,but half the world was a smoldering white hot mess. "home never seen so appealing" i grinned and my freinds laughed.

it had been a long time since any of us had laughed. it was good because it took our minds of the daunting, if not impossible task ahead of us. i saw a massive flagship block the view screen and we didnt have time to move. we smacked under it broke both the wings and plummeted towards earth on fire....

chapter 3
the task of the arbiter.

"arbiter" an elite said in a gruff voice."humans on the radar!" he nodded. "send out a cruiser to board there ship"! he commanded. he walked over and mannded the controls in the ships control room.

suddenly the prophet of war floated in eeriely on his chair. the prophets were known to do that. they could suddenly appear out of thin air or the rumours said.

"who occupies the ship?" the arbiter asked. "i wish to kill them" the prophet nodded. that meant he was allowed and the prophet grinned."your enemies"....

we had just scraped under a flagship and were rapidly approaching earth.smoke was trailing from the ships engines and the back room was completely alight."were going down!" cried dane."well" i said and grinned."thats how it looks, but we might not be=-"shut it!" john said angrily. "the forerunners have launched a pod to invade this ship!" "brilliant!" i said. "just when we start to relax"..

invasion 2-the war part 2
Date: 12 January 2007, 9:22 am

the arbiter had just got into the cruiser and it had blasted off toward the enemy dropship. his battle force consisted of 3 shadows,10 elites,20 cobras and 5 nobles plus the arbiter.

he looked out into space and saw the dropship. the cruiser halted and a tube connected to the ship. he ran into it with his allies and got ready for his revenge.....

i looked out the window. "there boarding the ship"! i cried. my 2 freinds looked. "if we can hold them off until we land on earth, we might be ok" dane said. "why ok?" said john nervously." what will happen?" dane was about to reply, when i saw the dropship and forerunners about to open the ship and get in!

"get ready" said dane and we levelled our guns at the aliens. the door strained and started to get holes in."as soon as they come in, shoot" i said. the door shattered and an emergency door came out and covered the hole. the forerunners got through and the battle begun.

chapter 4

A huge amount of foreruners charged into the ship. there were 10 elites and another in silver armour. it had letters engraved into the helmet and was more stronger looking than its fellow elites.

Its eyes burned red and its teth were extremely sharp. There were 20 of the little dog ones,5 nobles and 3 shadow like aliens. they too had burning red eyes and looked exactly like a shadow.

they had no mouth or any other features. there arms had long, sharp claws on them and they were completely black. they had no weapon we could see. we began to fire and the fight started.

The aliens began firing and we ducked behind a chair. "what are we gonna do?" dane asked."theres no chance we can take all them!" dane checked a little thing on the ship. "its- he began but the chair exploded and we had no cover. we began firing and 3 of the dogs went down.

an elites shields began to flare and dane hurled a human grenade. before the aliens could move, they were flung up in the air and when they landed there were only 3 cobras, 4 elites, 2 nobles and 2 shadows. the silver alien roared in anger and we continued firing at them.

the aliens returned fire and we ran up the stairs into the 2nd room. it was a small dinner hall like place. there were lots of tables and chairs. the entire place was gold.

"this is cool" i said slowly. the entire place looked like treasure. it was nice until the aliens charged in.

i pushed a table into a noble and its shields flared. the alien slowly began cutting the table and laughrd menacingly.

suddenly the ship swerved and the table crushed the noble against the wall."no ones on the controls"! i cried. we could crash anywhere on earth!" the ship sweved again and we slid near the forerunners. they smacked into the walls. i slid into an elite and opened fire.

its shields flared Andi hurled a chair at it. it went slow.TOO slow. "were slowly losing gravity!" i cried to my freinds. the seat hit the elite and downed its shields.

we noticed
there was one noble, the silver one, and 2 elites and one shadow left. the silver elite rose its sword and charged straight for me.

it slashed where i had been seconds ago. i was now on the table and i fired. the aliens shields held and i was going to have to reload soon."remember this name!" the elite roared."the arbiter!" i reloaded and flipped off the table as it was cut in 2 by its sword.

"youre the what?" i asked as the alien cut of the chandelier. i dived out the way and so did the arbiter. it crushed the elites. "the arbiter" he snarled and slashed again. this time, he cut the wall behind me and i smacked into him.

he fell down. i bended the sword away and shot it. the blade disintigrated and the arbiter knocked me away. i saw the shadow was chasing john. i fired at the arbiter and ran to save my freind. i fired at the alien and it slowly turned round and leapt at me.

i fired at it and the alien just missed me with its claws. "retreat!" the elite roared and the aliens ran back to the ship.

the elite paused. "we will fight again" it snarled andthey drove off. i looked out the window,saw green forest and evrything went black.

Invasion Episode 1- The Gang
Date: 19 February 2011, 8:39 pm

The blackness of the universe stood still. Nothing made any sound and the only movement was that of planet earth slowly moving around. It was beautiful watching the sun reflect on earth, signalling the dawn of a new day.

A gigantic ship tore through the shimmering reflection and shattered it like glass. The sun seemed to highlight the front of the gigantic vessel and inside it, a large shadowy figure stood.

It signalled toward the planet by pointing a long, slender finger fowards. The other figures in the room all crowded toward the window and were suddenly pushed away by a much larger figure.

The bigger figure rose its arm into the air and clenched it's fist. Dark red eyes pierced the inky blackness and an eery, silky voice spoke softly. "The fall of Earth is about to begin......."

Episode 1
The gang

A loud, menacing boom of thunder disturbed the normally peaceful town of Ferryhill. Seconds later, a blast of lightning illuminated the dreary morning darkness and rain torrented down soaking the ground it fell on.

After yet another all nighter, i pulled the quilt over my head. I was laid out on a couch in the opposite direction to my friend. He was a tall, thin 17 year old who had snakebites and jet black hair, straightened and combed over his eyes. His long leg fell from out of the cover and i saw his red skinny jeans.

I turned my head up and saw the silhoutte of the even taller Jace sleeping. He was about 6.6 and his long legs were pointing over my head. He had a longer hairstyle than Marc but it was not straightened.

He was wearing jeans and a baggy band t-shirt for Metallica. His glasses were moving slowly to the rythm of his chest as he slept. I groggily looked at my Samsung Genio Touch, a phone i had only had for 3 days.

It was a decent touchscreen phone that was not too dissimilar from a BlackBerry. The bright LCD screen nearly blinded me and i blinked a few times before i saw that it was 7.45.am on Tuesday the 8th of June 2010.

I was surprised at how fast this year had been currrently going and got up to go the toilet. Fortunately i woke neither of them as i opened the door which was adorned with posters from metal bands. I entered the small hallway.

When i opened the toilet, it was pitch black. Seconds later the light lit the place up and i saw my own reflection. Long, Spiky black hair and pale skin looked at me. I saw the fingerless gloves that went up to my elbow brush my hair away and the spike strip across my wrist.

I was wearing a tight fitting black top that looked similar to a suit and had Black Skinnies on. After i was finished, i splashed freezing water over my face to waken myself. It was a sharp feelin but i felt refreshed as i entered the room again.

This time i was greeted with a large hand to my face from Marc who laughed loudly and I also saw Jace slowly rise. Marc asked us both how we were and after we nodded to answer, he booted up his PS3 slim. "Tonight, we dispense the final griefing" Marc looked at me and grinned. I grinned back at the meaning; We had had a friend called John Gardner. He was a short, stocky, spiky haired 17 year old.

He was a little on the retarded side, but give him his due he was a good friend. But then he changed; he shunned the company of his fellow 17-18 year olds in favour for much younger boys and this made us sick. He then got agressive and threatening towards us one night.

Since that night we had been prank calling him, going up to his house and griefing him and we knew we would get caught soon, but none of us cared.... It was too fun! The last time we had thrown pebbles at his window and were chased by his mother Michelle.

I laughed at the thought of Michelle. She was known as Chunky Bot among us now because of her unnaturally large behind. She had received plenty of griefing from us. I had printed out about 15 copies of images that had John and his mothers face dubbed onto them in various images such as dogs and Kermit the frog.

"So whats the plan?" i asked Marc with a sly grin. He laughed. "We sellotape all these images around Ferryhill, and give her the most grief ever!" Me and Jace both nodded in unison and collapsed back onto the couch.

I sat and watched Marc play Guitar Hero 5 with Jace until it was 11.30. Marc finally flung the Guitar controller in frustration as he failed the 50th attempt to complete a hard song on expert.

"The games a pathetic" Jace joked and we all laughed. That phrase was one of Johns and it was in itself, very pathetic we had to use it. Marc powered down his PS3 and grabbed hold his Jacket. "We're off up the Village come on"