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halo-starwars-destroy all humans-daleks cross over by 343 guilty spark

stawars- halo-destroy all humans -daleks crossover chapter 1 all out war
Date: 7 May 2006, 5:27 pm

chapter 1
all open war

on the covenant ship mercy and reconciliation coming out of slip space in 2 seconds 2,1 where in normal space I've spotted 100 unidentified golden circular ships said a elite tech officer then a message came from the ship it spoke surrender or you will be exterminated stupid humans said a elite tech officer and launced 15 plasma torpedoes as they exploded on one of the unidentified ships the elite laughed but when the explosian cleared he saw the ships was unscratched and the unidentified ship launched eight torpedoes at them four of the torpedoes hit and took the ships shield offline and the other 3 destroyed the ship bays then a hologram of the prophet of mercy appeared on a pedestal in front of the elite tech officer release all the seraph fighters said mercy holy one the ship bays have been destroyed we hve to tak evasive action through slip space or we will be destroyed said the elite tech officer we dont have to we've located a near desert planet we can land on said mercy the covenant ship moved closer towards death the unidentified ships followed the covenant ship the covenant got to desert planet then the covenant got a message a hologram of the viceroy appreared pedestal you are entering trade fediration territory register your self or be destroyed the elite tech officer turned off the hologram and sent a message towards high charity asking for reinforcements then the covenant ship nose dived into geonosises atmosphere and then just hovered 2 miles above the spire and turned on the gravity lift this trade federation cant destroy are ship with out destroying their spire in the process the elite tech officer said to him self a replie message from high charity arrived saying a group of reinforcements will arrive half a unit later.

In the bridge of the covenant ship mercy was speaking to four elite commanders we have to take over the spire on this waistland planet prepare every troop on the ship to invade the spire we will show these heretics they should never mess with the covenant go and prepare the troops for battle then all four elite comanders said yes holy one and left the bridge. the four elite comanders were geting all the vehicles that weren't destroyed altogether they found 356 wraiths 568 ghosts 43 spectre's 55 shadows 38 banshees and 279 scarabs then loads of grunts jackals elites hunters drones brutes engineers started getting into vehicles around 250 troops will stay behind to protect the prophet of mercy said a elite comander agreed said the other elite comanders

on board one of the unidentifeid ships in orbit over geonosis the ship is on the planet said the dalek we will have invade the entire planet to find them they shall all be exterminated exterminate said anouther dalek then suddenly 40 other dalek ships came out of slip stream this galaxy will be the first to become part of the dalek empire said the dalek empreor and all the dalek ships entered geonosises atmosphere.

on the edge of the solar system loads of slip space rupture holes appeared and tens of thousands of covenant ships apeared and then behind them the covenant holy city high charity in the high council room lets take over this solar system and search for our lords technology and destroy all the heretics in this galaxy said the high prophet of truth they are probably allied with the humans let any sentient life forms we find be anihilated.

above the planet of tatooine 15 furon mother ships came out of hyper space cryptos it seems that these annoying crack pot humans have dveloped space flight thats where you come in cryptos go and capture that ship belonging to something called the unsc said orthopox those monkey men are as good as dead said all 25 cryto clones mean while on the unsc ship the fearless on pedestal a holo gram of a female teenager A.I apeared sir 15 unclassified fighters are coming this way said blaid drwwg send out all avalible long sword intercepters said commander willam keyes suddenly 35 long sword intercepters went head on at the furon fighters then the furon fighters split up into 5 group two long sword intercepters locked on to on of the group of furon fighter and launched missles at them and destroyed 3 of them then a group of the furon fighters 14 long sword intercepters with the quatum deconstructer then the other long sword intercepters all retreated back to the fearless the furon fighter followed and them back in to the ship bay all the long sword intercepters landed and all the pilots ran out of the ship bay because they knew they wouldn't stan a chance in hell