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chronicles of sgt Lloyd episode one - by 12 year old prodigy (mark)

the spartons and 55th company.
Date: 26 January 2006, 12:46 am

(Note I suggest playing halo and any war game (i.e. call of duty, medal of honor etc.)
to understand this story completely)

"Move it, marines," a private came up to sgt Lloyd. "hey sarge why is there not any other high ranking officers?"
"MARINE, GIVE ME 50!" sgt Lloyd barked. "Yes sir." he dropped down and did as he was told. Just then an all too familiar sound, arose, proton bombings.

Chapter 1 - his name is Lloyd

"Private Lloyd?" the desk clerk asked? "Oh yes" Private Lloyd replied. "You can go in now." "Yes thanks."

Lloyd alderane....he thought to himself, Lloyd was always an easy going person, except that is until the war, his father was always with him, until he was killed in an
Warthog accident.

Today was not a joyous and yet at the same time sad day for Lloyd, his happiness was that, one of the legendary Spartans would guide him through his training as a corporal. The bad news? Covenants got a new weapon.
And he was about to find out.

Chapter 2 - wait, those exist?

A shady black man was sitting at the sand.
"Tonight I bring disturbing news"
The covenant has researched 3 new weapons.
There was a silent gasp as most had passed it on in their mind. 3? No that can't be, they told everyone there was 1 yesterday, why today.
"As most of you know, yesterday I had announced only one weapon that the covenant had made, and I know you are all very upset as you are the one who will be dealing with it."
"Which is why, we will train you."
"Now as for the three weapons,"
We have never actually seen them, but we have information on what they do, giving to me by valuable resources." the GGI continued. "For the first one is blue, shaped like a triangle, it is radio controlled by some remote.
When used it will scan an area for life forms, if it spots one, it will detect, and permanently "blind a foe"
Lloyd did not like the fact of dieing without retaliation.

"And if it doesn't spot an enemy, it can transport a whole unit in seconds."
There was a huge gasp.
Now, for the other 2, well let's say they have a bigger gun.

Chapter 3 - thunderstruck.

I awoke that morning only to see that of my friend pvt Peru. As I got dressed and I ate breakfast. A strange looking man in green came up to us.
"Pvt Lloyd? Pvt Peru?" he asked
"yes." we replied.
"Hi my name is john"

Late in the afternoon, during one of our drills, we were sent to guard a precious outpost. This out post had one of 20 duper tic machines, a dupereptic machine could make a gun of anything, toss in a pebble, and you get an AK - 47.

We were in the cold longsword drop ship, we had most of our missile systems disabled, but we had 6 mini Mac cannons. "Hey" a man said next to me. "What's your name? mines peter"
"Lloyd" I replied.

The battlefront was hell. Bodies flying everywhere, and then as soon as we were dropped off I went off to find Peru, and peter. I found peter with ease as he was standing beside me.

The training I did was a pain, 500 push ups and sit ups a day. 200 suicides and 1200 jumping jacks. As I reached near dawn, the master chief had once told me to, improvise when in battle, and to do that, he put cortana in an A.I box, so that she may communicate with me, to teach me. But by the end of the 6 week training his mind, sharper, his reflexes faster, his strength, stronger, and his bravery better.

All the training in the world could never prepare me for what was about to happen to me,

chapter4 - the proton bombings.

Heh. It seemed we were about to win. Until they came, they shot green tinted blobs of plasma across the battle field.
I got up, dragging peter with me, plasma was flying everywhere, and I and peter had almost been hit if it weren't for that soldier that came by. As we were about to finish them off, a strange buzzing noise arose, then the dropped the bombs. What made the proton bombing so powerful is that, when it touches oxygen, the plasma turns invisible. Thus rendering anti airs useless. And when they hit the ground people will Lettirally just turn into dust, even vehicles. Luckily only one was coming my way. So grabbed two random soldiers and threw them with me and a crater, I just hope peter and Peru are alright. I ran panting heavily looking across the barren battle field. Only to find that the sky had turned purple, wait it's not the sky, those are drop ships.

chapter5 - saying farewell to friends

So I went back to the machine, and duplicated me a Mac gun turret.
I was able to fend off the first wave; I knew this baby could not take another beating. So
before the 2nd wave had even come into sight, he went out to look for remaining forces.
3hours later he managed to find 36 privates, 12 corporals, and 3 near dead sergeants.
Seeing it was his responsibility to take charge he did. He duplicated 15 more cannons.
This time, the next waves were using proton bombs.17 cannons were destroyed 25 soldiers were destroyed, the morale was low, but they had survived.

Lloyd searched for more survivors, and soon enough he finally found Peru.
Peru was sitting down beside a campfire he had made, seeing the corporal he smiled.
Ad got up and shook hands vigorously with the corporal.
"Where have you been? I asked
"I forgot to tell you, I was sent to guard the machine."
Then the two hear a rattling noise.
"What's that?" I asked.
So the two got up and cautiously walked toward the source of the noise.
It seemed that there was a talking pile of debris, no that can't be.

We lift up the debris, only o find a shocking sight.
Not only 1 but 6 Spartans, all on the floor.
"They...must be dead." Lloyd had said with an intense influence of fear in his voice.
Then Lloyd's radio suddenly beeped to life.
"CPL LLOYD SIR!" the static voice said.
"Yes?" Lloyd replied.
"The covenants destroyed the machine!"
"And most of the surviving marines as well."

chapter6 – the end?
Lloyd and Peru gasped.
They double timed it over to the machine, or what was left.
Then just before Lloyd was able to make it over to the
machine, a golden figure, almost, majestic looking, creature standing 25 foot tall, and wielding a plasma rifle. "ELITE!" a marine shouted.
And in a blinding motion, the elite drew his hand into a fist, and punched Lloyd across the cheek. The elite then grabbed Peru and also took out some sort of small rod. He stuck the rod on Peru's chest and he pressed a switch.
a bright glow pierced through his stomach.
Amazingly, Peru still living, managed to pull out the sword that was attached to his belly.
it was then that, the elite tore his claws through his stomach, and once deep inside, the elite tore Peru in half.

Lloyd half-conscious, managed to pick up MA5B assault rifle, and aimed at the elites head, and emptied his clip. The elite fell.
3 more came, and lucky enough he spotted a bunker.
Though too weak to get up off the floor.
Then he found peter.
Although he wasn't spotted by the elites, he took 2 frag grenades and unpinned them; he then put them in his pocket. The elites turned on grenades of their own.
Peter than ran charging blindly at the elites knocking the 4 into the bunker.
Door slammed close during the slam. Lloyd did not want to see what happened next.
an explosion as big as a 3 story building... lloyd went unconscious.

"hey, wake up"
Lloyd awake, in a daze Lloyd was spitting out words of nonsense.

"hey guess what? we won." the marine said.

"im making you a sergent." he said.

"who are you guys?" Lloyd said.

"who? us? we are now the new 55th company."



?????: were there any left?

????: no just dust and echoes.We're all that's left. We did what
we had to do - for Earth. An entire Covenant armada obliterated and the Flood.
We had no choice. Halo - it's finished.

????:No. I think we're just getting started.