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Wrong or Right by Harley

Wrong or Right
Date: 28 January 2003, 2:58 am

"You stole my money you SOB" as the marine threw down his plate and got up.
"So what are you going to do about It."?
"I'm going to kick your ass."
"Bring it" as another marine walked up to the other, the marine threw a punch but missed, the other knelt down and upper cutted him in the chin the marine fell back. Some of the other marines were trying to break up the fight but wasn't successful. As the fight progressed Captain James Peterson walked in with two other men. John West and George Farley. Everyone in the cafeteria stood up and saluted.
"Officer on deck" one of the marines said.
The two fighting marines stopped and saluted along with the others, The Captain walked up to the two marines.
"What's going on here."
"Nothing sir just a minor problem nothing serious sir."
"Well don't let that small problem get out of hand."
"Yes sir." The two marines saluted again and sat back down.
The Captain and the two other officers walked out.
"Sir that's the fifth time this week those two have fought."
"Yes I know."
The Captain walked the opposite way and headed towards his office, when he opened the door to his surprise the documents he left on the table were gone.
"Damn it" he thought.
He searched through his desk but found nothing; he ran up to the security office and talked to the head security.
"The documents are stolen."
"What again."
"But we had camera's in that area." As he said that the Captain looked.
"Your kidding right."
"But what does the covenant want with those documents they can't read our language."
"I know and I'm starting to suspect something."
James walks out the security room and shortly after meets up with John West.
"John I need you to go out and find the two best marines you can get, and I'll call for a Spartan nicknames himself death." The Captain ordered.
"What's wrong"?
"No questions go find those marines like I ordered."
"Yes sir"
John saluted and walked off; he went through a couple of doors and meet up with a marine
"Ah just who I was looking for."
"Umm. I need to put my sniper rifle up"
"No time come with me the Captain wants to see you"
"Yes sir."
The two of them headed towards the Captains office and was meet up with another marines.
"Come with me"
They all started to walk again towards the Captains office again John opened the door.
"Sir I got them"
"Good come in sit, while I call for the Spartan."
The Captain pressed a few buttons on his communicator/
"Death I need you here ASAP."
"Almost done."
The Captain could hear faint explosions in the background and screaming Grunts and Elites.
"Gotcha trying to runaway not going to happen." The Spartan blurted out, the Captain said the Spartan's name again.
"Sorry about that sir, what did you need"?
"I need you down here."
"Yes sir, be there in about an hour over and out."
The Captain turned his comm. off and looked towards the two marines.
"What are your names."?
"Private first class Derek Lewis Sniper/Hacker."
"Private first class John Combs rifleman"
"Alright sergeant will tell you the rest." As he said this sarge walked in.
"Just in time sarge take these two down to the briefing room and tell them their mission.
"Yes sir."
The three walked out and down a lonely hallway into a red lighted room
"Sit down men."
The two sat down in front of a hologram that just showed numbers and locations.
Before the Sarge could speak the Spartan walked in
"Sorry I'm late."
"No not at all sir please sit down."
"Ok I'm going to make this plain and simple the Captain ordered me to tell you he is missing some documents"
"What kind sir." Derek said.
"Death will tell you that, and tomorrow you will be woken up at dawn a Pelican will be waiting outside to drop you off understood."
The three stood up and saluted
"Yes sir"

<part 2 of wrong or right coming soon>

Wrong or Right Part 2:Insertion
Date: 5 February 2003, 6:11 pm

The following day right before the sun was showing the marines got up from their bunkers and gathered their equipment and got dressed, they got into line for roll call.
"Private Derek Lewis."
"Private John Combs."
"And last death."
As the three waited for the Pelican to pick them up, Sergeant went over the briefing once more.
"If you encounter any covenant or any other thing eliminate them, don't screw around, understand me marines."
"SIR YES SIR." The marines yelled out.
"Just get in there and recover the documents and get out."
As sergeant said this the Pelican flew over a hill with the sun gleaming off the window intentionally blinding, the Pelican circled the area and landed a few yards away from the standing marines.
Sergeant yelled over the loud engines.
"Ok once more just in and out no questions."
"You will be carrying Pistols."
The marines picked up their pistols and loaded onto the Pelican.
"Now good luck marines." Said sergeant while saluting the others saluted back.
The Pelican lifted up, and while onboard the marines were talking amongst themselves, suddenly the Comm. came on.
"I'm going to insert you guys into a mountain range theirs a small field were I can set you down without being detected, I think you know where to go after that."
"Yes." Death said.
Derek lent over towards Death, while rubbing the back of his head.
"Sir, exactly what do the covenant want with these documents they have enough weapons for themselves."
"Yes I know, the Captain told me that he's very suspicious about this he thinks that the covenant didn't take the documents."
"Ah I see."
About 2 hours later the Pelican entered a mountain area. The Pilot had to stay low so he zipped in and out through the mountains so he wouldn't get detected, the Pelican was very maneuverable so it didn't have much trouble getting through, just ahead their was a Field right in the middle of this mountain range. The Comm. came back on.
"Sir this is where I'll drop you off, and I'll hide this warthog about 1 mile south of here."
Death and his men all knelt down in the tall grass.
"Ok let's go."
Him and his men jogged toward a mountain, there was a path going straight through the mountain so it looked like a canyon. The marines went and took the path, without Death even turning around he told his men.
"We don't have any cloaking devices so I'm hoping this place isn't filled with covenant or anything else, but you still need to watch yourselves they will call for reinforcements."
The three had been walking for well over 20 minutes, and was inturupted by a weird looking creature the men saw it looked like a half hog half lizard creature.
"What is that thing."? John whispered out, by this time the creature looked towards the kneeling marines.
"Well we know it has good hearing." Death said giggling.
The creature lowered its head and charged straight toward death.
"Ok don't fire your weapon just use your knife."
Derek about five feet behind Death took out his knife and got ready. Death jumped up into the air and the creature tried to turn around but was met with a knife in it's back the creature let out a great scream.
"Shut that thing up." Death said.
I'm on it." John jumped on the creatures back wrapping his arms around the creature's head and neck. Snap! The creature fell to the ground blood running into the dirt John pulled the knife out of the creatures back.
"That thing almost gave us away."
Death took the creature and hid it in some bushes, and covered the blood with dirt.
"What's that for?" Derek asked.
"So no one knew we were here."
The marines proceeded through the small canyon. John whispered out.
"It's quite."
"What did you expect? it's the mountains." Said Derek looking back seeing John shrug his shoulders, and a smirk on his face. Death interrupted.
"Alright shouldn't be too far from now."
"It should be over that hill."
The marines looked ahead and saw a hill reaching to the sky about 200 ft.
"Oh Great more hills to climb." Derek said.
"It shouldn't be that hard." Death said laughing.
"Easy for you too say."
The marines stopped for a second to get a drink and headed for the hill, minutes later they made it to the top.
"Get down." Whispered Death.
"See that building over there."
"That's where we need to go." Pointing to a building looking cave with hieroglyphics on the entrance.
"Alright were going in."
The marines all got up and headed for the cave.

(Part 3 coming soon)

Wrong or Right Part 3: figuring things out
Date: 27 February 2003, 4:07 am

      The Marines and Death all headed straight for the entrance they knelt down with their backs against the rocky wall, Death poked his head around the entrance’s corner, he motioned for the two to move up. All they saw was holographic computers covering the east wall and blood stains covering the west wall.
      “What happened here?” John said while covering his nose to keep the stench of dead bodies filling the air.
      “I have no idea something’s wrong here.” Death said.
      The three moved ahead to enter a room with even more dead bodies, Derek looked around and took a step back in aw looking at an Elite hung on the wall with a sharp, steel pipe sticking out its chest a big blood spot was covering half the wall.
      “Wow someone or something sure did a number on these guys.”
      “Umm. Really nothing is right here.” Death said quietly.
      “That’s for sure.” John said kneeling near a Jackal with a knife stuck in one eye, blood was still oozing out of it.
      Death turned towards the marines.
      “Alright here’s the deal were going to look for any survivors if u find something call me on my comm.
      “Yes sir.”
      The three went out the automatic doors and went separate ways; Death went into a room and saw an Elite leader with a sword implanted in its lower back laying face down on its desk. Death checked the room for about 2 more minutes; he finally exited and got a call on his comm.
      “This is John I found a Grunt, he’s pretty battered up.”
      “Alright I’ll be there.” Death turned the direction where John was and ran Derek ran out a room tailing right behind him; they made a few corners finally stopping to see John point his Pistol at a Grunt who was lying down. Derek and John grabbed the Grunt and sat him against the wall; Death walked up and knelt in front of the almost unconscious Grunt.
      “What happened here?”
      The Grunt replied in a stuttering voice.
      “They ambushed us, they killed everyone they hurt me pretty badly.”
      “What about the documents you stole from us? And who is they.”
      “The documents are token and the...” The Grunt stopped and looked at Death and just hung there in the marine’s hands, the marines sat the Grunt down and checked for any signs of life.
      “Sir it’s dead.”
      “Alright were going to get some things straight here, now lets go back to base and tell the Captain what happened.”
      “Aye sir.”
      The three ran to the entrance and went to the LZ after a couple of minutes John caught sight of the Pelican.
      “Theirs our ride.”
      “Alright lets get aboard.” Death said over the loud engines
      They waited there until it came to a stop, they all jumped in and the Pelican lifted up and it flew off.
      Inside the cargo bay of the Pelican Death was speaking to his team
      “Alright were going to tell the Captain what happened, and see what he wants us too do?”
      “Yes sir.”
      The three sat there in total silence just the noise of the engines, Derek looked out the back of the bay and saw a battle going on, he turned towards Death.
      “Sir look.”
      Death got up and sat in front of Derek, Death grabbed his comm. And told the pilot to land were the battle was raging on.
      “Yes sir.” The Pelican pulled an easy U-turn and descended, the Covenant started to fire at the Pelican, finally the Pelican stopped and the marines jumped out.
      Death jumped out and told the pilot to wait on top of a cliff about 200yds north.
      “Alright sir.”
      John and Derek were battling a couple of Grunts, Death turned towards the battle and fired his weapon he killed two Grunts and a Jackal easy kills for him.
      Death ran up too a man, John and Derek were tailing right behind.
      “Sir glad you’re here, I’m Sargeant Jerry Connor.”
      “What happened here?”
      “My squad and me were traveling back to Base in our Pelican which is over there.” Death turned his head towards a flaming Pelican with skid marks in the ground where it slid to a stop.
      “Well Something resembled your suit of armor I thought it was one of our guys until it pulled out a Rocket launcher and blasted it at us, the Pelican tried to dodge the missile but it was too late it hit one of the engines in the back which lead out an explosion which killed two marines, we hit the ground hard but slid to a stop which killed one other person. We have five remaining marines.”
      “Alright you’ll get a ride with us.” Death said.
      “Thanks sir.”
      Death turned and saw John and Derek fighting two Grunts and an Elite. Death ran towards the group and fired a couple of shots two shots killed the Grunts, Death ran towards the Elite and smacked it in it’s shoulder breaking it, the Elite let out a great scream, it fired a couple of shots but was too weak to aim persist, it fell down on one knee and was met with the Spartans boot in its face, Breaking it’s jaw, Death lifted up his pistol and fired a shot, blood streamed out the Elites head and it fell to the ground.
      John leaned sideways towards Derek.
      “Wow he’s good, I never actually got to see a Spartan in action.”
      “You serious. Yeah they are pretty good.”
      Death walked up too Sargeant again.
      “Who’s your Captain?”
      “Charles Paunesew.”
      “Alright we’ll give you a ride to your base.”
      “John, Derek got a small favor to ask of you. Go and help Sergeants men.”
      “Right away sir.”
      John and Derek turned toward the small structure where serge’s men were, and opened fire on the closest covenant.
      While John and Derek were busy with the covenant Death took out his Comm. and pressed a few buttons.
      “Captain we didn’t get the documents back but the place you sent us was ambushed, we found a Grunt but didn’t give us enough information only that this thing came and it’s men came and killed everyone and took the documents.”
      “Alright get back here and we’ll talk more.”
      “Yes sir. Over and out.”
      Death put his Comm. back up and turned to see John and Derek with covenant blood on their armored suits.
      “That was hard, but were finished sir.” Derek said exhausted.
      “Alright good job, were going to go back to base.” Death took out his Comm. again.
      “Alright were ready to go pilot, got a few men to take back to their base.”
      “I don’t have enough fuel to make two flights but I’m sure the Captain will give them a Pelican to take them.”
      Out in the distance the Pelican flew over the cliff and descended to the ground.
      “Alright everyone onboard put the wounded on the floor.”
      John and Derek, a few other men started to load a couple of wounded soldiers on the floor of the Pelican before jumping on.
      “Sir all bodies onboard let’s go.” The Pelican rose up and blasted off.
      A man in the back was laying his head down on his lap sobbing; Death sat next to him and put his arm on his shoulder.
      “What’s wrong soldier?”
      “I lost my brother during the battle against those covenant bastards, they killed him I told him not to join but he refused. He was the only one I could talk too and now I lost him.”
      “Well now. Think of it this way instead of being stuck here where all the fighting and killing is going on. He’s in a better place, I’m sure he was a good marine who fought strong for Earth.”
      The marine sat up and put his head against the side of the cargo bay; he looked towards the Spartan.
      A marine next to Death complimented on his quote.
      “Thanks, I usually just think of quotes during battles and things.”
      The Comm. came back on.
      “Sir were here.”
      “Alright good.”
      The Captain was standing next to the LZ where the Pelican was landing.
      “Death I need to see you, but first lets get these men back to their base.”
      “Yes sir.”
      The Captain walked past Death towards Sargeant, the Sargeant saluted.
      “At ease Sargeant. What’s your name?”
      “Jerry Connors sir.”
      “Who’s your Captain?”
      “Charles Paunesew.”
      “So what happened to your squad?”
      “We were blown out of the sky killing a few men, it looked like a Spartan but it shot at us so we were in trouble.”
      “Umm... Ok I’ll look into that. But lets get you a ride.”
      Sargeant walked back up too his men who were sitting on the gravel.
      “Don’t get comfortable men were leaving now.”
      A Pelican flew over the marine’s heads and landed yards away.
      “Death I need to see you in my office.”
      “Yes sir.”
      The two men walked in the automatic doors down the corridor and into Captains office.
      “Have a seat.”
      Death pulled out a chair from under the desk and sat down.
      “So the covenant did take the documents in the first place, but it was ambushed and taken by something else, and a Grunt didn’t help at all. But we will get those documents back no matter what.
      (Part 4 coming soon)

Wrong or Right part 4
Date: 11 June 2003, 5:03 AM

After about twenty minutes of talking Death emerged from the automatic doors with the captain right behind him.
"Alright Death now go get some sleep and tell John about his brother."
"Yes sir." Death said saluting.
Death turned around and went down the long corridor that led outside, once Death got outside he saw John on his left walking with his hands behind his head looking up into space. Death walked up behind him. It seemed John didn't notice him so Death tapped him on the shoulder, John rapidly turned around with his fists tightened up ready to fight.
"Oh crap its you, don't do that."
Death laughed.
"So what are you doing out here this late?" Death said looking at John.
"Just couldn't sleep."
"You now what death? Before I ever heard about the covenant wanting to destroy the human race I wanted to become an astronomer. But this came and so I volunteered and now I'm here."
"Well that's nice to hear." Death said looking up.
"Isn't life weird sir? You can never predict what will happen not a sec nor fifty years from now."
"Yes very true."
John turned toward Death with a slight smile on his face. Death bowed his head.
"Umm John?"
"Yes sir?"
"Never mind I'll tell you first thing tomorrow."
"Well alright, I'm going to sleep now."
"Yes same with me."
John stood straight as he could and saluted. Death returned his salute and they both walked off. Death took off his armor and lay down relieved that he can finally rest. He sat and put his legs on the bed and fell asleep.
A soldier on the northeast tower looked over his shoulder at the other soldier.
"Hey isn't this kind of eerie. I got a bad fee-" the soldier stopped talking to find his comrade fall to the floor blood oozing out his head, but before the soldier could react he was shot dead.
The following morning everyone rose from their slumber and wobbled out there cabins toward the Mess hall. A young man was running from the tower toward the captain.
"Sir" The man said saluting.
"Yes son what is it?"
"The men in the tower their dead. They were sniped."
"What? Well I'll think of something now move along marine."
"Yes sir." The man said saluting.
Death stood up from his bed put his armor back on; John walked in and greeted him with a salute.
"So what were you going to tell me before?"
"Ah yes, this will be very hard on you its about your brother. He was killed in a friendly fire accident. I'm sorry."
John lowered his head and let his arms hang by his side.
"It's alright things happen like this. This is war." John said slowly with tears rolling down his cheek hitting the ground. Death put his hand on John's shoulder.
"Don't worry I bet he was a good soldier and didn't give up on helping Earth and others." Death took his hand off John's shoulder and walked off.
"Lieutenant Walker I need too see you immediately." Captain said leant over his desk pushing a blue button.
He sat back in his chair relaxing his body taking the portrait from his desk of his family he looked at it hard, it was he and his family when he was thirty. That was the very same day that his family died going back to Elysium city. The captain heard the doors open and put his picture on his desk.
"Sir you wanted too see me?" Said a slim, fit man saluting.
"Good. I need you too assemble a squad, I will tell sergeant Washington further details." Captain said with his arms folded across his chest.
"Yes sir" Walker said.
"Your dismissed Sargeant."
"Aye sir" Walker said saluting and spun on his heels facing the doors before he could exit Captain said something.
"Sargeant do you have a family?"
"Yes I do sir. Why's this?" The man said with a puzzled expression.
"Ah just wondering I like too get to know my men better."
"Well okay. I got a beautiful wife, and a daughter. Thanks too that good Spartan John he saved all those people off of Sigma Octanus and I thank him with all my life."
"That is real good too hear, and I hope they'll both stay safe. But for now you are dismissed."
The Captain turned the comm. back on and spoke.
"Sargeant James Washington and Death I need you in the Captains office now."
The Captain sat there for a good five minutes before seeing the doors open. It was the Spartan.
"Oh good to see you. How have you been?"
"Good sir."
"Have a seat."
"I'm fine sir."
Captain shrugged and grabbed his cup from the desk and turned toward his coffee maker and took the kettle from the maker and poured himself some, he grabbed the steaming cup and took small sips from the cup, right at that point Sargeant walked in and saluted.
"Sorry took me so long sir, had to take care of some unfinished business." Said Sargeant Washington: A muscular short Hispanic man.
"Not at all Sargeant."
"Alright I brought you two here because I got a mission for you, I have gotten word yesterday that a Covenant base was ambushed while our men were fighting the Covenant, they were both killed during the assault by the same things that shot down that Pelican two weeks ago. We will start tomorrow 1200 hours on the point I already got one Sargeant assembling a squad, and ill get a Pilot he will drop you off two hundred kilometers southeast from the base. But don't lose focus when you get there their will more and likely be a Covenant search team there searching for materials, so be careful.
That is all you both are dismissed."
"Yes sir" both men said saluting which they turned and walked out the door.

Wrong or Right part 5
Date: 20 June 2003, 5:09 AM

The following morning Death walked into John's bunker, he just got done getting dressed. John stood up from the bed saluting.
"We got a mission, and I need you to come with us. Now lets go get Derek."
"Yes sir." John saluted again and followed Death out the door towards the direction of Derek's bunker. When they finally got there Death opened the door, Derek looked up from his book he was reading, he closed the book and slid it under his bunk, he knew exactly why they were there, so he got up and dressed into his armor and grabbed his
"Meet us in recall when you're done, we'll brief you guys when everyone gets there."
"Yes sir."
Death and John both walked out the door they casually walked to the middle where the pelicans were and saw at least ten men standing in rows. John fell into the line and Death walked and stood beside Sargeant, Sargeant saluted and Death returned the salute.
"Are we all here?" Sargeant asked.
"Not yet missing one more."
Derek ran and got into line.
"Now were all here." Death said.
"Alright lets get this started."
Sargeant pulled a clipboard that was held under is under arm and held it in front of him flipping between pages.
"Alright here's what's going on we got word that a covenant base was whipped out, but that's not it when a squad of our marines were infiltrating the base they were attacked by those armored things so we want you guys to go in and check for any clues and lets get those bodies a better burial, that is all. Now get going."
All the marines loaded onto two Pelicans Death jumped in last and the Pelicans rose up and flew off.
The Pelican had flown a good 2 hours; finally the communication radio came on.
"ETA. In fifteen."
"I hope we don't meet any covie there I'm in a good mood today and I don't want that too change not today." One marine said cleaning his rifle with a thin cloth.
Nervousness had always settled on the rides they got before a mission but this seemed different, not right, and everyone on board could see it in each other's eyes.
"Five minutes till LZ." The pilot said.
Derek turned his head toward Death.
"Are you nervous like the rest of us, since we can't see your expressions under your helmet."
"Yes I am you know were just like you we just don't express it physically because that would screw up a mission."
The comm. came back on once more.
"LZ in view ready for drop off." The pilot said.
"Alright you heard him let's go."
The Pelican slowed down and turned around and started to lower and stopped all the marines jumped out.
"Remember search the area and lets get these soldiers a proper burial and I'll call in for a couple of more Pelicans to get them out, and one more thing watch out for covenant patrollers they will more and likely be here getting there equipment back.
"Yes sir." The marines replied.
Everywhere you looked was blood, bodies and bunkers that were still on fire.
One marine walked up too Death and saluted.
"At ease. Yes what is it?"
"Doesn't it look like when these two were fighting something came by and whipped them both out."
"That's precisely what happened, now get going."
"Yes sir." The marine saluted and walked off.
Death picked out his communication radio from his pack and turned it on.
"Sir all there is; is dead bodies nothing left of this base or anything else I can't even find a gun and the marines have been stripped of their suits. This new enemy is just collecting everything they kill."
"Understood just get those bodies and call us back." Sargeant said.
"Yes sir." Death turned his radio off and put it back in his patch.
"These marines don't even got there dog tags." One marine said dragging a body.
Death walked up to the marine standing by the bodies.
"How many?"
"Eighteen and that might be all, yep that's all."
"Alright were done here I'll call in."
Suddenly a rustle in the bushes and a bloody marine fell out, everyone turned toward the marine leveling their rifles just in case, the marine was trying his hardest to breath three marines ran over and sat him against a rock, and Death ran over and knelt by him.
"What the hell happened?"
"Uh ahh my leg, things came out of the darkness they wore all black body suits and killed us all I tripped and was unconscious."
"Okay lets get this man an escort with the Pelicans. Oh yeah how long till they get here."
"Ten minutes now." One marine replied.
"Thank you."
Ten minutes passed and three Pelicans sat down all the marines loaded the bodies onto the two Pelicans when they got down they got a stretcher from one of the Pelican's cargo nets and set the wounded marine on top and laid him out across the floor of the Pelican while the marines were settling down inside it. When they were all settled down the Pelican flew off.
"Well I guess your day has been good so far Greg." A marine said smiling.

Wrong or right part 6
Date: 30 July 2003, 9:10 AM

      The Pelican flew for great miles nothing really happened just a couple of marines reading, looking, laughing amongst themselves, and some listening too music.
Suddenly the Communications radio came on.
"All marines we got multiple enemy contact, I repeat 5 Covenant Banshees moving towards our direction get ready."
"You heard him, get your straps on." Sargeant ordered them.
      The mounted gun under the Pelican shot off rapid rounds, it shook the Pelican the bullets rained on the banshees, they all swerved to avoid, one wasn't so lucky and got a direct hit. The banshee smoked and started its decent toward the ground and blew up. The other four shot back hitting the wing of the Pelican and skimming the top.       The marines inside could here the sizzling.
The Pelican shot straight toward the ground for a maneuver when it was about 40 feet from the ground it shot straight back up the banshees not far behind shooting multiple rounds and making maneuvers themselves.
"Holy crap were going to die."
"Shut that tone off marine; why don't you stop thinking negative."
      A big boom came from behind the Pelican and plasma was starting too be seen coming from the outside it started to drip off the top towards the floor, one marine wasn't so lucky and got his leg burnt from a flying plasma drop he screamed in anguish as the plasma burned his skin and it started too burn even deeper.
      The pilot was trying his hardest too out maneuver the Banshees but it wasn't enough, the pilot knew the Pelican wouldn't take anymore so he had too call in for back up.
"All UNSC personal respond I'm taking heavy fire from multiple Covenant Banshees and need assistants, repeat I'm being gunned down by multiple Banshees and need help now!"
      All the marines were trying too help the wounded man but the Pelican was moving too much. (But what could you do when 4 Banshees are chasing you.) Another boom came from behind the Pelican again.
"We've been hit again damn." One marine cried out.
The Pilot came back over the Comm.
"I'm going too have too set this bird down she won't take anymore of those hits."
In the distance a roar of engines could be heard it was seven long swords coming in at a triangle formation towards the banshees, all the Banshees tore from the Pelican and started too attack the long swords, they both fired at each other.
      Explosions started too rattle the air and gunfire streamed across the sky. As fast as the fighting begun it ended with 5 long swords left and no Banshees.
"Alright well since that's over I'm going too set this thing down its going too be bumpy so hold on." Said the Pilot to the crew.
      The Pelican started its decent towards the ground it shook violently and chunks fell off, the hatch was practically melted down too where you can see outside.
The Pelican hit the ground with tremendous force: They had landed by a giant lake.
      Death was thrown from the back through the hole that was on the hatch door along with a couple of others, as Death rose a group of men were walking around trying too regain their composure, when he looked around a sharp pain came from his right arm he grabbed it slightly; it was broke.
      A couple of men jogged towards him.
"Sir are you alright?"
"A little my arm is badly broke and I'm a little stirred up but other than that I'm okay I guess."
"Okay we got some clothe too hold up your arm while we get a hold of someone."
"Bad news all the electronics are dead they took a real beating when we crashed." A marine said.
"Well damn it. All right I guess we hike the rest of the way." The marine working on Deaths arm said.
      Sarge walked from the back of the Pelican with his gun prompt on his shoulder.
"Okay men lets get going grab whatever you can and lets get the hell out of here before any covie come."
"Yes sir." The men replied then they ran over too the back and around too gather equipment.
Death stood up and walked towards Sargeant.
"So how many we lose this time?"
"Three: One thrown out the back, the wounded man we had found back where the bodies were, and the Pilot."
Death shook his head and walked off ready too move and get out and back too the base.
      After minutes had passed all the men were ready so the sarge gave them the order and they all walked. It was starting too get dark and they couldn't turn on their lights for fear of any covenant patrols and whatever else was out there, so they tried their hardest too follow whatever they could.
       They finally reached the wood line and entered.
They had traveled quite awhile suddenly they heard gunfire and saw flashes over a hill They lowered themselves.
      They heard something behind them they all laid down and saw a group of covenant run past them over the hill. When it was clear they moved too the top of the hill and looked out towards the firefight they were astounded at what they had found.
(To be continued...)