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War: the Pain of Death by Z4

War: Not a happy thing(Chapter 1)
Date: 21 October 2003, 12:38 AM

1600hrs.October, 18th 2552 (Military Calendar)
On the streets of Austin, Texas

"Private get some Pelicans down here" ordered Colonel Tucker. Colonel Tucker and his brigade have taken on thousands of Covenant already. His lines were falling rapidly.
"I'm trying Colonel, but there are so many other battles going on right now. Wait I'm getting something."
Over the radio came,"The French are gone.The Covenant dominated them".That was the end of the transmission.
"Colonel Tucker are you there" came from the radio.
"Give me the comm. link"said Colonel Tucker shooting a Grunt in the head."I'm here and not doing to well" replied the Col.
"We are sending in four Pelicans to get you out of there.Capt. Johnson is going to take your place on the line."
"Understood" said the Col. sounding relieved.

"There over running us, retreat," shouted one of the Marines.
"No stand your ground and fight like a man" yelled the Col."Reinfocrements are their way now".
"Banshees on the horizon. Elites with swords too" yelled Captain Wintz.
. "We must stand together.Move the artillery towards the center and blast them away. Somebody get in the Warthog and take down those Banshees.Capt. Wintz take your men and go to the left flank. Corporal Sharp take your men and go to the right flank and blast them. I'll go up the middle" ordered the Col.
The Marines moved out and gunned the Covenant with all the firepower they had. About five minutes after they charged the reinforcements had arrived. So now they had double the force.

The Marines pushed the Covenant forces back into a full retreat. About twenty Longsword fighters came and shattered the Covenant escape ships. The battle for the capital of Texas was won. The capital was in ruins. More than five thousand Marines have been lost. We set up a big base and regrouped. General Weinfield came down and congratulated the Marines on their great success.

0900hrs. October, 19th 2552 (Military Calendar)
Austin, Texas

The two Col.'s from the Battle for Austin were called to the Head Quarters."Col. Tucker your tactics prove very well in this battle. We are trying to get Washington D.C. back from the Covenant. We need you and Col. Johnson to push the lines back all the way back to D.C. (Capt. Johnson had been promoted to Col.). We need you to be ready to move out in forty-eight hours"said the General."Dismissed".
"Sir" said the Col.'s in unison.

Col. Tucker went back to what was left of his very tired brigade.The Marines groaned at the news.Col. Tucker went to turn on the TV to see what was on the news.
"Just in a great victory for the U.S. Marines. They won back the capital of Texes.Other news; the French have fallen to the Covenant power. We suspect that is their base here on Earth. The Spartan II known as the Master Chief has arrived back on Earth and is now winning battle after battle. He helped some struggling Marines get out of a tight spot at Austin.We have been asked to remind you to get to a well protected shelter if you are not there. Wait more news Berlin has fallen. I repeat Berlin is gone. Earth City had almost fallen to the Covenant. They were almost gone but the Master Chief made an awesome rescue. Now Earth City is back at top speed. Remember if you have a job you don't go to it. The Police are rationing out food to the citizens of the U.S.We can only hope that the Marines all around the World will pull thorough. This is Fox at nine. Good night and God bless"said the reporter sounding tired.

0900hrs. October, 21st 2552 (Military Calendar)
Leaving Austin, Texas

So the men packed up and were about to head out when Col. Tucker was called back to
the H.Q. So he told his men to halt so he could go.
"Col. I want you to met 1st Col. Sanders ", said the General. The two men talked for about a minute and then they were called back to order. Col.Tucker,1st Col. Sanders is the led of a legion,you will follow his command on the way to D.C. Then at D.C. you will be in charge. Do I make myself clear". "Sir, yes, sir" said the Col.'s in unison, again.
So the Col.'s were given five hundred Warthogs and two hundred tanks each. The men set and moved out.. The men were making their pace very well. They soon came to Houston and were surprised by the devastation. There was almost nothing left. They searched for survivors. They found none. Yet they proceeded on to a town called Winnie everyone was alive there. Probably because it was so small. The men got something to eat from the locals and proceeded.

To be continued...