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TitanJaywhit10 by Jaywhit10

Titan - Chapter 4
Date: 21 August 2002, 6:39 am

On Titan's surface inside Research Station A

      "Oh shit, this can't be good Lieutenant. Should we fire" Cpl. Ryan said and begun to take aim, "No don't fire, I don't want to fire on them unless fired upon". Major Bryant spoke over the unit's frequency "Don't fire unless fired upon". Lt. Webster glanced over at Cpl. Ryan and grinned. The Five aliens raised kneeled and started aiming at something. They fired, one of the bolts looked like it was going to hit Webster flew over him. A second later someone screamed. Two Titan marines fell off a small elevated platform. There was 3 holes in one of the Titan marines and 2 in the other. All the marines looked at the bodies. The holes burned straight through both armor plates and disapated against the wall. Webster turned and took a sigh of relief. Most of the marines were seriously freaked out about what had just happened.

      One of the aliens lifted its face plate, it looked almost human. "Which one of you activated this beacon?", Pvt Ishida slowly began to walk backwards. Pvt. Lee and Pvt. Howard pushed him forward, Pvt. Ishida glanced at the marines and turned to face the aliens. "I did .... I activated the beacon". "How did you activate it, we would of never thought of you activating it", "It was actually a fluke but I had hoped it would have done something". Webster thought for a minute, why and how were these aliens speaking perfect english and maybe they could help them in some way. "At first when this was activated we thought some of our people were actually alive on this moon. Why are you humans carrying weapons ?", "We were fighting rebels on this moon, we came here directly from a battle with another race". Webster noticed that a few of the marines looked a little scared in a way, then he thought that Ishida must be scared shitless.

      "What race would that be and why would you be fighting it?"The alien replied. "Well actually its more like races, but they united to annillate all of us and are suceeding by why do you ask", "Your race is being annillated, but what races would do such a thing. We know of one race that could but they can't since where they peaceful". Sgt. Griffin walked up to Webster "Geez, he's actually doing something right. Its a god damned miracle" and then he chuckled a bit. "The races that have been wiping us out have united under one purpose, just to destroy us. They call themselves the Covenant", "Well they must be advanced, let me think about something" The alien pondered a thought and asked one of the other aliens a question. "Let me guess, most of you humans in here want to know if we would help you. Well my race will porbably deliberate that question, it seems puzzling that there are races still in existence that are that advanced".

      Ishida seemed like he was trying to think of something to reply with but he couldn't put it into words. "There is no need to answer to what I had just said" The alien turned to his fellow aliens, nodded and turned back. "We will return". They disaperred in a flash of light. The marines looked around, acting preplexed to what had just happened. "Well that was interesing, nice work Ishida", Ishida turned around and begun to walk back. "Yeah thanks Lieutenant, I think". Lt. Webster patted him on the back and glanced back at the other marines. They were starting to calm down but he saw that Major. Carlson was talking into his COM franticly.

      Pvt. Mackenzie walked over. "Lt. Webster, switch your COM frequency over to the 252nd's. It's very interesing". Webster changed it and began to listen. "Lt. what the hell is going on out there", "Major we are reaching the prerimeter of the Research Station and are incountering a lot of resistance" there was an explosion, "There is a large force of Titan marines out here in force, but they aren't armed with MA3Bs, they got MA5Bs. ######## Cpl., Warthog at 11 o'clock waste him. Sorry bout that Major, Titan's are everywhere", "Lieutenant try and hold them off, we're coming", "#####Rog#r#t#at##ir####". Webster switched the frequency back and glanced to the doors leading to the outside, he saw movement. "Major Bryant and Major Carlson, theres movement near the door"Webster said into his COM. Just after the doors exploded. Titan marines charged in, rifles already firing. "FIRE AT WILL MARINES, LETS WASTE THEM" Yelled Major Bryant. Marines started firing and some took cover. Lt. Webster opened fire and started picking off men moving off to the side. Bullets flew past his head and connected with another marine's face plate, pentatrating it. Ishida fired his MA6B-C in a full auto fusliade along with other marines doing the same thing.

      Lt. Webster fired a 3 round burst from his MA6B, the bullets tore through the armor of a Titan marine and he fell. He dove and kneeled behind a barrel. Pvt. Howard was next to him and behind a large crate was Pvt.'s Sinclair, Mackenize, and Patterson. Somewhere along the line of marines someone yelled "Frag out" and 16 grenades were thrown. The explosions took out most of the Titan marines running through the entrance. Pvt. Lewis was lying on his belly firing at the Titan marines when a MA5B's bullets ripped through him. Lt. Webster changed clips and fired a 5 round burst into a Titan. A Titan ran in hefting a Jackhammer and a sniper bullet ripped through his skull. Pvt. Lee and Sgt .Griffin were behind a block of concrete reloading when a frag was tossed right next to them, they were killed instantly.

      Lt. Webster tried to find where Pvt. Ishida was and saw him firing bursts from behind another crate. Cpl. Ryan was picking off the Titan's who were carrying Jackhammers, he was kneeling right next to Ishida. Lt. Webster leaned out and two rounds tore through his right arm. He cringed at the pain and saw the Pvt. Mackenzie noticed that he was wounded and tried to come over. Webster tried to tell him not to come but Pvt. Mackenzie wouldn't listen. Ryan missed a Titan and it fired two rockets, one impacted a concrete barrier and the other impacted right infront of Mackenize. He was blown 13 feet back. Lt. Webster cursed to himself quietly.

      10 seconds later the firing stopped, Lt. Webster looked around and noticed that no more Titans were running in. All the marines began standing up and he saw something that horrified him. The 117th had suffered severe casulties. He saw bodies lining the areas where the 117th had taken cover. "Squad leaders check in" Webster noticed that Major Bryant was fine. "Lt. Mendez here", "Lt. Webster here", "Lt. Gairison", "Lt. Osorio", "Sgt. Floyd", "Lt. Matthews", "Cpl. Evers", "Lt. Wood im here". Webster and all the marines noticed when the squad leaders called in and it wasn't a Lieutenant, it ment the Lt. had been killed. If it wasn't a Lt. or a Sgt. that ment they had some major losses.

      "All squads lets get out of this death trap". The 117th began walking out. Lt. Webster ran over to Sgt. Griffin's body and grabbed something from his pockets, when he turned around he saw the lifeless body of Major Carlson. Then he joined with what remained of his squad. When they got outside it was seriously dark out. On their night vison they saw that all their Grizzlies had been destroyed. There were lots of bodies and burning Warthogs around. On the top of the nearest sand dune were 5 Scorpions and 17 body heats not sitting on the Scoirpions. One of the Scorpions was burning uncontrolably. With in 10 minutes Major Bryant figured out that there were 59 marines still alive in the 117th and 29 marines alive in the 252nd. Major Bryant spoke into his COM and told the Carrier of the losses. Lt. Webster found a crater next to a buring Grizzly and 3rd squad sat down.

      "Lieutenant, that fucking battle sucked we lost 4 people from our squad and we still got wounded. Why'd we have to have our backs facing the door anyway, Ishida it's your fucking fault" Pvt. Sinclair said and pushed Ishida. "But at least I was firing you little chicken shit, you were hiding the whole damn time", they were about to say something but Webster pushed them both. "Shut the hell up, we got killed thats it end of story. You two idiots got that" Lt. Webster pulled out the things he got from the Sgt.'s pocket. It was a picture of a Women, her daughter, and Sgt. Griffin and a ring on a necklace. Lt. Webster felt sad, sure he had sent messages to the famlies of squad members that had died, but they weren't married which was a totally different thing all together especally that he died for something of no fucking importantce to what he had joined up for in the first place.

      Lt. Webster was getting tired and grabbed a electronic device from one of his pouches and put the Sgt.'s things in another. He hooked up the device to his helmet and cranked up the volume to his music. As soon as he did that the Major spoke over the COM "Marines we have a problem, we have to help out the marines at the Colony, they are under fire and need assistance. We move out in an hour". Lt. Webster cused at that little bit of information. He had seen so much death that he didn't and shouldn't have to go through that again.