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Titan by Jaywhit10

Titan - Prologue
Date: 30 May 2002, 4:44 am

United Nations Space Command Priorty Transmission 04592D-96
Encryption Code: Red
Public Key: File /Charlie-Delta-Yankee-Seven-/
From: Admiral Louis Reaves, Commanding Fleet Officer, EARTHCOM (UNSC Service Number: 00036-54901-EC)
To: UNSC vessels Devil's Messenger, Orion, Centurion, Thor's Hammer, First Light, Tsunami, Elemental, and Galaxy
Subject: Proceed To Titan
Classification: Classified (BGX Directive)

/start file/
You are to disengage from any battle you are commencing, retrieve your marines, and return to Sol System ASAP. The colony on Saturn's moon Titan has broken away from the UNSC do to increasing problems in politics and supply problems. We sent the UNSC Frigate Redemption along with some delagates to deal with the problem. The Redemption was destroyed and all hands were lost. Your job is to attack the colony and secure it. Kill all the opposition and the Titan leaders, but do not, I repeat do not destroy the colony because building it was too costly and we wouldn't want to lose it now. The colony has 10 MAC guns placed on its surface near the colony it self, 3 Frigates, unknown number of Titan Marines, and at least 5 Longsword squaderns. Good Luck
/end file/

UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger In Orbit Above Epsilon 2

İİİİİThe Devil's Messenger dentonated it's port emergency thrusterİİİİİdodged an incoming plasma torpedo. "93%, 97%, MAC gun's hot, it's ready to fire Sir" yelled Lt. Sanders who was manning the weapons console. "Send them to hell, fire the MAC and Archer missiles" Yelled Captain White. The Devil's Messenger shuttered and a streaking white projectile exploded from the ship.

İİİİİIt streaked towards the unshielded Covenant Frigate. The round hit its side and sent it tumbling out of control. The archer missles streaked towards the Frigate and exploded in the hole in the side of the ship. "Plasma Torpedo tracking us Sir, impact in 20 seconds" Lt. Martinez the who was at ops told the Captain.

İİİİİ"Lt. Davis keep this heading, Im gonna have the Plasma hit a destroyed ship" Captain White told his navigation officer. "Sir, collision with a piece of a UNSC Frigate's hull in 15 seconds". Yelled Lt. Martinez. "Captain, Longsword squaderns still engaged with the Frigate"Lt. Mendel yelled from COM. "Tell them to keep it occupied". The Captain replied. The Plasma trailing behind the Carrier lurched closer. "Lt. Martinez push the engines as hot as you can" "Sir, the reactor can't go any hotter"Lt. Martinez told the Captain.

İİİİİ"Sir, collision with debris in 7 seconds and Plasma Torpedo impact in 11 seconds. Its gonna impact before we can reach the debris, Sir" Lt. Martinez told the captain. "Damn it, Lt. Davis detonate starboard emergency thruster in 4 seconds"Captain White screamed. "Plasma Torpedo impact in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1," Lt. Martinez said while shaking. A bang resided within the hull of the carrier as it lurched to the side. The Plasma Torpedo flew past and collided with the debris. The Carrier pasted mere meters from the melting hull.

İİİİİ"Lt. Sanders recharge the MAC gun one heavy round, arm all remaining Archer missile pods, Lt. Davis come about to heading zero two seven point one eight. Lt. Mendel recall the Longswords"Soon as Captain White said that, all the bridge officers went to work. The Longsword squaderns fired the last of their archer missiles and came around at full speed. The Covenant Frigate came about and started moving towards the Devil's Messenger at a slow speed all while pulse lasers were charging.

İİİİİ"Captain, MAC gun is hot and target lock aquired."Lt. Sanders said and looked at the Captain. "Fire Lt. Sanders". The ship shuddered again and another MAC round was sent towards it's target followed by hundreds of missiles. The MAC round went straight through the ship, bow to stern. The Archer missiles ripped apart the remains of the Covenant Frigate and it exploded. The bridge of the Devil's Messenger was full of cheers "Lt. Mendel tell the Marines on the surface to prepare for evac, tell them they have 15 minutes till the pelicans land. Also tell the longsword pilots to re arm and give the marines some support."Said the Captain

On The Surface Of Epsilon 2, grid fourty-five by eleven

İİİİİLt. Cory Webster's COM went off. "All marines prepare for evac in 15 minutes, Devil's Messenger out". Around Webster marines were firing their MA6Bs at a large Covenant force. Lt. Webster leveled his MA6B and fired sending a trio of EX rounds at a Grunt. The rounds ripped apart the Grunt. Plasma fire erupted all around his squad's postion. One of the marines near Webster took a plasma bolt to the neck. "Oh hell get a medic over here. 3rd squad fall back, lay down cover fire for the wounded as you retreat."Yelled Lt. Webster over the sounds of MA6Bs firing and screams of marines and Covenant alike.

İİİİİWebster ran up to where some of his marines were pinned down by a group of 5 Jackals holding their postions 10 meters away. Plasma bolts streaked all around Webster. Webster took a shot to the shoulder but his armor stopped it. The marines in a foxhole saw Lt. Webster coming and gave him covering fire as Lt. Webster jumped in. "Pvt. Sinclair, Pvt. Jones, and Pvt. Lewis get your asses out of this foxhole. Lob some damn grenades at the Jackals and pull back, god why do I think of everything."Said Lt. Webster while chuckling a bit.

İİİİİThe four marines primed some grenades and tossed them. The grenades landed right behind a couple Jackals and killed 3 of them. The marines climbed out and ran for their lives. The two Jackals fired an overcharged plasma bolt at the running marines. The bolts hit Pvt. Jones in the back and burned straight through his armor killing him. Lt. Webster didn't look back. What he saw next made him fell better. They had run in a sprint for a minute and came up where his squad was.

İİİİİOf his original squad of 25 marines, there was about 11 marines there and two were wounded. Lt. Webster saw Pelicans in the sky and knew that they had to keep the area secure before they landed. "3rd Squad this is yankee-723, I am inbound. ETA is about 1 minute thirty seconds."Yelled the Pelican's pilot over the COM. "Roger that yankee-723, nice to hear your voice again Rose"Replied Lt. Webster. Rose and Lt. Webster had been close friends since the first grade. "3rd squad keep the perimeter secured and kill anything that isn't human, got that marines". "Yes Sir" Yelled the marines in 3rd squad. "Cpl. Pyne do you still have ammo for your MA6B-LC"Said the Lt. as he walked over to a marine. The MA6B-C was essentially a MA6B except it didn't have a 60 bullet clip. The MA6B-C had a 240 bullet canister and a tripod. "Sir, I still have 2 un used clips"Said Cpl. Pyne. "Good, lie down on that rock and keep the Covies surpressed"Replied Lt. Webster. "Holy Crap Sir, the covies are charging us and there is a lot of them"Screamed Cpl. Ryan a sniper.

İİİİİThe Marines opened fire at the approaching covenant force. EX and AP rounds flew through the air and ripped apart Grunts. The Elite's shields didn't last long against the onslaught of bullets and soon ended up like the Grunts. Lt. Webster tossed his empty clip to the ground and loaded another clip. He leveled his MA6B and fired a three round burst at a Grunt and saw something that scared the hell out of him. 5 Hunters appeared in the distance, Fuel Rod Cannons charging. Cpl. Pyne's bullets were ricocheting off the Hunter's armor, while EX rounds from other marines were melting their armor. A sniper rilfe was fired and a Hunter fell with blood oozing from its open spot between its head and chest.

İİİİİThe Hunters fired their Fuel Rod Cannons and the bolts hit the rock Cpl. Pyne was on. The blast melted the rock and tossed Cpl. Pyne 20 feet into the air landing against a tree. Lt. Webster screamed and fired at the Hunters. The ground near the Hunters was ripped apart by bullet fire. The bullet's aim was corrected and it fired at the Hunters. Three of the Hunters fell with orange blood oozing from their bodies. Lt. Webster turned around and saw a Pelican hovering there. "Marines get your asses onboard, Cpl. Ryan help me with Cpl. Pyne's body"Screamed Lt. Webster as he ran to the spot where Cpl. Pyne lay. He saw Cpl. Pyne laying there dead, with melted armor plates and burnt skin all over his body. Cpl. Ryan and Lt. Webster lifted his body and climbed onboard the Pelican.

İİİİİ"Hold on Marines, this is gonna be a bit bumpy"Yelled Yankee-723 as the pelican's bay door closed. Lt. Webster looked at his marines. They were all tired and hurt in some way. Sgt. Griffin was comforting a marine who was wounded. The squad's medic Pvt. Mackenzie was tending to Pvt. Sinclair's wounds. Lt. Webster patted Cpl. Ryan on the back as he walked towards the cockpit of the Pelican. He climbed up and sat down in the co-pilot's seat. Lt. Webster saw at least 4 squadrens of Longswords fly past the Pelican heading towards the area where he had just been. Rose was fighting with the controls as another flight of Longswords cut it close and almost collided with them. Soon the Pelican left the atmosphere and a UNSC carrier was visible directly ahead of them. "That thing sure is a beauty , isn't it Cory"Rose said without looking at him. "Yes that thing is like heaven for me because there is at least 4 meters of metal between me and the Covenant"Lt. Webster said while sighing. Rose used the Pelican's COM and called the Carrier "UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger this is Yankee-723, requesting permission to land"Rose said into the COM. "Yankee-723 you are cleared to land, dock in landing bay 3."Replied the Devil's Messenger.

İİİİİThe Pelican landed and was cycled through the air lock. The Pelican came to a stop and the bay doors opened. Lt. Webster's squad proceeded to depart the Pelican as medics rushed in and tended to the wounded. Lt. Webster and Rose got out of the cockpit and walked out. "I'll see you later"Rose said the Lt. Webster as she begain to talk to the mecanics. Lt. Webster thought he was going to have a nice sleep when his COM went off. "The 117th squads COs report to the briefing room, ASAP." Lt. Webster cursed to himself and walked to the lift where he was joined by other COs of the other squads.

The Briefing Room Onboard The Devil's Messenger In Orbit Above Epsilon 2

İİİİİLt. Webster and seven other COs from the 117th were sitting down in the briefing room waiting for Captain White and the 117th's Commanding Officer Major Bryant. Someone yelled "Attention On Deck" and everyone stood as the Captain and Major entered the room. "At ease" Said Major Bryant and everyone sat down. "Alright lets begin. At 13:45 this ship recived a message from EARTHCOM. The message had orders for this ship and us marines to proceed to the colony on Saturn's moon Titan in the Sol System. Marines, Titan has broken away from the UNSC. We are being sent into the colony to retake the colony. The Colony has an unknown number of marines."Said the Major. One CO raised his hand. "Sir, if the colony has an unknown number of marines and we are sent down there, we could be outnumbered 5-1."

İİİİİ "We know you can be outnumbered but we have one advantage. The Titan Marines are armed with MA3Bs and your armor can stop most of the rounds impacting it. You will have to battle the and kill all the Titan Marines. Then your squads will proceed to eliminate the Titan leaders and take control of the colony. We can not destroy the colony because we do not know if any of the cilvilians are still siding with the UNSC. After you have taken control of the colony EARTHCOM will send in a leadership and more marines to take over your positions in the colony. I know you will be asking this question so i'll answer it right now. You will not be the only marines being sent in, there will be seven other UNSC ships with marines including in this assault. You are dismissed and get some sleep you'll need it."The Major told the COs.

İİİİİThe COs and Lt. Webster got up and left the Briefing room. Lt. Webster proceeded to his quarters to sleep for a very long time. He decided that he would tell his squad later about this and let them get some sleep. Webster reached his quarters, opened the door, and collapsed onto the bunk.

The UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger Proceeding Out Of The System

İİİİİ"Lt. Davis prepare an randomized nav vector into Slipspace in acordance with the Cole Protocol for a day and then reorient and proceed to the Sol System."Said Captain White. "Sir, randomized nav vector in compliance with the Cole Protocol."Replied Lt. Davis. The Devil's Messenger accelerated outsystem and prepared to go into Slipspace. "Approaching saturation velocity, Powering Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Generators"Said Lt. Davis. Light boiled around the Devil's Messenger and then the ship dissaperaed into Slipspace.

Titan - Chapter 1
Date: 5 July 2002, 9:40 pm

(There are a few things I would like to say before you read this. Some of the reasons I haven't written in quite a while is because a week or so after I wrote the prologue I had this little thing called Finals. That took up my time as also me playing my new xbox. When I should of been writing I was playing it and sleeping. Then this month a damn lighting storm just ruining my whole summer by frying my xbox and my computer's modem. So that also took up time. So I'd like to apologize for taking so long to write this. So enjoy and please post comments, Thx.)

The UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger Entering The Sol System

      "Captain we will enter normal space in 25 seconds" Lt. Mendel told the Captain. "Good, as soon as we enter normal space Lt. Davis set a course for Io." The Captain said. Motes of lights appeared, pinpoints, then the light smears lengthened, compressed, and distorted the stars. The Devil's Messenger materialized. "Where are we" Captain White asked. "We are near the asteroid belt, Sir" Lt. Mendel said. "Good, we aren't near Saturn. Lets head towards Io now."The Captain said. The Devil's Messenger spun 90 degrees and accelerated. The gas giant Jupiter soon came into view. It grew larger as the carrier moved closer. The Tac display showed signatures of UNSC ships. "Damn, the Brass really wants this situation resolved sir." Lt. Marinez said. "I'd have to agree with you Lt., something about this just doesn't seem right. We have to respect the chain of command though, so lets just drop this"Captain White replied.

      A cluster of 10 ships were gathered near Jupiter's moon Io. There was 1 carrier, 1 cruiser, 2 destroyers, 3 frigates, and 3 supply ships. The cruiser was obviously the ship in command since there was only 4 marathon-class cruisers left in the UNSC's arsenal. "Lt. Mendel what's the name of the cruiser"He asked. "Sir, the name of it is First Light. It's captain is Captain James Taggert", "Ok Lt. connect me with Captain Taggert"he asked. "Yes Sir". The View screen showed static and then a face appeared. "Hello Captain Taggert, how are you doing", "Captain White I am very pissed at the moment, what the hell the you want.", "You've got a nice assortment of ships but where do we go?".

      The Devil's Messenger positioned itself near Io. "White, Go into a polar orbit, re-arm on the supply ship Bladivostok and i'll brief you later."The Com screen abruptly shut off. On the view screen the supply ship made a turn towards the carrier. "Martinez kill the engines, Davis manuver the ship so the Bladivostok can dock with the post launch bays, Sanders check what weapons we have left, Mendel talk the Bladivostok in."Captain White said. "Yes, sir". The Captain picked up the Com " All Marines and Pilots proceed to their respective bays on the port side to recieve new supplies. Also along with that there will be the briefing on our mission at 18:00 hours. That is all."The Captain shut off the Com "I'll be in my quarters, Lt. Mendel you have the bridge" The Captain said as he exited the bridge. The supply ship maneuvered closer to the carrier.

Onboard the UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger

      Lt. Webster and his squad were all in launch bay two. Ten minutes earlier they had been eating in the mess hall when the captain ordered them all to the port launch bays. He could see the supply ship maneuvering closer. "Now came the boring task of checking if his whole squad was here" Webster thought. "Ok let me check if you are all here, Sgt. Griffin, Cpl. Ryan, Pvt. Howard, Pvt. Ishida, Pvt. Sinclair, Pvt. Smith, Pvt. Mackenize, Pvt. Lewis, Pvt. Lee, Pvt. Chavez, and Pvt. Patterson. Ok you are all here". Lt. Webster said. "Lt. do you have any idea what supplies the ship is bringing over??Pvt. Ishida asked. "I don't have any idea" Lt. Webster replied. The ship shuddered and Pvt. Lewis fell out of his seat and onto his ass. Everyone in the bay was looking out the transparent bay doors at the supply ship maneuvering closer.

      The supply ship's thrusters manuvered the ship slowly towards the carrier. The supply transfer bay's docking clamps were less then a meter from the carrier, edging closer. The carrier shuddered and a large metalic bang was heard, which announced that the two ships had docked. One of the crew men checked the seals on the docking clamp and activated the bay doors. "Prepare for supplies transfer" The bay doors folded upward and crewmen along with others on vehicles moved onto the supply ship. They began with moving large vehicles over, probably warthogs or scorpions. The Lt. watched the vehicles being transferred and wondered what some of the different shapes were for. The crewmen from both ships began moving small medal containers over. The ships were a different story, the fighter and bomber longswords were flown over along with pelicans. It took about 23 minutes Lt. Webster noticed to move everything over.

      The bay doors were sealed and the supply ship Bladivostok parted from the carrier. A minute or so after that was accomplished, the Titanium A Battle Plate outer bay doors slid over the opening and locked into position. Lt. Webster stood up "Ok 3rd squad lets get ready to recieve what ever we are being issued. Steve could you come here for a sec"Sgt. Griffin stood up and walked over. "Sir, I know what you are gonna say and I never seen that type of vehicle before. It looks like a damn APC, its a wonder why they never developed it before."He said gesturing towards the large newly opened crate containing an armored vehicle with tank treads. Major Bryant walked out towards the vehicles and started calling out squads. One of the crewmen opened a crate and began pulling out what looked like pressure suits, except that they had armor plates on them. "Okay next up is 3rd squad, come on down Lt. Webster"The major said. Lt. Webster's squad walked up and was handed a suit along with a helmet.

      After all ten squads were given their suits the major began to speak. "Ok as you all know we will be engaging in combat on the surface of Titan. But what you don't know is that the temperature down there is negative two hundred and ninety four degrees fairenheight. These suits are the VCS (vacuum combat suits) that the UNSC recently developed. They have your old armor plating but with the addition of 35% more armor. Plus the fabric is made out of many materials including kevlar. You will have a sealed helmet with a bullet proof visor. The suit has a small powerpack along with a new air regeneration system, it is located on your back but it has double the normal armor protection. You need this suit because the temperature outside of colony is -296 degrees farenheight Ok do you all understand?". No one said anything

      "Okay good now onto the next technical aspect of this mission. You will be assigned a new vehicle called the Grizzly. The Grizzly is an APC with very thick armor. It moves on tank treads. The vehicle can hold 15 people. One driver, One hull machine gunner seated to the right of the driver, One on the chain gun right behind them, and 12 passengers namely you. The hull machine gun fires 7.62mm rounds but at a very high rate, about 35 rounds a second. It doesn't have a very good view but it is just there to clean out stuff right in front of the APC. The Chain gun is behind and between the front two seats. It fires 40mm rounds at the same rate as the Warthog's 30mm rounds. The Chain Gun pivots where the marine moves it. It's front blast shield protects the marine from harm but it also has a screen built into to help with the aiming. The passengers climb out by the hatch in the rear. Now im gonna talk about our mission plan."

      The Major stood back and activated a holo screen. "The colony on Titan has many functions, mainly research and mining. Titan has four main buildings out side the colony. Three of them are mining facilities and the other is the research station. Four of the ships assigned to this will attack the colony itself and the other four will attack the buildings outside. We have the pleasure of attacking the research station. We will be attacking it with a force of 246 marines, 10 Grizzlies, 10 Scorpions, 2 Warthogs, and 21 Pelicans. The people attacking with the Scorpions would be the 252nd Armored Division. Each one if their Pelicans would be carrying a Scorpion and 12 marines. 6 marines would ride on the Scorpion while the other 6 followed on foot. You will be flown in with 10 Pelicans carrying 1 Grizzly and 12 marines. The 252nd's commander and I will be flown in on the last Pelican carrying the 2 Warthogs and the 6 marines which includes me. This is all the information I have at this moment and will have more when we land on Titan. So right now I suggest that all of you eat a meal because all we are gonna eat down there is some shitty MREs. I expect to see you all back here at 20:00 to grab you weapons and suit up. That is all" He shut off the holo screen.

      The squads began to disperse. Mainly they all headed to the galley for some grub. Lt. Webster pulled Sgt. Griffin behind a container to speak privately. "I don't like this, it just seems too easy and too complicated at the same time." "I know but I guess we just have to trust the Major on this one, he's coming down with us. Im gonna eat, talk to you in a bit Sir." The Sgt. said and walked off. Lt. Webster thought about it and shrugged it off. Now all he thought about was the food he was craving for.

The UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger Proceeding to the rendevous point between Jupiter and Saturn

      Captain White walked back onto the bridge and sat down into the "hot seat". He was reading something on his data pad that was sent to him from Captain Taggert. A crewmen stood up a console near the main view screen. "Sir, the AI is installed. Is it all right if I head back to the Bladivostok now." "Alright thank you very much, Angel how do you like the ship" Above the console an image appeared. It looked like a Angel, well actually the way that most people assumed that it would look like. "Captain you have a finely build ship here. What would you like me to do", "Alright I need to you to check over all systems and begin loading the Point Defense Guns." "That I will do, Sir".

      "Lt. Davis plot a course that would bring us close in with the battle group, Lt. Sanders remove all safties on all of the archer missiles. Lt. Mendel send a message to Captain Taggert saying that we are initiating Phase 1." The Captain told his bridge crew before picking up the COM. "All crewmembers I am initiating Phase 1, I say again Phase 1. You all know what to do so move it," He switched off the COM. "Angel, activate point defense guns and also activate the new friend or foe programming. Lt. Martinez bring the reactor to 105% and Lt. Sanders begin to charge the MAC, I wanna be ready to rock and roll when the time comes." The reply came as "Yes, Sirs and an If that is what you wish Sir". The carrier moved closer to the battle group staying close to the other carrier the Galaxy. On the view screen the planet Saturn came into view with all of its glorious moons and beautiful rings, but one thing stood out from all the other. This moon was armed to the teeth.

Onboard the UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger In Launch Bay 2

      Marines and crewmen were hustling all over the bay. Every single crewmen were wearing breathers and the Pelican pilots and marines were wearing the VCSs. Vehicles were being loaded onto metal containers at the rear of the Pelicans. Lt. Webster and his squad were loading all their ammo, supplies, and weapons onto the pelican. Lt. Rose Belamy and her co-pilot Lt. John Covenington were already beginning their pre-flight checklist. Lt. Webster saw that the briefing given by the CO's of this operation had really gotten everyone fired up. "Move it people, you don't wanna miss out on the action do you?"He yelled out "Hell, No Sir!"Was their reply.

      Webster laughed to himself as he picked up the last crate of supplies and climbed onboard. Lt. Covenington climbed out of the cockpit and checked the seals on the Grizzly. He then walked on board and closed the hatch. After he went to the cockpit and sealed the door. Lt. Webster opened two crates, which were ammo and M6Ds. Each one of his squad pocketed 4 Frags and 4 WPs along with 10 Clips of MA6B ammo, 6 AP clips and 4 EX clips. Lt. Webster checked to see if his rifle was fully loaded and then 3 spare clips for his side arm. "Ok 3rd squad lets lock down our visors" Lt. Webster pulled down his visor and locked it into place. His HUD told him that the suit was sealed and was working properly.

      "Okay marines be ready because we might leave at anytime. So sit back, relax, and please secure your belts. I don't want a repeat of last time, okay" Lt. Belamy said. "Roger that Rose". Outside of the Pelican others were also ready to leave. The Carrier's 6 Longsword squadrons of which 4 are fighters and 2 are bombers were ready to leave also. But they all had to wait for the battle group to be in the right position to deploy. But as this all happened the gas giant Saturn was ever growing in size and less in distance along with the site of the battle, Titan. Lt. Webster wondered he was ready to be killing other humans. But what he thought didn't really matter. "Prepare for deployment"

Titan - Chapter 2
Date: 2 August 2002, 9:01 am

On board the UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger, launch bay two

      "Alright hang on marines. we're leaving this tin can" Rose said over the COM. The Pelican shook as it left the carrier. As it was launched, it was joined by other Pelicans and longswords. The battle hadn't even begun but the Pelicans were launched before so they wouldn't take any fire. Pvt. Chavez was looking over the information about the battle on a data pad. "Chavez let me look at that". Pvt. Chavez passed over the data pad to Lt. Webster. Everyone else on board was tense and wasn't saying anything. The plan for the deployment was that the 21 Pelicans launched from the Devil's Messenger would be guarded by one of the Longsword squadrons. The launch had to be carefully planned he thought. The Pelicans needed to be on the other side of the moon. Directly before the battle begun or they would be subject to a lot of fire. If they started too late they would be caught in the fight and if they launched early. They would be slaughtered. When they landed they and the other marines from the Devil's Messenger would attack one of the 4 Research Stations surrounded the colony.

      Lt. Webster looked out the port hole and saw more longswords and Pelicans joining the group. He also saw the moon called Titan. It's clouds blocked all of his vision of the surface. "Okay hang on marines, re-entry in 10 Minutes. But the real turblence starts before that."Lt. Covenington said over the COM. "Pvt. Ishida, are you sure you can handle the MA6B-C?", "Yes I can sir ". The Lt. then just stopped and listened to the voices of all his marines chatting the last minutes of calmness away. He overheard many conversations and funnny jokes. "Sir, im not sure if I can kill other humans" asked Pvt. Patterson. She was sitting there clutching her Jackhammer. "I know exactly how you feel but we're marines and thats our job, okay?. One other thing make sure that the Jackhammer you're holding in a death grip is safetied, I don't wanna see the stars that close up", "Okay sir, and yes it is" The Lt. heard a explosion and the Pelican shook. "Crap what the hell was that", "I think it was a missile" Patterson said. "Oh hell, its starting" Webster thought.

The UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger Entering Titan Space

      The Fleets opening salvo has fired only moments before. The 8 ships fired on the orbital MAC guns hoping to get an advantage, only 4 out of 10 were taken out. "Lt. Sanders get that MAC charged, Lt. Davis evasive manuvering" Captain White yelled. The carrier rolled and dove just as a MAC went past them. There were hundreds of Longswords engaging the tiny Titan fleet and the orbital MAC guns. "Sir, the Titan corvettes have arrived and now are engaging our single ships"Lt. Mendel yelled , "Alright, Lt. Sanders fire archer missile pods a-c on a spread pattern at the cordnates of the Corvettes". The carrier launched a large number of missiles into space and they proceeded to their target. The archer missiles ripped apart the armor on the smaller ships like it was paper. The Carrier turned to face the orbital MAC guns and took a shell. "Angel damage report". "Caprain we took a MAC round straight into the area of our MAC gun, in other words we have no main gun", "Damn it, Lt. Davis move us near the rest of the fleet" just as the Captain said that 2 of the orbital guns exploded.

      "Lt. Mendel radio our Longswords, tell them to engage the orbital guns. Angel where is Titan's frigates?". "Captain, they are bearing down on us" Three large ships loomed in front of the Devil's Messenger but they weren't ordinary frigates, they had been improved upon. "Lt. Mendel get those Longswords back to cover us, Angel get a lock on the lead frigates bridge, Lt. Sanders fire all the archer missiles on the lead frigate" Hundreds of streaks left the carrier towards the lead frigate. The frigate tried to evade the missiles but their efforts were useless, the majority of the missiles hit the prow of the ship and the rest hit the bridge. What was left of the bridge was the brunt remains of its interior. The other two frigates let lose two MAC rounds which ripped into the top of the carrier. The angle of the rounds ripped through the starboard launch bays, utterly destroying them.

      "Jesus Christ, its like shooting fish in a barrel and we're the fish"The Captain said, "Captain, we have major casulties. In our starboard launch bays we had the second wave of marines to be launched in, they were to attack after the first units secured the objective."Angel said, calmly. Two longswords flew past the bridge and five archer missiles exploded right above the bridge's viewport. "Lt. Davis get us the hell out of here, NOW", "Sir, im trying but I ain't getting no response from the engines.", "Lt. Martinez, what the hell is going on". "The frigate's longswords and their own archer missiles and destroyed just about 87% of our engines and....." The carrier shook vilolently "and we just took a MAC round to out reactor, we're seriously screwed".

      The Devil's Messenger shuddered as a MAC round ripped through the center of the ship. "Angel any suggestions on what we should do besides abandon ship?". "We should try to radio the fleet to help us or whats left of it". "Jesus, I should of thought of that... Lt. Martinez" "Just did it Sir, they are coming about and are going to help our asses". Multiple longsword groups apporached the frigates and opened fire "Captain, our longswords came back. It's like a miracle" "Quiet Angel" 7 MAC rounds ripped one of the frigates apart and hundreds of archer missiles flew into the other frigate, leaving only the lead frigate still there. "Captain, hull integerty is at 13%. Another MAC round and we would be.... how should I put it, oh yes space debries. We can only launch from one port side launch bay. We have no armor left and 20% of our point defense guns are operational."Angel told them

      Captain Taggert's face appeared on the view screen. "We lost 3 ships the Orion a frigate, the Centurion a frigate, the Thor's Hammer a destroyer, and we wouldn't want to lose your ship too.", "Taggert we can't do shit, another MAC round would of killed us and this piece of crap can only launch from one bay". "Captain White, don't worry there are only a few longswords and a couple of corvettes left in their inventory left to kill us. They won't do shit and keep your longswords around for protection". "Alright thank you". "Angel tell the crew over the COM to begin repairs"

On board Pelican Dropship Yankee-723

      "Shit hang on back there, we just lost a Pelican."Lt. Covington yelled as the Pelican manuvered again. "Im going to puke in my suit", "Suck it up Pvt. Sinclair and if you puke, you are wearing it". "Lt. look outside, there are longswords". The Lt. looked through the porthole and saw two longswords make a pass, then let lose archer missiles. They impacted on one of the pelicans and ripped it apart. Webster shuddered as he saw bodies and the remains of bodies thrown from the pelican. "Thank god, we're entering the atmosphere hang on marines"Rose yelled. The pelican shook and the turbluence got even worse. The bottom of the Pelican got even hotter. The marines thought they had it tough riding in the back, but it was even harder for the pilots in the exact same conditions. The Pelican shuddered as it fired up its hovering jets and slowed. "Holy Hell, the colony got a lot of radar up and running. I say they have a lot of anti-air batteries around the main colony."Lt. Covington said "Yeah I agree, now wheres the landing area", "Missile in the air, anti-air missile was just fired us". The missile plowed right into a Pelican 40 feet ahead of Yankee-723.

      "Screw this, Marines im setting us down here. Too much anti-air fire. We're a bit farther then our original landing area but what the hell, you can get there"Rose yelled. "Alright Marines, grab your gear and wait for the hatch to open"Lt. Webster told his squad. The Pelican broke formation and headed towards the ground. No anti-air was fired at it. The Pelican pulled up and began hovering at 15 feet above the sand. The rear hatch opened and sand was blown into the pelican immedatly. The Grizzly in it's container was dropped into the sand below. "Alright marines, get off my ship". The 12 marines jumped off the pelican and landed in the sand. The Pelican closed its hatch and pulled up and began its flight back.

On Titan's Surface 13 Miles from Research Station A

      "Alright open this damn crate so we can get moving", "Yes, Sir". Pvt. Lee and Pvt. Ishida pulled the already weakened crate hatch off. Pvt. Lee and Pvt. Ishida went in. The Grizzly drove out was Ishida spinning around on the chain gun. "Ok Pvt. Smith you are gonna take the hull mg. The rest of us are going to get in the rear" Pvt. Smith climbed into the hatch on the the front right of the Grizzly. The rest of the squad walked to the back and opened the two metal doors. 3rd Squad climbed inside and took a seat on one of the two long rows of seats. The inside of the Grizzly was lighted red and the only other noises was that of the wind and the spinning of Ishida on the Chain-gun. "Pvt. Lee you do know where we are heading right?"Webster yelled. "Yes Sir, i've got a lot of navigation gear right hear and it says im heading in the right direction", "Alright good and can you floor it, I don't want to get there too late or be a sitting duck.

      "Damn, this piece of shit goes slow. Espically in sand, everyone got their gear ready to be used at a moments notice", "Yes Sir" "Lt. Webster I see three plumes of sand, one on each side and the other one is right behind us"Pvt. Ishida yelled while pulling back the bolt on the chain-gun, "Lt. Webster the radar on this tin can, doesn't show and frindly signals coming from those vehicles..." Bullets ricocheted off the hull "and that doesn't sound friendly either". The next noise was that of Ishida pulling the trigger down on the chain-gun and letting the lead fly. Bullets impacted around one of the vehicles presumably a warthog, "Lt. Webster the vehicles are warthogs but only two are firing at us, whats the last one doing"Ishida yelled as he let lose another burst of fire at one of the warthogs.

      "I don't know maybe its unarmed or its............oh crap I think it might have rockets on that thing" Just as Lt. Webster said that, there was an explosion outside and the Grizzly rocked. "Ishida try and keep all the warthogs back". This time there was an explosion far off. "Lt., thats one less warthog we have to worry about. Damn I love this chain-gun". "I got an idea, Lee keep us straight and Ishida keep firing on the last warthog with the chain gun. Im going to open one of the doors and Patterson, you're going to fire a rocket at them" The sounds of constent gun fire drowned out any answer, but the Lt. knew that they were ready. Webster opened the one of the doors and Patterson leaned out. Pvt. Patterson fired one rocket and soon after fired a second one at a higher angle. The first one blew up in the sand directly infront of the warthog, the warthog hit the crater was launched a couple feet in the air. The second rocket hit the windshield dead one and exploded leaving only one warthog to fight them.

      "Nice shot, Ishida how ya doing up there", "Everything's going swell, this bastard won't die" the warthog exploded just then "Finally it exploded, everything's clear up here. I can see a large tower in the distance and something even larger behind that". "Ishida thats the Research Station and a couple miles behind it is the Colony" Webster said as he closed the rear doors. The Grizzly seemed so small in comparison to the Research Station and the Research Station seemed so small to the Colony. Webster thought about what their odds were when other Grizzlies joined them, odds seemed better but not great.

Titan - Chapter 3
Date: 10 August 2002, 10:39 am

On Titan's Surface 2 Miles From Research Station A

      "Where the heck is the rest of our assault group Lt. Webster, the other Grizzlies left us awhile ago"Yelled Pvt. Mackenize, "Don't you worry, we landed away from the rest of the group, we'll join them later on"Sgt. Griffin replied. The Grizzly proceeded over a group of large sand dunes. "Lt. Webster we are just about 3 miles from the Research Station, Its getting really dark out, and I ain't detecting any Titan forces yet", "Well thats what you said before those warthogs attacked us Pvt. Lee". "Heh well this time its working, I think the bullets did something to it". "Hey Lee, you say that there isn't any Titan forces", "Yeah Ishida Why". "Well theres just some Bunkers down there". The chain-gun Pvt. Ishida was on poured out bullets. The bullets impacted on a Titanium reinforced concrete bunker. The bullets barley scratched it. The sound of Ishida's chain-gun was replied with small arms and chain-gun fire.

      Lt. Webster reached into his side pocket and pulled out a small Starlight Scope. He removed a piece of the outer shell of the MA6B and secured it on. "Alright I've got an idea that might just work. Patterson, Ryan, and Sinclair. You're coming with me. We are gonna jump outta this tin can and take up postions on the dune. All of you fix a Starlight Scope to your MA6B first though. Pvt. Lee you keep moving to keep the bunker occupied. Get ready people, this is gonna be fun." Pvt. Chavez opened the rear doors and Lt. Webster, Cpl. Ryan, Pvt. Patterson, and Pvt. Sinclair jumped out. They rolled for a couple of feet while the Grizzly kept moving while taking fire. "Alright find a good spot spaced away from each other that can see directly inside the bunker", "Yes, Sir". Lt. Webster and Cpl. Ryan started moving one way while Pvt. Sinclair went the other. Pvt. Patterson dug in right there.

      Lt. Webster kneeled down and began to look through his scope. He saw 4 chain guns at different angles with 8 marines moving around inside. Lt. Webster spoke into his COM "Alright fire at will, I repeat fire at will". With that the marines opened fire. Pvt. Sinclair began to fire his MA6B in short bursts trying to hit any of the marines. Cpl. Ryan let loose four bullets and three kills were made. Pvt Patterson fired one rocket and blew the chain-gun that was firing and it's gunner to bits. Lt. Webster fired in bursts of three bullets and his shots impacted one another marine. Pvt. Patterson let loose another rocket and cleaned out the remaining marines inside the bunker. Lt. Webster spoke into his COM again "Alright good work, they didn't know what hit them. Pvt. Lee stop where you are we are coming towards you.

      The four marines ran towards the Grizzly which had stopped near the bunker. They reached it and climbed back in. "Lt. , im getting reports that the other marines have begun arriving at the Research Station", "Alright then, start driving" With that the Grizzly began to move towards the research station.

On Titan's Surface At Research Station A

      The Grizzly drove up to find 7 Grizzlies already there, firing on the Titan postions. There were Titan Marines posted on different parts on the outside of the Research station. On the top level were barriers with marines holding Jackhammers behind it, on the middle level were chain-gun emplacements, and on the bottom level infront of the entrance were more marines hiding behnig barriers. None of the other Grizzlies had exploded yet but they had serious scaring. "Lt. Webster im taking heavy fire", "Alright climb down, we need your MA6B-C, Pvt. Howard get on that chain-gun. Pvt. Lee find a good place to park this thing" While saying that Pvt. Smith finally got to fire the hull machine gun. His bullets impacted on the barriers infront of the door, but some of the bullets went through it and killed a couple Titan marines behind it.

      The Grizzly stopped moving, it was parked sideways towards the structure so marines could take cover behind it. "Alright grab all your ammo and prepare to get the hell out", a rocket impacted on the Grizzly. The explosion took out the hull machine gun and Pvt. Smith. "Damn it, Go Go Go". The rear door opened and Pvt. Chavez was the first out. He stepped into a hail of bullets caused by a chain-gun. He was killed almost immedatly. Pvt. Patterson who was out next stumbled back in and avoided being hit. "Pvt. Howard fire on the damn chain-gun" While the chain-gun with the Titan marine took fire the other marines hopped out. They ran behind the Grizzly to have more cover. Pvt. Lee climbed out and joined them.

      "Alright marines go to work". The marines opened fire on the middle level. AP rounds struck Titan marines and ripped them to pieces. Some shots went straight through their helmets others impacted on the chain-guns doing no damage. Pvt. Ishida held down the trigger for a long burst and emptied a couple of the chain-guns. Pvt. Patterson fired two rockets and two chain-guns wouldn't be working again. Cpl. Ryan finished off the stragglers up there. All the marines in the Grizzlies had it a bet easier now. 3rd Squad opened fire on the the top level. When they finished their clips they loaded EX rounds into them, they knew that even though those would mangle the bodies, it would work perfectly.

      The few Titan marines on top began firing at Grzzlies only to find out that they were empty and their cargo was behind them shooting. With in a couple of minutes there was no one left on the the top level to return fire. "Lt. Webster i've got 3 warthogs coming in". Lt. Webster turned and saw Major Bryant's and Major Carlson's(252nd Armoured Commander)warthogs firing on a titan warthog. The reason we could tell the difference was because that the Titan warthog was an older version and ours was newer. Ours had an armoured door over the seats for extra protection and more armor on the back to protect the gunner. The Titan warthog drove straight into the incoming fire from the Grzzlies and exploded.

      The warthogs drove up and their occupients except for the gunners got out. Major Bryant spoke into his COM "Alright 117th, the 252nd lost half its Pelicans on the way in and the Scorpians are having some trouble getting here. So we are gonna be with out heavy armor for some time. Every one stop firing excluding the gunners and load EX. Fire at the barricades on the bottom when I say to", "Yes, Sir". Marines began switching clips and Titan marines were wondering what the hell was going on. "Open fire". Hundreds of EX rounds were fired at the Titan marines. The bullets utterly destroyed the barricades and horribly mangled the Titan marines beyond reconition. The gunners climbed out of their vehicles and joined their squads. "117th lets move in", "Yes, Sir". 100 marines moved in on the Research Station and began to enter it.

UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger In orbit around Titan

      "Captain, the re-supply ship the Bladivostok is almost complete with the transfer of supplies", "Thank you Angel". The Devil's Messenger had received major damage and two ships were repairing it at this time. The Bladivostok and the Casino a repair and refeit station. "Captain we lost about 9 longswords, that is what your officer is telling me", "Alright Angel". The engine was at 23% normal capacity and the carrier had about 13% armor left and no weapons except for 15 archer missile pods and 12% of their point defense guns. The ship had seen better days. "Captain im getting news from our marines", "Great I can talk to you instead of Angel, Lt. Mendel", "Captain we lost two pelicans from the 117th and five from the 252nd. The 252nd hasn't had any more casualties but the 117th has had appoximently 9 deaths. They are entering the Research Station right now", "Thanks Mendel keep me posted"

On the surface of Titan inside of Research Station A

      "Lt. Webster you take your squad inside the main room while the rest of the squads take out the Titan marines on the upper levels. "Yes, Sir". 3rd squad proceeded through the main doors checking their seals, just in case. They went through it and found 13 Titan marines trying to burn documents. They wasted them. Cause of death, seven MA6Bs and one MA6B-C. What seemed odd about this, was that the Research Stations were supposed to be developing new weaponds or ammo. There was nothing inside of here except a large pit and digging equipment. One Titan marine jumped out from behind a crate and fired. The bullets hit Lt. Webster and Pvt. Patterson. The bullets harmlessly bounced of them but one bullet went through the fabric and struck Patterson. Sgt. Griffin pumped the Titan marine full of EX rounds. "Pvt. Mackenzie get your ass over here"

      Pvt. Mackenzie began to look over thr wound, this inner room was sealed so you could take off your suit. "In she going to be fine", "Yes Sir, we aren't gonna lose another marine this way" Lt. Webster remembered one of his marines hit by friendly fire who died right in front of him. Pvt. Ishida walked over towards the hole and jumped in. "Ishida where the hell did you go?", "Sir, im in the pit. You gotta see whats in here, there is an alien artifact down here. Its laying down, it's a ring shape. Its about 15 feet across. Lt. Webster walked over and looked down 5 feet. Right there was Ishida with the object. "Get out of there right now Ishida", "Alright sir but theres some interesting writing on it, it was burned into this thing not carvered" Ishida said while touching it. Ishida turned around and climbed out of the pit, right behind him the writing glowed for a second.

      About 10 minutes later the rest of the Marines came inside. They didn't lose any marines while they were clearing the building out. Major Bryant walked up to 3rd Squad. "Give me a report Lt. ", "Sir, we hosed 14 Titan marines but they wounded one of my Marines. We also found something in the pit, it's an alien relic", "Alright thanks, 1st Squad front and center". 11 marines ran up and their Lieutenant walked up letting her sniper rifle dangle. "Lt. Mendez take your squad and check out that relic throughly. I want to know if it's safe.", "Yes, Sir". They began to walk towards the pit when a blue light began to emitt from it. Lt. Mendez ordered her squad back and they went back. Five huminoid forms appeared and climbed out of the pit. They were covered in metalic blue armor, they were 7 feet high, and carried a weapon on their left arms. A band of light shined around them for a second and disappered. They pressed a holo graphic button on their right arm and a blue shield appeared. It was much like the Jackal's shield but didn't have any hard points, it was entirly energy.

      Lt. Webster kneeled down. "Pvt. Mackenzie seal her up and make sure she can run", "Yes, Sir". Lt. Webster flipped on his squads frequency. "3rd Squad, prepare to pull back. Load EX rounds and be ready to return fire. I have a weird feeling". One of the Marines spoke over the opened frequency. "Major Bryant, im getting rising energy readings from the alien weapons", "Are they plasma weapons", "No sir, its much hotter. Nothing the Covenant have used so far can hold this. I'd say it''s probably a Fusion Cannon".
Major Bryant nodded. "Ishida, you touched it didn't you", "Yes, Sir", "If we die, it's all your fault". Major Bryant began to talk with the marines again when one of the aliens said something. "INTRUDERS" and they raised their weapons.

Titan - Chapter 5
Date: 2 September 2002, 5:00 am

UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger in orbit above Titan

      "Captain we have recived a message from our forces on Titan. There are also some recordings sent with it too"Said Lt. Mendel, "Lt. put it on speaker". The speaked played static and then the message came out "Captain this is Major Bryant. We have recived some casualties but we have discovered something, well actually 3rd Squad did. We found some type of artifact in Research Station A and when one of the marines touched it, it was activated. There are more details but i am not going to discuss them over this open channel. One more thing, the marines are more armed then we had first thought. One of the battle groups was requesting our assistance. I'll give the next message when we have secured the situation, Bryant out". The captain pondered that message, he accessed the recordings. When he first saw it he couldn't believe it, a new alien race!. It was so amazing but he also wondered why did they look like humans.

      "Captain should we forward this message to Captain Taggart on board the First Light", "Yes Lt. Mendel forward it to Captain Taggart. Angel can you analize the recordings". The Lt. began to work at his console to send the message. Angel appeared on the holo tank "Yes captain I can, give me a few minutes".
The Carrier was being repaired at the moment and it was servicing all the longswords, one squadren at a time. The supply ship Bladivostok was still attached to the Devil's Messenger making repairs. "Captain the message has been recieved by the First Light", "Thank you Lt., Lt. Sanders stats". Lt. Sanders spun around in his chair "Captain, the Bladivostok has been doing some fine repairs but we have now 19 archer missile pods re-armed and operational. 47% of our 50 mm point defense cannons are operational and we still have two Shiva Nuclear Missiles". The Captain nodded his head "Thank you Lt., Lt. Martinez how is the status of the armour, hull, and reactor", "Sir, we have 23% armour left, the hull stats have not changed, and the reactor is working at 89%"

      "Thank you Martinez, keep monitoring the ship's status. Lt. Mendel keep monitoring the COM channels". "Yes, Sir" came from both of the Lieutenants. The First Light loomed in front of the Carrier. The Cruiser had many scars from the battle and many other battles. The Captain saw the Crusier launch five Pelicans, they proceeded towards the moon. The numbers on Angel's form moved up and down, it looked like trajectories. "Captain, the First Light and the Elemental are changing orbits", "Yes, why does this concern me", "Im detecting rising energy levels on both of those ships. The Elemental's trajectory is aligned with the Tsunami and the First Light's trajectory is aligned with ...................... uhhh us". "Holy crap, alert the Tsunami, Galaxy, and Bladivostok immedatly. Lt. Davis detonate the ventral emergancy thruster once we clear the Bladivostok" The Tsunami's engines flared and begun to move away from the Elemental. "Launch all longswords, send Black Hawk squadren down towards the surface to give air cover to our fighters". The First Light opened fire. "Captain they opened fire", "Are we clear yet Davis". "No captain but the Bladivostok's engines are on and they are moving, they are postioning themselves between us and the First Light".

      The two MAC rounds left the crusier and sped through space towards the two ships. "Captain, stresses on the hull are increasing", the Bladivosok finished moving. "Captain, no life pods have been launched". The twin thunderbolts slammed into the supply ship, the hull stresses were too much. The Bladivostok was ripped into pieces. "Lt. Sanders, lock archer missile pods A1 - C7 on the crusier's bridge. Lt. Mendel tell the longswords to engage the cruser, Davis get us moving". "YES, SIR'. Nine squadrens of longswords from the Devil's Messenger and Ten squadrens from the Galaxy engaged the First Light. The Devil's Messenger began to move. The longswords swarmed around the crusier, Archer missiles exploding along the outer armour. Longswords exploded as they were hit by thousand rof rounds. Archer missiles exploded all around the carrier. The Galaxy fired its MAC, the round burned through space and impacted into the mid section of the crusier. The Archer missiles fired from the their pods on the Devil's Messenger. The First Light detonated their port emergancy thruster and the missiles struck the armour above the bridge. In the distance the Captain saw a ship's reactor go critical and explode. The Captain looked on the Tac display, the Tsunami dissappeared.

      "Captain White this is Captain Gonzalez on the Galaxy. We are gonna get swamped get your ship outta here we are ##########". The Elemental and First Light fired their MACs. The Elemental's MAC round missed because of its long distance. The First Light's MAC rounds impacted in the mid and rear sections. The Devil's Messenger and Galaxy fired all of their Archer missiles. They curved and impacted in the jagged tear the Galaxy's MAC round made. Explosions errupted throughout the entire hull. The front section of the crusier was still partly undamaged. "Angel status of the Galaxy", "They are damaged but still are operational". The First Light turned albet slowly and it fired. Only one MAC round was fired but what fired with it was a couple hundred Archer missiles. "Evasive manuvers Lt. Davis". The ventrical emergency thruster dentonated but it wasn't enough. The MAC round entered from the bottom fore. It went through the ship at an angle and ripped through the armour right above the reactor. Half of the Archer missiles streaked towards the Devil's Messenger, they impacted in the same place as the MAC round. Explosions exploded along the hull.

      Sparks erupted inside the bridge. The Captain had to shield his eyes from the sparks. Flames appeared from some of the consoles. Lt. Sanders's consoles exploded. He screamed as glass shards were blown into his head and face. The lights flickered and died, the bridge was then light by the emergency lights. It looked eerie with the red glow shining on everyone. "Everyone alright", "Captain a couple of us has some minor burns but Lt. Sanders is dead. The glass was slashed his head, face, and neck up pretty bad" yelled one of the crewmen. "Angel give me the stats on the remaining ships", Angel's hologram flickered "Galaxy is still operating, First Light has recieved major damage and is slowly moving away from the Galaxy, Elemental is pulling back and I think it is because of a encrypted message sent by an unknown ship in this area". The Galaxy fired another MAC round, the round ripped through the prow of the crusier. The hull was bent and its running light flickered and died. It was dead in space.

      "Captain, we have a incoming message from the Galaxy", "Put it on the the main view screen, Lt. Mendel". The view screen light up and showed static, a women appeared with a glash on her forehead. "Captain White, are you and your ship ok", "Yes Captain Gonzalez, what the hell is the Elemental doing". The Tac display showed the destroyer taking a geo-sync orbit above the colony. "Probably keeping us from re-enforcing the marines, I don't think the marines have found out about this yet, I think Im going to send a boarding party to retrieve any information about why they did this". "Alright lets keep our longswords to protect us, good luck Devil's Messenger out". The captain stared out into the distance at the First Light, he thought about all the saliors that had just died in this short confrontation. Angel inturrupted him "Captain, Elemental's energy level is building but very slowly. Their target is Research Station A". The Captain's jaw dropped. "Launch Pelicans to retrieve our marines and have some of them to carry re-enforcements.

On Titan's surface at Research Station A

      Lt. Webster was beginning to dream when he was woke up. Cpl. Ryan stood over him "Lieutenant, we are moving out", "Alright lets move then". He noticed a sharp pain in his arm, he noticed that the blood had froze on the outside of his suit. The fires had been extingusehed a while ago. He saw all the marines begin to move . He saw the five Scorpions begin to move, but very slowly in the sand. He zoned out a bit as they they were walking. "Double Time it marines" Yelled the Major. The 117th and 252nd started moving very fast. They saw the main building in the distance. Webster looked at his small squad, he wondered how many more would he lose today. Two streaking bolts of flames ripped through the sky. "Take cover", all the marines dove down. The MAC rounds struck the reasearch station and it exploded. The ground shook and a shock wave rammed right into them.

      A few marines were knocked off their feet. As soon as the smoke had cleared they saw that the Research Station had been totally destroyed and probably the alien artifact too. They started moving for the nearest sand dune. Webster followed them up the hill. When they got up there the whole group of marines stopped. Everyone dropped down and the marines with Sniper Rifles took aim on the area of the group of marines they were supposed to help out. One of the sniper's patched their scope images to everyone's HUD. The images showed the height and distance, it also said the marine's name Lt. Mendez. It showed burning vehicles and bodies all over the place. There was no sight of movment in the area. Lt. Webster couldn't believe that they were all dead. One marine yelled and pointed into the sky. The feed from Lt. Mendez's scope showed 5 Pelicans in the distance, they had different markings from UNSC or Titan Pelicans. Webster and all the other marines were wondering what the hell was those doing here?

Titan - Chapter 6
Date: 12 September 2002, 4:03 am

On the Surface of Titan near the Remains of Research Station A
      Lt. Webster didn't feel right, the Pelicans had landed and unloaded right there. He wondered why they didn't use to the COM to tell them. He clutched his rifle and glanced over at Major Bryant, he looked worried and strangly calm. "Lieutenant do you think they are friendly?"asked Pvt. Patterson. "I have no idea if they are or aren't friendly, Patterson". Webster turned on his HUD link to one of the sniper's scopes. He watched closly as 25 men piled out from each pelican. He shut it off as it was no help to watch them or not. He noticed that all the marines seemed tense, espically the ones on the Scorpions. Webster walked next to one of the snipers at the front line and heard a large noise. He saw the five Pelicans take off and were about to make a fly over. Warning lights went off in his head and he knew that this wasn't right, but it was too late. The five Pelicans opened fire with their Chin-Guns tearing apart marines around him.

      He dove down onto the sand to escape all the chaos that followed the attack, he looked to his left and saw that the sniper he was standing next too was dead. Before he knew it bullets were zinging by his head, they were coming from the ,now, enemy marines. Webster opened fired. He fired in a full-auto fusilade spraying EX rounds at the apporaching forces. The Scorpions began to fire at the Pelicans but the slow moving turrets couldn't track them very well, two shells however impacted on two Pelicans and blew them outta the sky. Lt. Webster glanced through his scope and saw enemy marines who weren't in cover being blown apart by EX and AP rounds. Pvt. Howard kneeled down right next to Webster, he glanced over at Webster and was blown backwards. A sniper shell had ripped through his helmet, Webster turned around and saw his squad member's face plate splattered with blood.

      Pvt. Patterson waited until the Pelicans were in range and fired off two missiles, one exploded right behind the cockpit and the other one missied. The Pelican flew over, Chin-Gun Blaring, bullets zinging right past her and turning the marine next to her into mush. Pvt. Ishida didn't have much luck, his shells were suppressing them but weren't killing any of them. Lt. Webster saw him smashing his MA6B-C because the clip was jammed, he stood up and a Pelican mowed him and two other marines down. He grunted and was shocked. He looked through his scope in time to see three sniper bullets take out three enemy marines. One of the Pelicans turned and fired a Anvil V missile, it impacted on a Scorpion and it blew into pieces. He barly heard Major Bryant as he screaming instructions to everybody, another Pelican fired a missile. It hit its target and blew off the turret, the turret flew through the air and slammed into Major.Bryant and two others.

      Lt. Webster in all his fury began to fire more aggressivly, six round bursts of EX shells blew enemy marines to pieces. An occansional Scorpion shell blew a group of enemy marines into the air. After three passes there was only one Pelican still attacking, the others were destroyed. Cpl. Ryan who was a distance away from Lt. Webster was firing rapidly at the advancing forces., one of the enemy marines fired a short burst. Ryan shot him dead but the burst connected with the Lieutenant. Webster was sprawling on the ground with four bullet holes in his abdoman. The Scorpions fired again and and blew almost all the enemy marines away. The Pelican flew around again and a Scorpion's shell blew it in two, it went down in flames as it crashed in to the side of the dune. Lt. Webster's eyes were getting blury and blood was in his mouth. He heard a few more sniper shells fired and then there was slilence.

UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger in orbit

      "Lt. Mendel, ask the Black Hawks whats their ETA". Captain White spun around in his chair and glanced at what remained of his screens. The carrier could barely move and any type of explosion near the reactor would send them all to hell. "Captain, I can't raise them. All im getting is static", "Alright Lt. Mendel sit tight, Angel will you scan for the longswords please". They couldn't of been destroyed, the Black Hawks were his veteran unit and they could out fly anybody, White thought. "Captain, i've found whats left of them", Captain White looked at Angel and then at the monitor. He saw one longsword manuvering and then exploding, he couldn't see what shot them down. Then he saw them, there was about 50 of them.

      They were shaped like a Dragon Fly and were human in design, they were painted black like the void beyond them. "Angel scan with infared and the cameras to see where they are heading". The monitor was split in half, one picture in infared and the other from the cameras. He saw the Dragon Flies moving towards a destinct part of space. The cameres showed them decellerating near five large black objects. Angel immedatly identfied them as four corvettes and one stealth ship, all painted black, all used specificly by ONI. Captain White heard gasps among the bridge crews and then he saw the Pelican from the Galaxy heading towards the piece of scrap metal once known as one of the UNSC's finest.

Pelican-541 en-route towards UNSC Crusier First Light

      Lt. Warren and his twenty four ODSTs were the only responsibilities he had in mind. Their mission was to board the First Light and copy all their data from their computers. They were riding on one of the varients of the Pelican, one could carry 26 men but no vehicles, another could carry 12 and a vehicle. He didn't like this mission, didn't like it at all. "Lieutenant, this is gonna be easy. Probably the First Light's crew is alreadly dead and we won't have to shoot anyone"yelled Pvt. Morris. "Yeah Pvt, and you're mom has wings". Lt. Warren checked his seals again, all fine. He snapped a cartirige into his MA6B, his squad soon following. The COM crackeled "hang on, we're docking" yelled the pilot. The Lieutenant heard a large bang as the Pelican made contact with. The rear passenger compartment depressurised and the hatch opened. Lt. Warren saw a great black void and a large hunk of metal.

      The ODSTs climbed out of the Pelican, they pushed themselves off. They glided towards a gaping hole in the ships hull. "Whoa this is fun" yelled one of the Lieutenant's cocky Privates. "Cut the chatter", replied Lt. Warren. When they reached the hull, they pulled themselves inside but being careful in not tearing their suits. "Squad, load your weapons and be ready for anything". Twenty Five ODSTs pulled the cycling bolts back on their MA6B's. One of them placed a tan block on one of the bulkhead's hatches, he pressed a button and the bulkhead wasn't there anymore. When they moved inside they found what would shock anybody, decompressed bodies were floating there. They weren't dead from their explosion, they had been dead for awhile now. None of the crewmen they passed had resperators on like they would of normally had in a battle. They pulled themselves along heading for the bridge.

      When they arrived, the bridge was sealed too. They repeated the process but this time they came in rifle's up. They found more decompressed bodies but they way that they had died was visable, the viewports on the bridge were blown out. Lt. Warren expected to find the Captain's body on the bridge but he wasn't there. "Cpl. Henderson, get moving on the downloading and then transmitt it to the Galaxy", "Yes, Sir". He looked around and remembered to check the secondary memory banks. "You fifteen stay here, you nine come with me". Lt. Warren pushed himself out of the bridge and went down a differen't corridor. His HUD was displaying the lay out of the ship. He took a couple turns and found what he was looking for. "Blow it" Warren yelled. Another explosive was placed and detonated. He looked in and saw something he shouldn't have. He saw the Captain at a terminal doing something and also in the room were six marines. They opened fire, Warren pulled back just in time as shells ripped through the space he had just occupied.

      One of his ODSTs was on the other side of the hatch and fired in. EX rounds were spewed into the room, one of the them hitting a marine and tearing his suit. Another one of Warren's ODSTs moved into the spot he was just in and opened fire, that ODST was hit by return fire. "Damn it, toss a flash nade in". One ODST primed it and tossed it in. The ODST turned away, it went off. He turned back in to see that the five marines were momentary blinded, he fired in full Auto. He changed clips and the nine ODSTs pushed past six bodies. The Captain turned around with a primed nade in his hand, along with four others attached to his suit. Lt. Warren leveled his MA6B at the Captain's head. "Solider, put down you're weapons or i'll blown us all up", "That Grenade won't kill all my men on this ship, by the way what did you do to those crewmen". "They didn't understand the fullness of our orders so I did away with a probable munity", "You son of a bitch, they didn't do anything". One of the ODSTs glanced around and activated a private COM channel, "Lt. Warren, there are large computer moduels behind us. We can take him out and take cover behind those, or get out of the room. Raise your MA6B higher if you agree". Lt. Warren raised his rifle.

      "By the way you stupid ODSTs, i've just set the Crusier to detonate in five minutes" Captain Taggert said with a snicker, "You'll find out why we did this if you're other ODSTs finish downloading". Lt. Warren looked at the terminal's screen and saw a feed of the bridge and a timer, not ticking yet. The ODSTs bolted backwards, Captain Taggert pushed the button and let go of the grenades. The nine ODSTs took cover behind the moduels and Lt .Warren fired a three round burst into the Captain as he took cover. The grenades exploded. The room lit up with flames. After the blast subsided the nine ODSTs made a dash for the bridge. When they arrived they found that they had finished downloading and were waiting for the Lieutenant. Lt. Warren checked the timer on his HUD, 3:11. He activated his COM, "Pelican-541, manuver towards the bridge and hurry. The Crusier's gonna blow". His squad heard that and their faces changed exspressions already. "Lt. Warren, wheres Petie", He turned to a Private "He's dead".

      The Pelican manuvered and pulled into postion with its rear hatch facing the bridge. The ODSTs, got what they came for jumped. They glided into the rear hatch and when they were all in, it closed. Lt. Warren looked at his HUD, the timer said 39 seconds. "Hurry the hell up, we won't reach the safe zone in time" he yelled at the pilots over the COM.

UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger in orbit around Titan

      "WHATS HAPPENING?!?!"Yelled Captain White, "Sir, the First Light's reactor is set to blow. Its gonna happen in oh about 5 seconds" calmly said Angel. The Captain noticed that the Galaxy's Pelican had reached the safe zone. A large flash appeared from where the Crusier had been, a wave of EMP burst forward in all directions followed by a shock wave. The EMP shut down most of the Carrier's systems and the shockwave made the whole Carrier shudder. The backup power came on and the view screen showed nothing where the First Light had been. Captain White also noticed that the Elemental had moved towards the ONI ships. What the hell was going on here? thought Captain White

Titan - Chapter 7 The end of it all
Date: 9 November 2002, 6:59 pm

(Hi all, im back again. Okay heres the deal. I know I haven't written a Fan Fic since august and this is the last part of that series. Yes im making another one, Yes its good, No these aren't spartans, and no i am not gay. So heres the low down, my next series will be some what after this but i will not write a lot since i am pretty much screwed im my school life......Well heres my last part enjoy!)

On the surface of Titan near the remains of Research Station A

      Lt. Webster woke up on the ground, the inside of his helmet covered in blood. Two medics were over him, they were adminstering morphine to him while properly fixing his wound. "What happened so far, while I was unconcious?". One of the medics pricked him with something. "We lost a lot of men, but we can hold out till re-enforcements arrive". He just layed there, with a dazed look as the morphine took effect. He heard the landing of another Pelican and Marines scrambling to see what was happening. "Shit, where did they go, these marines came out but they disapered". Cpl. Ryan ran by, climbing on top of the wreckage of a Scorpian. He layed down and began to look through his scope. "I swear, I can't see them anymore, where the hell did they go". The medics finished with Lt. Webster and sealed his wound up again. The Lt. leaned up, still in pain. "Sir, the wound his patched but....you are still going to be hurting for awhile" The medics dusted themsevles off and let him stand up. Webster looked around and saw that the remaining marines of the 117th and 252nd were dug in, watching, and waiting for something to happen.

      He stood up and looked back at the medics, he nodded towards them and grabbed his MA6B and walked forward. He went on over to the remaining marines, each foot step moving slowly and sinking into the sand. "Ryan, whats up?", the Lt. said to a marine laying on the Scorpian with his eye in his scope. "Nothing Sir, we are trying to figure out what came out of that ship and if they were hostile why haven't they attacked". He glanced towards the pelican and saw nothing, all there was there was emptyness. A loud screech flew rippled through all the marine's ears. A black Pelican landed beside the other one, but this time the marines running out could be seen. "Shit Sir, if they get anymore people down here, they could outnumber us three to one". Cpl. Ryan tightened up and began to take careful aim. Lt Webster's COM went off "###Webster im coming in and im coming in hot, get all the marines ready for dust off. Im the only one on the way here". Webster looked up and saw a streak in the sky "Rose, do you have any re-enforcements?, because we are going to need it". His COM crackeled again in his ear "No your're all thats left of the marines on the ship, most of them were killed and if any are left.....its going to be hard to get to them. The Devil's Messenger took a real beating and its a miracle that it didn't blow yet. So hang on ETA, 3 minutes" The COM shut off. Lt. Webster turned towards all the other marines "Listen up, our ride is almost here, so get ready for dust-off". He smacked a new clip into his beaten up MA6B. Lt. Mendez looked over "What do you mean, we're getting off this rock?". Lt. Webster held his MA6B up "Yeah and its only one so don't let it get fragged, theres no re-enforcements either, they are all dead."

      Many of the marines looked down at the ground, some remembering someone they still knew on the ship and guessing that they were all dead. A rocket screamed through the air, the Pelican barely dodged it "Lt. Webster, they are trying to frag our ride" He fired one shell and there was a scream into the distance. "Everyone open fire" Lt. Webster screamed and runned over to the edge of the sand dune. His began to fire short bursts of EX rounds. A rocket was launched from the marine lines, Pvt. Patterson loaded another rocket into her Jackhammer. The marines in black suits in the distance faultered from the oncoming fire, they returned fire. Bullets zinged all around Webster, a marine fell next to him and one got his head blown into pieces with an EX round. Webster switched clips but dropped it, he bent down to pick it up and the marine behind him was hit with 7 EX rounds, his body blowing to pieces. "Keep firing, everyone hold them off" Lt. Mendez yelled and she kept firing four sniper rounds at every marine in a black suit she saw. The pelican got closer, all its armaments showing on its wings, it's chin-gun flared to life and ripped the newest black pelican into burning pieces. The marine lines on the dune held and fought off the newest threat. The marines in the black suits took cover, only the marines with the sniper rifles on the dune kept firing.

      "Hey Sir, I think we did it" Pvt. Patterson yelled and looked back towards her Lieutenant. A Marine in a black suit appeared right behind her, out of thin air. Webster tried to raise his rifle but it was in Vain. The black suited marine fired in a full auto fusillade and killed her, he turned his fire on the nearest group of marines. The shelling ripping through their armor like paper. The rest of the marines turned towards the newest threat and 14 other black suited marines appeared. They all fired and the marines fell before them. Lt. Mendez fired hir sniper rifle at one of them, the bullet hit something which shimmered around them like an elite's shields. She fired two more times, this time at the head and didn't recieve any resistance and the marine fell. Cpl. Ryan fired at another but one of the tossed a grenade at him. The grenade's initial explosion didn't kill him but it tossed out all these little grenades, which all exploded around the Scorpian and killed him. Lt. Webster opened fire at all of the marines in a full auto fusillade but all his bullets were stopped by the shimmering thin. The black suited marines dissapered and the 117th and 252nd marines that were still alive....were being picked off one by one. Lt. Webster slowly went back towards the medics and as he was walking backwards he heard a burst of fire, he turned and saw both of the medics dead. Lt. Webster tossed a fragmentation grenade at the area of the burst, when it went off it detonated the medic's grenades also. The explosion engulfed a man, his body fell to the floor. Lt. Mendez kept firing at the shimmerings but hadn't gotten any of them because she had to keep changing clips. She hit one of them and the body fell, she began to change clips when a black suited marine appeared right infront of her. She stared into the black visor of the marine, the marine had his rifle raised and aimed at her chest.

      Lt. Webster pulled out his pistol and fired at the marine, the bullet hit the marine's head on the side of the helmet but not going through but instead ripping off the visor revealing a face below it. The face was covered in burn scars and pieces of skin weren't normal, he looked like he was caught in a large fire. Lt. Mendez stared right into his eyes "Oh my god it can't be but your....." The marine smashed her over the head with his MA6B, instead of shooting her. He faced the remaining 117th and 252nd marines around him and fired his MA6B full auto, EX rounds ripping the marines to pieces. His face showed some remorse but oddly he didn't show it any other way but it was getting to him mentally. All that was left was Lt. Webster who had seen all of this happen. He began to fire at them with his pistol, but the rounds didn't do anything. The pelican landed behind him. The rear hatch opened, Rose and her co-pilot ran out. The marines opened fire, the shells ripping through Rose and the co-pilot. Her body fell off the ramp and right next to Webster. He turned pale, he looked straight into the eyes of the marine. "You bastard she was a fucking pilot, im going to gut your eyes out and put them onto a plate and then serve it to......" Lt. Webster's chest blossomed and he fell backwards. The marine's gun was still smoking. Rose's body moved, the black marines took out packs of C-12, they tossed it into the pelican and onto the bodies. The marine without a visor and another black suited marine, picked up the body of Lt. Mendez. They all ran back towards their pelican, detonating the explosives as they ran. Lt. Webster's eyes still stared into the sky.

UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger in orbit around Titan

      "CAPTAIN, WE LOST CONTACT WITH OUR FORCES ON THE GROUND". LT. Mendel screammed. The Tac-Screen was covered in reds as the six ships, four corvettes, the Elemental, and the stealth ship moved closer. Dragon Flies were swarming around them like bees. "Oh my god, Lt. Mendel tell the Galaxy to get out of here, we are in big trouble. Tell them to go into slipspace and towards another colony, anyone but here. We'll hold them off". The bridge was shaded in red and crewmen ran around trying to prepare the bridge for the battle. The view screen turned on and Captain Gonzalez's face appeared "Thank You Captain White, we won't forget this" The Galaxy turned around and began to accelerate "Someone, get those Shiva Misslies into the launch tubes, time to kick some major ass" The crewman ran aroun, some cheered. Angel appeared "Captain, the shockwave from those nuclear devices could tear us apart". Captain White faced the construct "Yeah but we'll kill them too". A black pelican went left the atmosphere and docked with the stealth ship. They began to move forward, energy building in five of the six ships.

      The Dragon Flies accelerated and headed for the carrier. "Lock onto the middle of those six ships ...... FIRE THE NUKES" The captain screamed and three missles were launched towards the incoming ships, they were launched with all the remaining Archer Missiles. They streaked towards their targets, some of the archers collided with the Dragon Flies, evening the odds. The Dragon Flies began to target the missiles, blowing them up. They destroyed most of the archer missiles before they discovered the Shivas. "Oh my god no", They spread out and three of them fired at the Shiva's, the nukes detonated half-way to their target. The resulting shockwave destroyed most of the Dragon Flies and rammed into the hull of the Devil's Messenger. After the emp had stopped, there was no Dragon Flies and the Devil's Messenger about to break in half. "Crap, give me a status report Angel". The AI was fuzzy and it was a bit distorted "The ships are still there Sir, they just fired and it was a pleasure working with you" The captain looked pale, the ETA of the MAC shells impacting was displayed on the Tac-Screen. The Devil's Messenger couldn't move and the shells had an easy target. The streaks of flame got closer to the carrier. "You all served me well, I thank you all. You were one of the best crews I have ever had the pleasure of commanding". The first MAC shell ripped through the bridge and exited straight out the engines of the ship. Three other shells from the corvettes continued to rip the ship into pieces. The Elemental's two MAC rounds were over kill as they impacted into the already detonating reactor. The UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger was no more, all that was left was the remains of the long swords that had been protecting it. The five ships fired on the colony, their MAC rounds destroying it completly, leaving only ghosts and one reall big hole. The sixth ship, the Stealth Ship had already jumped into slipspace. The five other ships accelerated and sped back towards Earth, leaving Titan a memory in which no one would no about..........