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The Last Stand by High Voltage

The Last Stand
Date: 12 May 2006, 1:37 am

Forerunner Ship

The Chief had just left High Charity escaping the Flood and leaving Cortana behind just in case somrthing went wrong. He grabbed his rifle and slowly moved forward down the hall. He stopped at a corner and peeked his head around. He saw a pair of brutes patrolling the corridor coming his way. He jumps out of cover and shoots five bursts of three into one of the beast's heads. The other one looks down in anger at his fallen comrade. He then drops his brute shot and charges the Chief. The Chief gets slammed up onto a wall and he drops his rifle. He activates a plasma grenade and punches the brute across the face. He lands on his feet trying to catch a breath when the grendae explodes. All of the muscles in his body ached and he couldn't catch a breath of air. He slowly gets off the ground dazed from the explosion and goes for his rifle. He slowly walks down the hallway and reloads his rifle. He walks onto a group of jackals and he immeadiately comes under fire. He throws a grenade ending the skirmish quick and heads down the hall torwards a door. He notices Truth hovering above the ground in his chair with brute crewmen working the controls. He shoots burst after burst, but no bullets hit the target. The brute guards come under alert and shoot at the Chief and the door closes. Now, the Chief must escape, but then Chief gets a call from the Cairo.

"Chief? Are you there?" barked Lord Hood over the com.

"Yes, sir" replied the Chief still running down the hall from the brute wave.

"We are reading lots of small arms fire coming from inside the ship. You must escape."

"Working on that sir."

"I think we've found a docking bay just below you."

"Copy that." said the Chief ending the conversation.

He turned around and threw two grenades down the hall torwatds the pack of wild beasts. Then he spotted a phantom and he decided thats his way out. He turned around shooting shots while backpedaling to the ship. He hops in the pilot seat and closes the hatch behind him. He looks down at the panel guessing on what starts the thing. He pushes a button and the ship hovers in the air. He then moves the joysticks slowly trying to get a feel for it. The Chief then gets rocked by a fuel rod cannon shell and he jerks the controls speeding out of the ship's bay.

He then heads torward the Cairo just knowing the admiral would want to know how he got on the ship and what happened after the In Amber Clad chased Regret's ship. He looks back a final time at the forerunner ship watching it slowly head torward Earth.

"Admiral Hood do you copy over?"

"Go ahead Chief."

"The forerunner ship that holds a prophet is accelerating full speed torwards Earth."

" Come aboard the Cairo Chief and explain to me what happened, but make it quick you have a planet to save.

Orbital MAC Platform Cairo

The Chief docks the phantom and runs to the bridge.

"Chief!" yelled Lord Hood as the Chief ran up the ramp.

"What happened?"

"The Covenant have broken up.... Truth torward Earth." and he collapsed on the ground out of breath.

Aboard Captured Vessel "The Great Uplifting"

Commander Keyes, Sargent Johnson, The Arbitar, and a pack of marines and elites ran to the bridge to see what happened after they were chased off by a fleet of brute ships and they had to jump randomly. They looked on the main view screen to see High Charity. All of them had weird looking expressions on their faces thinking why would they have jumped back here.

"What the hell?" said Johnson.

"Scan for life." ordered the Arbitar

"No signs Arbitar." replied a elite working controls.

"Wait! Thats where the Chief was last lets go check and see if he's still there." said Commander Keyes.

They ran for a phantom ready to make a landing on the Flood infested planet. They relaxed during the trip across slipspace and got ready for hell to be unleashed. The ship stopped and the hatch opened and they all piled out. They cautiously ran in a tight formation expecting anything to come at them. They opened a door still no contacts coming up on the radar. Sargent Johnson walked into a room and the door closed behind him and out of the shadows came something.